Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 60 kindness

Chapter 60 kindness

I do not know Hua Xi Wan suspicious, or because the idea of ​​past lives filmed various mine drama, when she inexplicably think once the palace, Kai Lung Emperor her passing, Xu Wangshi child Princess Crown Princess when there thrown in the eyes, then she felt too weird was that look, in retrospect, seem to look right again think that with the other meaning.

So open a hole in the brain, Hua Xi Wan was almost scared of their own ideas jump, took a few breaths and forcibly put this idea does not fly out of mind, because this idea is too shock the world, China Xi Wan think some of the flavors himself seems.

After the palace, the queen hearing the report of Zhao, appeared a strange look of color, play back the people wait four weeks before a low voice: "the imperial doctor ever diagnosed?"

"Goddess, Crown Princess unborn fetus, it has been more than two months," Zhao Dongfei Speed ​​Queen looked at, and quickly bowed his head, "The emperor is valued child of His Royal Highness Prince Edward, the palace has been sent on a very child support Mother and daughter experienced officer, and even sent Prince House Permanent two imperial doctor. "

Queen's face looked volatile, because these days in jail Prince Edward, Prince miss her all day, almost off the thin shape, cheekbones cocked with a thin layer of dough, it seems a lot of old, even giving a bitter cold taste: "the emperor was actually rare to worry about these things."

Zhao heart thumped, feeling something was amiss Queen's words, but did not dare to think, but the face with a smile and said:. "The emperor is the value of your visible with His Royal Highness Prince Edward of it, otherwise why bother to such a small Highness" Speaking of which his face appeared a trace of anger, "but did not think the supreme court Hou so not on the road, too tired even to more Highness in jail and spend some time."

Queen looked in a trance, as if to say Zhao did not hear like a good long while before some sickly said: "That two geisha handle things yet?"

"Please rest assured that the empress, things have been pushed to the periphery to the head of the government, no one would doubt that His Highness to the head," Zhao face smile, smile a little weird, "but unfortunately not implicated on Jun Wang Fu Sheng."

"Yan Boyi which you will be able to calculations," Queen laugh loudly, "This push things to Zhou body, but he is also the result of our mutual compromise nothing, he knew things any further delay, even if later found out the on his fame was an obstacle, but we do not want Prince worse. just Hou hateful ...... "

Queen's some anxiety rubbing his forehead, when she considered a good step, there is always an accident occurs, it is frequently not ring true a few years, she guessed there must have handwriting Yan Boyi, so wait for them to kill and then to Yanbo Yi fast.

Zhao did not dare to say that his current work negatively, this angered the Queen dissatisfaction, if the slip of the tongue, is no guarantee that the Queen does not pick up some of his attack. Queen's recent bad mood, harem do not know how many people were a crime, he did not want white was a sin.

"Well, you go on," Queen finished sentence, paused for a few interest, but sigh and said:. "Let the following people carefully Crown Princess unborn fetus, the child must not let something."

There are some things even know the truth behind the nausea was unbearable, and for his son and future glory,She can also turn a blind eye.

Zhao this big world, doomed her son's hands was not any who will grab the line.

After Zhao out of the main hall, we see a small eunuch hurried by, and then he Fuer said:. "The emperor has just took a team to escort Prince House"

The emperor sent so many people going, Prince House really ended up to be an impregnable fortress, even the flies mosquitoes do not fly into it.

He sighed, and this is not do anything, who told the emperor and the Prince are so difficult it heirs, Prince Edward have a child, standing is better than in the past to be more stable. Even for those veteran Prince dissatisfaction, but Huang Sun's sake, these are not free to veteran royal family to support other human.

Therefore, the imperative now is to make peace gave birth to Princess Royal Sun.

"Well, eclectic know

"Zhao looked back at the door of the main hall, the door to the dark like a monster Zhang mouth, inexplicably made him feel afraid," the poor Queen's feeling, when you go in and report it whispered something, do not disturb the Goddess a. "

The eunuch did not think he could show his face in front of the Queen Goddess face with a hi Italy went in, totally do not remember the Queen bad mood about it.

Zhao can in Queens around for many years, in addition to strict loyalty mouth dexterity, but it is particularly sensitive intuition, so although I do not know why, but he just felt that the Queen heard the news, not necessarily feel happy, so he was not to touch this head of the mold.

Time is like water, we knew in the past month, Linping Jun Ma assassination case still does not check out, even the people in Beijing has gradually faded away the hapless Jun Ma, happily greet the capital first snow, gossip talk talk about unborn Huang Sun and Prince of Hunkui, or substantial and significant king and princess appeared where men and more handsome woman pretty seductive and so on.

World is always forgotten, they are always willing to focus on the moment, thing of the past, irrespective of the dead person, in their eyes, but at best is a conversation, when the topic becomes insipid time, that there is no mention of who would be willing a.

"Yeah, it snowed," a palace remarkable little maidservants morning, opened the wooden windows to see the outside start snowflakes, happy to humanitarian roommate, "it seems to have a good harvest next year."

"You ah, or do not care about the affairs of this world, do not go and kitchen help, I heard that Princess to return to Houfu today, so Zaoshan early to prepare a" companion neat tidy up their clothes, "late Wang aunt carefully deal with you. "

Heard this little maidservants did not dare to slack off, hurriedly packed run to the kitchen, not the door to hear what a cocky voice said, my heart some

Disdain curled his lip, Liu is now three no gatekeeper Old Woman in the courtyard of what is distant relatives, are not their own into the inner court to serve, is so rampant.

Although my heart is such a thought, but did not dare expose the surface of many emotions, so her little girl, dare to offend the backyard where the characters, go in the kitchen, called out with other people, it is a pleasure to work.

Half hour later, dressed in a satin Bise Qunshan maid came in, his face is smiling appearance, looks very affinity. But in the kitchen, but the crowd did not dare to neglect,Even Liu three also bowing appearance, mouth kept shouting "orange autumn sister."

Orange autumn the palace was originally assigned to the main hospital to serve the people, we have already holding the respect of people, a few days ago and was promoted to first-class personal maid princess, this is a big honor, and down the whole palace, who do not see the sort of courtesy, I heard that even the wooden header in front of the Princess of four personal maidservants, are very polite.

Small kitchen maid just arrived shortly, is the first time I saw orange in autumn, to see a room full of people all around the orange autumn round and round, and some envy glanced orange autumn body Bise Qunshan, I heard the Princess wait around people, each dressed with fairy-like, today saw, is really the case.

Originally neighbors heard her work in the palace, her father and mother should weekdays Sincerely one point, now see orange autumn, she felt this identity, but only fool about people outside it.

"But the things bother you?" Orange autumn because when speaking with a smile, revealing a less obvious side cheeks dimple, "I'm just nothing, they come in Shanfang look at the way to use diet to help the princess with the past . "

Everyone naturally all said yes, while deft hands and feet of the princess stuff you need installed, did not dare to mention really made orange autumn vegetable box, but chose to mention a few boxes on the appearance of handsome maidservants, with orange in autumn behind the kitchen.

"The little girl looked pretty lucky," orange autumn suddenly, pointing to the corner of the little maidservants, "I looked unfamiliar, new to it?"

Liu three looked a little maidservants: "orange autumn sister really Muguangruju, her roommate greenhouse frost to wait, so she will be replaced by a vacancy." Unwilling to let the little girl to show his face, he did not tell even the name orange autumn .

"Ah, I have watched her grow share joy effort," orange autumn nodded his head, "then she followed with the serving of meals it."

Little maidservants overjoyed, took over the kitchen steward, handing me the food containers, and several other maidservants behind the orange autumn sister.

And so on through a beautiful decorated second door, she knew, that fall within the scope of the hospital.

After the decorated second door, a pleasing distraction Old Woman a paper umbrella, shielding for autumn orange flying snow, little maidservants glanced around and think at the moment that is not cold.

Inner courtyard scenery is very beautiful, although it should be yellow leaf blight branch of the season, but still is a green inner courtyard, there are some nice flowers open in the green leaves, with the snow, exceptionally beautiful.

Scenery is beautiful, but did not dare to look at little maidservants, I went to the door when the moon, which came to hear the sounds of nature like laughter, went to look, to see a few Chinese clothing maid to pick the flowers in my garden , white and beautiful hands so she could not help but read more glances.

To see them come in, a few maids dressed up a few jokes, but are collected from his work, washed his hands in a copper basin behind little maidservants to the end, led them into the main house door.

Enter the gate, they feel little maidservants house nice and warm, hot Xunde her head some faint, he stumbled into his house, even what kind of house did not see, but even if she was sober, but also I did not dare look.

"A cold day, how do you run such a trip, take quick warm hand."

Really nice voice, little maidservants Lengzheng sake, her life seems to have never heard of such a nice voice.

"Xie Princess reward." She heard her sister with a smile after the fall of Orange voice, came before, and no wonder that sound so nice, the original was actually Princess. She secretly up the side of a small amplitude looked, only to see a skirt embroidered with silver streaks, but only a skirt, it made her feel very luxurious.

Listening to the people around told, into the hands of small food containers maidservants things carefully gracefully, is preparing to step down, was actually a hand pinch, this hand beautiful white, is holding moment, she felt live as if the hand is the best silk wrap in the world.

"A cute little girl, but looking at twelve or thirteen, right?" Hua Xi Wan see this little maidservants round face, big eyes, very cute, sidewalk, "paclitaxel, quick look, this is not like your distant relatives? "

Purple shirt with a smile wait on Hua Xi Wan wash their hands:. "Princess look good, feel like slaves, had looked at it."

She amused the crowd was laughing and rubbing his hands Wan Hua Xi Road: "So, you put this distant relatives left the inner court to serve it, take care of your family can be considered relatives."

Purple shirt smiling Fook said: "It may be too grateful to the Princess, and sister, not quick to thank Princess Grace."

Everyone is laughing, amused Wan Wah evening to eat a bowl of purple rice. For the small maidservants, will really serve to stay in the inner court, but also because the face is the given name goes lovable princess as a "happy coincidence", attracted thousand people under child outside the hospital envy.

After the people in the room to be irrelevant to step down, purple shirt for the evening when Wan Wah York hair, only some puzzled and asked: "Princess, how you leave this little girl anymore?"

Pick a ruby ​​gold step shake to paclitaxel, Hua Xi Wan said: "Some people with her roommate problem, I'm afraid Akebia recently put the man tied up and tortured, she was just twelve or thirteen, and this It has nothing to do, why roommate in vain because people hurt, lose a life. "

Paclitaxel suddenly heard: "benevolent master, this little girl is really good fortune

. "

Hua Xi Wan did not speak, in white finishing Harcourt Road next to jewelry, "No wonder today deliberately let your master orange autumn trip, turned out to be for this little girl."

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