Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 59 suspected Yoshinobu

Chapter 59 suspected Yoshinobu

Zhou Hua family's lawsuit and make the capital a lot of people watched a lively, acts Zhou concubine off his wife, and that is to put it baseless rumor, a time actually no one would dare week and then do family relatives.

Some people also say sour behind China Xi Wan a MOW tube and so do her parents, but was soon refuted.

"If even own sister suffers also ignored, that is the snake-hearted woman, so Jin princess style, yet it touches everybody style."

People have said that the benefits of Hua Xi Wan, half agree with her approach, but the other half may be because China Xi Wan's identity, so they intend to please, so can not wait to say good everywhere. Human nature is the case, while avoiding disadvantages, because everyone knows that this sudden scandal Zhou concubine off his wife, Zhou Shilang was canceled Spring Quarters examiner qualifications, and is also part of the official impeachment, lost his post of assistant minister, was sent to a magistrate became bitter cold place to go.

Originally Zhou Shilang have the opportunity to give it a go chancery office, now what came to naught, we can see how important a good education children is the capital this thing a lot of people, and sent a lot of Fuchu concubine, afraid concubine wife's name off the head pressed down, confused depressed.

This thing just smooth down the supreme court on a case Linping Jun Ma stabbed and sudden storm, because the supreme court after a thorough investigation of the matter even faint as well as a relationship with Prince Linping Princess.

Linping Jun Ma is Prince, why Prince to kill him? Princess Di Linping is his wife, why he tried to kill, which must novelty factor.

This case is more to the back, the more doubts, and even in Beijing, most of the people were involved into it. Before'd killed two prostitutes were found to be the cause, it was actually Zhou Yunheng with these prostitutes sticky gooey, attracted home a concubine jealous, sent two stab in the back, and even fear, deliberately Jun Wang Fu Sheng people and leaving about things to confuse people's attention.

As to why you want to throw things and Sheng Jun Wang Fu-related, just because Sheng Jun Wang worked in the supreme court, concubines think, Sheng Jun Wang is possible because of fear of the matter, the case would pressure down, completely unaware of the matter was hit by night from ectopic couple we found out was the king, leaving the city is well known, wanted to cover up could not hide.

Now that it has ascertained, concubines were brought to justice, Zhou Yunheng has therefore been implicated, sentenced to three years' imprisonment penalty.

"This case is so end up with?" Hua Xi Wan lazy relying Ruanta, the back cushion also two soft cushion, "Zhou then a little concubine, dare in the capital this boundary murder, really audacious. "

"Who knows what Zhou is a mess of people do," the former Hongying Ruanta squatting, gently help China Xi Wan knocking knees, "Fortunately, Miss Hall out of the quagmire, otherwise these will certainly be Zhou people implicated. "

"Misfortune dependent, who knows what is good or bad yet," Hua Xi Wan Hongying make little maidservants to end an embroidered stool to sit, and then said, "I get some sleep, if princes back, you call me . "

Hongying whispered should be, and I would see Hua Xi Wan shallow sleep, carefully thin quilts for her cover well, softly returned outside, see a little maidservants appliance rub the house a little while,Sidewalk: "be careful, do not wake the princess."

"Yes," the little servant girl knees a blessing, action more carefully up. Hongying see nothing, Pa started doing embroidery, brightly colored silk thread, fabric feel good, this fine fabrics, it was used to Princess wiped his hands of it.

After about a half hour, HY heard footsteps outside, it seems there greeting servant's voice, she put down the busy embroidery from his work, went to the door to see the princes came towards us, her head down busy He went out, retreated to the side door standing knees.

"Princess asleep?" Qiu Jin Yan glanced Hongying, just ask, and the room came the sound of Hua Xi Wan.

"The original is asleep, but were awakened you."

Heard a laugh, Yan Jin Qiu strode inside the house, see Hua Xi Wan Ruanta against the lazy do not want to look up, went to sit down on Ruanta, "Since woke up, I sit with me."

"Sitting and more tired," Wan Hua Xi boneless weak upper body against the body Yan Jin Qiu, "today how you come back so late, even lunch are too busy to think back to the House to eat?"

"Linping Jun Ma or for the assassination of the issue," Yan Jin Qiu put his hand on her waist, indifferent tone, "supreme court found the matter with the relevant Prince, prompting the emperor was furious, the supreme court of people attack a pass . "

Wan Hua Xi hand over her mouth and yawned: "Prince is not in jail and shut it?"

"Two days ago the emperor has revealed lipped, trying to put out the Prince, then your family under house arrest in Prince Edward, who knows even in the supreme court today facing up in front of the ministers says Prince assassination case may be related to Linping Jun Ma, We can not put out, where to hang the emperor's face is maintained. "

"The supreme court courageous man ...... actually getting bigger," Hua Xi Wan felt that it was a little too coincidental, but cautious not to say, "The emperor did not rule supreme court of the crime?" It was happened this morning, but Some of the world have been heard, Wan Hua Xi is before lunch heard people reported the matter up.

"Even if the emperor have the heart, we can not do that, unless he wants to stay fame headed tyrant in the history books," Yan Jin Qiu Xiaorong was with some irony, "If the emperor had a son, probably will be able not hesitate Prince to give up. "

Hua Xi Wan noncommittal to Kai Lung Emperor temperament, probably not a good impression of how the rest of the Prince, but unfortunately things have only one of his knees disappointing, it is a pity and ridiculous.

If people want the world to have such a useless lecherous tyrannical Prince, as waste from the royal family in a good adoptive child, whatever the outcome, to ensure that the people behind decades

Be able to live and work.

Unfortunately, this world really big so generous emperor could not find a few.

"Royal Highness, something small and report it." Akebia's voice with some careful, it seems that things will not let quoted Yan Jin Qiu Gaoxing.

"Come in," Qiu Jin Yan head, such as frost, but Hua Xi Wan waist stroking hand still soft.

"Little princes met, met Princess, Prince House people to report, Crown Princess had two months of the glad tidings."

"Crown Princess With glad tidings?" Yan Jin Qiu tone of some weird looking Akebia, Akebia looked after staring at him for a moment,Surface ghost of a smile, "This is a very happy occasion, we will soon have a big Zhao toward the Huangtai Sun."

Xi Wan Hua Jin Qiu Yan puzzled look through the wood, the two men seem to be the crown princess is pregnant, will the attitude of some strange.

"Since the Crown Princess was pregnant, I will bring tomorrow to visit Crown Princess gift," Hua Xi Wan smile, "Crown Princess finally he looked forward to a child."

Akebia hollow sound, not much to say.

"So, there is a labor of Wan evening." Yan Jin Qiu vertical eye said, "Sun Princess was pregnant too, this is an honorable body, he sent a gift given to pay more attention."

"I understand," Wan Hua Xi nodded, this gift does not matter, who in case of stomach problems Jingui Huang Sun, they have significantly palace grounds no amount will be in trouble.

The second morning, Xi Wan Wah will take a carriage to visit the Crown Princess, the Prince Fumen Wai, found Prince House door heavily guarded, guards were flashing Hanmang body armor, exceptionally chill.

After Hua Xi Wan dismounted vehicle, there are female officer came forward to greet, she saw parked beside a carriage, he asked:. "I do not know who has come to the elegant"

"Echo princess, it is Xuwang Shi Fei sub-frame, before the eldest son of Princess went to a half stick of incense," the female officer had served in Zhaoyang temple, he is to serve the emperor had decent ladies, but elegant in front of the capital, but did not dare cent of slack.

"So, she has always been attached to the individual," Hua Xi Wan surface with a laugh, "I want to get up early a day, that is totally unacceptable, that the weather is getting cold, people will more and more exhausted the . "

Female officer smiled and not words, but my mind was feeling, there Xuwang Shi child above her mother Princess bundle with, so how can I be like Princess remarkable ease. Not to mention significant pain Wang Chong own princess is well known capital of the whole thing. Lai bed let alone a while, I'm afraid to be the stars

, Which was the king will seek to find ways to come.

Wang said that significant elegant gentleman, an own romantic, now bowed to the obvious Princess good graces, it was just an ordinary husband. Thanks to the palace some of the ladies still misses the king was endowed with both, people do not look at how stunning and remarkable princess wonderful people, they pretty that point and means to get into it with the king's eye?

After cited Hua Xi Wan Crown Princess alone into the house, the female officer bowed out on the back, out the door she looked back at the curious coincidence of significant princess silhouette, black hair, such as ink, graceful figure, dressed in Chinese clothes standing room, he was actually put people in the room Chende bleak.

She hurried back line of sight, before walking out the door with a sigh, if the entered the house, is scheduled brilliant world crown pet crown harem of the roots of evil Princess, fortunately ......

Female officer hit yourself in the face, this is what she wants, do not order it?

"Crown Princess ever seen," Wan Hua Xi ceremony did not finish the line, it was the Crown Princess's personal maidservants hold on.

"Church brothers and sisters why so polite," Crown Princess's face with a smile, please Hua Xi Wan sit down.

Xi Wan Hua Fei and Xu Wangshi child after another Jian Li, sat down said, "yesterday the Crown Princess had heard the glad tidings, beaming woman minister, will today early in the morning to your hospitality Crown Princess you, than we did not realize that the eldest son of Princess Chen Fu still early. "

"If I had known the princess that you want to come,I will come later, so you have to head color, "eldest son of Princess Yanzui laughed," It is a sin a sin. "

"Bale Bale, although did not get the first prize, a second place was also good," Hua Xi Wan smile, "I had is a lazy man today can get a second place, is very rare situation."

"Visible pregnant Crown Princess, the Princess your temper too lazy to change," the eldest son of Princess intends to sell a good Wan Wah evening, turned on the Crown Princess said, "Look at the Princess so hard's sake, you are given to Crown Princess give her best to eat dessert, she is like most of these gadgets to eat and drink. "

Princess smiled and said:. "Church brothers and sisters so my face, I dare turn away, Shuyun, faster on the best of the best dim sum tea, we take the honor Princess"

Three said with a smile, no one mentioned the Prince, saying only that good, and the atmosphere is pretty harmonious.

Wan Hua Xi just always feel Crown Princess smile with some other emotions, is it worried about child his father?

After about two Zhancha time, it was cited Thanh princess came in, Wan Hua Xi to see the house seemed to wait more than a few people, the atmosphere is a little embarrassed.

This is to prevent the Princess of Thanh?

Thanh Princess'd neatly Jian Li, also with appropriate surface smile, people do not see the slightest wrong, so her behavior, but added the government of Prince Edward Chende people too careful.

Xuwang Shi Hua Xi Wan Fei and sub-Seeing this situation, feel a little boring, really afraid Thanh Princess downtown What happened implicate them, so the two simply to find a reason to leave.

After being out of the hospital, they laugh, though not much, then along the way, but feel exceptionally in tune with the tacit understanding.

Respectively, when Xuwang Shi Fei child suddenly leaned in China, Xi Wan whispered something, Hua Xi Wan looking slightly stiff, then resumed smile.

She sat back until after the carriage, his face a smile just vanish forever


"There are rumors that Prince difficult child."

This is a sub-Xuwang Shi Fei's words, but these words in the information covered in too much.

Since it is difficult to have a son Prince Edward, then who's Crown Princess unborn children?

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