Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 58 things

Chapter 58 things

Heard the king was coming, Zhou Shilang first surprised, then they think it's expected of love, there was a princess in, which was a special trip princes ran this trip, not a miracle of.

If things such as Zhou family expected, after the king was to be welcomed in, after Chinese home with two large Jiuxiong the ceremony hall Jiuxiong seen each other, they work together with the princess sitting on a remarkable, and still bow princess spoke with significant what.

"This is doing?" Qiu Jin Yan faint smile glanced Zhou Yunheng kneeling on the ground, turned to Zhoushi Lang said, "Zhoushi Lang, this is what your son made a big mistake?"

Zhoushi Lang stammered dare not say, good long while before:. "Xiaguan teach the child properly, it is ashamed."

"Zhou Shilang honest, but a rare good officer, what is guilt," Qiu Jin Yan glanced kneeling on the ground BU into Zhouyun Heng, "but your son is really too absurd act, your son favorite concubine Shi led entropy wife miscarried the news has spread to the capital, you say how to solve the matter? "

Zhou Shilang heart is helpless and guilt, facing the side of the Huaqing Mao and Hua Long Bao said: "Xiaguan some exceedingly disappointing thing this discipline, as the palace of concubines through the room, I'll catch all the people go, please ...... "

"I think it'd not have to, get a free future, I fell into a Chinese family woman who can not tolerate," Huaqing Mao put the cup a heavy, somewhat aggressive road, "sister and your son is not husband and wife fate government, we Zhou Hua two years of mutual affection, but also pay attention to a good terms, or ask your government and your government agreed to her sister and son away from it, beating mutual affection leave a good future meeting. "

Remark on some of the flavor of the threat, and do not want to leave if Zhou, Hua Zhou family would die with endlessly. But Zhou did not want to really, and away from, and if it does not leave, China Huayi Liu family will ever do can not really Zhou under the dead hand, if left Huayi Liu Zhou, Zhou then they nothing really relying on the.

"If Zhoushi Lang insisted aggravate them, then we can only meet in the King join the lobby, and presumably also from the issue into." Zhou Hua Long Bao early to see the mind, so Zhou Shilang hesitant when , and throw the phrase, "I can Although there is no Chinese home down, but for their own girl, even if a number is more than willing to toss."

Chinese home the younger generation of the highest-ranking Chinese Long Bao opened the mouth, on behalf of the Chinese family has extreme dissatisfaction on the matter, Zhou Shilang mind clear, the matter hopeless situation, unless his own daughter do not want to, or from, and became a virtual certainty thing.

"Soul mate to."

Zhou Shilang hearts of a happy, go back and find that many days daughter have not seen from the outside came in, powerful body thin, as if blown down by a gust of wind can be like. He wrinkled his brow, compare notes exactly how this lady's own daughter, and how not to think about the identity of the daughter?

"Bang!" Tea cup smashed on the ground, and instantly fall apart, Huaqing Mao rose from his chair, pointed at the kneeling Zhouyun Heng Road, "Zhou you go too far!"

Kneeling on the ground concubines scared, shivering and wants to Zhou Yunheng crowded around, he was two servant according to the ground, his mouth was stuffed a handkerchief, even if unable to speak.

Zhou Yun was looking at the past is so beloved concubine treated,I dare say, his head buried deep, wanted this matter early in the past, even if this concubines away it does not matter, anyway, not this, the future can find more enjoyably.

"Undefined status Fahrenheit met with the king, which was the Princess," according to Liu because China is too thin, the meat cheeks deep concave down, make her look older than their actual age on how old, she was on Huaqing Mao's time, in the eyes of emotional vastly complex, and ultimately slowly eyes red, shouted "brother."

"Sister," Huaqing Mao walked a few steps in front of Huayi Liu, looked at her pale face, and thin body, angry hoping to teach Zhou Yunheng a strangled. He sneered: "Your sister Zhou treated as such, it is too far!" With that, he pulled Huayi Liu would go out, "Let the King join the lobby to see you."

Zhou Huaqing Mao really natural so afraid to let go, but also apologize and apologize, Mrs. weeks or even plop kneeling in front of Huayi Liu, promised numerous promises, even said Zhou Huayi Liu only a future soul mate, will not have any room through a concubine appear.

"Oh," according to Liu Hua sneer looked kneeling in front of his wife Zhou, "Do you think your son is something I have to die with it at his side, his future what woman, what though you yourself this just as a woman, yet so mistreated someone's daughter, so vicious mother, if I stay longer, I'm afraid Shiguwucun. "

After these words, Huayi Liu Yan Jin plop kneeling on the mound in front of the Hua Xi Wan:. "Fahrenheit injustice, please call the shots Royal Highness the Princess to marry Zhou undefined status since, on filial piety in-laws, under the care of sister, even if the husband is not romantic character there had been complaints, but wanted to talk about was hit by depriving heirs concubine was not guaranteed, has been under house arrest my husband not to go out, do not see the light has long been seeking for two undefined status get justice. "

Zhou stunned, did not seem to think always gentle Huayi Liu will make such a move, actually took their own future and Zhou on the bar.

And women from remarrying is not what happened, but sued the husband's family, I am afraid the future remarriage is not so easy, after all, someone dared to do such a daughter, maybe someday and perhaps the defendant.

However, according to Liu Hua I did it, but do not be too aggressive like she wanted to die like Zhou.

Mrs. Zhou afraid, but in front of Yan Jin Qiu, she can not have any offensive action, distraught and had had to do those things myself in my heart, and secretly think, a process, not as good as the original miscarriage in China, according to Liu when, to think of ways to kill people, but also to well than the current situation.

"So, go take a trip to King join," Yan

Jin Qiu put down the cup, glanced at the Hua Xi Wan did not speak, "Let the king with a long with the same go with you."

This matter was referred to the point where China is the home of Zhou things, he, as a prince, there is no reason someone tube home after home things. Hua Xi Wan same is true, such a trivial matter, not worthy of dignified princess to King join a trip to a place like that.

Huaqing Mao also very clear mind this truth, not to mention the king was willing to send over a long with them, has been regarded as doing everything humanly possible, I'm afraid if it is significantly affected by the king loved cousin,King was not a matter of this kind, the family home.

Huayi Liu looked down at the toes of their own embroidered, when not accompanied by Yan Jin Qiu went to hear King join, mouth wry smile, as early as when she married Zhou Yunheng, should she read off this thought. Not to mention her now that people do not ghosts not ghosts look like, compared to Hua Xi Wan absolute beauty, really bad days to do.

Hua Xi Wan able to put down her statue of the princess, who with Zhou outdone, has a rare kindness is a wonderful thing, and how much time married cousin cousin willing to make such a thing. She even envy China Huayi Liu Xi Wan life now, but my heart is also clear that she owed a big favor Wan Wah evening.

If today is the princess in Wan Hua Xi, Zhou would not be so fear and trepidation, with the king not to control her big deal, how As for her in the end, only God knows.

Yan Jin Qiu had said this, no one dared to bar Huayi Liu, a pedestrian is so smooth out week House door along behind him fear and trepidation of a string of family week.

Zhou out of the door, only to find out Liu Huayi surrounded by a lot of people to watch. At that moment she appeared, and everyone screams issued, not for anything else, just because now Huayi Liu thin scary, my body left with a layer of skin and bone structure, look like being abused over look.

People are like sympathy for the weak, so even though China did not say anything at home, but in the eyes of everyone, has identified a family week off concubine wife, but also abuse entropy wife.

In folk open big Zhao people's eyes, to see if the two boring, at worst, and leave on the line, why should people suffering like this, I heard the entropy wife had also led a miscarriage, do also is excessive abuse that led to miscarriage of?

Huayi Liu watched the remarkable palace carriage leave, slowly back line of sight, turned on the Chinese family wagon.

King join after receiving the case, called people Shengtang ad litem, but my mind was secretly crying, this is Zhoushi Lang royalist people, but China is home for hundreds of years Zhongding Shi home, plus a behind another Palace explicit backing, things trouble.

The most important thing is, Chow has done this thing really is not authentic, too did not mind, do not think about Chinese home if they find doing these things can not happen when you?

Sitting in the classroom, King join one will recognize a person standing on the side of the starting side is significantly longer with the king, you see Fahrenheit was tortured out of shape, have a heart decision.

When both are not good to offend, it is in accordance with the thing to settle a lawsuit, Zhou concubine wife destroy things so much noise is well known throughout the city, he did not want to become a full-capital people are cast aside Hunguan. Hua family decided to make things so much trouble, and if he then helped Zhou, that is their own court death.

With the Huayi Liu made a section of the complaint, King join looking more and more ugly, and so after Huayi Liu finished, he Zhou humanity of the other side: "Do you have anything to justify it?"

Zhou family tongue-tied, say Huayi Liu framed, but they lack confidence, coupled with the presence of significant long Wang, Zhou Shilang had finally come forward with Huayi Liu apologized and promised Huayi Liu and his son home and away, they refund the Zhou according to Liu three times the dowry, dowry and do not return.

Finally, King join in the study admit Zhou good attitude,Huayi sentenced Liu and Zhou Yunheng and off, in addition to compensation for dowry, also fined twenty stick Zhou Yunheng, as the mistress was sent to the land of bitter cold.

Listen Zhou Yunheng cries outside the Church, according to Liu Hua ghost of a smile face with the depression goes face some dark meaning.

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