Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 57 show weakness

Chapter 57 show weakness

Huayi Liu shaped like a withered by sitting on the bed, the house deserted, as if the assistant minister's house she was alone, the silence was terrible. Mother as well as her dowry personal maidservants, she has long been a good mother to find the best reason to pass up, not even the slightest left him to face.

Looking out the window darkens the sky, it seems as rain again, but the weather what is the relationship with her, did she take this Satsuki people out the door shall not blowing wind, it is not back to her parents.

Her parents? Huayi Liu thought of her family, and my heart as much as a wave of hatred, should not the mother wants the father help his brother in the imperial examination, why she married a man so ridiculous, and so ineffective?

Door came the sound of footsteps, Huayi Liu suddenly looked into the room a few maidservants, holding the hands of those maidservants jewelry box as well as bright clothes, with faces the color of panic somewhat respectful.

These people have to face, not her mother around the girl, what happened to make them so scared of?

"Soul mate, his wife called slaves were to wait to see off your dressing." Maidservants, led by Liu Zhaohua according to the blessing blessing, indicating the person behind Liu Huayi wait on clothes.

Huayi Liu heart fretting, someone to give her support of it? Father or brother?

Xi Wan Wah also, or ......?

Her mind clear, allowing Zhou carefully so nervous character, will be extremely prominent identity, although her father moving in quite clear name, but still not so afraid to let Zhou.

But now she is willing to support the people, there are a few do? While Waizu home a few days ago had a title, but that is the emperor of the world in order to block the mouth of a lengthy, losing only upon their only son Waizu home, in fact Waizu home is also just a short title only.

Then the rest of the family came forward only uncle or Wan Hua Xi princess come out of this.

Huayi Liu did not resist, she let these surface subservient maid dress up, but my mind was some anxiety, she can not wait to immediately leave the wolf's den, and never come back.

At this time Zhou open the door, the palace has a head went out to kneel welcome Princess arrived and be fun-filled top to bottom are kneeling in front of China Xi Wan driving them, Hua Xi Wan before the opening: "Zhou Shilang but learned scholar , you do not have such a gift line, wood Explorer help Zhoushi Lang got up. "

This is a "knowledgeable people" playing hurt Zhou Shilang face some burning, usually do not control what he's backyard, knowing the constant cloud act somewhat absurd, but the son did not think even daring to do such a thing audacious. Matter was referred to this point, where is marry, simply enemies.

Not to mention how much influence China home, as well as with the Chinese family has a family by marriage, said Zhao toward the front of the large full-well known beauty princess, Zhou is they can not afford to offend the characters.

I do not know who the king of the significant Princess love extremely heavy, is offended offend the princes, Zhou where they can afford to offend the illustrious princely house?

Think of it, Zhoushi Lang stared bitterly Ms. Zhou around one, the ignorant stupid woman, even connivance constant cloud cover made under these evil things, Zhou matter if not properly addressed, will put an end to nearly a hundred years of heritage in this evil creature hands.

"Week honor, you please play,"Akebia smiling, walked in front of Zhou Shilang, we must reach out to raise him, he really dare let myself Akebia Qufu, said the thanks he got up himself, because of excessive movement got up, took two steps also staggered .

Zhou nephew seeing behind him, busy hand help steady him, "uncle watch your step."

Akebia glanced at the Zhou nephew of Zhoushi Lang made a bowed, then walked back to the carriage stood next to the road.

"Wei Chen to teach the child properly, lax housekeeping, really guilty, Youhemianmu Tam was a learned scholar such praise. Outsiders audacious act, relatives fight to punish all depends on your mood, just to see relatives in the old lady thin face, Crystal Boys left a life. "Zhoushi Lang said so, as the younger generation to actually turn the Huaqing Mao Zuo Yi.

Huaqing Mao where willing by this ritual, his visit to this just to turn away this account liquidation Zhou sister's home, where willing to easily bypass Zhou Yunheng. So when Zhou Shilang bowed to him, he removed the body, and Yi Yi deep in the end: "The younger generation can not affected by this gift, I am a poor family of small Chinese family households, only seeking justice."

Zhou Shilang smile, know that China is not willing to give up the house, in which the capital, Chinese home can only be considered if a poor family of small farmers, then there will be no capital a few prominent family.

"No matter what, the wife's relatives said the sound is not give up, outside the wind, but also please the Princess, Huagong Zi Fuchu to a Syrian."

Huaqing Mao did not speak nor move, he was waiting for China Xi Wan response.

"That being the case, it can only be your hospitality your government up and down a lot, and even negotiate away is concerned, it does not make sense at the gate of procedure."

Carriage of soft gentle voice from start to finish, but it happens to say the words but it is not half points backwards.

At this point, Hua Long Bao also sitting in the carriage arrived, but Nghe An Hua Long Bao climate House of Prince, which is the future of Nghe An waiting, his presence also represents the position of the entire Chinese family.

Zhou Shilang seeing heaved a cry in my heart, today than he Zhou not only lose face lost in the sub, I'm afraid even nearly a hundred years Qingyu also lost.

He offended the Chinese home, in this capital in the future Zhou, really want to be stuck.

"Princess well," Although China Hua Long Bao Xi Wan's brother, but now there is another identity, he dismounted car, give Wan Wah evening salute.

Akebia seeing, busy stepped forward to hold Hua Long Bao, who do not know the moral capital in safe house waiting three children deep feelings, if he really watched Big Brother Hua Long Bao This salute to the princess, Princess I'm afraid my heart will not more than happy.

"This is for my brother even, but you and me brother and sister, how can we speak

So study virtual ceremony? "I never showed the princess finally protrudes from the carriage with one hand, the servants put up next to the busy footstool footstool, the horse horse, help people help people.

Princess leaning on a green jersey to be significantly maidservants men carriage, all the talent in the heart marvel, pretty good hands, good graceful posture, but unfortunately with Shamao, can not see the beauty of hosting the Games.

"Princess, two sons, you are into." Zhou Shilang a not dare to look, have bowed his head facing Hua Xi Wan into the House.

A pedestrian filed into the room, into the main hall, the Hua Xi Wan see a young oil head noodles kneeling on the ground, the body of the silk clothing is very messy, in some places even oozing blood,It looked like just to survive a good spanking.

Hua Xi Wan glanced Zhou Shilang next to this man actually willing to under the ruthless hand, the Zhou Yunheng beat like that, I do not know his son is really angry behavior, or make them look like?

And other people who have nothing to do step down, leaving only the Office of the Chinese family of three, Zhoushi Lang, his wife Zhou and Zhou Yunheng after kneeling on the ground, Hua Xi Wan was ready for him Shamao put off by the White summer and HY, in the Zhou Shilang sitting on top of the kind at the nearby guest, Huaqing Mao Hua long Bao and she ends up in sequence to sit down.

"Week adults, What do you do?" Wan Hua Xi faint smile glanced kneeling on the ground Zhou Yunheng, "I heard your family you have a popular Zhou Gongzi favorite concubine, I do not know if I have a face have to see the beauty side. "she said that, cold tone," At least let our family down to see China, whether it is what a person has caused me Huajiachi daughter abortion even wait around people who were sent to do village. I do not know what Hua daughter is guilty of sin, you are actually subject to compare notes so Zhou, Zhou if you can not tell what they were, it is better to go Yamen said said, King join the adults but sunny lord, wanted to be sure the fact that Richard can get to the bottom, Zhou will not let you wronged. "

See significant Princess suddenly launched an attack, Zhou Shilang was run was sweating, his wife Zhou is scared trembling fingers, she is her son suffer, and fear of offending the future princess for his son's future unhelpful, I could not think of other way, actually plop knelt down beside Zhou Yunheng: "Princess, Chen Fu housekeeper lax, let daughter had been wronged, please see my children Princess and the daughter of a couple of copies, and a spare him."

"Madame Zhou What to do, do your government when this was actually the princess to persecute you what?" Wan Hua Xi white slender fingers pinch the cup lid, then put a heavy, "If so, the Princess was not opening is wonderful, so the introduction of a misunderstanding. "after she finished, turned Huaqing Mao said," cousin, it is better to monitor the matter to King join, cousin without cause miscarriage, wait around people are not inexplicable disappearance is sent to another village, this and other human life thing, or by the official to check more appropriate.

"You are mistaken Princess, Wei Chen and my wife no such intention," Zhou Shilang see significant Princess has been angry, busy stepped forward and said, "Wei Chen put the concubines which people take over."

Hua Xi Wan did not speak, carrying tea, Hua Long Bao light smiled and rubbed the rim of the glass, eyes on Zhou decoration items to hang around to be the living room, as if these things are in the world a rare quality, worthy of his eldest son carefully observe the Houfu like.

Kneeling on the ground Zhou Yunheng learned that he most loved to be with his father's concubine out, suddenly excited, repentant attitude can be done, and we must rise downtown, when Hua Xi Wan on his eyes fell upon when visiting , stomach anger suddenly disappeared without a trace, just can not wait to eyeball glued to the Jin Dynasty Princess body.

His eyes too presumptuous, and soon will be a blue robe eunuch stopped in front of him, tightlipped and said: "I looked Zhou Gongzi eyes does not seem good, do not know whether to hire a eunuch to look at?"

Zhou Yunheng this response came, but significant Princess sat on a guest, he can not coveted figure,Think of this, he was with some regret, actually missed these beautiful to look at two, it is a pity.

Sitting next to Hua Long Bao looking sank, cold channel: "It seems that your government is not enough educated son, Zhou Shilang best to educate itself, or else the future may offend elegant bad."

Zhoushi Lang Son do not know where this wrong, to see him could be so reckless, angry and kick it approached the Zhou Yunheng foot, "Xia Guan certainly good education does not live up to expectations this evil creature."

Hua Long Bao glanced Zhou Yunheng an elegant blowing hot tea face, turned into Houfu of Prince taciturn.

A little while, Zhou Yunheng most beloved concubines were sent in, but tattered linen, but with a blue hair Tousheng tied, with his face bruised, see the slightest concubine look.

Wan Hua Xi smiled seeing, which Zhou Shilang your family can be really interesting, this time to play these instruments do not know to whom.

Just then, a steward hurriedly ran in and said:. "Lord, lady, significantly princes come"

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