Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 56 support

Chapter 56 support

Zhang Hua Zhiming indeed hiding in the dark, he had also find it strange that after three married niece palace, and the king also world of band, nor big happens, why people messenger came in almost dark times.

When he read the letter, and my heart angry, anxious, and finally all turned into a sigh, at the end of the letter mentioned Zhoushi Lang Zhijia lax, let his son off concubine wife, I'm afraid will be demoted investigating, spring after the fall of Quarters examiner will to substitutions.

Next year to end with a blue Mao Chen set the Big Brother house, and now the examiner changed or, at least people will not say green Mao's achievements come from time to time in the back, he did not agree with the life and death of Yao's daughter should marry Zhou son about it, or else why would the daughter eat such bitterness?

"Come, look at this letter showed green Mao, asked him if he would be willing to take tomorrow his sister back." After Hua Zhiming gave it to a trusted servant, quietly sitting room , looking out the darkening sky, waving back to Zhangdeng servant came, Zhang think, think of her daughter, there were high hopes for his son, in the dark, heavy sigh.

"Preparation of traveling."

Zhang's husband heard himself out the door, surprised and asked the housekeeper standing in the house: "? Master how to go out this time, he said, where you go."

"Mrs., sir, out the door to say, is to find Houfu Duke," said the master butler did not go out very ugly face, did not dare mention.

"So late, but also to Houfu," Yao frowned, "and the next time they go to a curfew, do you want to break in the master tonight Houfu?"

Butler head down and he said: "Sir never said."

"Well," Yao master does not know so much of a housekeeper, we will not raise another, is preparing to step down so that when the housekeeper, servant to report, said that young gentleman.

Zhang has always been her son, where is willing to let his son wait outside, busy inviting people to his son, to see his face does not look good, they worried and asked: "? Son, you look so ugly, there is something wrong."

"Mother, I did not have anything, but my sister something." Huayi Liu Huaqing Mao than just this little one and a half sister, siblings two feelings very deep, so when he saw cousin sent people after the letter, angry and smashed the hands of the cup, if not a servant around stopping, now go to your home to pick up her sister Zhou Shilang back to the House.

"Your sister ......" Zhang faces a stiff smile, then inviting mouth said, "your sister this thing was an accident, you do too much about, going to spring next year to participate in spring Quarters, and after the house things where is your man tube? "Yao Hua think Houfu given Chen also end the exam, you should feel a little badly diaphragm, her son will not lose to anyone!

"Mother, you hide it from me, my sister was angry her husband a miscarriage, you do not get angry?" Huaqing Mao really can not believe that even the mother miscarried sister said to the little things, he looked at the staggering Yao, "she is your daughter, my sister, ah."

"Of course I know that she is your sister," Zhang waved who serve the house of retreat, Yadisangzi, "but next year is Zhoushi Lang, deputy examiner Spring Quarters of ......"

"I do not care who he is"Zhang Huaqing Mao interrupted, then words with anger," I only know that my sister was the family of the ill-treatment. "

"You kids how so confused," Zhang's son seems to really want to go see your family Zhoushi Lang trouble, had urgent, "your sister's things at a later date handling, so you Offer, and who would dare to bully her?"

"I'm afraid I have not had time to get ahead, my sister would be destroyed this family," Huaqing Mao looked down, some cold tone, "not to mention, as long as the sister thing out of trouble, Zhou Shilang do not want to do next year, the deputy examiner . "

"What do you want?" Zhang stood up and snapped, "Green Mao, you do not confused."

"Mother, I'm awake," Huaqing Mao looked up at Zhang, "If I succeed is standing on the shoulders of their loved ones, then my life will not be the head, because my spine would not quite straight."

Zhang looked at his son strode away, stared spellbound, long while before recall one of the most important thing, this thing is who told blue Mao? If no one open, green Mao impossible to know these things.

"Today saw who came to the house lord or master?" Zhang hired henchmen, he began to ask again.

"That is not, but ......"

Just remarkable palace had sent a letter to the people to master.

"Is Hua Xi Wan," Zhang fiercely spat, "the daughter of cheap life I Sanfanliangci bad thing, really hateful."

Confidant dare say, looking down at his toes.

Week House today exceptionally busy, traveling stopped at the door quite a few more, spend assistant minister's son home and charge a few things to coach, that is to return the dowry Zhou and requirements and leave.

I do not know Zhou family consider themselves wrong or because of anything else, there has been no open the door, let the next person touches amazed.

Fortunately Huaqing Mao Although only seventeen years old, but not bad temper impulse, week House does not open the door, he did not trouble, but against the house door Zhou Zuo Yi said: "Zhou adults, your government contracts son concubine off wife concubine mistreatment sister, sister lead to the issue of abortion, because of Zhou Wang Riqing me not to pursue the points, double the return of the original dowry students today are under Zhou, Zhou just a way to put my sister, her sister and quasi your son and from the home of the government. "

The crowd listening to these words, have inhaled breath, turned out to destroy concubine wife, also turned out to be so fond of children, which can be too much.

Zhou Shilang people not reading it, how educated out of such a son, Honesty and Honor was actually even have to disregard?

If Hua Zhiming do these things, people will think

Chinese home aggressive, if Huaqing Mao can do, other people will think that distressed young sister, but that Zhou bullied, mistreated daughter has not dared to show up someone's home, it is too much.

Zhou family did not expect Huaqing Mao even in the presence of so many people face the scandal that out, the moment can not pretend no one at home, and Zhoushi Lang's nephew out into the House would like to welcome Huaqing Mao, China was Qing Mao refused.

"Oh bother your house down, please let your sister out of the house, then a trip with me to the home department, the original marriage certificate revocation, this matter will owe each other up."

Nephew Zhou Hua Qingmao see this attitude, heart secretly amazed by it,This attitude is to Huaqing Mao and Zhou decorum? Otherwise, why dowry directly to pull over, and also double your money back.

China is now home are reluctant to even enter the door and let other people listen to these words, this is not a living playing a slap in the face Zhou do?

"Huagong Zi, you say this is your ......" Zhou nephew lost smiles, "something we take that into the House, what is it can not be solved, which we all know so much noise, not to mention that we face as well, not good for you. "

"The people are not afraid to do things loses face, my injured hand to be ashamed of it?" Huaqing Mao Zhou nephew to come to pull away his hand, "sister around the house or ask you to come out."

Zhou nephew seeing this, we know that China is bent on home Chow falling out with them face, and my heart a little unhappy, if Nghe government to designate trouble, he probably even shorter on a bit, but this is a Huashi Lang veins, he would not say how not to offend.

"Yo, here can be a real buzz," just when Zhou nephew was about to launch an attack fell, I heard not far from a tinny male voice remembered, he looked up to see a palace has a significant sign of buggy line to slowly toward the side, on which rely Phoenix pattern, but rather rely on pro Princess.

When people speak of to be see, Chow nephew out of a cold sweat, it's not obvious palace eunuch Akebia it? Then there is probably sitting in the car rumors, by weight was significantly Royal Highness Princess love?

Princess and Tangsao expect significant but common ancestry and veins, nephew Zhou hearts of illegal channels is not good, which erupted Zhou even if they do not want to die and leave, I'm afraid the back but also with a careful Huashi Lang apologize, not to be in trouble big.

"Niche seen significant Princess, Princess Goddess longevity well-being." Zhou nephew not delay, hurried salute. Upon seeing the crowd of people around also have back several steps, afraid to crash elegant, watch a hobby, but if you provoke trouble therefore, it is not a good thing.

"Needless ceremony, please play." Carriage came the soft melodious female voice, although not see the face, but all who hear the sound of the carriage that was given Aromatic great beauty.

"To hear the family cousin and son and from your government, so today's special to look at, I do not know whether to bother the two?"

"Cousin too serious, that if your sister is so concerned about her, will be will be tears of joy," Huaqing Mao hearts delight, he had also worried that Zhou family play games, but now appears obvious Princess, their home must be taken into account.

"That being the case, also ask you to continue, I is the next woman, do not understand the big deal, just a sit in it nothing more." Carriage voice still gentle and beautiful, as if she really just passing through to see it.

Zhou nephew out of the cold sweat, back to the servant behind to make a wink, let them go immediately inform uncle and great aunt, Princess to this, Zhou Ying-drive family is not out, it would be too hard on the. Chow time they not only destroy concubine wife, I'm afraid we still need more of a royal contempt charges.

"Outside the wind, if I may ask the Princess to rest for a moment into the House?"

Carriage did not move, even wait around at the people is useless given the slightest sound, as if Zhou nephew just said that phantoms,No one heard.

Zhou nephew awkward smile, but also hesitant to speak, he no fame in the body, there is no title, there is also no reception eligible princess.

Glanced that no movement of the carriage, he heaved a sigh in his heart, he really will be cousin who look for a job, which under offended Fahrenheit family, they can not be crossed Kaner Zhou, depends Tangsao willing Zhou gave them to pray for the situation.

But, cousin to do this thing, Tangsao even temper gentle, presumably will not forget the pain of the lost son.

Alas, I'm afraid even to other Zhou Kenjiro they have affected the future marriage.

Mrs. Zhou heard Huashi Lang Son came home when, yet do not care, when she heard the servants to report, which was stopped after the princess's carriage outside the gate, suddenly his face was downcast, hastily got up to go outside, walk after a few steps and said: "good to be your soul mate, go to the living room, remember to dress up some bye-off."

The disappointing thing, this mess in big trouble!

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