Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 55 pledge allegiance

Chapter 55 pledge allegiance

"Awake?" Qiu Jin Yan looked at people's arms low laugh, he glanced at the sky outside the window, it has been approaching the evening. Because of the Hou, Hua Xi Wan mood seemed good, so Yan Jin Qiu just put people to bed and slept, see Hua Xi Wan peaceful sleep in the past, he put down the heart.

He has been worried that things will affect Hou Xi Hua Wan, Hou after all, are all with her and the emperor gave marriage into the royal, but Hou front of her in the post, Hou now come to such a miserable point, he worried about her think of yourself.

However, she is not Hou, and he is not Yanbo Yi.

"Ah," Hua Xi Wan head on his chest, lazy do not want to move, "I do not want to get up."

Yan Jin Qiu see her this way, hand ring around her waist, smiled and said: "Do not think it can not afford." Xi Wan Wah rare to see such a gesture, Yan Jin Qiu naturally not unpleasant to destroy.

Perhaps this is some warm chest, Hua Xi Wan feel that they did not seem to be so repulsive to Yan Jin Qiu, not so much in her rejection Yan Jin Qiu, rather that she is such a rejection of gender inequality in marriage. Because she knows this is true, so she obediently accepted the marriage, but because of her deepest emotions, so there is no true love for the husband Yan Jin Qiu.

Perhaps, even if she can not pay their own love, Yan Jin Qiu also should be better, because now he had no more than a concubine wife, but also sorry for what she did not do something.

Speak more plainly, that he did not owe her.

"I never thought he would marry the royal family," Hua Xi Wan sighed, "I grew feel that they would marry an ordinary family, and then do a little sturdy soul mate, too ordinary day, slothful, , old age tease grandchildren, leisurely. "

Yan Jin Qiu stroking her hair did not speak, just quietly listened.

"The emperor gave marriage, I was bored at home for a month, and later thought, maybe there is not much difference in men under the sun, even if I married a small door small family, to be macho men still have to bother, and I do not want to marry but Royal is just trouble, "Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu turned their heads to watch him look good chin," we get married six months, each other's bottom line to speculation that now, all of a sudden think it does not make sense. "

Done deal, but also want more than cloud, she actually knew, but it can not be reconciled.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan watching eyes, did not think she would then say so straight to the point, just like he has been looking forward to but feel that things are impossible suddenly realized, to make him happy and yet awkward.

. "In fact, from that day to get married, I would like to ask you a word of the" Hua Xi Wan propped himself, stood up and sat down Yan Jin Qiu belly, condescending looked at him, smiling: "I believe you can do ? "

Yan Jin Qiu gazing at the beautiful eyes double:. "? From now on, though some things I can not tell you, but you will not lie to lie to you ...... you are willing to go side by side with me."

"What do you think?" Hand stays on his chest, Hua Xi Wan bent / Qiu Jin Yan's body in the mouth and kissed it, "Why do not try it."

Unpredictable future,Better to give it one more chance, at least not leaving behind only regret.

After the night sky, people under the hot water carried into the house, afraid to look inside, hurried out the door, but my mind was some mixed feelings, feelings of princes and princess nice.

White Summer glanced at the closed door the color of the face with anxious, waiting outside for a long time finally found the courage went to the door and said: "Royal Highness, Princess, summer white slaves asked to see."

"Come in." The speaker is Royal Highness, white summer carefully went in to see the prince and princess sat at a table, holding a Royal Highness Princess handkerchiefs to wipe the hair, princess lazy sitting, it seems that even finger I do not want to look up, to see her come in, barely raised his head: "white summer, what happened?"

Hua Xi Wan know much about white summer, if not anything special happening, she would not wink at this time appears in the house.

"Princess, big girl Mother's milk afternoon to ask to see, say abortion is a big girl, and this is a big girl wrote a letter to you." Summer White Mother of listening to the tone, young lady abortion is not by chance, more like whom with the gas. Yet still the second wife actually indifferent on the matter, only to turn to the big girl princess wrote this letter.

Hua Xi Wan looking for a change: "how is it, not a few days before people reporter saying that pregnant yet, how it just a few days gone?" According to Liu Hua temper, this kind of thing does not afternoon people to deliver the letter, only that this is the Mother House to find ways out of the week, so it does not pay attention to the morning or afternoon.

She took the letter from the hands of white summer, broke the seal and pulled the letter and found that the handwriting on the stationery superficial blinding, explained Sister write when physical weakness, mental relatively tight, like a fear of being discovered as.

After reading the whole letter, Hua Xi Wan suddenly angry and his face was downcast: "? Sister suffered so much injustice, regardless second wife do it."

Bai Xia shook his head: "Slaves do not know." Probably second wife for her son now that good.

"Confused!" Wan Hua Xi shoot angry letter on the table, if it is because the second wife was older, she was opening a curse, this wonderful thing how can such a mother, her daughter and son-in-law was concubine gas was abortion, she should never mind, do let people laugh at them in the capital Fahrenheit family nobody do?

This way the career his own ability, and take this dishonest even to sacrifice his daughter is simply not worth the candle, big Zhao toward every three years there is more than two hundred scholars, but really moving in the mix early and how much?

This great man of the future on their own ability to fight, the second wife to do so, there is not love, but harm.

"You Xiushuyifeng, people immediately sent Houfu. Please father and mother's advice, I'll decide." Huayi Liu this thing must be tube, otherwise, give other son home from China a bad head.

Since warning to others, who then took the chicken Zhou Gongzi do better.

"? Clap hurt no" Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan put the hand over, rubbed her back and said: "This is not to solve the trouble, why should you put yourself into this gas?"

Hua Xi Wan said: "To pick up the Zhou naturally easy, I am worried about the impact of big sister."

"Zhou statesman lax,Concubine off his wife, not to mention Zhou Jiagong son, Zhou Shilang even have to follow the bad luck, next year's spring imperial he is not doing the proctor, "Qiu Jin Yan gently patted her back," Zhou family so , let your big cousin and parting home, choose one or two years after Lang remarry, then how, it will not be worse than Zhou Jiagong child. "

"I say not matter, if the second wife refused, others say that no matter how much useless."

"She refused and your uncle, your uncle I'm afraid this matter is also hiding in the dark, you might as well get people to ask his advice." Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan see a lot of emotional stability, he smiled and said, "Some time ago I heard a few things about your uncle and Ershen quarrel, heard adults seems to be because of Zhou Hua is not satisfied with the marriage."

"You're right," Hua Xi Wan face showing a smile, "It's also the matter with di Xiushuyifeng the job."

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