Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 53 of the Queen's hatred

Chapter 53 of the Queen's hatred

Queens is now Henji Hou, especially when she heard the prince to eat well sleep well in prison, but is anxious to put Hou Flayer cramps, a solution to my hate.

How could there be such a coincidence world things, just when they are ready to leave, I heard screaming ladies, ladies surface and then to see people actually cover up suspicions overgrown answer. Prince is good enough beauty, but they also know that the Taoist is not the place for his play, not to mention beautiful woman beauty but the emperor, Prince even if there is the color center, that will not be enjoyed.

How can the world be so coincidental thing, ladies and found Prince Li beauty disheveled in the house, then Korea beauty Yishanbuzheng wall suicide, and then Prince appeared in sight of the crowd, as if someone deliberately waiting for them to discover, and deliberately so many people to see, so they want to patrol the Prince can not start.

Li beauty is the last straw that breaks the camel, these days especially love the emperor Li beauty, the Queen Mother to pray so that important things have brought her, after the palace there was not a lot of seniority than she had this old wives award.

This means there is a woman, the first thing that should this happen to think of how to solve, rather than hit the wall and died, this is really not like beautiful beauty temper. But the palace's Mother says Li does have a beautiful body after the joyous atmosphere, which is exactly who is under the ruthless hand?

Queen Hou miscarriage thought, this thing does have her handwriting in the middle, but the matter has done very subtle, Hou should not be aware of is. If it were not so why, Hou such a crazy revenge Prince?

But in addition to Sheng Jun Wang couple, who have the ability to set up such a big trap? While the king was quite the reputation in Beijing, but he did not love involved in politics, even if he wants to play this conspiracy, nor such a large network of contacts.

So ...... Sheng Jun Wang Fu!

Hou that bitch, Queen's anger smashed several teacups at hand, if not this bitch, why her son suffer so much pain, Tianlao kind of place, a small sheltered prince to be in the place it?

He grew more and more gas, the queen and a few smashed porcelain, and then remembered the suspicious ladies, ladies scream that was not intimidated, but like these the women they attract attention, so get called extra sharp.

"Queen Goddess," Zhao rush from the outside came in, as if the ground did not see a lot of broken porcelain in general, he respectfully bowed toward the Queen, "Queen Goddess, find out the identity of the ladies, but ...... "

"But what?" Queen of my heart there is a bad feeling, could not help but eyebrows jumped several times.

"The ladies did not," Zhao head down, not to see the Queen's face, "Today early in the morning the maid was found in the house cast tie himself up, and also left a suicide note." Zhao from pregnant took out two stationery, "this letter is a small to a back copy of the supreme court, please look over the empress."

Queen took the stationery seen later, the angry letter-heavy row on the table: "What she did not see the prince and beautiful beauty lie down together, what is a mere stabbed in exchange for his family safe?!"This letter appears to absolve the Prince, but in reality is to pull him into the quagmire of the letter on whom the eyes of the ladies looked like a prince unbearable threat to their veins, afraid hurt the family, simply commit suicide.

"Good, good," the Queen angry took a deep breath, after several "These people just do not want to give my children a way out of it, this house will have to see, who then have the ability to take away from my hand this the thing I belong to the child. "

Queen mind clear, after this, Prince Edward Hou Dengji the day even in the history have left a stigma, this has been so much noise all know that the whole capital, want to conceal the cover is. She is afraid to be the son of the throne after those wild ambition of princes who will be under the banner of revolt by these, these things if not properly find out, so no end of trouble.

But even if this thing to find out, the people will believe it?

Queen think of this, my heart a lot of anger elimination, instead asked: "? Who is responsible for the case."

"Hui Bing Goddess, who is the supreme court Shaoqing queen and the vice-minister Huang adults."

"Huang adults?" Queen muses, "but Huang Wei?"

"Back to the empress, it is this man. Miss Cheung Wei Wei previously worked in the temple, and later because of the assassination of Linping Jun Ma's case, he was fielded to the supreme court to begin a thorough investigation Linping Jun Ma's case." Zhao order in front of the Queen show ability, so he make things very clear before asking to report it with the queen.

Queen hear a sigh of relief, Huang Wei faction that this is their people, as for the Miss Cheung, what does not seem important to people, otherwise it will not be introduced to the people in the fucking time, Linping Jun Ma's case has and more difficult, the capital of the whole people are aware, he was sent to investigate this case at this time, on behalf of no one behind him to help him, or why such a chore collar.

She also assured that such a person, so with a sigh and said:. "This palace know, you bring some things to go to Prince Edward, the Prince's Palace to worry about things not used to jail and of"

"Yes." Zhao back down.

To be out the door, no one around, he shook the sleeves, do the authors who are naturally accustomed to jail and stuff?

Although the Linping Jun Ma assassination case, but during the day in the lives of ordinary people were not affected, the excitement is still lively as usual.

Yan Jin Qiu sitting in the carriage in order to avoid disturbing, simply let into the carriage around the alley back to the House, to the halfway line coach who knows, there is a horse-drawn carriage towards the front line to the side.

"Wei Chen Hou seen significant princes." Hou did not seem to expect to encounter significant royal carriage in the alley, so to come out of the carriage Yan Jin Qiu Hangli.


Miss Cheung need not be polite, "Yan Jin Qiu down the carriage, hand to help him up, then stepped back and said:" Da man color looks a bit worse than the other day, recently hard. "

"It is for the glory of the King and the ministers who share those concerns, the Wei Chen is not bitter," Hou's case should not go now to check human too close to the royal family, so when the two men spoke, separated by a short distance, " Thank you Royal Highness concern. "

They said a few slightly after each drove away any who view, this is but a chance encounter, and the two sides are very alienated polite, courteous, almost strange.Although such a big thing, but China Aster but became relaxed evening together, these two days did not invite her to participate under the posts feast of people, and no one came to chat with her, and she was happy leisurely.

But no leisure long, she saw the white summer came.

"Master, Thanh princess come."

Hua Xi Wan surprise, she did not give over the next post before Thanh princess, how suddenly came? It is really not like Hou style. Previous Thanh princess but exhaustive, can not go wrong on such etiquette.

When the thought of going three clear view, Thanh Princess abnormal pair of bright eyes, she adjusted her Binbian step shake, Minzui said:. "Please hurry there"

Who has come to the palace, she can not oust the people, if she really did, and that the capital will be more lively.

She thought, and there are a few called her maid to wait on hospitality room.

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