Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 52 everyone is a good actor

Chapter 52 everyone is a good actor

"? What did you say," Kai Lung Emperor heard the guard to report, almost went back through the air, but whatever the outcome, but also remember that this is what the occasion, then got up to play chess with him three clear view of the main lines of a Taoist ceremony: " a real person, I'm afraid I can not continue this game of chess under. "

View of the main light with a smile got up and said:. "Going to play chess but, Your Majesty, please help yourself."

Kai Lung Emperor mood and outlook of the main greeting, after hurriedly left in the room, then strode toward the Xiyuan aspects. When he arrived, the presence of the women have all returned to the room, Prince also dressed, Li beauty is being carried down, the only glare that only a pool of blood on the wall.

Li beauty is his relatively recent favorite of women, or the blessing of the list would not be him, but now his son his own concubine to sleep, a royal concubine in front of all the girls of the family committed suicide plane hit the wall, even if he has thousands of means, can not hold back this long period the mouth. Do the authors asked him to present all of the women of all murdered, if he really do it, tomorrow the whole big Zhao sat toward the necessary substitutions.

Then rushed there Ning, which was the king, the palace of Prince Sheng Jun Wang and Xu et al., Although people Prince ning a series, but it happens, his mind was full of remorse, how did it possessed the a system owned by the Prince?

This being a death sentence for his son's stepmother, but there is a loss of moral affairs, also saw so many girls of the family, not to mention the scene there are so many guards, this thing is not hiding anymore, unless all the people present were a prince human system.

But how could this, in recent years because too domineering Prince, already offended many of the royal clan, let alone outside it was rumored Thanh Princess and Prince Edward miscarriage related to your family, to Sheng Jun Wang DPRK's position, and How could one not holding this thing to make a fuss.

"How are the girls of the family, can be frightened?" Ning seeing this, I had evasive when asked about the women who were present to.

"Back Ning princes, several elegant as frightened, fainting, accompanied by imperial doctor has to give you diagnose the troubles of the people." A guard replied.

Qiu Jin Yan has been silent after he heard, very natural to say one thing: "How significant a princess?"

Given the significant weight Wang Princess love the whole capital of the message is well known, so guard it touches not the slightest accident, the moment they replied:. "Significant Princess was scared fainted, had been helped into the room to rest."

"Ah," Qiu Jin Yan frowned, moving the foot in place a few times, then stood still.

See king was ready to guard the way into the inner chamber, can not help but think, if it were not in the room there are other girls of the family, princes significant moment I am afraid to go inside the room. Sure enough, seeing is believing, which was really a king princess love the extreme weight.


Emperor harsh bark, he hung his head and scared the guards busy, the atmosphere did not dare.

Yan Jin Qiu Wensheng looked, to see emperor prince kick kick out a few steps away, but for two little eunuchs leaning, I'm afraid already fell to the ground.

"You do not leaning Niechu, today I just waste him." Emperor already gas hearts and minds of anger, out of his waist from behind guard knife guard, we should chop Prince. Ning Xianshibumiao hurried up to kneel before the emperor, his hands clinging to his legs Road,"The emperor, you appease ......"

His words have not finished, it was the emperor gave him a kick illuminated face, lying on the ground, he heard the sound of the emperor curse:. "I keep this Niezhong for even, clean and as good as dead."

Ning altogether lying on the floor is not up, he touched his cheek was swollen kick depressing thought, hacked hacked to death, anyway, not his son, nor is he die without sons. Hacked to death on the end, he also rare for a fool then clean up the mess the prince.

Listening to the cries of the sound waves around, nearly Nail ning great momentum through the earth lie, he tried, as if the future emperor hand edge paternity and regret, but also to blame than his head.

After listening to a half-day emperor did not wait until the prince appears, ning suddenly felt a little disappointed, if the emperor really hacked to death the Prince to have enough, he will not have to face every day, such a thing Zaoxin up.

Ning desire doomed Bunengshixian, because the emperor holding a knife in the kick turn a dozen people, from time to finally close the Prince, Queen Goddess appeared.

Queen in front of the emperor plop, face and tears and said: "The emperor, I knew I had the prince made a real big mistake, but you think he is on your child's sake, spare him the death penalty it is only his concubine. such a son, he is the concubine lifeblood ah. "

Your son is the lifeblood of the people Li beauty is not the lifeblood of the parents? Ning some feel the ground hard, for a more comfortable lying position, his mouth issued a few times a pain hum, let the people around them do not believe he is not dissuaded the emperor, but was too old to climb fall it is not up.

Yan Jin Qiu Momo glanced groan of pain / Yin with it ruddy ning, sneer, really a fox. He glanced down below was kicked out of his own robes emperor footprints, a look of pain in the place to sit down, clutching his leg and then gasped.

The emperor boomer, able-bodied, this foot down, take a step he really felt severe pain ah.

Ning Yan and Qiu Jin intersection of sight in the air, well aware of each other and then looked away.

"The emperor, you will not see on our mutual affection couple of years, Rao Taizi a life of it." Queen makeup spent crying, knock messy hair, lost in front of the Queen's deportment, but for her, the most important thing is the son behind.

Prince Edward was the Emperor played seven halo eight elements, see the Queen kneeling stand in front of their own mind only gradually wake up from the chaos, the moment they knelt at Queen's side, crying: "The Fu Huang, the son of calculation is being wronged, son how could make such outrageous things, Fu Huang seek the truth behind! "

Queen also know this are strange, beautiful if beauty can still alive, things will not be too much trouble, but happens Li committed suicide beauty, but also in front of so many people commit suicide.

Even if this is not the prince find out dry, but how many people outside believe it, I'm afraid most people will say they harbored Prince Edward, Lai beauty innocent certain death, it is nothing more pathetic.

If the prince has been the correct character, and his motivated, loving the people as child, so even if this happened today, just identified, no one will doubt that, even if not identified,Others will subconsciously to suspect that someone framed.

But Prince ...... regardless of the matter with him did not pass, at least in the eyes of others, he will be with the matter related to the.

Queens can think of this, the emperor also thought, he looked back at the crowd behind him, who resorted to such means exactly which one?

This person is forced to waste Prince he do?

If Prince can waste his throne to whom to those eyeing nephews do?

Not so easy!

"Charles, check to today to three clear view of all people not allowed to go, I all to stay."

Emperor these words mean to say, they suspect the presence of you all, and instead rolled a couch Lai beauty of Prince Edward slightest problems are gone?

The presence of all is the royal clan, the emperor after hearing these words, the face became not quite right, and co-author of the bad things people do nothing, but rather they are innocent bystanders have sinned?

Kai Lung emperor as saying that after export, regret it, see you later imperial clan's face is not very good, then slumped and sighed: "come, the Prince of charge into the prison, before things did not check out, may not be put out. "

"Fu Huang?!" Prince staggering looked at Kai Lung Emperor, Tianlao What is that place, he dignified prince escorted into the prison, after what face life?

Queen but know that the emperor is a move in Prince Paul, knowing they otherwise disgruntled clan, so he had to watch as the guards prince bet down.

"Now the hour is late, one of you and I returned to Beijing it." Kai Lung Emperor said before do not mention "all allowed to go," the words, then exclaimed, "Outsiders So, there really is so that I feel bad ah."

What the people say, can only cajole pressing, let him relax a bit, things will be able to check out and so on.

As to exactly how these people think, I do not know.

Anyway, the evening news about Prince rape / concubine of sewage spread all over the capital, in these rumors, the image of Prince lust is incompetent, then see Li beauty face the same good, evil heart to heart, commandeered Korea beauty, harm Lai beauty against the wall suicide.

Lai beauty of death, it is destined to become a prince create "strong / rapist", regardless of how exactly the truth, anyway, so the image of Prince.

But even so absurd Prince, people can only numb acceptance, because only the emperor knee Prince a son, so the final demise of the Crown Prince only.

Xian Wang because of injuries plus the couple frightened, so the way was carefully returned to the princess, after half an hour, the emperor also enjoy a tonic down.

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin looked at the bruises on the mound knee, sighed and said: "The emperor this kick can be really cruel."

"Is nothing but ruthless like nothing, if he wanted to kill the prince, Who can stop him, but put on a show for those of us who see nothing," Yan Jin Qiu down the legs, and then said, "I heard what you mean, as if to say Sheng County princess something wrong? "

Wan Wah evening as people play a pot of hot water to apply to Qiu Jin Yan look after the wound and said: "Today, after the accident, Tangsao deliberately led us to see what was happening inside the house, but the security guard who was picking up first, just give up. "

"Actually there is such a thing," Qiu Jin Yan frowned,Do the authors of this matter is Sheng Jun Wang couples do? However, in order to Yanbo Yi wrist, it will not be done so simple and crude.

He glanced at Hua Xi Wan, said: "Earlier rest, this thing we do not want him."

Anyway, for the time being nothing to do with them.

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