Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 2 50 suspect

Chapter 2 50 suspect

"What are you thinking?" See Hua Xi Wan frowned up, meaning Yan Qiu Jin's face with concern, "how frowned come?"

"Nothing, just seeing Sheng Jun Wang Fu ornaments a little strange," the grapes are put ornaments Hou room stuff, Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin mound with bad talk too much, "do not know how Crown Princess thought that the material sent to Thanh things princess. "

She did not know exactly know the Crown Princess was glowing pearl from people too close, poor health, especially a woman pregnant. Crown Princess himself wanted to have a child, but in front of the face of power, other people's children is no less important.

Sheng between Dukes and Prince Edward, already extremely deal with, let alone the outside world was also rumored Sheng Prince Prince is more than capable of ruling the country, if let Sheng Jun Wang first with the eldest son, I'm afraid from the emperor down to Crown Princess, will be restless.

Think of this, Hua Xi Wan rubbed his forehead, no wonder Crown Princess arrived so early Jun Wang Fu Sheng, turned out to be waiting for something to confirm Hou abortion is true or false, it is simply too much people suck up.

"If the body is not comfortable, then used the rice had a good rest," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan see a more ugly face, face even more concerns about the color, "knew, you would not let go of these things blend . "

Obviously is a very common word, spread to China Xi Wan ears, made her heart jump:. "Princes seem to have anything I had not told me."

Yan Qiu Jin sighed: "Too smart people brainer," he went to Hua Xi Wan's hand, gently ring around her from behind her, "I chatted with glowing pearl Prince a few days ago, I unhesitatingly in front of him He said something, glowing pearl on the bedroom on human body is not good. "

Wan Hua Xi Meng Yan Jin look back to the mound, on the mound Yan Jin thought she would say blame, she suddenly laughed, "Qiu Jin speak or be more careful in future to avoid being conscientious use of."

"Lady said even that the husband must take them to heart," Qiu Jin Yan smiled behind her ear stole a fragrant, then he said, "In the future there is anything want to know, even though I have to ask, as long as I know , be sure all you know. "

Hua Xi Wan looked at his perfect side Yan, hand gently covered in the back of his hand:. "Jin Qiu idea always to my surprise."

"I did not let you unexpected, but you just do not believe me," Qiu Jin Yan seems to change with a way to get along Hua Xi Wan, opened in the past masks, suddenly becomes a lot directly, "I know some things you does not like, so not only are in the Royal, then the future of our children is through those days of the decline of the royal family, the royal family seems to have a name of the first, the actual capital in the family than they had just a face. "

There are many royal capital decline, they are part of the descendants of the Dukes princes for the throne failed, and some are themselves no ability, as the day was a mess, but the most representative princes or those who are mostly descendants of failure or from generations of emperors favorite valued emperor cases, these people almost from birth determines the fate unless really is a once-a-century talent and loyal to the emperor, or else face can only be powerless and useless life .Today was seemingly Dukes House prominent, in fact, was uneasy drunk, if the emperor knee a few more Prince Prince heirs or abundance, so much like Qiu Jin Yan Wong this nephew who did not valuable.

Jun Wang Sheng now able to support so many people moving in, nothing more than this, because no guarantee that such a ridiculous Prince will destroy the whole big mess towards Zhao, if the emperor as heir Prince knees and difficult then later to the optional nature is only one way and that is to inherit the throne from the royal clan selected blood.

The royal clan in two recent blood from the late emperor Sheng Jun Wang is a pulse, a pulse there with the king, so many people deep down, because the prince does not live up to expectations, the two men on a subconscious kind respected a lot .

"I understand what you mean ......" Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu already understand why the last two years do not intend to have children, first, because she was too young really gave birth to a child does not fit, and second, because the Empress absolutely do not want see the king was the eldest son of a pulse than Prince Edward out first.

Sheng Jun Wang Fuchu things happen, is that they significantly palace lesson.

There are some things Hua Xi Wan guessed, as though she govern the matter back yard, but when she found some eunuch servant girl quietly disappear after backyard, provoke Akebia will not be asked twice more tubes.

She asked no more from those who have gone missing, Yan Jin Qiu also never asked her why she would practice martial arts Waizu home, in fact, think about it, the two of them still have a lot in common, but a lot of her when only open eyes closed eyes, and Yan Jin Qiu is truly ruthless.

Thanh Princess miscarriage news soon spread throughout the capital, some people feel sorry for someone that had nothing to do, some people think that reveals a strange thing, but no one dared to ask it.

Hou was a few days short of breath, even smashed grapes Crown Princess gave her ornaments.

When asked about the date of Wan Hua Xi ornaments look wrong, she would write down these things in mind, now glowing pearl found in pregnant women is very bad, and even cause miscarriage.

The preceding days she has been sleeping too good, she thought it was because of pregnancy, they did not think, and now want to come, it must be the impact of these glowing pearl.

In fact glowing pearl is not so much power, more than half of the abortion issue Hou still out on himself, for example, after pregnancy has been to govern the house, because too concerned about the child nervous stomach, this weight, the original tire is not particularly stable, she finally miscarried.

But after people encounter misfortune, always looking for an outlet for emotions, while Prince and Crown Princess couple Shenhen Hou became the object.

If it were calculating the two men she, her independent male

Tire will gradually grow adult, then smooth birth, she became a proud heir.

But everything to crumble, she hated, can not wait to dig Prince couple's eyes, but she remembers is the county princess, not impulsive act, everything still needs long-term perspective.

Yan Boyi know that afterwards, looking also sunk down, listening to Hou found the whole process of furnishing wrong with his deadpan raised an eyebrow, "you say is significant Princess?"

Hou nodded.

Yanbo Yi sighed,To be honest, he would rather the Prince and Crown Princess with three pairs play means, do not want to have any noticeable Wang couple involved, the two men really put on a show master, who do not know exactly how his heart would like to have. With such people against people, chances are that the next round of cannon fodder.

For example, this time suggesting that grape ornaments person in question is Fahrenheit, but she did not say so what happens, just waiting for them to doubt their own discovery. After then help pull the opponent hatred, her hands never touched the slightest dust, then dashing left, leaving the pit parties continue to tangle.

For example, now, he is suspected of Hua Xi Wan really do not know exactly glowing pearl has a bad influence, or pretending to inadvertently say the truth, they are attracted Fuchu relationship with Prince substandard.

However, listening to the complaint about Hou, Yan Boyi they felt that it was unlikely that they Jun Wang Fu Sheng did not know up and down glowing pearl in the bedroom has a bad effect on pregnant women, Hua Xi Wan know from where?

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