Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 49 Hou abortion

Chapter 49 Hou abortion

Three out of the Queen Mother's palace, not far out, to see the strike came in front of applause, the three suddenly stopped, hastily sideways a few steps back, head bowed and stood by the road.

Kai Lung Emperor wore a black robe and red edge, and wearing Golden Delicious, followed behind a group of palace eunuchs, flapping in the wind toward the side of the way, kneeling on the ground countless palace eunuchs.

Passing in front of the Crown Princess, who, Kai Lung Emperor glanced at the three of migraine, sight swept neatly salute Hua Xi Wan et al., Lightly: "No more than ceremony."

After the trio heard and blessed Fook, to the back, to be quit a distance, he turned to leave in a hurry.

"The emperor?" Eunuch see the emperor standing still did not move, he whispered to remind a bit, this is the Queen Mother outside the palace, the emperor so there staring at her niece's daughter, can not appropriate.

"Ah," Kai Lung Emperor back line of sight, behind the back of the hand, without a word, walked toward the Empress Palace, the palace eunuchs were behind him and went sigh of relief.

Crown Princess, who at heart are also relieved, after all, was the emperor stared so they can feel good, if later came what a mess, then worse.

Trio broke into the palace, riding their own coach to leave.

Once on the carriage, Hua Xi Wan Kai Lung Emperor was frowning to think just deliberately pause, Kai Lung Emperor years, although more and more arrogant, but my mind still the normal range, how he somehow make the kind of behavior ?

Intentionally or temporary absence?

I do not know carriage in front of a long road trip, Hua Xi Wan heard outside the palace servant, and she adjusted her white robes leaning summer men carriage, is preparing to take Ruanjiao into the inner court, to see a rush Mother He came to see her and knelt in front of her: 'Princess, Jun Wang Fu Sheng news came, Thanh princess lost the baby. "

"What did you say?" Hua Xi Wan looking slightly changed, but she knows how Hou value the unborn child, how would suddenly abortion?

She thought, dialogue Xia said:. "Go back and change clothes, we went to look at the Jun Wang Fu Sheng," she these clothes too ornate, if Hou went to visit, it is not appropriate.

Choose a set of light-colored Gongzhuang put and took stones hairpin changed to a more sedate jade head, face, Wan Hua Xi bring all kinds of tonics, got on to the Jun Wang Fu Sheng carriage.

When Hua Xi Wan Jun Wang Fu Sheng arrived, Crown Princess has been to the front door, and after two Jianli each other, they looked at each other and each other sober a lot of clothing, understand each other, put on a look of solemn expression phase Jun Wang Fu-sheng to bring into the door.

Hou's face is very bad, pale, and looked even somewhat sluggish, but after seeing Wan Hua Xi and Crown Princess appeared, struggling to get up she still wanted to salute, before being forced to hold down the Crown Princess to give up.

See Wan Hua Xi Hou Though words decent, but sad eyes is how both could not conceal, then said:. "Tangsao Penguin Relax, you're still young, plenty of opportunities for it in the future."

"Maybe this child and I missed," Hou want to come out of a smile, but the effort has not seen for a long time and a half minutes smile, finally had to give up, "just thinking about two months he lay in my stomach, so silent no interest rates go up, miserable."

Hua Xi Wan mood is very complex, always on the outside looking dignified Hou exposed site look like she was aware of some uncomfortable was not, but just in front of outsiders Qiang Cheng, think of it, she really had to console said, "Perhaps in another For a time he went back in front of you. "

These words too vague, Hou heart, though not the letter, but if this sentence as a wish, she stared at Hua Xi Wan: "? Is it true what you say."

"Of course, you have such a good mother, the child is bound not want to leave," Hua Xi Hou Wan hold hands and patted, only to find her cold hand was somewhat alarming, "No matter what happened, you always take care of themselves good job otherwise the future expense of their own. "

Then, Hou hand into the quilt: "This world should take to heart everything, This man, if they do not open their own they could not before."

Wan Hua Xi is about as big as the action is too natural, Hou see the slightest put on a show of ingredients on her, slightly warm heart and said:. "I know, thank you brothers and sisters of the Church concern"

"Are one family, what do these polite," Hua Xi Wan saw the maid drugs end up, took the hand of the hands of Yao Wan maidservants, probe temperature probe drugs, do not feel cold nor hot just right, they have to feed Hou Yao.

Hou natural Tuiju, Hua Xi Wan not insist, Hou handed the bowl to be herself after drinking, took her maid handed Yao Wan next: "Tangsao is a blessed, good rest, do not think too much . "

Hou has not yet thought back to the government Yanbo Yi, missed and think with their children, see Hua Xi Wan eyebrows really worried, mind flavors Chen: "Thank you."

Wan Wah evening to see her this way, the exposed surface of a bit of a smile: "? That's right, as a woman, must be nice to yourself, or Qibushibai white waste of the parents upbringing"

Upon hearing this, sitting next to Crown Princess looking slightly stunned, then smile, which was the Princess can say such a thing, it is because she really loved living in her daughter's house waiting Nghe An. And she grew up in accordance with the standards to train Crown Princess, she was born the daughter is not at home, but the future of the Crown Princess.

After a few Ku Quan Wan Wah evening, the room looked at each other, and stopped at the sight of a pot agate jade ornaments.

This basin ornaments workmanship is very good, just a bunch of grapes that some of the problems of the material. She adjusted my face: "Tangsao pots ornaments really nice, but how grapes carved with capsules glowing pearl?"

Hou hear the word grapes, he smiles: "I was originally sent Crown Princess mascot, is now actually live up to the Crown Princess

Some mind. "

Grape how sons and grandsons of Italy, gave a pregnant Hou is indeed a very nice gift, but how Crown Princess will send specially glowing pearl ornaments made of, do not say anything else, say glowing pearl color of the grapes do not particularly appropriate.

"What you say is nothing, nothing but a small thing," Crown Princess looking as usual said, "you can get a laugh, it is the largest of the credit."

Wan Hua Xi Crown Princess looked good manners, a heart problem emerged, Crown Princess glowing pearl on the interior will know it unfavorable for pregnant women?

Hou appease good mood after,Wan Hua Xi and Crown Princess opt to leave. She Jun Wang Fu Sheng step out the door, with a sigh, although the Dukes House are down to understand the rules, but with an indescribable feeling dull.

"Escort Crown Princess," Wan Hua Xi looked drove Crown Princess, Crown Princess after the guard of honor left, he turned the carriage, one foot just stepped on a footstool, you see a sign with Jun Wang Fu Sheng chariot hurrying came towards us.

Just between her stupidly, a man jumped out of the carriage, it is Sheng Jun Wang Yanbo Yi.

"Princess significant," Yan Boyi does not seem to expect to encounter Hua Xi Wan In this occasion, polite salute and said, "The next thing there is, excuse me."

"Tang Bo walking," Hua Xi Wan sideways in return, see Yan Boyi big step into the Dukes House, and he is on the carriage.

This can be really interesting things Hou abortion they are aware of these wives, the husband Yan Boyi actually come to this will only come back.

Probably in this day and age, men to the cause is the mainstream, she thought that it is the non-mainstream.

After her back to the palace, Yan Jin Qiu has come back to see her back from the outside, concern and asked: "? How to come back, with lunch yet" see her shaking his head, he went to the kitchen to prepare people to eat, "What happened, his face so ugly?"

Hua Xi Wan shook his head: "Thanh Princess miscarriage, so a visit to a Dukes House."

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan dropped eyelids to pour a cup of tea appetizer: "Tangsao not affect it?"

"Looked very good spirit," Wan Hua Xi took the cup drank, "also went to the Crown Princess, Princess Thanh is a dignified person, so graciously did not say anything."

Qiu Jin Yan smiled: "The Crown Princess would really positive."

Hua Wan heard this evening, wrinkled his brow, thought of the basin of grape glowing pearl ornaments.

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