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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 48 shady

Chapter 48 shady

There is a rumor called others do not believe that they first believed.

I do not know since when, the capital suddenly had significant Princess Roars but rumors have in the past like the king of your remarkable woman complained about a few, there are men feel significantly husband Wang Gang of appetite, but more men feel it is, to marry so peerless beauty home, what kind of husband Gang things?

Linping Jun Ma assassination of big things have passed a half months, and then not in the capital assassination incident, many people are relieved, I began to believe that the assassination of Linping Jun Ma of Dairen should be with him any grudges, or how things would be so much noise vigorous.

Supreme court just guessing, too, so start acting in inventory Luo Zheng Zhong and Luo family, it does not matter do not check, check up found the Luo Jun Ma really nothing good crop, Luo family in River City is bullying, fish people.

For example, the county Maye's sister in order to snatch a Pu, actually mad first wife this boss. And his younger brother, was actually good and decent woman as a concubine to marry strong, this is simply lawlessness.

More backward search, the more I supreme court officials, Luo Zheng Zhong character although not too many places worthy of criticism, but his whole family and relatives to pull hate, but also quite fight. So shallow ignorant people, can even hook have to marry Princess, Luo Zhong Zheng is really a good means.

Data also show that even in Luo Zhong Zheng's mother had placed in front of her mother Princess Linping spectrum, but the Princess is not a soft touch, catch a few strokes, Luo family in front of the Princess to be honest a lot. Whether acting Unfortunately, the Princess Luo family

, Which led to many innocent people suffer harm Luo family.

Luo has caused many □□ ion powder, to check if from this perspective, really bad start. However, Luo family to do these things, or to announce the emperor, as to how to deal with, and that is the emperor of things.

"Miss Cheung, this case is really shady, very much involved, Xiaguan really do not know what doubts from the start." Dali Si Cheng finished sorting the evidence of the case, the hearts full of melancholy, do not say those things under the Luo family, dry, say this is a Jun Ma and Emotion Diva flirting, Linping Princess was found, is a very questionable thing. For example, Linping Princess heart hatred, simply to find someone to kill the adulterous County Maye?

Hou to the supreme court took nearly two weeks, since the emperor importance to the matter, the supreme court and down not many people deliberately make things difficult for him this newcomer. After two weeks of exploration, he basically had to get a clear idea down relationship supreme court, to deal with things from a more handy, now need to worry about the most, that is, Luo Jun Ma case can not check out, otherwise his career could really to be coming to an end.

Although the morning was only the emperor calling of the past scolded, but Hou psychological qualities with almost his name, has not been much affected. Si Cheng took the evidence goes to the finishing order, after almost read it again, quips: "This little Luo, made a lot of really evil."

Si Cheng sighed: "Is not so, but am Princess House asked people to send someone to the progress of the case, listening to come Xiaguan tone is not good."

"Do not bother them,The main thing is to concentrate on the investigation of crimes, "Hou see very clearly that this is not a significant Linping Princess Palace backing, it is nothing but a short Princess only, they also do not need to fear her supreme court.

Si Cheng hear his words implied meaning, smiled and said:. "Xiaguan jotted down"

"These things I have to report tomorrow to the emperor," Hou micro frown, "as people look up the Luo Zhong Zheng ambiguous relationship to Basics."

To He said the county is not a good thing Maye died down clean.

Imperial Garden in the palace, Crown Princess leaning on her maid's hand, listening to the maid whispered talk in the capital of some interesting, finally exposing the surface but not smile a few days, "these people ever seen a significant Princess, what Roars, this significant Princess Palace would think that people are not like that. "

"But out of ignorance of the people is just nonsense, and few people can really." Maid with a smile and the sentence should be.

Everyone says that the Crown Princess looked up to see walking across a pedestrian, was led by Princess exactly what they are mentioned, together with the significant princess is walking in the palace of Prince Xu Fei, she was a bit surprised that the two men are how's come together?

She remembers the palace of Prince Fei Xu Nelson is the daughter of a prominent family, is the most lofty of the people, and on weekdays in Beijing and from your daughter is not much, but because she is a princess Xu future certainty, so expensive in Beijing woman who would give her a few sub face. No matter how the relationship with her, to be polite when the two meet.

"His Royal Highness Crown Princess," Hua Xi and Xu Wan Fei palace of Prince Ning's walked in front of the Crown Princess, firmly in line with a blessing ceremony.

"Please hurry since two," Crown Princess reached out a handful of false help, and also back half ceremony, "This is two to Longevity Palace to the Queen Mother she asked the elderly, do not like to go to?"

Hua Xi Wan smiled and nodded, she in fact already seen in front of the Crown Princess, but in view of the eldest son of Princess around a bit, what it pretended not to see it. She weekdays and from much of the eldest son of Princess, who is not talkative temper, but fortunately her character quiet, so the two go together, she did not feel the embarrassment of cold field.

"These days is not common Thanh Princess." Crown Princess ahead, China Xi Wan intend half-step behind her.

"Tangsao now pregnant, it is time to rest, to the palace less pretty normal," Hua Xi Wan smile, "though I had been pregnant, but I heard a few months ago most is to be careful when the effect may not. "

"Sure, women have children is a major event, must not be careless," Crown Princess think of no movement of their own belly, and my heart some pan bitter, and she married Prince also almost two years, but there has been no glad tidings. She did not say, even those Liangdi Prince, beloved also like

Not the slightest news, do not worry she is not OK, "There is a big happy event children, married women, this is not looking forward to it."

Wan Hua Xi silent, she could not judge the Crown Princess was right or wrong, can only say that the location is in the Crown Princess on, no child is really pain in my heart, if she Crown Princess, do not necessarily have her open-minded. Now do not say, even past life that flaunt gender equality in the world, there are some who think women marry and have children is the right and proper, if not, it is not a woman, is to marry wretch.Even if you are getting on a scene, there will be wretched people suspect your scenery is improper means to come.

Morals of the storm, the woman is always too much blame, so a woman is not easy to repeat itself. In fact, Prince your family does not have a child is born, she suspected that Prince physical problems, or to the extent of good sex, how a woman could not see the news of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, most people would suspect that a woman can not be born, not men have a problem.

Think of this, Wan Hua Xi words with a console said:. "Heirs kind of thing, but revel, insist not, chances are there is not seeking"

Crown Princess out laughing: ". Perhaps this is the case now," Prince is not a king was not hurt her, spoil her. So she could not as open-minded as Fahrenheit, only grievances pharynx to the stomach. Today Thanh princess was pregnant, his mother and my heart is anxious, often let the imperial doctor prescribe some medicine to make up the body of her drink, and now she is like Yao-like drink, but no matter what the tonic drink, no child is no.

His mother to her unhappy, she was very clear, but the imperial doctor diagnose the troubles that she does not have any physical problems, to whom she expressed dissatisfaction with what should it?

Ning's silent walking next to two, as if the two words not a cent of her influence, even though her own knees only one daughter.

Mother of three after being brought into the temple, face a little embarrassed, after all, no one expected encounter Princess Palace sobbing such a thing in front of the Queen Mother.

Wan Hua Xi eyes that look back hurriedly withdrew Princess Palace, the hearts doubt, it was obviously the house, the Queen Mother why people around them will directly brought in, it's not embarrassing you on purpose?

"Ai Yoyo," Empress see them, his face suddenly hangs brilliant smile, "he said this morning how the branches of the magpie barking, let the old woman turned out to be all of a sudden see three Sun-law, fast ride . "

After three people came up to salute the Queen Mother on a stool to sit down, no one has mentioned just now that Princess Palace things.

"These days in a lot of rain, though stopped today, but the ground is still wet, make life difficult for you to run this trip," said the Queen Mother finished, let servant fabric is offering some good points to three, "I originally sent to you people, but you came today, we will save the people of Ai Jia trip. "

"Imperial generous grandmother, granddaughter will not be turned down," Wan Hua Xi smiling touched feel good fabrics, eyes with a meaning of joy, "This cloth feeling really comfortable, not as good as your grandmother Queen again more generous , pay would give us horses. "

"You know the most greedy," Empress Hua Xi Wan was flatter happy, "and laid down, you then take two back, the two of you, too, have to take more than two, she can not be a cheap person."

Showing a smile and Crown Princess Ning's face, holding a few homeopathic Ning's, the Queen Mother flatter happier, simply the addition gave them each one pair of bracelets.

By the time the three of farewell, the Queen Mother smiled and said: "Come quickly, otherwise you old woman about to be evacuated."

"Imperial grandmother and coax us, the emperor and empress empress so filial to you, what good things are not sent you," Hua Xi Road, Wan blink of an eye, "granddaughter even if determined to evacuate your good things, nor that effort ah."

"loquacious,"Queen Mother smiling and jokes Hua Xi Wan few, only a waved three of them left together.

Ning's bowed go in the final, heart like a mirror.

Outside rumors, all of the granddaughter, the Queen Mother's favorite princess significantly, today saw was true.

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