Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 47 clear

Chapter 47 clear

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin Qiu did not expect such a reaction is

She blinked, for a time could not find the right words.

She does not speak, does not mean that Yan Jin Qiu not saying he playing with her delicate fingers. "To be honest, after the emperor gave marriage had come down, I was more than happy anger."

Hua Xi Wan looked at him not to speak, smiled.

"Compared to Yanbo Yi married a catchy title but no real power had plenty of female Hou, Hou House Nghe look much more valuable than Hou," Yan Jin Qiu said that, somewhat ironic smile, "I always thought they such people will think of beauty with a peerless job so eagerly give us a matchmaker, not for anything else, just to make me turn against the government and Nghe waiting. "

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin hand out from the mound of palm, faint smile and said:. "Did not think you'd want to get a lot."

"Implying you ever wonder?" Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan do not mind the dirty looks, simply leans close to her to sit down beside her, "we get married the same day, exposing hijab when I also got a lot of determination, even if you are really ugly facial features skew, I'll be good to you. after all, if not for me, you will not be involved in this fight. Nghe An to designate the government's prestige, you can find a down you forever man, not married into the royal, and also may be subject to the ridicule of others because of appearance problem. "

Wan Wah evening playing with a bow opal does not speak, listen carefully to his heart catharsis.

"After seeing you face opened the hijab, my heart was not so calm on the surface," Yan Jin Qiu stroking her hair, sigh, "but I'd rather you sometimes looks a little ordinary."

"I am really sorry, I did not have a retractable long face." Hua Xi Wan snapped open about his shooting hand, still find it too much like a sideways round a bit. "I did not hold anything against you bees and butterflies, you I mean to say looks? "

"No mind, just feel worried," Qiu Jin Yan grabbed her hand, "I always feel a little at ease, this feeling, you know?"

Wan Wah evening after a good long while staring at him, smiling, shook his head: "I am so sorry, do not seem to understand."

To see her this way, Yan Jin Qiu heart of a song, but also to bring a smile:. "If you do not know, one day I will let you know."

Out came the servant deliberately aggravating footsteps, and soon the two men heard Akebia asked to see outside.

"Come in," Qiu Jin Yan and Hua Xi Wan They straightened dressed, then sat down again on Ruanta, as the pile of precious stones were thrown aside.

"Royal Highness, Princess, small in Fuchu caught a suspicious maid, I do not know how to dispose of?" Akebia knew Xiaoyu thing is maidservants princess around informed, if he is not in front of the prince and princess mention , it would be stupid.

"Maid?" Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow, "Where is the wait?"

"Back to the princess, Xiaoyu was originally outside the den sweep maid, some time ago and was assigned a place to wait two," Akebia respectful, "according to the identification of a small, but a few years ago this Xiaoyu sold into Fuchu, usually What honest man. "

"This world seemingly honest people, often is the biggest bad guys,"Qiu Jin Yan Road salt is not short," since she does not want to explain, you had a good interrogation, always reveal something out. "

Wan Hua Xi Duanqichabei sipping tea, Yan Jin of the mound, then not a cent response.

Akebia glanced prince and princess, had an idea, bend back down.

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the weather will gradually cool down, Linping Princess Fuchu because there is no man of the house, cold day than the day together. Wait servant was more cautious, fearing the wrath of the Princess, flat Baiai meal board.

"The significant thing is the palace sent?" Linping Princess servant took from the gift list, above writing Seiitsu graceful, like a man's handwriting. Conjure Hua Xi Wan was overdone pretty face, Linping Princess hand down the list, the tone of indifference, "ready to salute remarkable palace, the princess said, I thanked them care."

"Princess, why do not you ......" Mother beside her some anxiety, which was Princess's maiden palace is now Jun Ma went, why Princess and her family look so stiff?

"Mother, you do not have to Zaiquan," Linping Princess smile, "I have already no turning back, although these ritual thick, but all things are with child, and who is also a gift Fahrenheit, Do not you see it ? "

"How can this remarkable Royal Highness, your sister, but his compatriots, ah, how he cares for the family can not give you a hand?" Mammy some unwilling, "Amber is along with you is not a female compatriots, but also in front of you Christine respectful honorific sister heard it. "

"He counts for something? But a concubine child fills" Linping Princess disdain, "You do not have to mention his future in front of me, I would be at odds with Yan Jin Qiu, it is impossible with a concubine son sister brother Wife. "

Mother heard silence, she knew something year old Royal Highness to do, so I can not Zaiquan, can only sigh.

"Fahrenheit I thought she just had plenty of beautiful women, but now it seems, she was quite good at doing superficial work," Linping Princess ironically Nianqi was thrown aside their own gift list, "come, these are incorporated into the library. "she Princess your family, so not missing something.

Fahrenheit are not entitled to sympathize with her?

Has been under intermittent rain, do not know the reason because of the weather or the assassination of Linping Jun Ma, people feel insecure to officials down to the capital, as long as a black day, the street out of the man and Wei Wei Temple Dageng army patrol, actually see a few shadows.

Even the officials towards the morning ready to go, he takes the servant also more than doubled, carriage also reinforced a thick layer of copper, car

Door curtain replaced by a sliding door.

Atmosphere of panic in the capital so that Kai Lung Emperor angrily, dignified emperor at the foot, the horse was actually his mansion not far from the assassination, this kind of criminals is the emperor in his provocative, he is playing with his Prince's face.

The capital who do not know Luo Zhong Wang Zheng brother although significant, but the king was very distant, but very close to the prince, the night of his assassination, everyone knows that is just out of the Prince's palace.

Kai Lung Emperor ever doubt under the hand of Jin Yan mound, but think Yan Jin Qiu weekdays obsessed with calligraphy and painting, long estranged relationship with Princess Linping, after the assassination of Luo Zheng Zhong, the cell sister relationship is still faint,So calm attitude, but let Kai Lung Emperor subconsciously ruled out his suspicion.

It touches on the prestige of the DPRK Yanbo Yi is not small, but also a deep concentric man who arouse suspicion Kai Lung Emperor. Especially before I heard that he killed two people left around fireworks woman wearing a cloth Yanbo Yi.

Maybe people will think, fool would leave such obvious evidence to suspect others, but there are smart people deliberately leave this kind of thing, but people do not doubt him.

Yan Boyi with the means most likely to do such a thing.

The case Kai Lung Emperor Yan Boyi do not want to go check, so simply transferred to the supreme court from Yanbo Yi Industry and let others suspicions clusters, not willing to let the other party to stay in such an important position on the.

"Wei Wei temple may have a young man worthy of what used?" Kai Lung Emperor Xuan Wei Wei to Temple Qing, Wei Wei Temple to ask about the situation.

State supreme court heard this, my heart has turned numerous laps, now the emperor fancy, I'm afraid a blessing or a curse, so only a little hesitation, he recommended shaoqing Hou.

"Hou?" Kai Lung Emperor in mind recall again, "the young man is scared when the last lords horse, the horse fall upon?"

"Your Majesty, it is this person." Dali temple hand and said, "This man upright man, although when unreasoning, but very conscientious."

"Ah, supreme court need is such a person, in that case, let him investigate the matter to the supreme court test case," Kai Lung Emperor has quickly turned his mind to find out about the relationship between background and Hou, confirming this world people in general, does not belong to which side forces after the Road, "to the supreme court still Ren Shaoqing his post."

Although the title is Shaoqing, the supreme court Shaoqing than the name of the first name of the first heavy Wei Wei Shaoqing temple more, if such a promotion on weekdays can get, I do not know how many people want to mess with eyes red. But the moment, but many people sympathetic to Hou person does not pull a good relationship with superiors.

After all, if done well to keep his job Wei Wei Shaoqing temple can sit safely, can now go to any of the supreme court Shaoqing, and also responsible for the assassination of Linping Jun Ma's case, substantially equal career coming to an end, can not save his life or two to say.

North Korea job changes for Xi Wan Wah are too far away, she and Yan Jin Qiu said that he had some post, life more comfortable, even still in the yard built a weapon rack, though she followed Lu aunt who only learned palm method and whip, but that does not prevent her to put these things in the yard.

According to her statement that the yard to put something evil, Yan Jin Qiu helpless and had to be put out some looks awe-inspiring weapon is not actually edged, for beauty smile.

Moreover, he knew Wan Hua Xi is not vexatious, she should put these things, will have her reasons.

The so-called eye of the beholder, and that is a lot of people tend to put their favorite people to want a better direction. In fact, Wan Hua Xi adhere to swing a weapon rack, there is no other intention, but that each time the martial arts in the yard, on which stood a rack so more atmosphere.

But she usually is not martial arts, let the servant put things away, only to then put out when she martial arts, so whatever the outcome is not too shock the world.

As a significant spread out why Princess whips the king was wonderful rumors,I do not know.

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