Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 45 assassination

Chapter 45 assassination

Such a sudden, the capital murder, which makes other people panic, often not to the curfew time, there are not many pedestrians on the streets, it is usual deserted lot.

"Jun Ma, has been raining too big, whether we find a place to rest?" Outside the carriage, a servant wiping the face of rain, mentally abused God, which they have made several rain, and it really until the fine was easy to go out, who knows to come back half way it began to rain, but there are still posture looked harder and harder momentum, it is bad luck.

"No," Luo Zhong Zheng glanced off the outside of the curtain, "curfew time is coming, we still come back earlier house, lest Princess worried."

"Yes," the servant can not more words, just motioned for the driver to drive faster, so as not to rain harder and harder, drenched They would not matter, if let Jun Ma suffered a cold, that time will be severely set back to the House Princess punish them.

Luo Zhong Zheng heart is also very upset, just think of those words Prince said, and my heart there is always uneasy. If the theory of character, he did more to enjoy Sheng Jun Wang, but unfortunately Prince orthodox party, he was loyalty of the people, he could only stand on this side of Prince.

She just did not think Princess ......

Sudden severe flash carriage, Luo Zhong Zheng frowned and said: "? How is it"

Out no one answered, his heart and felt bad, window curtain set off a look, suddenly face downcast, because he found himself with a bodyguard and servant turned out have been quietly lying on the ground, on the ground a blood red.

His breath came not breathe, feel eyes flashed silver, some cool itchy throat, opened his mouth to yell for help when, dark eyes.


Leader fell out of watching the carriage of men costumes, heavy rain washed the blood out of his body, but also added a bit of dead air.

"Chieftains, no one to live."


Rain harder and harder, gradually wash away all footprints, no one would think, at the foot of the emperor, the streets in the capital, would be so a murder.

"What?! Linping Jun Ma last night he was assassinated in a place away from the door of the house a few hundred feet?!" Hua Xi Wan almost did not break the hands of the tea cup, even two drops of tea splashed on the back of the hand can not attend. " Why people still alive? "

"Master, you be careful," white busy summer on the back of the hand to wipe her tea, but fortunately it has not too hot tea, or burns can master what to do. She reached for the cup in the hands of Hua Xi Wan, softly, "I heard slaves, Linping Princess your family has whipped up a white banner."

Wan Hua Xi some Yaran, remember Linping Princess To be able to marry this man, it can be regarded as regardless of whether this man is now gone, leaving Linping Princess and two children, really not much of a good thing.

At this time, there are several servants holding outside the box over, after Hongying looks for, frowning:. "While this is who is put to the legendary luminous pearl, masters do not like this thing, in the future the yard should let this"

"Small wrote down," holding a glowing pearl box servant carefully closed the lid, some mixed feelings, value of the daughter of legendary luminous pearl actually like dirt in the eyes of the Princess, but unfortunately princes as one sent, wanted to talk about was this princess is not good.

Wan Wah evening listening to a few things maidservant inventory Yan Jin Qiu send people over,Originally gradually fade sad that point, she even wants, regardless of Linping Palace Princess significant relationship with how stiff, but at least she keep blood Yan's family. If she is looking for a few Hexin man, raising a few face first in the House, but also no one dared to say anything, as long as those are not being robbed from the first surface.

Not long after, Yan Jin Qiu popped in to see Wan Wah evening sitting by the window in a daze, then go sit down at his side: "? How the"

Hua Xi Wan shook his head and said:. "Nothing is heard about what happened last night, and some just uncomfortable"

Yan Jin Qiu rubbed her palms did not speak.

To see him like this, Hua Xi Wan hesitated a moment and said: "Today did not consort prince, princess and their two children Linping I'm afraid half past slow, but God, it is better ......"

"Your body slowly improved in recent years, not to the hall this chi weight place to go," Yan Qiu Jin shook his head, a direct negation of Hua Xi Wan not had time to say the words, "Lo Chung Huang Zheng whatever the outcome, pro Guoqi

His funeral ceremony has Rites officials in charge, you do not have to worry about. "

Wan Hua Xi hear his words of Italian cold, no longer brought the matter. This closeness between people there are divided between her and Yan Jin Qiu Although separated by a layer of smoke, but it is undeniable that he is in addition to open their closest relatives and people.

"I just heard the servant say you do not like glowing pearl?" Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan did not understand why such a glowing pearl do not like, so just directly ask out, "What do you like, let me give you you got."

"You give me something coffers almost fit in it," Wan Hua Xi smiled, "I'll just see a glowing pearl intrusive thoughts, should not be placed in the room on the ancient books."

"So," Qiu Jin Yan smiled and took her to sit on his knees, "do not like do not like, what good things after I let people get over."

Means to hit people with valuable items, it really is a long history, enduring.

When the two men finally finished in bed movement, Hua Xi Wan wanted confused: how they come to bed?

Luo Zheng Zhong assassination concerned, is nothing short of a clap of thunder thrown in the capital, many officials feel insecure, even Junma can assassinated, not to mention they are these people?

Kai Lung Emperor is probably the most angry person, as the emperor, was assassinated in sub royal underground his eyelids, and also glamorous start near Linping Princess House, which is simply not looked down on him! "

No one dared to face the emperor

Anger, so the curfew throughout the city the order to conduct a thorough investigation, the capital where police suddenly well up, and even eat King meal, doing petty business people are held back, after all the recent limelight too tight, they do not want to somehow a punching bag.

How people outside think, absolutely no psychological Linping Princess will she cry all day in the hall, and even their two children have no intention to go to the tube.

How she could not believe that sharing a bed with their own men so for some years to go, and where he was killed, from Princess House is so close, obviously ...... obviously be able to walk a long way back home, why is this so?

"Beijing, the capital," she stumbled to the door

, Watching the direction of the palace,She bursts out laughing, laughing eyes and tears squeezed out, "I was wrong, wrong."

She did not dare to promise consort to the capital, from the outset wrong. After they order Mizhi heart of the emperor, she doomed them to embark on a road full of intrigue.

"Zhong Zheng," Linping Princess covered her face, tears suddenly fall, her mind full of the Luo Zhong Zheng live picture. Although Luo Zhong Zheng is not a careful man, but at least he got on with his years, what has not uttered unpleasant. If we had not come to the capital, she and Luo Zheng Zhong River City is still a couple of the most distinguished, wealthy squire who do not give them face?

Now to the capital, although she is a princess, but significant support from the House, the Princess she is nothing but a basket case. Honored everywhere in the capital, she is anything but a basket case the Sheriff?

Astronomical Luo Zhong Zheng's character reference to calculate the date of his burial, buried the same day, a lot of people in Beijing are in the funeral procession on the way to build a memorial table, which was the palace is no exception.

Wan Hua Xi and even personally went to Princess House, she arrived, a lot of people have arrived, saw her, after Morohito salute each other, Hua Xi Wan stood Linping Princess closest town.

Regardless of the surface considerably Palace with Princess Linping how cold, but the relationship between the two surfaces is the nearest, regardless of how the inside, in this crowded places, but also play a friendly atmosphere out performances.

Because crying too much, Linping Princess is very gaunt, eyes are somewhat stiff, even in time to see China's Xi Wan, only a few polite, did not deliberately make things difficult for the taste of the past.

"Please grief." Hua Xi Wan think this sentence is the most useless in the face of the dead, but in this case, can only say that this useless crap.

"Thanks," Linping Princess is full of bloodshot eyes, looking at the Hua Xi Wan slow response half afraid it said, "Please sit."

Wan Hua Xi smiled and walked Luo Zheng Zhong Ling ahead of a ceremony, without a word, just pushed aside.

After the guests to a lot, but see Princess Linping so, and no one does not wink talking nonsense, just a little to persuade a few, they found a place to sit and stand, can not open it anyway, try not casually spoke.

To play the spirit of the time, Linping Princess tears again, had attracted those who do not like her female relatives who also played two and compassion, after all, will be widowed so young, and to die is so tragic, so somehow, either who mind it is difficult to put down.

A funeral procession line Princess House, the House along the street are all located memorial stage, after every one, there is the person crying Ling, paper money and incense bathed the whole street, there is indeed a somewhat bleak taste.

"Palace offering significant Linping Jun Ma of souls."

"I cried the Spirit!"

Dressed in white filial piety Linping Princess stopped, looked at the table next to the memorial, the memorial table compared than other table, it is a bit grand, but in fact it was no more than some things, you know.

She stared back line of sight, and walked on. Others cry in front of the Spirit's voice, she touched his dry eyes, there has been Liu Buchu tears.

Remember that year, when she married her brother carrying on a sedan chair, she was lying on his shoulder, listening to him and asked himself: "Sister,You will not regret it? "

She remembers that they are certainly not regret retorted.

Today, she did not know whether there is regretted. People have gone, she's a good addition to miss him, he could not remember the harm.

Probably, it is not regret it.

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