Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 44 accident

Chapter 44 accident

"Bang Bang Bang"

Sitting in the car, Hua Xi Wan heard in the distance Dageng sound vague, she lifted a corner of the curtain, only to find on the streets even played a thin layer of fog, she frowned, now how's the weather You will fog?

She saw the full moon hanging in the sky palace Shihai, now only in the past half hour, the weather has become so fast?

She then you look closely, turned out not fog, but under a fluffy rain, because some dark streets, people played a dazzling looked like a mist.

"Rain?" She sat beside Yan Jin set off a mound curtain glances, tone with some regret, "was actually not a full moon."

Wan Hua Xi smiled at him down the curtain: "When the full moon can, why stick to day?"

"Xi Wan always so open-minded it?" Qiu Jin Yan looked at her eyes with a kind Hua Xi Wan not read carefully, "What do not care, nothing can be seen open?"

"Open-minded who only live happier, life is short, so why make life difficult for themselves with?" Hua Xi Wan same smile, but hanging in the car to see a bi jade gourd, "too much attention to the people, want something too the more, if not, would not be lost? "

"But if encountered things like, I do not fight, but how do you know that is not his own?" Qiu Jin Yan looked out of the rain harder and harder, "at least tried, so do not let yourself regret."

"Who knows after the attempt, they will not regret it?" Hua Xi Wan jade gourd pinch in the palm of the hand, "but there are many people in the world own obsession with regret."

"But also promising myself never tried regret," Yan Jin Qiu put down the curtain and smiled.

"But it is a different position," Hua Xi Wan mocking smile, "let alone regret are the losers, if happy, and what is the time to think about what they did not get?"

Yan Jin Qiu silent for a moment, then noncommittal smile.


A shrill scream came from the alley, on this quiet street is particularly appalling, if not remarkable ceremonial palace has more than enough of the young guards, I'm afraid some of the maids had accompanied scared soft legs.

Wan Hua Xi frown, not here as a past life drama played, men and women may be scurry the streets at night, after all, here in the evening but they curfews, random unrelated persons walking down the street, or faction can be arrested as a thief of.

Now this time somehow someone will scream so penetrated, could be a coincidence or something else?

Obviously this does not affect the front row screaming significant palace driving them, so a pedestrian still move according to the original speed, driving them about it at the time turned the corner, alley renewed rumors of shrill screams, this time called than on sound even penetrated, people sent chill from the bones.

At this time, not far from a bunch of footsteps, and the sound of the collision armor and weapons, and pretty soon Hua Xi Wan heard a somewhat familiar voice.

"Wei Wei Hou Temple Shaoqing His Royal Highness met with the king."

Hou looked at before driving them to stop, and my heart relieved, then they lifted the curtain before the meeting by a third, just the king was exposed figure out,He blinked, do not care to see the king was exposed next to a piece of red clothing or jewelry.

"Miss Cheung, I do not know anything?" Yan Jin Qiu mouth with a smile, eyed the young Wei Wei Shaoqing temple, mingled person in this position, will not be a simple person, otherwise Wei Wei Shaoqing temple this position, not up to him to sit.

"Intrinsic Royal Highness, the next in the vicinity heard a woman scream, so people come with a special inspection." Hou face covered with a layer of mist, sticky somewhat uncomfortable, but not in front of Yan Qiu Jin free to rub dare, "your Royal Highness met wanted to talk about driving them, they are small collision of."

"Miss Cheung too serious, you also for the sake of the security of our capital, but it sounded strange woman screams at night, it is some weird," Yan Jin Qiu mouth hook the hook, "Miss Cheung also invited a lot of attention."

"Thank you Royal Highness reminded," when Hou then looked up to see the carriage curtain has been put down, he bowed toward the carriage, only to leave with a subordinate, a start up an alley inventory.

"This person Hou Although still young, but has a set of work tools, his position appears grade is not high, but a lot of things and he is closely related to the capital, Beijing, in most people would sell him two points face," Yan Jin Qiu Duihua Xi Wan, "I heard the last time you scared the horse, but also his people with the emergency under control?"

Hua Xi Wan nodded and said: "The Miss Cheung really extraordinary skill."

No significant driving them to the palace door, heard people to report, Miss Cheung has found people screaming, and just the victim bruised, unconscious, has been sent to the Medical Center for treatment.

Hua Xi Wan frowned, any who would not like this to happen, she could not help but ask one thing: "? Can ascertain the identity of the victim."

Outside the reporting person hesitated a moment later, he said: "Both of these girls are Yue-fasting person."

"Yue-vegetarian?" Hua Xi Wan doubt, listen to it very elegant name, I do not know what to do.

"It is not quick to step down, why did not you say that this place is not clean and other names before?" Akebia harshly reprimanded.

Hua Xi Wan suddenly suddenly, turned out to be fireworks to people who take so elegant name, she thought it was what led Chess Club or local bookstore like it.

See her face expression come and go, I do not see it mentioned the fireworks woman contempt Heart of Italy, Yan Jin Qiu accident said: "I do not know how to see Xi Wan on the matter?"

"I do not watch," Hua Xi Wan shook his head, "there is the investigation of crimes

Supreme court, I could not even cause and effect are not clear, you can have any opinion? "

"I mean ...... What do you think of the two women?"

"Originally you should not ask this question then, is too wrong." Wan Hua Xi words with Lise, which was then turned mild, "but say the outside can not be said of private houses between us husband and wife, Actually, it's a big deal . "she yawned, before a few drinks at the party, and now she suddenly feel a little sleepy," there is no demand there will be no sale, I would this view. "

Qiu Jin Yan surprised a moment, after so react, only helpless grin, he would say it is sophistry, but think about it, you find they are saying makes sense, if all men can resist the temptation,This is an event where there is this woman to do skin / meat business is it?

The carriage moved forward for a moment stopped down, Wan Hua Xi heard outside the palace to the servant said, setting off the curtain and saw the front door had parked two Ruanjiao, there are several umbrella servant.

She and Yan Jin Qiu just returned from the carriage to reveal a foot, there is a servant to back their umbrella, there are people blocking the wind came, so she got into the sedan chair, even a little rain never blown face.

Hou outside the Medical Center for the night, managed to hang on until the results of dawn, to hear the case of newspaper down, one injury too, has gone to hopeless. After listening, he got a little ugly looking, long while before:. "I know, let the matter and report to the supreme court."

He Wei Wei Temple, who is only responsible for patrolling, if the murder occurred, only forwarded to the supreme court or the Board of Punishments process, they may have no right to intervene in this matter.

"These things that we find in the dead side also handed over to the supreme court do?" A subordinate holding a cloth over, stood above a blood-stained cotton rag and an ink stones.

"Do not pay to keep doing what?" Hou swept sight of blood on a piece of rag, "Sheng Jun Wang is now in charge of the supreme court, there are princes in the county, check out what case?"

The presence of people think some time ago Sheng Zhang Gongzai Dukes responsible for a murder case, the mood suddenly complicated, after all, had that thing, but involves a prince who makes the capital panic, since there are a lot of people in fear, afraid of nameless He was implicated.

After the two hour, Wei Wei Temple received a supreme court handed over the murder, they are more unfortunate it is that half an hour before another victim did not come to save, heal wounded died.

Two victims were dead, to find clues on dead people, is simply difficult, but they do not check is not, after all, this thing so much noise ups and downs, some people do not understand what's even started rumors that it is haunted by ghosts . If you do not find out, that time I do not know what will be the capital into chaos.

Dali temple'm feeling complicated than anyone, because he found Wei Wei Temple handed over evidence tricky, he looked at the Sheng Jun Wang's first sitting, the atmosphere did not dare.

Yan Boyi face the same ugly, after all, when any who investigate crimes, found evidence of a dead body is found in things themselves, the mood is not good to go.

"Since the matter involves me, I do not have a hand in this," Yan Boyi stood up, no longer look at the evidence related to the case, "I will be letting our matter to the emperor, also please adults do not mind."

What Dali temple can say, I can only smile apologetically streaming with sweat it.

Yan Boyi have no desire to see his face again, heels directly out of the supreme court of the door, my mind was thinking, who is so poor with the means to your own hurt?


Hua Xi Wan clapped his hands and smiling, a little bit proud of Qiu Jin Yan said: "This office is I won."

Yan Jin Qiu chess game looked to be a mess at the two men, helpless smile, this servant took the board down, and then said, "the past few days in the capital of a state of panic, you do not pay attention to the outside by rumors influences."

Hua Xi Wan do not mind thought,Screams the night she heard at first hand seen rumors that mess outside, if she really was strange.

Anyway, no matter what development to that point, not much relationship with her, she is not brain fall ill, why do fed propped thing?

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