Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 43 show affection

Chapter 43 show affection

Hou as if to say, then the Queen Mother did not care, but smiled and said:. "Huang grandmother, I look to significantly Royal Highness the Princess of love for significant weight, I'm afraid she is reluctant to be the slightest bitter"

"So good, so good," the Queen Mother smiling to see Yan Qiu Jin, "a woman over a lifetime not to drawing a good day, and his husband were more than a little love, is right."

Hou lowered eyelids, still smiling: "imperial grandmother talking about."

Wan Hua Xi looked Hou, and glanced at the Queen Mother smile creases his face, learn a new skill, it is maintaining the status quo, either you offer all kinds of means, and I shall stays, it is the best policy.

She felt the place they need to learn a lot, this means the Queen Mother of the Millennium fox, she still unpredictable, who often do not behave as a brand, sometimes to a sudden attack, people keep track.

Only hope that the love of Qiu Jin Yan is true, or when she was a pit, but even do not know how to be in the pit.

Qiu Jin Yan Queen Mother smiled, then take advantage of China Xi Wan do not pay attention, squeezed her fingers, Hua Xi Wan was stare.

Empress noticed two little trick, smiled and said:. "These younger feeling good to see you, my old woman and my heart happy."

Peizhao Xiao Hou face, turned to see Yan Boyi around, my heart was lifted suddenly bereft. Probably people like this, obviously she was very satisfied with his side only two through room, no other women, and other royal people than it is considered a rare considerate. But now we see Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu two world of band, Qiudui Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan is everywhere considerate, and no other woman. She felt that not enough what you get, if county prince can be as considerate as the king was just fine.

"Tangsao?" Wan Hua Xi Hou see God in the walk, call her and said softly, "Huang grandmother recently asked you prefer to eat what tastes?"

"Back to imperial grandmother, granddaughter There's nothing particularly fond of sweet sour spicy love to eat," Hou China Xi Wan grateful smile, then he said, "Today is like to eat sour, eat tomorrow spicy, even I do not know what kind of taste. "

"Eat is a blessing, and now you are a body double, but you eat them both to keep, if not eat, would not have caused the collapse of the body?" Empress although no children, but have seen a lot of pregnant women in the palace , so pay attention to matters of pregnancy is actually very understanding, Hou said with a pass back, it said, "the woman first child is very important, be sure to keep good as long as the first child saved, after dumplings pot that is the children, one by one. if the first child can not hold, not only hurt the body, but also easy habit of skidding, but when the time Lianku less than the old. "

"Remember Emperor granddaughter grandmother's teachings," Hou has just discovered she was pregnant, a lot of things have not had time to find out, so the Queen Mother is to say, she was suddenly tense, even the hand involuntarily resting on the lower abdomen.

Hua Xi Wan see her so nervous look, but also for her in the heart with a sigh. Although the number of dealings with Hou is not much, but Hou is an extremely intelligent woman, looks, means, posture, deportment no shortage of everything,If she were a man, I would cherish this woman, because as long as you are good to her, she will be on Hello, and dig dug heart or lungs good.

Unfortunately, such a compassionate woman married into the royal family, faced was a lack style elm pimple. Perhaps she is a woman Yan Jin Qiu and Hou need this person is probably also the case of a man Yan Jin Qiu needed.

Think of this, Wan Hua Xi Yan Jin turned and glanced around the mound, shook his head, but why they encounter Misfits Kai Lung Emperor, really a pity.

Qiu Jin Hua Xi Yan Wan is seen somehow, ready to open when asked, she turned her head back to see, in view of the presence of someone else, he had touched his nose, and preparation of the future back to the government to ask.

When Mid-Autumn feast is about to begin, the two couples from the Queen Mother's palace longevity out of favor walked toward the banquet venue.

Hua Xi Wan leaning Hou, does not go fast, two people talking and laughing along the way, it touches on so outside the House that two incompatible people have some doubts, not to say that these two shijiazi who can not see who it is pleasing to the eye, to see how up feeling good look?

For better or true feelings, or really put on a show, anyway, the two families put a harmonious look. As they are not really feeling good, and they did not matter much, anyway, these people fighting each other, they, when it is idle to watch the royal family.

This year's Mid-Autumn feast similar to previous years, there is nothing particularly new ideas, at most, for a musician, dancing girls changed, but people are still sitting in the presence of those who program or as a program, we flatter each other, then chanted Emperor Holy Spirit on the right, as for other ...... on this feast, to have something else?

Right when the crowd waiting for the end of the autumn feast in boredom, there has been an episode that Kai Lung Tai Zi see a jump in the cold palace dancing girls dance quite immortal, the people incorporated into the harem.

When the emperor ordered the dancing girls incorporated into the harem, Queen's surface has been with elegant smile, and even the hand holding the glass did not offset a half hours, as if the other woman spotted a man not her husband, she is like is a luxurious furnishings, good-looking but no feelings.

Wan Hua Xi made some inexplicable heart block, so just take your eyes do not watch the two big Zhao most distinguished men and women, sipping from light fragrance of osmanthus wine.

Qing Yin singer is like a breeze, in the popular scratch itchy, but nothing invisible, out of boredom hall, white marble building standing on a high platform, the full moon hanging in the sky, with said not the raw cold.

Wind, with a wave of chill, she stepped forward a few steps, grab the white railing, watching the tall steps on both sides of guards dressed in armor, her faint sigh

, Here sixteen years, her childhood family education girl learn etiquette, the pre-existence has long been worn habit of not much left, but deep down they remember the woman can resist, you can kick open restrain themselves lower body of a man, can live more self.

The bustling Grand Zhao North Korea, although men and women standing on Datang resembling real history, but for women, there is still no alternative really understand. Like the Queen, she is a wonderful thing most distinguished woman, but they can not live recklessly.

"Laugh," She rubbed her forehead,Feel like a drink a few glasses of wine and think some hypocritical, she'd forgotten word, Sir, you how can you know the fish is happy to have been saving people sometimes is not a virtue.

From time to time there is a team of lanterns guards patrol or eunuchs ladies in the audience through high, the night drifting away, leaving only ray of light, and finally disappeared in the darkness.

"How standing here, which is too stuffy?" A thin cloak ride in the evening Wan Hua's body, then one pair of warm hands around in front of her, the reason for her cloak tape.

Wan Hua Xi back, just wiping Yan Qiu Jin's cheek, her head slightly back, then fasten the belt stretching out our arms, smiled and asked: "? How you come out."

"Near the end of the feast, I worry that you'll come out and see," Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah to reach out and pull the hand, "Let us go."

Hua Xi Yi Yan Wan behind him, going into the temple door, she looked back at the moon in the sky, like a masterpiece Allure beauty, high above happens, no one can get.

"We go back and wait for the next full moon together," Yan Qiu Jin whispered in her ear, "Now we give the emperor and empress salute."

Hua Xi Lu Wan face a smile, did not speak, just walked straight in.

They move falls on the eyes of others, that is, loving husband and wife, men and women show Chun, very seductive.

"The two men put in one, looked quite seductive, no wonder the Empress Dowager prefer two," Xu Wang Xu Princess whispered, "you say is not the reason?"

Xu Princess glanced at him, reached for his glass claimed:. "Royal Highness, you Laoyanhunhua, or drink some wine," whatever the outcome, this is their nephew Zhixi, so he had to speak it?

Xu Wang coughed quite dismay glanced be deprived of Xu Princess glass, but also to see the king was altogether after the couple, looked for a moment, he suddenly mysterious and said: "You see significant Princess mouth like? "

Xu Ning Liao princess anger him a: "You and a few less now!" Two married the day after Yan Jin Qiu opened the hijab, she would see the Miss Hou Fu Di bent mouth laugh looks like most of the significant pro-Princess of the year, but these words are able to go say that to me?

"Hey Hey, do not get mad," Xu Wang, rubbing his place is screwed pain, "I am not tell you about Well, I did not mention this matter with others."

"Then after you do not have to tell me this thing," Xu Xu Wang Princess glanced at, "I'm older, my mind is not good, do not like to listen to too many no shadow of things."

Xu Wang: ......

Unscrew the older man's hand kept still so large, this is simply small talk in the steel frame claw, to speak their pain but not injury their thing.

"How?" Yanbo Yi Hou soup see the action suddenly stopped, scowled, "the soup is not appetite?"

"No," Hou smile, "soup tastes good, you have to try."

"Ah," Yan Boyi Picking a taste, just down the hill to see Yan Jin Wan Hua Xi comes hand in hand, glanced at the two men clasped hands, Yanbo Yi's brow furrowed again, this case actually under also to make such a gesture, too frivolous.

"Is frivolous," the Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi passing of time, still smiling greeted the sentence with him, then the two men seated together,Thick kiss look almost envy of others.

Hou holds tablespoons hands whitish, after a long while with a smile and said:. "Significant and substantial Wang Princess nice feeling."

Yan Boyi cold Enliaoyisheng, apparently not very interested in this topic. In his heart, Wan Hua Xi poisonous snakes and scorpions and women is not much difference.

The inner chamber and a woman can give another woman because her husband will have to sew the next Xiupao each other's life, this woman with long beautiful face again, it was only with a good bladder fills.

The loss of a well-trained spies, although some distressed him, but seeing Yan Jin Qiu married to such a woman, he'd happy to see. A wife is not virtuous, is the family home restless.

I'm afraid even before the rape and murder of Prince Lvzhu government servant, which also has the significant Princess resort, or else the world can there be so many coincidences, but your family's servant Prince unlucky, audacious heart does not see improvement target who is it.

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