Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 42 so the truth ???

Chapter 42 so the truth ???

"Royal Highness today in court, can be brought together through the wood?" Gown hands of Hua Xi Wan stroking face with a smile watching kneeling in front of their small eunuch saw him shivering under his own watch, removed the line of sight.

"Back to the princess, wood mains holiday today, did not accompany the prince to go towards." Eunuch did not understand what purpose princess, but the princess is like stroking his beloved see things like stroking princes robes worn out yesterday, feel spine chills.

"So, you go to the wood mains invited, he said he wanted to ask me something." Hua Xi Wan put down this robe, and rubbed his forehead. She though not fond of female red, but there is also someone to Houfu came to teach a variety of stitches, and put this gown sleeve at the open line and had obviously been sewn traces, looked rather like acupuncture whether the rivers and lakes, the only people who sew clothes woman as soft as rivers and lakes.

Akebia heard that he was summoned princess, although my heart some doubts, but the pace is not slow, all the way to the door Fleet of Foot, Lile his clothes, was speaker said:. "Asked to see through a small wooden"

"come in."

Akebia not hear this voice pacified, buried it and went in, and so might finish ceremony only to find that piece gown princess hand, and my heart thumped, this is the princess knew?

Seeing the wood on his face was downcast, Wan Hua Xi Puer not put any princess, so he got up and answer: "I looked at the prince sleeve placed at the line opened, the princes of clothes has always been to take care of people on the front, will not is there such a mistake, so I suppose someone could crash out of the princes, like a long time, always felt that my heart is not practical, you will call and ask you to wait in yesterday with princes behind, you can know how it is? "

What can you say Akebia, he said he did not know that I own this incompetent. Fortunately, this thing is not impossible to say, he Lueyisisuo, put things exactly clear.

"Yesterday came out from the palace, the prince wanted to go to a shop to take things, who knows basket went half way, as much as the little lady bits of broken hook princes sleeve angle," wood look through to see the princess as usual, then right again Road, "the little lady's sewing shop on the side, with needle and thread to mend it or twenty."

That is right though it is the truth, but also omitted the omission, such as the little lady daring face, body, such as Fu Liu, sound like the oriole. Also, for example, when the little lady bowed for sewing sleeves princes, inadvertently revealed she was a widowed widow.

Akebia is a eunuch though, has to admit that little lady is a rare creature, but why not find her half points Chromic.

After listening to Hua Xi Wan nodded to the white summer clothes: "The clothes come away, though frugal man princes, but this darn thing, or do not let the upper body of the princes."

"Yes," White Summer knees, bowed and took the robe glanced through standing wood, turned out the door.

Wood smoke fine sweat on his forehead, as a servant, he can not tell the Princess said, this little lady acting suspiciously, but such a stand on this, the Princess wore watching too scary.

"Although it is scratched her princes Xiupao, but only inadvertently, not to mention she also darn good for princes Xiupao," Hua Xi Wan rose from Ruanta, leaning orange autumn wood hand went through him,"Why do not you get me two hundred pennyworth to the woman, after all, young widowed woman living alone is not easy."

Took two hundred pennyworth Hongying sent, Akebia kicked step down, out of the yard before relax, watching the two hundred pennyworth held the hand, he looked toward the ground.

Took the silver went to the dark chamber, Akebia glanced around and asked: "? Last night sent the woman did not move up."

"Back to the wood mains, people have been recruited," a man wearing a brown bunt to a statement handed over, "the woman was actually sent by Jun Wang Fu Sheng."

Akebia waved his hand, did not pick up the statement goes on: "What man is still alive?"

"This is unfortunately, not just the gas children, this ......" the man some panic

Yesterday Royal Highness also said that as long as the command to pry the woman's mouth, whether it is life and death, and now timber father asked people not alive, do princes changed his mind? But this man is gone, he should give to?

"Nothing, I came to ask," Akebia throw the money man, "take the money, to find a woman mouth thin coffin, this is Princess Grace." The money is irrelevant that little widow , it is better to buy some scented wax paper money, make some money following her, for longer life next life reincarnation eyes.

"Little down, and please be assured header wood

Small certainly do that very well. When the "smiling man took the money, the Princess heard the word, and looked a bit solemn.

Akebia waved, did not want to stay in this dark room, before it comes out sigh. This woman also considered unlucky, this means close to the princes, then those old concubine princes also played these means, the princes to have a crush on this woman?

Not to mention the suspicious temper Royal Highness, the investigation will find out Jun Wang Fu Sheng, this woman was strange to be alive.

Jun Wang Sheng ambition he knew, but did not think they even play those instruments such means, and people play prince also no difference except that they obscure, the latter only too obvious. To really compared, no one noble than anyone else, even their homes princes also played some of the instruments.

This thing is so seductive power, who cares what the means used to get before it, the most important thing is who gets the final fruits of victory.

Robes event so gently picked up and put down, down toward the mound after Yan Jin Hua Xi Wan did not mention to him about it, he did not ask. They spent lunch together, and then put on clothes to go to the palace banquet, multiplied by the royal carriage rush towards the palace.

Prince and Princess pro decent go out there to meet their identity specifications

Rely on, so the two carriage ride through the streets from time, all the people on both sides of the road have to avoid open.

Curtain off a corner of the window, watching loosed people, some Wan Hua Xi suddenly thought, perhaps this is the allure of rights, and everyone respectful compromise, while they are still high seat center.

Along the way there are other people driving them pass by, but after seeing them appear, are trying to avoid off, put on a respectful posture.

Hua Xi Wan suddenly remembered to marriage, she and Princess avoid over-end driving them in here: "I remember about a month into the marriage, had been driving them here clued end and princess.And then heard the princess and the other end of the women were riding Ma Guanchun back, but unfortunately I sit in the car, I do not see what it was like outside. "

"I'll take you next year," Yan Jin Qiu said, "there is a horse farm outside the suburbs of Beijing, the scenery is not bad."

Hua Xi Wan think of riding will wear thigh, then shook his head: "I'll think about it, or forget it." Such people do not want to move, have heart problems fly away, there is a popular name, called lazy disease. She estimated that this life is no hope of recovery.

After the carriage to the palace, they will dismounted car, walk Longevity Palace to the Queen Mother, to prepare a good gift for the queen, and she kept her chatting to the elderly.

In view of the Queen Mother was a color control, so every time Qiu Jin Yan and Hua Xi Wan appeared, she was particularly happy, every time have to do is to put the two men looked up and down about it, determine the level of appearance failed to decline only after contented He greeted tea snack.

After three chatted for a while, Jun Wang Sheng wife also came, after some polite, that she sat down each.

Do not know whether Hua Xi Wan illusion, she always felt something was amiss Hou complexion, after some hesitation, before the opening: "? Tangsao seems looking a little pale, but the body does not apply."

"Thank you, brothers and sisters Church concern," Hou smile exceptionally sweet, with a handkerchief over her mouth Road, "recently appetite is not very good, so with a bit too small, the imperial doctor to feel the pulse of today, let me say little bother, just keep the peace of mind meconium Shi. "

"So the good news is, this is a good thing, Congratulations," Hua Xi Wan smile face suddenly clear a little, then laughed, "That is not Tangsao kind, this big thing, actually does not tell us soon. "

"Originally thought to let people tell you, just think of the afternoon to the palace, the palace and so on altogether after personally tell you that we also considered some sincerity." Hou hi Italy are eye brow, eyes full of soft intended.

Hua Xi Wan see her like this, know that she is looking forward to the arrival of this child, and my heart had quirks that point, will put down. Hou only a few months older than her, but now just seventeen years old, was already pregnant with a belly, I do not know when production will not suffer some bitterness.

"There are good kids, good kids," laughed the Queen Mother asked a few, so be careful Hou weekdays. But because the Queen Mother knee had no children, so she said, when on extra cautious.

"Having said that, there are two of you married for several months now, I do not know when to pass the glad tidings of it?" Empress pleased after, put the question thrown in front of Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin mound.

This problem Hua Xi Wan do not know what to say, but added Yan Jin Qiu took the words: "The Emperor grandmother, her young princess is still small, I'd like to wait until after she was eighteen then consider to have children, so her body there benefit."

Queen Mother heard nodded his head:. "You consider it very thoroughly, these women have children is a foot in at the gate, a dead foot in the door, pay more attention to Ye," she figured Hua Xi Wan age now some regret Road, "and other two-year period although some long, but something which is more secure, Dao Yeting good."

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin glanced at some silent mound and the Queen Mother, Princess Thanh pregnancy in the head,This is not to say a little unkind words?

Think of it, she specifically looked at Yan Boyi one, he found he looked as usual, if not their own pregnant wife like.

Hua Xi Wan touched his nose, to marry this man really worry people, this performance is too Qianbian up.

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