Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 41 osmanthus wine

Chapter 41 osmanthus wine

The door came a lightweight footsteps, Mrs. weeks after the hearing, put down the cup stood up, they saw significant Princess with a few beautiful maid came in a little while, although the surface with a third laughs, but who happens to any also not be underestimated.

"The old woman seen significant Princess," Mrs. Zhou ritual is not complete line

, It was Hongying hold on.

"Mrs. week need not be so polite," Wan Wah in the evening's first sit down, motioned her maid to change the guests tea, "the government in the past few days something more, I was incompetent, actually hectic now, let lady waiting , really sorry. "

"Princess remark too modest, but princes promotion event, naturally something more," Mrs. Zhou Zheng Zhou sitting though, but his back slightly bent, put on a respectful attitude, "If others, already running around in circles. The old woman see people up and down the House each with his hands but not significantly panic, visible virtuous princess, but I was afraid and so ashamed, so it deliberately self-deprecating. "

"But when his wife Zhou not so praised," Hua Xi Wan line of sight from Huayi Liu swept him, than to see her marriage was thinner, his complexion is pale, I see her side of Zhou girl color pink, lining Huayi Liu was more pale, "Sister these days these days?"

"Labor Princess asked, all is well." Huayi Liu pulled laugh answer, but not a cent in his eyes, vitality, actually looked like fifty or sixty old woman Cangsang.

Mrs. Zhou Seeing this situation, my heart jump, she knew that their own son had done some, but her knees so only a lifeline, where willing to arrest him, now afraid significant Princess attack.

"Sister looked clear cut some, please do not know whether to break the imperial doctor veins?" Hua Xi Wan scowled then helpless tone of his wife Zhou said, "is the most gentle cousin's temper, on weekdays is a Chien also please a lot of discipline his wife about it, I do not talk to my sister's weight, but my sister is a filial, lady say she must listen. "

Mrs. Zhou usual smile and said: "Princess said it is clear appetite daughter recently lost a lot, the woman is also worried about, you have a princess side pressing, the old woman also assured that a lot." Having said that, Duanzhaochabei her hand was a bit stiff.

"Is not a daughter, let her mother worried," according to Liu Hua toward Ms. Zhou smiled, then glanced mixed feelings Hua Xi Wan, thought not yet participated in Spring Quarters brother, moved his lips, after all, say nothing


Mrs. week to see her this way, my heart is satisfied, then turned around and said:. "This time Zunfu heard the joyful things, especially to congratulate the old woman, also please forgive me and other Princess sin of your hospitality."

"Mrs. outside to see the words," Hua Xi Wan graceful blew cup of hot gas, and then said, "You are my Chinese family in-laws, we also claim to be relatives, and said so to see why outside of words.

Mrs. Zhou homeopathy and holding a substantial palace a few words, then turned the conversation somehow turned to the imperial: "In the spring of next year is the door to women, I do not know how many students celebrities to Beijing."

"Students and more, will be more capable, this is a good thing," Wan Hua Xi smiled, do not take this Buddist Mrs. weeks, instead said, "Mrs. girl can really mark this year How old are you?"

"Last month they have and the hairpin," said his wife Zhou Hua Xi Wan asked to see his daughter, andAlso refused to take the imperial examination this topic, with a smile, "he is a rude girl, when not praise the princess."

"If the girl Zhou wild girl, that those of us not become firewood girl anymore?" Hua Xi Wan looked to lay a pass Western Zhou Jin, "I do not know what books to read at home on weekdays?"

"Back to the Princess, just read" female Four Books "" Women Analects of Confucius "and so on," Zhou Jin West do not know how it is, obviously County princess look was very mild, but she is afraid to see significant Princess's eyes.

After "ah," Hua Xi Wan nodded, he praises a few words, they no longer say anything.

Then there are servants to report, the prince back to the House. Mrs. Zhou is very glance, seeing it got up to leave, pretending to retain some Wan Hua Xi, his wife Zhou once again to resign, Hua Xia Xi Wan let the white man sent out.

Huayi Liu walking behind Mrs. week, saw the other side with the king with a few eunuchs trail toward the direction of the hospital, she only had time to see a back, when people look had disappeared around the corner.

So out of the palace gates, according to Zhou Jin Hua Liu and West on a carriage, a little bit shy of the Western Zhou Jin asked: "? Sister-in-law, which was really the king of the rumors is so good it"

Huayi Liu Wei Zheng, then bowed his eyes and said:. "That may be, I only twice in your family saw the uncle, did not take a closer look."

"Oh," Zhou Jin West a little bit disappointed, they feel themselves as unmarried women should not ask these questions, according to Liu Hua looked at, to see what she did not say, then head down to play his handkerchief.

And a pedestrian back week after the government, his wife Zhou looked tender and daughter, my mind I do not know why, suddenly springing a distorted ideas: "daughter, I heard that there is no significant side room on the palace?"

"Grandma, which was the king and his wife Princess Wife!" Huayi Liu Shen sound a bit, this is her first time to speak in the House week with such a serious tone, "This is a prince and princess of good fortune."

Mrs. Zhou did not seem to think will actually speak with their own daughter with such a serious tone, stunned for a moment, it seems to have expected to find himself some hot-headed, he nodded his head: "You're right, which was the king and the princess are blessed significant people. "

With her mother and sister sub-sub-opening, according to Liu Hua leaning on her maid's hand, who went to the half effort.

She is jealous of China Xi Wan, but yet do not want to destroy anyone really share of good. This ambivalent Kenshi her heart, her sleepless nights, no one seen her this mood.

Qiu Jin Yan, etc. into the inner court, Wan Hua Xi various gifts to the capital of thickness to the ballpark, he said, so he number of heart there.

"Xu palace is our elders

, Normally the ceremony can be repeated two points, "Yan Jin Qiu did not expect China Xi Wan so cautious, after listening to her finish, it said," Xu Princess is a very nice person, If you are too busy, it touches you can go and she said speak. "

Hua Xi Wan nodded, and now Wang Xu cousins ​​but today, because of the late emperor Wang Xu relations are very close, especially so late emperor decreed, within three generations if Wang Xu did not commit sin, are hit Grand Prince. So now Xu Wang and his son, Prince is a virtual certainty, as long as they do not mind a short circuit to rebel.

So since Xu Wang fell in the royal family is very respected in position, even when faced with Dangjinshengshang Xu Wang,Also very polite. Xu who it is in the palace of a wise man, which normally eat the drink, do not love it too much big deal, other relations with the palace in general, but added quite like Xu Yan Jin Qiu princess, weekdays like talking about him.

However, in most people's eyes, Xu home after the woman a princess, like the king was given because he looks good literary talent, and the former did not make any involved.

Xu palace of Emperor TIPS very satisfied, also lacks the views of others, so all these years, Xu Palace has fared wind and water in the capital, but why no one said he was not.

"Xu Princess is a very knowledgeable elders, I was going with her to learn to learn." Hua Xu Xi Wan and princess have to get along, although the opportunity to meet privately not much, but after talking when words and deeds of the party, she knew Xu Princess is a very intelligent mind there are women, from within the heart, she liked this a lot of respect elders.

When she had married and Yan Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin Yan seems to also please the Princess Xu instead of home cooking married elders helped matters, since we can see, the Princess of Yan Xu Jin Qiu is a very special way.

Yan Jin Qiu heard this, is no longer really, is not he think of Wan Hua Xu Xi do not respect the princess, but he knew Wan Hua Xi can not stand lying lazy temper, but also how to do it will be fine after that house women often do.

"Well," Qiu Jin Yan smiled, pick up a gift table list glances, when the line of sight sweeps Sheng Jun Wang Fu, Wei Zhou brow.

"? How the" Hua Xi Wan noticed that he looked right, looked down his eyes, then he smiled and said: "You Jin Prince the day after the ceremony visited Tangsao portable, but there is nothing wrong with these things ? "

"Nothing," Yan Jin Qiu down the list, also came the day Yanbo Yi, he and Yan Boyi two different personalities, now Emperor and deliberately fanning the flames in the middle of his two men, he thought to Yanbo Yi's temper, at least on the surface should be no what reaction did not think this gift is so huge, actually a little taste of trying to hide something.

I do not know really trying to hide something or deliberately make a move to see the emperor.

Index finger tapping the desktop, Yan Jin Qiu suddenly said: "Sheng Jun Wang birthday is next month, when we come back to a gift how?"

Hua Xi Wan swept his gaze Xiupao, found his Xiupao pin some wrong, the surface is calm and collected and said:. "Well, I was also so intended."

Qiu Jin Yan nodded his head, as people come in to serve his own changed a robe, and Hua Xi Wan together for a long time, he has gradually caught her habits, for example, when no one in private, wearing a loose robe choose a comfortable position to read, seen people fall than the speed of a good habit to develop fast.

After your clothes off, Yan Jin Qiu in China Xi Wan sat down beside her, drinking tea, "Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the palace after the completion of the pendulum feast, we back to the House with the full moon."

Wan Hua Xi smiled and said:. "If tomorrow's feast loose early, the idea is to try, about our wine library, there are a few jars of sweet-scented osmanthus wine vintage yet."

"That being the case, it is better to adults as well as two Jiuxiong Tarzan send a few places, although not a rare thing, but can also be the next King." Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan reached for the football into the arms,"We also always a little something."

"Dim light yellow body supple, feeling far only sparse traces remain fragrant, sweet-scented osmanthus wine to taste really suited to this day. [1]" Wan Hua Xi himself adjusted a comfortable position, "That afternoon I sent people to wine Houfu to go. "

"Ah." Yan Qiu Jin's hand gently rubbed her neck, smell the faint aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus, gaze passed down for that piece after being thrown aside robe, looked awe-inspiring.

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