Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 38 does not have to worry about

Chapter 38 does not have to worry about

End and princess although Beijing in your female ladies need to be careful respect the object, but inside there are a lot of people happy to see her joke, for reasons, some people probably because the end and princess arrogant, there are some probably I like to see the higher than their bit of luck, this attitude not known, but it is undeniable that the world has never lacked for such people.

Originally the women are not interested in the party, but happens princess and end a month or two of silence, full of vitality now coming out, if they do not give the face, do not know who will be in the heart of Her Royal Highness Princess how unpopular, is thought to want to stay with a walk through the field better.

But this silly mind after learning that the Princess will significantly county party, the women are bored into the mentality of the gossip. This is not blame them vulgar, it is always such things Neizhai day, you can bring nothing more than gossip club had several children, the West family and the wife concubine off. Recently created a hubbub in the event there will be victims, this is a rare excitement.

County princess make significant injury is Guo Jiuye, this is the end of our mother and Princess, there will be Guojiu lady appeared at the party, which Mrs. victims and harm the party meet, I do not know what a good show?

Whether these women of my heart for what they want, when your family to the princess, but it is the individual dignified look, you praise me, I praise you, one made laugh Yan Yan's appearance, even the title was dropped by his wife of two lords, nor neglected by everyone, after all, a family woman, is the best at social handkerchief, just look at the surface, can not tell who likes who, who who is at odds with.

Guojiu Mrs. Lin had felt some matt surface, but after a while this conversation, let go of a lot of touches, but her good mood did not last long, because the outside of his officers reported Thanh Princess and Princess noticeable County driving them into the government.

Lin smile face some uncomfortable moment, how important a woman's face, she as a woman, naturally know. But this remarkable county Princess hurt the forehead, leaving a scar if not better, if left, she thought how can security. She just hated incompetence, not husband loved, could not persuade his usual behavior, tired considerably County innocent princess received.

Many of the women are seeking significant amount of the County princess did not leave scarring of things, so when China and Hou Wan Xi an appearance, although the crowd shouted in greeting the two, but the corner of my eye, but to stay in China, Xi Wan's body.

This look, people will see noticeable County princess forehead painted a vivid peach, with pink flowers with green leaves, Chende significant Princess county that face both white and beautiful, it touches people to see whether there is any scar.

Everyone stared at the poor princess look considerably County, after a little greeting to each seated, Lin's position in the middle, and Hua Xi Wan also across several locations, see Hua Xi Wan's forehead Miaohua, and my heart thump a bit .

She heard the gun significantly princess looks fine, is not on the makeup is a rare beauty, and now she happens to see delineate the ingenuity of flowers at the site of injury, not to cover up the scar is for what?

Lim same idea to many people, but in view of the causes of this matter to an end and princess mother about the family, asks them not good, but talking about clothes to jewelry.

Princess and the women end so grateful to see TIPS,Smiled even surface, line of sight in China, Xi Wan forehead swept words with apologetic and said: "Uncle reckless man, rough character, was actually not scared of driving them small church brothers and sisters, I wonder how the Church recovered siblings injury? "

Hua Xi Wan face the same smile, gentle tone Road; "Thank you, Your Highness miss, already mischief."

Not affect the right word terrific, can be said to be cured, it can be said almost too good, no big deal, as to exactly how many of the people ...... sorry looked at the Miaohua, really a pity.

Minhui Princess looked at the Hua Xi Wan forehead, heart faint gush pleasure, Wan Hua Xi is not on the virtue of a face attracted significant Dukes of what captivated her, and now she did not this perfect face, what means to confuse people?

After the end and princess heard nodded, smiled and said:. "Now no matter, so much the better."

That is right Intuit boring, which significantly affect the county princess did not say, Do You Guo Jiuye niece also facing complaints twelve?

Watch the people feel a little silent, but does not prevent the end and thought the princess wants to show off, because she the princess palace courtyard renovated again, picturesque courtyard inside, if not to look at other ladies, compliment or two, how can she feel at ease?

From an objective point of view, the yard is really beautiful, but Hua Xi Wan Jun Wang Fu's personal preference remarkable architectural style, so after a few words of praise along with other female relatives who would not have many words.

Princess and the destination is reached, leaving you with a meal after meal and after a pause trifling matter, this party was scattered.

Others had gone, Minhui Princess Princess remained in your home. End and actually know Minhui Princess Princess significant Dukes of mind that point, but she has always been to scoff when young Nannvzhiqing

Because, in her view, there are no feelings after marriage, also the case, time is the best a blunt instrument, not only can put people worn cold cold heart feeling, emotion can also worn out clean .

So for her, the feelings of this kind of thing, but not as good clothes and jewelry more important, in order to play her palace and even raised some Kiyotoshi servant, even what is not, can be considered at least looked pleasing to the eye. Anyway consort has always been a cowardly temper can stop her, she did not want to see consort askew lethargic look, we each live in peace.

"After the fall of this year, you went to sixteen years old," end and see Princess Princess Minhui bow in silence, sidewalk, "Your mother's knee only a son and a daughter, Yuan also is nothing you, have you ever thought own life things? "

Princess Shun instrument motherhood low, after Yuanjiazao marry, and consort feelings can only be regarded as a phase

King such as the Philippines, fortunately knee still a son and a daughter, not too lonely. Unfortunately, the Yuan has been no progress consort, Princess instrument along with the palace and a lot of money and more intimate relationship, coupled with the past few years and often confined to bed, Minhui Princess'd raise more in Queens surface.

A year ago because of the assassination of Empress Queen, but because shun instrument on behalf of the Queen Princess drink poisoned tea, and no hands. When the instrument along princess life, although saved, but the body is all to pieces, and the weather hot and cold, to get out of bed and had to stay in bed.

But the idea is therefore to make an exception to her son, the emperor Feng Hou,Her daughter Princess of Wales closure of the site, only daughter of Prince, and also specifically to take Minhui word title.

Although despise end and Princess Yuan family, but Minhui Princess TIPS attitude touches on so she liked, so the marriage, she took some thought.

Minhui Princess heard at first shocked, then bowed shyly said:. "Everything with the Queen Goddess and Her Royal Highness Princess You call the shots."

"Although I am older than you are bigger, but the thing which the palm of the eye, or the job later from the mother," the princess to see her end and has not confused in the end, looking more good looks, "to me, the family of the Di An Guogong Sun good one, and his humble and polite, they know better themselves, the country's public House door first in the capital, though not low, but compared to the Royal Princess your identity, they only respect with your family, will not be difficult for you. "

Minhui Princess Pan bitter heart, this An Guogong House-grandson is true, but this is a family firm royalist faction with Prince Paul, end and put forward this proposal princess, but her marriage as a tool.

But how can she, the mother may not pay attention to the emperor, his father led a virtual level, if she does not please the Queen and the Princess, her brother Ben future how should I go?

"But, the Queen Goddess call the shots," Minhui Princess Princess got up and end slightly blessing, but my mind was getting uncomfortable, until she married, this life and how much could it be significant Dukes.

Although the dynasty of filial piety and virtue should marry the Queen Mother before extraordinary precedent palace Wei Fei, but that is because the Queen Mother fate Kiyotaka, but also the United States and pretty, just like God had Emperor Jing, thus giving birth to the first emperors, which got into the position of the Queen Mother.

Unfortunately, she is not the queen, but not a significant Dukes Emperor Jing Ye.

So, when Wan Wah evening party shortly after the emperor came to the palace Minhui Princess matchmaker news, she was taken aback. As a woman, she is still very strong sixth sense consider themselves, for example Minhui Princess thought to have significant Dukes, she is already noticed. But do not expect the other party actually so easy marry, or marry royalist An Guogong palace.

Expect drastic changes in the royal family behind, Hua Xi Wan felt for the Princess Minhui more or less still some sympathy, but also just a bit of it, there is no longer much.

When the afternoon, the couple playing chess, inadvertently talked about this matter, see Yan Jin Wan Hua Xi mound seems to Minhui regarding married Princess reaction is not large, he could not resist: "The emperor and grandson and true to An Guogong Princess Minhui a matchmaker? "

"How do you think this happened?" Yan Jin Qiu down the move, before slowly said, "things have basically set up, but no clear purpose hair down.

"But someone else is listening to sounds, to ask the phrase," Hua Xi Wan grabbed a handful of pieces in his hand, see Yan Jin Qiu playing style did not change in the slightest, before continuing: "Anyhow, she is our cousin, the prepare gifts also prepared under the good. "

Yan Jin Qiu watched the chess game, some not very concerned and said: "? We just cousins, decent face on the line, do you have to give her a dowry save"

"It's saying," Wan Hua Xi smiled and sighed, "you heard this, I was finally relieved."

Qiu Jin Yan surprised a moment, then react, Hua Xi Wan mouth relax What do you mean, he did not speak to China Xi Wan smiled, but the smile as if to convey their ideas to Hua Xi Wan.

See Hua Xi Wan did not speak, he reached out to hold her hand:. "There will never be such a thing happens, you do not have to worry about that later."

This time for doing Hua Xi Wan, only smiled and did not speak.

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