Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 36 hypocrite

Chapter 36 hypocrite

County Princess significant because Guo Jiuye horse and injured the issue, and soon spread throughout the capital, because Guo Jiuye act insolent, many people dissatisfied with his long, now hear this remarkable county to seek death of the Princess of driving them scared , significantly hurt the county Princess forehead, attracted significant Dukes very distressed. The Guo Jiuye happens when confessing to manifest Jun Wang Fu, also a lofty appearance, even after the Dukes House, kicking at the gate of the stone lions, which is really extremely arrogant, people do not even look in the eyes of the Royal a.

To know this, but a family of stone lions face, not respectable people, they can not be placed stone lions, even put the stone lions, that is there are all kinds of stress, the Guo Jiuye booing, casually kicking people facade, this is not what is crazy?

In the family grave, Fang relied only be regarded as a woman frustrated nobleman, the other party's called a "expensive" word, that is to see the face of the emperor and the Prince, otherwise it is not so frivolous ethics of others, they are not even look too lazy to look at the.

The capital is no secret, Fang Chengde words and deeds have been looking in the eyes of others, royal people of Kyoto think Fang Chengde really had very deceptive, the person's family and the queen are disgruntled. In Chodo, impeachment memorial Fang more and more, but Kai Lung Emperor are pressed down, so many royal clan increasingly dissatisfied, so now the Fangguo Jiu dare treat significant Dukes, then be in the future after accession to the throne Prince, they still can not these people illustrious royal family, how from the Department, under implying struggling to live in their party's more than prestige, they keep the royal dignity are there any?

Perhaps aware of the royal tribe of dissatisfaction on the matter, Kai Lung Emperor, after a few days, and finally in front of the face courtier awarded to punish Fang Chengde's will. Decree does not mention those things behind Fang to do, just strong words of criticism Fang Chengde downtown horse harming innocent of guilt and punishment pension for three years, reduced to three by a waiting waiting, and ordered home thinking too not be easily out of the government.

Under this decree may sound, it seems very harsh, but think carefully, in turn think it is nowhere near enough, in fact, no more severe. Fang Chengde who was also carrying Marquis, although the drop other times, but in the future to restore the emperor title is nothing but a few words of things.

This punishment, not as Fang Chengde pulled Dianwai flogging stick or kneeling dozens more happy. This emperor, but for those who do not understand the politics of the people to see, rather than giving them an account of the royal family.

Emperor Yan Jin Qiu Duihuang this purpose as no surprise, because even if the emperor had all the answers capability, but also there is a fatal weakness, that is Prince. Prince Hunkui incompetent, voluptuous, happens to be the only son of the emperor. But Prince Jiu Jia Fang, Fang if the fall, then the Prince Houdeng Ji day, I'm afraid it would be difficult. So the emperor can only keep Fang, Fang is because Prince Jiu Jia, who is the Prince of school, Fang Chengde though incompetent, but he was more than two-year-olds is very intelligent and motivated, to be Prince succeeded to the throne, has also been able to entry into official age, then the two will be a good helper Prince.

Thought of this, Yan Jin Qiu in the heart sneer, Fang two children and then have the ability and how, children and teenagers has not qualitative,Not to mention the emperor can hang on until that time remains to be seen, there is no male heir has a poor reputation Prince, can not sit in that position or two to say.

"County princes, mixed in with a few people were at the palace spy to find out."

"The man went to the darkroom," Yan Jin Qiu lowered eyelids slowly close the Travels hands, mouth slowly overflow trace of laughter: "The king should interrogate these people some good."

Reported head buried a little lower: "Yes."

Darkroom tunnel is bright, the Pik every few steps to the legendary luminous pearl inlaid with light pastel colors and understated luxury decoration, if someone incursion into this place, will feel this is where Dukes House put gold and silver jewelry precious calligraphy and painting, and not put these things together with other things.

Authentic go in the end, is a sort of a small house, which stood all kinds of precious rare treasure, enough to flash blind people's eyes. In the light of the brightest place, walking behind Qiu Jin Yan subordinates knocked on a brick tile is no different from the other, and even beat up a sound was strange, he opened the floor tiles to the ground and pressed three times, on behold thick walls slowly opened, revealing a bit dim hallway.

By slowly down the aisle, only to expose the real capacity of the Chamber of Secrets, exudes the smell of blood of instruments of torture, some wet ground, the corner opening the mouth of the monster made of eyes glowing pearl in the dark of the house is very grim, either who would not think that this is the chamber of Secrets vents.

Several spies are locked Pipa Gu, hanging them from the heights just a little more than their height, if you want to hook Pipa Gu is not torn too sore, they will have to tiptoe, but many of them blood loss, physical insufficient to support them persist for too long. Exhaustive soft foot, Pipa Gu's hooks will be able to once again tore their wounds, so the cycle of life and death can not be tortured them, just wait for someone to kill them a knife, in order to achieve enjoyment.

"Gentlemen are hi-shaped not exposed on the color of the hero, presumably these hooks could stop you." Backroom some hot, even with the taste is not very good, with several subsidiary points behind Qiu Jin Yan points incense, put the put the ice, rather like this is not the torture chamber, but Yan Jin Qiu's study like.

"You hypocrite Christians have their table, although with what means, why say these nonsense," most elderly people spit the mouth Xuemo towards Yan Jin Qiu direction, tone and not willing to have hatred, "not You know the capital where few people know the governor was so dignified significant sinister means, ambitious people, and you know that Princess Enchanting county you are painting the face of it? "

"How the king of the woman, you also do not need to be given a voice," Qiu Jin Yan faint smile at these people, all but vanished slightest bit angry, he stepped forward and pulling the pull

Hook, looking at the person speaking looking a pain twisted up, his smile more and more concentrated, "you do not need to say the king hypocrite or not, you hypocrites these spy laugh others, had actually open mouth."

Perhaps too painful wounds, old spies living longer say a word, as a few others, seems to be the heart of the Qieyi, Yan Yan did not speak.

"How are dumb?"Qiu Jin Yan knocked clavicle with an iron hook folding hands, then it seemed to despise the folding thrown aside, and then began to take a handkerchief and hands," since it is a few tough one, do not want to move, so hanging, this King's most faithful appreciate your good dog these. "

Looking at these people drops of blood falling to the ground, a smile on his face more and more concentrated, like to enjoy a wonderful picture:. "This is a good wait on a few good dog."

Enjoying the suffering of these people have to look, Yan Jin Qiu feelings of pleasure out of the chamber, to be back to his study, he looked down to see a little dip sewage shoes, some dislike frown: "come, the king to bathe."

In bed for a few days of training Hua Xi Wan wound has begun to slowly recover, so finally up and about, she looked again in his yard after teasing the corridor hung starling, "servant responsible for raising starling where to go, how some muddy water. "

"Zhang Yue family to give him the redemption of the body, I heard the wife return home under discussion," he replied the steward came up, "because he did not leave yesterday, so have not had time to find a servant will stay on for the birds . "

Hua Xi Wan turned and glanced at this looks very honest steward, then continue teasing starling: "Really?"

"Yeah, is not it, is not it," Starling had flapped in the cage would learn.

Behind the steward of floating a thin layer of sweat.

"Since before man walked on the arrangements as soon as new people come," Hua Xi Wan funny after a while, there is not much interest in it, "I looked at the birds seem to have some meaning, take possessor, to pass the time boring weekdays teasing what time is pretty good. "

"Small under the note." Steward arrange immediately back down, out after some distance, and back-gun also see Princess standing in the hallway, do not like anger, people do not see how they felt.

White summer some strange frowned, a few days ago this is Zhang Yue servant was also in the front of his ancestors eight generations back, he said, he was no one at home, the only sister died of compatriots . Where's the man to redeem him?

Back to the house, the white matter with China this summer evening Wan said, he found some masters face slightly changed.

"Since someone to redeem him, it is only pro personnel willing," said Hua Xi Wan complexion soon return to normal, "but only make a rough servant, do not be too consumed this reason God willing he will be nothing better life in the future. "

Bai Xia Yi Yan say no more, to inquire into the second day in a small house outside the hospital and several inner courtyard servant after, it becomes more calm, she put the names of these people are asking what there is to do out after being reported to the master, to see her face even more strange.

Hua Xi Wan since married here, you know significant junwangfu did not imagine so simple, but since she married into the Dukes House, there is no turning back up. All some things, you know as I do not know, so people can live more enjoyable.

Hongying Xia see his face white and masters are not very good, although not yet think through how it was, but when wait up, it becomes even more careful.

To dinnertime, there is servant to the newspaper, saying that gun, and other princes to come with dinner, Wan Hua Xi did not ask anything else, just let Shanfang people to prepare some Yan Jin Qiu prefer dishes.If she it too much, the gun accidentally lit the princes of the mad skills of how to do?

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