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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 35 suffer heart

Chapter 35 suffer heart

Hua Xi Wan knows his only hit of the head, although the flow of blood, but nothing like as severe as the outside pass. She did not know the outside rumors are baseless assertion, or Yan Jin Qiu deliberately let this rumor got out, so it is altogether fitting of bed rest, let stuffy palace raised to their duet singing girl child, tired of let House in support of jugglers to juggle their own, find ways to make yourself lying in bed days as more comfortable.

"County Princess, medical dressing female to give you," white summer came in from the outside, leaning on Hua Xi Wan sat up, her back pad good soft pillow.

Hua Xi Wan let artists juggle step down, "asked her to come in."

Medical woman until her maid to his house after playing curtain, just strode into it. She is responsible for the treatment of trauma, although spent several years in the hospital too, but in the future too obvious Dukes House. See today's draw significant Dukes House Buyi, ten steps of a scene, and finally parents believe those words say, God is the late emperor really hurt the original Prince significant.

Significant county Princess room decoration is very elegant, sympathetic not make people feel a heavy sense of lost family, seen people very carefully arranged house, the owner of the house and more got the idea.

"In the next county saw significant Princess," Medical woman lying in bed see a Su Yi beauty, know this much is obvious Dukes County was the favorite princess, she approached a blessing body, "the next hospital by Masayuki life to County princess to your dressing. "

"There is a labor of adults." Sounds very gentle person bed, with a trace of soul hook people taken taste, doctors female as a woman feel my heart grow numb, could not help but want to see more of the bed of the man glances. Although she is too female hospital doctors, but just eight products of jobs, many women practice family was contemptuous of the people, more than a contempt between words and deeds, so as noticeable County princess who genuinely polite, really small.

"Please do not move the county princess, might just start a little sore," Medical woman stepped forward, carefully uncover things right before the gauze, see no swelling purulent wound, then relieved, with cotton dipped in wine around the wound washed away cream, softly:. "Princess your county wound healing well, let the house ventilation attention in recent days, the heat must not keep our noses, but can not touch water."

Wash the wound, doctors women become more cautious, but she was clear that no matter how careful, will always hurt. But the good news has not significantly county Princess punish her, even croon are not, and so after the drug for good, doctors female sigh of relief: "County Princess, medicine has for good."

Wan Hua Xi thanks again, let summer white woman personally go to hospital. Female doctors in hospital status not as a man too, plus a lot of people think women are not as certain medicine man, so trust in doctors woman is not high, and even the family of the woman who also took this view.

But in China, Xi Wan opinion, just the way doctors treated wounds very skilled woman, to act and to speak very graceful. Is a woman, she was quite deliberately wanted to give her face a bit.

Medical summer white women were personally sent out, and returned from the hospital too obvious Dukes House of carriage, prompting many of my colleagues envy her, actually I had significant county Princess personally.

Female doctors just sent away soon, Queen Goddess reward came down, and Xuanzhi eunuch palace of Queen Explorer, for Yan Jin Qiu is also very polite,Attitude put exceptionally low.

"I do not know how the injury county Princess, Queen Goddess is very concerned about the county princess, so special to make inquiries twelve small," Zhao Xi Nu see significant Dukes face the enemy, you know what I'm afraid it can not be good, "said the Queen after the princess heard gun injuries have been sleepless nights, if it is not arbitrary eviction, the county would have to personally visit the Princess. "

"Inner child how dan was so concerned about the Queen Goddess," Yan Jin Qiu face finally appeared a smile, but the smile looks a little cold, "a sub-good luck, although injured his head, but fortunately not a big deal."

Zhao heard immediately accompany laughed:. "County princess was given a lucky man, God bless, God bless."

Yan Jin Qiu thumb rubbed cup faint smile and said: "God bless what is not." He slowly took a sip of tea, "also requested the father reported the Queen Goddess, a sub now injury healed, not personally knock Xie Fengen, please Queen Goddess bear with me. "

"No, no, certainly the word to the small." Zhao dry smile line ceremony, felt really can not stay any longer, Dukes significant momentum now too full, he though he is the queen of the palace manifold, but in the face of the Lord, really not much of character.

Zhao and other eunuchs to leave with a few small, Yan Jin Qiu frivolous brow, provoke wooden passage: "The reward princess to look over the list and gave the county, county to do things that a princess, Princess county whenever there is any lack of directly to the library I take these things ...... "his gaze swept down the Queen's Award," to find a warehouse stood it. "

"Yes," Wood glanced through these rewards, it is a rare good thing, but the queen her family work is not authentic, no matter how much things are not worth the county let the injured princess thing, it Guo Jiuye that attitude, too no wonder the county princes can not see the eyes.

Fang several lifetimes cleverness gave the queen, the rest are not on the table on some stuff. It's no wonder Prince is that look, appear with the Fang.

Soon Akebia list was put to the front of Hua Xi Wan, Wan Hua Xi took over after the sweep list put aside: "Thank Goddess Queen phoenix grace."

Akebia bow in silence.

"County princes often accompanied me two days in the House, it may delay the outside of things?" Wan Hua Xi being finished drugs, so rinse under maidservants wait, get that done after wiping his mouth with a handkerchief Road " go and tell the county princes, I did not cause illness, and must not delay his down to business. "after she may not want to wait, Yan Jin Qiu something no matter talking about" had it not because you XXX, I am XXX like ", she worried own to take off their shoes when the photographed face.

"Please be assured county Princess," did not return Akebia

A nothing out there, but said, "county princes very worried about your wounds, as long as hello, and county princes will no big deal."

No wonder Yan Jin Qiu I like to use this wood pass, which is pretty good eloquence, she smiled: "Well, you just helped your family masters say nice words to impress me, two days some hot weather, you wait Do not let people carefully heat the county princes. "

"Small wrote down." Other wood through the main hospital, they would feel relieved, I do not know why,Obviously County princess character is very gentle, he is never daring to disrespect.

Maybe ...... flying kick the stool and county Princess heroic kick off the rockery is too shocking, so he could not help but let impressed from the heart?

Akebia fist is the last word finally came to understand the truth of this statement, is indeed gratifying.

Zhao did not return to the palace for a while, I heard the Queen declared him to answer, the moment did not dare to hesitate, so busy in front of the Queen.

"County princess how the injury?" Queen look no strange, but Zhao was aware of the Queen on the matter very valued, so he lay that out.

"Small to the significant Dukes your family, just to see too female hospital doctors to county princess dressing out, they pretended not intend to inquire about the sentence, saying it was hurt too light." Zhao think these words is too in general terms, but he also had words were relayed, "after the small into the government, and the county did not see the princess, said to bed rest. Dukes significantly in Fuchu, small see him look depressed, so did not dare to be, they out. "he gets himself talking with significant Dukes through with the queen said again, he said the last, he felt, which was the county princess might not hurt too light.

After listening to his Queen Hui Bing, brow Qingzhou, then sighed: "? What can up the news"

"It has been heard that only a small upward participate in horse Guo Jiuye hurt in the capital, just exactly how things have to wait for the decision of His Majesty."

Queen's looking more ugly, and had since before Prince thing, she had some dissatisfaction with the emperor, and now her maiden not live up to expectations, sudden, this kind of thing, what means she went to ask the emperor for mercy.

Zhao see the Queen Goddess did not speak, they are also honest stand.

"You first go on," Queen sigh, waved to let Zhao step down, I just feel full of melancholy. Son does not live up to expectations, her family does not live up to expectations, if not the emperor, Prince only one knee, I'm afraid in this temple early without her Lishenzhichu.

"Queen Goddess, to the emperor." Reported that a maid to come in a hurry, the Queen has not had time to see the reaction Kai Lung Emperor hurried to the outside from the big walk.

"You all go out," the emperor although not looking, but I know that can not wait on people in front of the Queen in front of attack, and so these people have to step down, the emperor was angrily said: "You look at your family doing what it is Today a lot of family capital in reference to her parents act you insolent, how I let you down and help you cover?! "

"The emperor is incompetent concubine, her family did not manage people," the emperor and empress can not know at this time hardtop, then first road show weakness, "now obvious County princess hand, I should be very worried ......"

"You hurt when he only noticeable County princess do?" Kai Lung Emperor complexion cold Road, "the capital of the whole number of people staring at your house pies act, you do not think for themselves, but also for the Prince to think of it, do not let the people of the world Prince knows that there is such a Jiujia do? "

Prince now has the reputation is unbearable, if Fang in sudden something, and then it is worse, the irreversible.

Queen heard these words, and looked startled, suddenly speechless. She should blame themselves for the sake of her family does not own, or blame their son does not live up to expectations? Or complain that he did not teach Prince,He did not manage her family?

After a long time, the Queen towards a deep Kai Lung Tai Fook: "concubine admitted the mistake, but only to the emperor bother, do not let things affect her family to Prince."

Kai Lung Emperor grunted, Shuaixiu they go, the heart of the Queen cold one point.

Queen emperor looked back, tears rolled his eyes, he did not fall.

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