Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 34 Fang

Chapter 34 Fang

The Guo Jiuye say, in Beijing is not really special capability of characters, but relied on his sister is the Queen's Palace, is the nephew dynasty prince, then some pride, not the average person in the eye. But while He was proud frivolous, but heard because of his remarkable horse scared county Princess driving them, which led to significant injury county after the princess, you know what got him in trouble.

In trouble how to do? Natural aging mother is to make their own brand delivery to the palace to see the queen, let her think of a way these things smooth, otherwise things become open, not so good disposed of.

Queen heard her family own brand delivery came to see themselves, and some strange, just met two days ago, asked to see how and brand delivery at this time? Although she was curious, but still make the house her family invited people to come in.

Queen's maiden name square, originally, Fang began to slowly emerge in the capital in Beijing after hardly a prominent everyone, but she entered the Orient House, but in front of old time, still missing a lot of family heritage.

After meeting with her family, looking a little embarrassed aware Queen mother and sister, and what seems to be hiding something, they know that his brother set their own stir things coming, they sipped tea ceremony: "? But the family what had happened."

Mrs. Fang looked elegant daughter, his tone a little more difficult to get things happened before in the street lay it to say, and also stressed the significant injury to the county Princess forehead.

Queens County recall significant Princess goes Ruhuasiyu face as well as the county princess rare Dukes significant degree, they feel a little sadness: "brother how horse in the capital, our ancestors would have been to order, not allowed city ​​horse, why you made him do it and so muddy things? "some blame her siblings Lin looked at, if not in some strange Lim Guan good meaning to their younger brother.

Lin is the queen this one was a bit uncomfortable stare, but the other noble status, she could not make a move just disrespectful. Even my mother's husband will not listen, how could only listen to her comfort, Queen Goddess even blame her, she can not help it.

"Now things become like this, the Queen Goddess you still helping your brother think of a way of it," Mrs. Fang wiping away tears, "I knees only you two kids, and now thanks to your brother's house insisted, if he has something happens, how should we do Fang, your two nephews are still small then, no one care how the line. "

Queen helpless sigh, the matter has not significantly hurt the county princess thing of the forehead, but his brother hurt royal horse in the city. The matter not so big that small is not small. Dukes House all these years quite significantly more than prestige, Ngee Ann designate the government and the tradition of several generations of a large family, if pursue things down, Fang not set a good discussion.

"Right now the most important thing is to see how significant the county Princess injury, if not serious, better said, if serious ......" Queen waved, some burnout. "You ready to go apologize to significantly Dukes House going so far behind things will be, depends on the attitude of the emperor and the significant Dukes. "

Mrs. Fang see her soft tone down, knowing she'd helped shot, he smiled and said: "You are the Queen, which was the governor is to see on your face, nor will make things so much noise is too difficult to read."

That's because you do not see significant Dukes County princess rare home appearance, the Queen say this, but looking at the beaming mother, she was tired and did not want to say a word, and finally waved and said: "That you ready to go back to it, I'm tired. "her father's childhood favorite concubine, in order to keep her mother and brother spent a lot of God, but now she remembered although still share friendship of the year, but this friendship was disappointing her parents again and again worn depleted.

"Goddess," to see her ladies looked very tired, he goes to a cup of ginseng tea, someone approached her gently for his temples.

"Let things for next qi, blood, and by the Zhao took things personally significant junwangfu take a trip." Zhao is her palace eunuch, by himself to send gifts, it can be considered one of her attitude.

Palace next person heard this, they follow orders of the Queen Goddess ready to go, but think of Princess goes considerably County Ruhuasiyu face, if it were to be broken up phase, it is a pity.

At this significant Dukes House is a busy through, headed mistress wounded forehead, which was a big thing, so medicine or water heating to boil water, medicine, as well as to inform the county princes. Luckily, Dukes House rules well, although people under busy, but not chaotic.

So when Jin Yan Qiu come back from the outside, two imperial doctor has to Fuchu, he walked into the hospital to see the imperial doctor to feel the pulse of China Xi Wan, though her forehead blood has been wiped clean, but swollen big piece, He looked really penetrate.

Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zhou brow, went to Hua Xi Wan side, his hand on her sweet shoulder and asked: "? Wound hurts you."

Wan Hua Xi smiled: "Fortunately, the imperial doctor has given me the off drugs, it just looked scary."

Yan Jin Qiu heard not a lot to say anything, just stared at the appalling mass face grew heavy, and finally just snapped a dry cold evening Wan Wah serve humanity: "What are you doing, just let the masters hurt so serious?"

The house servant suddenly kneeling over the ground, the county princes words scared the atmosphere did not dare.

"This is not to blame for them, just suddenly frightened horse, will make driving them unstable," Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu hand pulled the sleeves, "Do not get mad, a mad my head will follow hurt."

Qiu Jin Yan amused by her words but also frustration is funny to see her white forehead and more out of such a mass of lumps, suddenly relented down: "Well, since you distressed County Princess, you will get up."

"Xie County Royal Highness, Princess Xie County," people are relieved under, from the ground up, more and more cautious behavior, just wait for the imperial doctor can come up with magic bullet, let the county princess immediately like it.

The imperial

End veins, Qiu Jin Yan got up and bowed: "Royal Highness County, County Princess injury is not light in recent days to Eat spicy things, but also to pay attention to whether there is lethargy vomiting, Xiaguan opened rather God's blood prescription, please your family's servants do a good job shining prescription drugs, a bowl of boiled three bowls of water, if no unusual after drinking, then drink it two. "

"There are workers," Jin Yan prescription to the mound behind Akebia, then asked: "? If lethargy or vomiting, what serious consequences."

"People of the head, is the most complex,Xiaguan not arrogantly, but see the look of Princess county, there should not be the most serious consequences, but it is best to stay in bed for a few days, try to avoid shaking, "the imperial doctor to see significant Dukes County Princess injury very body center, after said a lot of attention, it took apprenticeship leave the hospital too Dukes House.

And other imperial doctor was gone, Yan Jin Qiu on the people to fight the water to wash their feet Wan Hua Xi, then without any explanation to get people lying on the bed. Some looked at her pale face, he said:. "I heard what had happened servant said, you feel at ease and recuperate, outside everything I have."

These words mean that he was prepared afterwards to the Queen's brother?

Inter look to see him did not seem to talk about, Hua Xi Wan lying against the bed: "I received only some skin trauma, the imperial doctor said, this injury does not leave scars, but poor traders on both sides of the road, destroyed a lot of goods, people do not know Wei Wei Temple did not compensate their losses. "

"They will be given a good deal of this thing," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan did not tell, and he even knows she got her maid to Wei Wei Shaoqing temple a purse, let Wei Wei Shaoqing temple purse to put a wounded child. Jinbei changing for the better for her hand, he softly said: "First take a break now, let me give you the kitchen ready to eat the blood of your breath."

Wan Hua Xi smiled, eyes closed to sleep really, after all, in your home with those harem assistant minister said most of the day, it does have some tired.

Wan Hua Xi and other sleep past, Yan Jin Qiu told white summer following a few people take good care of, got up and left the room. Left out, heard Akebia to report, said Fang Guojiu with a gift to junwangfu amends.

Yan Jin Qiu sneer, his mouth did not say anything, but the hearts of the rising wave of ruthless means, long while before opening:. "Lead the way forward."

Akebia mind awe-inspiring, cited Yan Jin Qiu went to the main hall, he stood in the corner.

Qiu Jin Yan Fang Chengde to see the emergence, he rose from his chair, smiling for Yan Jin Qiu Zuo Yi said:. "Significant Dukes, today is not a small scared the next county Princess car and have come to apologize to you and the county Princess"

"Guo Jiuye kind," Yan Jin Qiu Duanqichabei drank slowly, blowing the water steam Taiqiyanpi Fang Chengde looked at, "within the sub blame bad luck, actually chose the horse Guo Jiuye through the streets. "

Upon hearing this some wrong flavor, Fang Chengde face a stiff smile, my heart although some anger, but see Yan Qiu Jin but not the slightest smile look, I do not know how, and my heart committed some fear, dare not face performance out: "This is an accident it is, I do not know how the county Princess injury?"

"Although a large bowl of blood flow, fortunately saved lives," Qiu Jin Yan Wang Zhuoshang put the cup, cold look to Fang Chengde Road, "do not worry within the next child, go ahead and Guo Jiuye help yourself. "

See Yan Jin Qiu so do not give yourself face, Fang Chengde face changed a few changes, finally did not temper the Dukes palace, etc. are Dukes House servant "send" after the palace, he was so angry kick with his foot in front of the stone lions, see Dukes House in front of the guards looking at yourself, suddenly angrily: "! see what see, the dog thing."

Ma Wan two, Fang Chengde consciously feel happy a lot, turned on the carriage, and then later made up his mind not to break this to a child.Significant Dukes House in front of the guards sit and watch Fang Chengde so pies, are standing upright, he had no way affected by the action.

Akebia standing in the doorway Pooh a cry, a porter said:. "Look prison door, do not let cats and dogs are not careful channeling in, if scared the county and the county Princess Royal Highness, the board to pay careful."

But the queen's brother, really sees himself as a royal decent, really funny.

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