Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 33 Romer anger

Chapter 33 Romer anger

Between joking, I heard Uncle assistant minister for the government servant to the Hua Xi Wan see the old lady had stood up from his seat, he smiled and stepped forward to hold the old lady: "Grandma careful, granddaughter help you to have a look. "

"Good," the old lady's granddaughter Princess county do see myself leaning, smile face increasingly obvious, even the foot of the steps of the walk stability a lot, next to the women who have stepped forward to praise Couqu Hua Xi Wan filial piety, it is to let the old lady laugh open face.

Yao and Romer followed the old lady behind him, listening to four weeks continuous praise sound, Yao some jealous sister glanced around, and now three nieces became Princess county, in Beijing, the women are beginning to respect the holding sister, Hua Xi Wan casually as if to catch my breath just like Xian Qi.

Now is not that old lady adjusted her hand, she did it imitation is like a big thing, those flattering words she heard were embarrassed for these people.

"Brothers and sisters, watch your step," Romer help reach a faint smile Yao and let Yao recovered, somewhat out laughing face, "sister, please."

Romer looked at her, then walked in front of her heels.

I thought she would politely few of Yao seeing this, almost did not chew an angry teeth.

A pedestrian into the inner court, please see Zhou Yunheng Huayi Liu is out the door, they have stopped, standing next to Zhou Yunheng looked up and down.

In all fairness, Zhou Yunheng looks good, bright red dress and groom him Chende Chunhongchibai, just frivolous between facial features in China, Xi Wan opinion, not a law-abiding man live. Men spend greedy lust, as long as no sudden event, in the eyes of many men, it was said that a teenage romantic, but unfortunately these men married woman.

"Oh." The old lady lived for decades, where Zhou Yunheng not see good with a lot of money, but because of the identity, Zhou Hua, two of marriage is a virtual certainty that she is not good to say.

Although she does not like Huayi Liu temper, but after all, China is also the home of descendants of Chinese family where people are willing to marry off by other people's grievances it?

Hua Xi Wan heard the sigh, the heart of the old lady is actually high glances, though this sometimes do stupid things, but the idea is not a bad eye.

That loud sigh Yao and Romer are heard, but no one say anything.

In Zhou Yunheng invited three times after, the door opened, according to Liu Hua was her brother Huacun Lo back out, she was standing behind the door weeping, eyes full of sadness.

Hua see Zhang Xi Wan look of the thing

I do not know how the line of sight falls out of the back Huayi Liu Lu Huacun who recently heard that the Emperor intends to enhance Zhou Father for the book, and is ready to let him do it tomorrow Spring Quarters of examiners.

Zhang Zhou Yunheng marriage and would rather endure through rooms unclear, it should also Huayi Liu Zhou married

I'm afraid to Huacun Lo fame paving. Perhaps in the eyes of Zhang's son is the most important, as the daughter of well-being in the face of his son's fame, not worth mentioning.

Otherwise, there are several mother willing to put the time daughter marry such a man, but not desperate, why do so wronged?

Just this matter, I do not know how you think it is di? The default is compromised or because of something else?Crackling firecrackers shook the Hua Xi Wan ears ringing, she simply returned to be with other girls of the family along with the living room, after a while child back to see Zhang red eyes.

Guests Zhou Yunheng seeing boast a few words, finally revealing a somewhat flatter her smile: "It's a girl married, I was just like something missing."

"Is not the case, before this House unmarried daughter, who is not the apple of the family, which married into someone's home, you should see Uncle hurt when people, or else may be necessary to suffer for a lifetime."

Upon hearing this, Zhang's room looked a bit nervous, but it was only a matter blink of an eye, and soon she seemed to comfort themselves, "Zhou but scholarly family, is the most unreasonable, however, we want to come home girl married in the past will not wronged. "

Other girls of the family heard just smiled and said it was as if a child did not know before Zhoujia Gong Hyo soon get Chase Room stomach issue, re brag about the strength of character to Zhou family.

Yao some contempt glance mouth, thanks to her the Yisow from Zhang, this thing did not really authentic. Helplessly to their own daughter to marry a man that, even face to say it was good with really done a bitch / child also Zhen / clean arch.

She prides itself on being the laity, can not bear their own daughter to marry as a Guye, children are darling meat, she can not make a sacrifice to fill another thing coming. Such are the nerve to say that they are born masters, really big mouth afraid of the wind flash tongue, bah!

See the old lady's face contempt Yao too obvious, stretched out his hand to pull her hand: "Two girls how not come today?"

"Two girl body uncomfortable, but today's big girl joyful meaning, they let her rest in the palace," Yao also shocked many guests now, she can not reveal what the mood, he smiled and said, "to be big when the girl back to the door, I asked her to accompany big girl talk. "

Pay attention to, if unmarried women come menstruation, can not participate in someone else's wedding on the marriage, or marriage will not Kyrgyzstan. Yao word went out, the presence of people are female passenger, naturally understand what Yao said, China just feel at home two girls sensible, not to want to join in the fun, let your cousin marriage add unlucky. Although the Chinese home a big girl to marry a man, this also is nothing beloved.

Wan Hua Xi suddenly feel a little Niwai, she walked around Romer sat down, Duanqichabei slowly drink up, do not bother to talk to people like Zhang.

"To say marry well, I think three girls worse still," Yao suddenly began, "Dukes endowed with considerably superior power than Zhoujia Gong child, but also the individual who posted, everybody is not

Yes? "

Yao's words in praise surface is significantly Dukes, is in fact playing Zhang's face, as well as the meaning of mischief in it. A look at these words, Zhang ugly face to know. No one would hear people say their own Uncle Uncle compare someone's home, will not be more than pleased, not to mention China and Huayi Liu Xi Wan or cousins, it was used to compare.

All the girls of the family looked at each other, no one expected that Yao's words were so rude to understand, which makes them how to answer? Said that it was shining beat Zhang in the face; not to say, it is equivalent to offend considerably County princess.

There are contradictions between the Chinese home wives are Chinese family thing,They do not want to somehow got involved.

"I think both are good Uncle, are gentle caring man," the old lady smiling Yao looked at, speaker said, "Today is a good day for our family a big girl, your family has been saddled Beaujolais, also please do not find it too simple meal. "

As the old lady's tallest man, China generational house speaker, we gave the face, we have the Buddist to open, and then follow the hierarchy seated, waiting for the Chinese home open seats.

Banquet ended sit for a while yet, Hua Xi Wan looked for excuses got up to leave, and now the assistant minister house, and she was too lazy to stay longer, and more do not want to see Zhang askew pies.

The more the more that her stay here, it was such a person is more hateful than Yao.

Romer did not say much, just told her to take care of myself, sent her to a two door, saw her into a chair, quietly watched the sedan grew farther away, he turned back to the inner courtyard.

Inner courtyard at this time has no foreign visitors, Zhang and Yao Yao is just because the words of the quarrel, when Romer entered the room, I heard Zhang said: "County princes and how, but not serious prince, Hua Xi Wan is now just relied on good looks by the significant Dukes loved nothing more, and then you see her in a few years and so what can they do? "

Zhang heard so cursed his daughter, Romer suddenly they smashed a porcelain vase hand, then pointed at Zhang's aggressive anger said: "?! Zhang, you have the ability to just repeat the words."

Chang glanced at the ground vases were smashed apart, we see sister angry look, struggling tone: "I said what's wrong?"

"Oh," Romer strike anger anti-laugh, then quipped: "Our family Guye then bad that is royal, unlike some people, Uncle even get through the big room of the stomach also eagerly daughter married in the past, so pies, I do not come. in this appearance, but also the nerve to make irresponsible remarks in front of me, myself do not look in the mirror and see his face is a demon is a ghost, did not get out of sick people. "

Romer This point was coarse and happy, angry Zhang almost out of breath, but why Romer said things happened so true, she even tried to argue back, could not find the reason.

Romer gas into whether she may look like, regardless of whether said: "I am a rude man, can not learn some of the famous pies, but do not come for the girl, paving the way for the children to do, my two sons, although disappointing, but we also remember to teach them a self-reliant, do not think that whoever married sisters had relied world can there be free lunch, others only when it is a fool! "

See ward and two-bedroom trouble like this, Yao happy to watch, but my heart is on Romer played a fear of the heart, after all, Yao angered the unhappy, who may directly face her pawing at the ground with foot, or less mess after she was wonderful.

"Since two siblings and other laity tolerate me, I will leave here," Romer after a pass cursing, angry Zhang sit and watch his face bleached appearance, and turned it maidservants Old Woman with a thousand sub-flapping in the wind left assistant minister House.

Others say she was a bitch or, rude worth mentioning, anyway, she can not learn Zhang that set her children, who also do not want to bully!

"Laugh," Yao cynical smiles: "So you mean a thing even with the significant Dukes ratio,How much face. "Then he escorted the old lady out the door, leaving behind angry red in the face of Zhang's throwing things in the house to vent anger.

Such a trouble, but she felt ever more pleasing to the eye of the man sister, it was such a pretentious person, in relation to this rule her.

Dukes House on the display carriage, Wan Hua Xi and Zhang Yao weekdays thinking man, Zhang compare hypocritical, Yao relatively more love, love to take advantage, if the attitude of their children, Yao actually much better than Zhang, she Zhang personally do not like to do to send this person, though perhaps some of the family, the daughter of sacrifice already exists to support the phenomenon son.

Just then, suddenly out came the screams of many people, sitting in her carriage began to violently shake up, a did not hold on, heavy hit on the head on the car bi.

"County princess!" Carriage and shaking after a few, stopped down, with white summer Hongying concern rushed into the carriage and carefully helped her sit, "County Princess, are you all right?"

Once Hua Xi Wan looked up, they just scared face downcast, because China Xi Wan forehead oozing red blood, evidently Shangdebuqing.

"Come, Treat imperial doctor to Dukes House," took out a clean white cotton summer Pa Wan cover on the eve of China's wound, "quickly back to the House, County Princess hurt."

Hua Xia Xi Wan see white pair of frightened look, waved and said: "? Do not worry, just looked scary fills out how it is."

White summer some ugly looking and said:. "Guo Jiuye scared the horse, hit a lot of stalls, now horse has been Wei Wei Temple fall upon the people."

"The city not long rule, except in exceptional circumstances, it can not be a free horse?" Azeri capital, so even if some of the children of the nobility like horseback riding, but also to play outside the suburbs of Beijing, if riding in the city, there must be pulling guards this is Guo Jiuye how is it? Hua Xi Wan think of people involved with the Queen like family relations, to feel more pain head.

"Slaves do not know, because I heard

Guo Jiuye with a bet, said equestrian skills, even riding in the city will not be an accident, "White said this summer, some teeth," just a kid out there injured. "

"In the next Wei Wei Hou Temple Shaoqing, especially to give substantial County princess confessing, despite weak the next, let your county princess frightened!"

Out came a man's voice, Hua Xi Wan did not speak.

Hongying out of the carriage, toward this people blessed Fook: "This is an accident it is, please adults do not care, we just head home county Princess injured, you need to heal back to the House, where adults need a lot of bother. "and then he took out a purse Bong front of this man," county road princess heard a child injuries, so take some medical expenses Extraordinary slaves to this child, this matter please adults do too. "Then, again a blessing.

"Polite girl, princess deal a county, the child's family will be grateful to her," Hou Wei Wei Shaoqing temple but four products, in Beijing, is also a bit of a face character. The Guo Jiuye stir up trouble, and even lead to significant injuries County Princess, he thought to significantly Dukes House prominent, not give him a good face. Who knows did not expect, County princess was so wide and the people, he Grab the purse toward the carriage of people salute,"In the next to leave, Wang county Princess speedy recovery."

Then he heard a female voice coming from the carriage, the volume is small, but enough for him to hear.

"Thank you Da man."

"Afraid." He stepped back and watched the Dukes House of gradually driving them away, then looked down at the purse in his hand, laughing loudly.

Guo Jiuye horse scared of driving them considerably County Princess, Princess has caused significant injuries county, the capital in recent days, I am afraid there are a lively look.

Unfortunately, he Wei Wei Temple from top to bottom, to be Guo Jiuye move implicated.

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