Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

They came back from the palace of the third day, Wan Wah evening we heard a terrible news that the palace pregnant Princess of sensitive miscarriage, abortion turned out to be the reason because the prince suddenly turn from the corner, hit her on the stomach. Min Fei foot of a crooked belly of the child to fall suddenly gone.

Because the emperor heirs thin, so after heard Min Fei pregnant, being outside all day affair rumors about Prince badly battered he was finally a little happy, happy results have not yet had time for two days, he was told that the children did not, the culprit or Prince made him a headache.

Under this speech stimuli, the emperor received the Queen's anger Feng order, let her behind closed doors a month. Prince then again called up verbally, but also people beat him ten board, and even ordered him to stay in Prince honestly Tutor learn to follow your family, and not to appear on the Chodo, do not enter the palace.

In China Xi Wan opinion, if not for the emperor only one son Prince Edward, Prince of chances crown prince bit long gone. However, his knee is only so a Xiongtai Zi, angry and vomiting blood waste Prince could not say the words. Even so, presumably the emperor hearts of friendship to the Prince also more wear more less.

Feelings of this kind of thing, sometimes by not toss again and again, not to mention Kai Lung emperor is the emperor, even if there are father and son and crown prince, but will not be as pure as ordinary people.

Move under the anger Kai Lung Emperor, almost equal to call a slap in the Queen and the Prince's face. Queen Mother as a country, was received phoenix make even behind closed doors in January, this elite circles in the capital, almost became a joke. Not to mention the future heir Prince Zhao as large even by flogging, which is simply to step on the prince's face to the ground, even after inheriting the throne, life will become tainted.

It seems Kai Lung Emperor was frantic, or else what would make such a decision. Wan Hua Xi no unfavorable attitude toward the Prince, so after hearing these rumors, let the moment Shanfang who gave her a few dishes to pay more Spoil yourself in a good mood.

Because the Queen and the Prince was beaten face, even with the end and princess have a lot of convergence, normally like to invite people to listen to opera flowers, she has been the past few days to stay honest Princess House, so that some weekdays like holding her respect her people to follow them carefully.

A few days later, I do not know Kai Lung Emperor relieve his anger still realize that they too have done wrong move, so he deliberately reward a lot of things to make up the body beaten Prince Edward, the queen also make Phoenix also back. The move is also tantamount to the capital to tell everyone that the matter has been exposing, Queen or Queen, Prince or Prince.

Then, after a few days, was called the Royal Princess Min Jin emperor, the emperor's got a lot of reward, but also a time Beijing had eyes in the side of many people. Not allergic Royal'd not been insolent, but increasingly low profile up, and gradually, there will be no one mentioned her.

Min Fei heard a hindsight, Hua Xi Wan could not help but sigh, do harem woman this is not what a blessing, finally pregnant and had a miscarriage, for harem women, is nothing short of a lightning bolt, even if He gave a bit sensitive Princess Royal of what is the use? Does she also has a child?She was thinking of these things, to see Yan Jin Qiu smiling face came in, he asked: "? Jin Qiu it is experiencing a good thing"

"Just got a masters of calligraphy, it is a rare treasures, natural heart happy." Yan Jin Qiu took her maid goes to tea, drank the road, "he heard shortly after Huashi Lang home happy event?"

"Yes ah, my big cousin and son Zhou Shilang about to get married." Wan Hua Xi Zhou Yunheng think just out of filial let the side room girl was pregnant, because they do not agree with the parents the child destroyed, a lot of things so much noise people knew. Now although that has been through the house away, the children are destroyed, but in China, Xi Wan opinion, such a man is not what good with.

See her look a little wrong, Qiu Jin Yan asked: "But what is wrong with it?"

"Nothing, just heard the child room Zhoujia Gong sudden, some things," Hua Xi Wan sighed, "I'm worried that cousin married in the past to lose it."

"The mother of parents to enrich people, this marriage if there is nothing wrong with her parents early on the dissolution of marriage, and now you big cousin home since nothing happens, then it decided to take on behalf of the people they are determined to marry into Zhou, you're so worried about what is the use, "Qiu Jin Yan raised an eyebrow," you big cousin Waizu Chang now can be considered the Marquis of people, presumably Zhou not neglect her. "

Yan Jin Qiu is not clear affection between their sisters, so she did not say that there is to do in the county princess cousin, Zhou will be a lot of convergence. He reached out and patted the back of her hand, "Do not try too much, careful waste God."

Wan Hua Xi smiled, turned to talk to him from something else. Yan Jin Qiu out with a lot of things not to mention China Xi Wan, Wan Hua Xi would be happy to do nothing good, after all rambling chat about it, I do not know how to wander the bed / on.

Wake up the afternoon of time has passed more than half of China Xi Wan sat up in bed, reading a book sitting by the window watching the men, sunshine twilight cast in his hair, to his hair dyed a golden strands. Wan Wah evening while enjoying the beauty, while serious thought, if her previous life at the age of eighteen, will love this handsome, as noble, gentle and handsome man. But then she entered the entertainment fought, used to see the side of the wealthy man behind it on the rich handsome man holding this kind can not see can fondle mentality cute.

Life is so short, love was so unreal, unreal love she did not want to occupy a short life. Women always used to give up everything for love, even forget that he, probably some of her own love, so love will be no less important.

See you later Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan looked at himself, he put down the book in the hands of smiles: "? I woke up."

"Ah," Hua Xi Wan went to pick up the comb slowly before the mirror combing his hair, watching the bronze mirrors in slightly blurred face, "Jin Qiu your daughter paintings already hard to find out, did not think He could still get a calligraphy and joy. "

"Excellent ancestors place, worthy of my appreciation and learning, the more precious things, the easier it is heartening after the hand." Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan walked behind him, took the comb from her hand,For her full head of black hair combed. Because Hua Xi Wan very smooth hair, a comb down, then gently to the bottom.

"Xi Wan's hair so beautiful," he elect a jade hairpin from the box, gently roll up the hair, it seems too herself to look ugly, and adjusted a few times, "Whenever I feel bad when , touch this head of black hair, he no longer bothering up. "

Love this hair habit, so straightforward to say it really okay?

Hua Xi Wan felt his hair was Yan Jin Qiu made some terrible, but in order not to blow his enthusiasm and their aesthetic requirements, simply do not look at myself in the mirror, anyway, out of sight out of mind: "That Jin Qiu future may You can not make me angry, because I heard a woman is angry and often can cause hair loss. "

"How do I willing?" Qiu Jin Yan has picked up support jade hairpin hair fixed, so that the hair does not look so baggy, "this life with you, what I do not know enough."

Hua Xi Wan laughed language, ask the man behind many, a comparable his mind how she ask?

They finished couples kiss in private houses, then thick, warm and eat dinner, then spooned.

On this day two days in August, Wan Hua Xi rare to get up early, combed makeup picked out a purple skirt, get driving them home Er Ye Hua went to your home, after all, China and Japan today, but according to Liu married, she even then like to sleep late, do not ball dropped in today.

The assistant minister to your family, to have a lot of guests, Hua Xi Wan entered the House, there will be a lot of the women gathered around her Jianli say hello, even the first two months of all because Mrs. Zhang Zhang Gongzai case specifically to thanks to her.

Probably because today is the granddaughter married a good day, Mrs. Zhang deliberately wore a dark red gown, but some thin face looked a little pale.

"We quickly sit down, do not be so polite," Wan Hua Xi sat down leaning on Ms. Zhang's hand, smiled and here the women said, "Today is a good day for big cousin, we do not have to pay attention to the virtual ceremony, or after a certain Ershen I do not want to come. "

Because Hua Xi Wan daughter stays home to face, Zhang's face lighted up stopping it: "County princess but these words Ershen wronged, and if you are willing, even from your family is living in Ershen not affect the , I'm afraid it would not princes of the county. "

He had married women of goodwill are heard laughing out loud, miss those girls have not been married, have his head down his face shy of pretending to not understand the joke.

Dukes County princess significantly distressed own thing, capital is already a well-known thing. Today Hua Xi Wan Lang House to come, sit Dukes is driving them, before the guards open, after the ladies holding a mirror end of the furnace, showing that the county is reluctant prince she be the slightest grievance.

This is afraid of the wrong, women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, Chinese home three girls to marry Prince significant, so they have significantly Dukes friendship, I do not know is a blessing to repair several lifetimes.

It was envy, jealousy was naturally, the Office of the Department also determined significant Dukes girl, now see Hua Xi Wan Fengfengguangguang played, my heart had knocked over a few jars of vinegar, wait for them to say a few words, can China Wan evening on a sour acid, but because of their own identity unmarried woman, fighting back could not speak it."As early as Princess Wen county national colors of the sky, Lao Shen has no chance to see, destined to meet today, I discovered that said is true," said one woman sixties smile, "tell the moment, then, the county princess so Rongse, Laoshen lived sixty years, I have not seen you are better than the woman Princess county. "

Wan Hua Xi shallow smiles: "Ms. Lu That is right I am almost ashamed to people, and I looked at the house better sign of the girl, is also the delight I saw."

There are a few clever womenfolk heard suddenly Yaran, the county princess in the past almost never occur in crowded places, but it can so easily recognizable to people, which is how the vision and mood?

No wonder fans can significantly Dukes head over heels, so looks and means the world there are few men can resist that?

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