Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 31 provoke

Chapter 31 provoke

Seeing the Queen kneel, sit still Prince and Crown Princess, followed by kneeling down. Hua Xi Yan Wan turned to see Jin Qiu Zhuangruo nothing like standing on the side, also followed stood up, hot day kneeling on the ground does not feel better.

"Ai Jia frail older, already unpleasant," said the Queen Mother did not seem to see the Queen kneel in front of their own eyes red, like a helpless old man lost everything, lost hope in life. " Today, even the Palace of paternity were able to bully the head of Ai Jia, Ai Jia, what face alive? Ai Jia in respect of the year to accompany the late emperor to go, do not stay in this cold room, eating things that mess. "

"Appease his mother, daughter Enu will certainly punish those audacious, you are a daughter of the emperor and the pillar, you always say this is the case, are there any face let daughter alive?" The queen said not finished, tears have to flow, "is daughter's fault, just his mother Relax, do not air the body, or daughter really discredited to see the emperor. "

Fukang occasionally neglect the house of the provincial house of things, the Queen is a little known, but only asked two mouth, got the idea to say more than that is not. Queen Mother felt she had such a temper, will not make things out of trouble, turned out the Queen Mother is so straightforward to get things out of trouble, if this thing got out, and she would not have become the emperor of filial piety of the people?

Zhao filial piety toward the big rule, always pay attention to care for the young. Although it is not the emperor Empress mother, but she was the Queen Mother dignities that day, she is the mother of the emperor, is the need to respect the full upward and downward of the Queen Mother. Dignified servant in the palace ill-treatment by the Queen Mother, who would believe that there is no paternity audacious Palace, the Queen will think of her snub.

At this point my heart no matter how annoyed the Queen Mother move, Queen's face was full of worry and regret, only red-eyes with tears constantly pressing, the Queen Mother, just like a dutiful extremely looks like.

"Bale, although you are the queen, but the temple complex things, sometimes not observed, it is normal," the Queen Mother, the queen makes his face slumped help them, wiping her tear duct cheeks, "Ai Jia is thinking too much a. "

Understanding these words seem a queen, but in reality it is an oversight given to the Queen charges and oversight of local Fukang her house, rather than elsewhere.

Hua Xi Wan-law looked at one to one to two, could not help fibrillation, the Queen Mother suddenly launched an attack, but with such a violent means, must be because of what happened after the palace, the Queen Mother to protect themselves before they things blow up.

After sometimes make things so much noise well known, in terms of the Queen Mother might be a good thing. After all, if the Empress what had happened, so people know about it, it will not help to wonder Empress two head, even if really nothing to do with the Empress, the two men do not know, I'm afraid not law initiative to explain to people.


Sheng asked to see His Highness His Highness Prince and Princess Thanh. "

Thing to watch never too much, the Queen did not expect this time Sheng Jun Wang also getting into the act, she even suspected that something was deliberately planning the Queen Mother, she deliberately in front of two people called Dukes. But even though my heart think so, she points the surface is no leak, when the Queen Mother looked and found her face was the color also surprised, it seems that the couple did not think the governor Sheng will come."Let them come in." Queen Mother straightened dressed, although it looks to restore the previous tolerance, but a reddish eyes saw that people there crying at the scene.

Crown Princess stepped forward to organize clothes for the queen, the queen was quietly stopped, wiping her eyes slowly and said:. "Sit still."

Crown Princess Minchun sat down beside the Prince, looked a little dull. Next to the Queen Mother and Prince see the Queen did not continue to go downtown, wanted to get up and leave, Jun Wang Sheng came to hear, frowned a little bored, but fortunately know that this is what the occasion, did not seem too obvious.

Yanbo Yi Hou come in and sensed the atmosphere is not quite right, finish line after the ceremony quietly sit on the sidelines. He and Yan Jin Mounds, brought up only grow in the face of their parents, so did not have much feeling with the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother, but also to visit is just routine.

Queen Mother had just shed tears, so after opening it sound hoarse, Hou could not help but ask: "? Huang grandmother, but the body does not apply."

"Without problems, but the little things happened," the Queen Mother glanced at the Queen, we continue to Hou said, "you did not think was actually three brothers together here to Ai Jia

, Do the authors is an appointment? "

Prince Jun Wang Sheng and most do not deal with, the Queen Mother heard these words Sheng Dukes write a glance face of disdain. Yan Jin Qiu laughed and said, "This is not our appointment, but we all miss Wong grandmother nothing."

Queen Mother was his words flatter smile revealing two points, then the Queen said: "Ai Jia discoloration things to the house of the provincial bird's nest, you yourself just the right treatment, Ai Jia talk to these kids, you are busy, you do not Ai Jia accompany the. "

Empress Dowager got up and heard Fook said:. "Retire daughter"

Queen Mother this old fool, went so far as to embarrass her again and again! After the Queen's Palace out of the Fukang, face a changed a few changes before resuming normally dignified appearance, his heart was very unhappy with the move Queen Mother, but think now when the situation had to bite this tone Renxia, ​​she would see this old fool can live up to what time!

"Queen." A ladies rush over, looking a little pale, low voice at Queen's ear: "Listen to the news, said the hospital too, Min Fei have two months pregnant."

"Two months?" Queen micro pick brow, then smiled and said, "palace Empress pregnant, it is a big happy event, the palace to see Min Fei, you go for next gift, can not be wronged Min Fei Goddess . "

"Yes," the ladies heard complexion gradually returned to normal, silent retreated to the side.

Fukang palace, normally little cousins ​​together no matter who and who does not deal with, are quite the moment mouth

Polite, the premise is to ignore that Prince flying eyes and Sheng Jun Wang stony face.

Since the days of hot, ladies brought them the Lotus Qushu soup, Hua Xi Wan looked at the hands exquisite bowl, which is really not neglect the house of the provincial look.

Drank soup with a hint of lotus leaf flavor, slightly sweet fragrance, hot weather do not think Guadan, this soup it is in reality very particular approach, it seems beside the Queen Mother even a cook is not a simple man .

"A few years ago heard obvious County princess body is not good, I do not know now what the?"Crown Princess Road," is not common on weekdays you go out to play, but I want you to get close to for a long time. "

"Thank you, His Royal Highness Crown Princess concerned, my body has been a lot better, but still bitter summer chills," Hua Xi Wan wiping mouth, shamefaced, "I have determined to come out and we play more, just give us trouble worry , thought to want it simply to stay in your home a. "

"We are not a family member have any trouble trouble," Crown Princess looked carefully Hua Xi Wan, the other wearing a Gongzhuang autumn, color white was almost transparent, does seem somewhat emaciated, "the future if given the chance, we must be good to talk chat."

"His Royal Highness Crown Princess nearby, as long as the body live up to expectations, I will gladly participate," Hua Xi Wan softly smile, giving a weak poor appearance.

Crown Princess is jealous of her beauty to see her this way, also beget disgust of the heart, but like a little more meaning, "That will be good, but if the body is unwell should not be too mien."

Hou hearing this, a bit of a surprise looked Crown Princess, Crown Princess's not like these words to say, a rare commitment to the Hua Xi Wan forced out, but the initiative took a step backward, so when Crown Princess well you speak?

But significant Dukes of good touches, such a return everything to marry regardless of the county princess, the future can have him worry. Hou Yan Jin glanced at the mound mouth smile, my heart feel a little ironic, affectionate pair look like I do not know to do or see Wan Hua Xi Nghe people waiting to see the government?

"Ai Jia this old woman, would you like to see these young woman sitting on a" queen mother began, "This is neat appearance, and more people rare." Finish the sentence, she saw the addition of Yan and Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan glances, her favorite this young couple is not without reason, they can not find a royal look better compare them husband and wife.

Prince heard this, and more opportunity to take a look at the Hua Xi Wan good glances, then smiled and said: "imperial grandmother remark is very rational."

Yan Jin Qiu prince who flew sight, tightlipped and said: "His Royal Highness Prince Crown Princess has made such a good wife, no wonder so agree imperial grandmother's words."

Hua Xi Wan Xieni sad at him: "His statement is a slur County princes concubine?"

See Prince Wan Wah evening that sad look, instead of almost Yan Jin Qiu say anything against, but unfortunately Americans already married, he can only afford more fancy glances.

"You're in my heart, nature is the best," Jin Yan mound in front of witnesses reached out and squeezed Hua Xi Wan's palm, a look of gentle smile.

Prince looked at some envy Yan Qiu Jin's hand, and so if this is the beauty of a woman like myself, and he will not bear a trace wronged by her, what she wants what she gave, even to his own pride and he is also willing of .

Holding sit and watch the tea mouthwash Crown Princess Prince such a look, prime hand flick, exquisite cup fell to the ground, issued crisp sound, stunned Prince withdrew his mind rude sight.

"Granddaughter wrong hands scared to imperial grandmother, grandmother Queen seeking punishment," the Queen Mother Crown Princess got up and bowed.

"But the cup is, what punishment does not rebuke," the Queen Mother Princess for a people to a cup of tea, smiling to Prince Edward Road and Yan Boyi,"You have to learn to learn Jin Qiu, more pain own wife."

"Imperial grandmother Boyi Jinzun teachings," Yan Boyi neatly bowed, though respectful, polite but somewhat wizened.

Queen Mother smiled and did not speak, but raised his cup and said: "This day is not late, you young people more than things, you go back earlier."

Several younger heard this and opt got up to leave.

After so out of the Fukang Palace, Prince Edward conspire Yan Jin Qiu around to say nothing of nutritional nonsense, but always Qiu Jin Yan a few words will be blocked back, after a few San Francisco, he finally died down.

Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi Yan sit and watch the eyes grow fierce, remove their sight, to conceal his own dislike of the Prince. Just because the birth, so absurd a person becomes a person under the people on Prince Edward, the world handed the hands of such a person, if Yan's family ancestors want to know this for what?

And other left separately from the prince, Yan Jin Qiu face smile disappeared, he reached Zhu Fu Chai Wan Fu Hua Xi Binbian suddenly smiled and said:. "How can spy treasure by others."

Hua Xi Wan laughed softly touching, as if completely unaware of Jin Yan Qiu words meaning.

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