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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 30 harmony

Chapter 30 harmony

Yan Jin Qiu already stepped into the backyard after two days, when the sun is just right, he stood in the shadow of watching a ventriloquist sitting under a tree listening to the performers Hua Xi Wan, look after changing several times, still not standing still on before.

Ventriloquist artists performed "Bainiaozhaofeng", different birds singing, the sound of flapping wings, and even in the valley of the wind performances are vivid, and the sound of a mountain stream in the water, the fish leaping out of the water sound Hua Xi Wan eyes closed, listening to these voices, as if to see a paradise.

There are too many ancient art treasures lost in the tide of history, in the modern, she is particularly respect for all the old artists, because filming hard, rarely see these performances, now have such a good opportunity, where she was willing to miss

The ventriloquist is over 50, old man, so he finished performances, Hua Xi Wan servant to let the old man to end a bowl of soup throat, so he drank before: "The old man's artistry is really powerful, indeed ventriloquist family successor. "

Old man heard this, he was flattered and said:. "Princess county can get loud praise, but decrepit eight life of good fortune," he entertainer a man, they say nicely called ventriloquist family, in fact it is just wander about the abysmal bread, weekdays being looked down upon countless, where I would think there will be face to performing in front of the county princess, also known as Princess county say "sir."

"But the old man is too modest," Hua Xi Wan smile, "you have to show vivid, this is not the average person can do, if you do not mind shabby old man Dukes House, it also invited the old man to the future often Dukes House performance period. "

The old man heard suddenly overjoyed, hastened to salute and said:. "County princess like to listen to, to be able to perform Dukes House, is decrepit blessing, and dare despise."

A eunuch rushed forward to lift up the old man, the old man gave a white summer purse, which is filled with some of the money: "Since the gentleman mind, that in the future, please show your family used to come to the governor, we like the most is the home county Princess these things."

Old man holding a weight not light purse, and thanked him over and white Wan Hua Xi Xia follow after the servant go toward the outer courtyard. Just went to the porch, led the way to see the servant kneeling down, he did not dare look up, just in front of the given guess is there are elegant, they followed the knees.

"Get up, since like the old man Princess gun show, and you remember the good people sent back."

Listen to this voice very young man, got up when he saw a man dressed in luxurious white robe standing in the shadows, although he was older, but have not taken the eye, so just have to look, they say that this young man a handsome, he travel extensively for so many years, really have not seen such a nice young man.

And so I followed the servant out of the yard, the servant smiled and said:. "The old man You can be good luck, let's just say good send you home, but our county princes, your future blessed."

"? County princes" astonished to see the old man servant, he must see the nod, just quivering and said: "My God, my little Laoer today but luck." Then, on the purse Lane took a piece of money upon their servant, servant see in any case are not willing to accept, before we had to collect myself.

When he sat junwangfu send him home carriage,Old feeling sleeve pockets, how lighted surface has disappeared not go, county who Meiqingmuxiu Princess, mesh Mingxiu nose, a phase of the motifs. Who County princes who momentum is good, at first glance that this is like Fu Gui, the two men not only looks extraordinary, even the face of the phase is a rare extravagance, really worthy of a Prince and Princess county, momentum is different from ordinary people.

Shade, Hua Xi Yan Wan squints see Jin Qiu walking towards his side, put her hand on the table fan, put mung bean soup to drink it slowly, until Yan Jin approached the mound did not put down bowl in his hand.

See Yan Jin Qiu Hua Xi Wan ignore him, sat quietly beside her, looked at her a bowl of bean soup with a half after: "We did not have a few days to visit the palace of Emperor grandmother, you told me tomorrow a go these days? "

Hua Xi Wan put down a bowl, took Hongying delivery to the tea rinse the mouth with a handkerchief slowly wiping his mouth and said: "Royal Highness County speaker, undefined status naturally follow."

"I told you, do not pay attention to those among us," Yan Jin Qiu pass toward the wood behind beckoned, to take over a road ebony box from him, "a few days ago you said like Shu embroidery I let some night embroidered handkerchief, if you look at their preference, if love, let them give you several sets summer dress. "

Wan Hua Xi took the box from his hand, glanced at the box open box of handkerchiefs, nodding towards Yan Qiu Jin smiled and said:. "There are so labor-gun Royal Highness careful" Then, do not say that like it or not, they I put the box aside.

Yan Jin Qiu was swept into the box next to the line of sight, and glanced around after her maid servant around and waved to allow these people to step down, sighed and said: "Xi Wan, sometimes I really do not understand what you think. "

Hearing this, the Hua Xi Wan anger against laugh: "Sometimes my views and like you."

Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zheng look, look away slightly and said: "You and I married and the couple but, what can not be made?"

Hua Xi Wan looked at him attentively, suddenly laugh after a long while to clear the way:. "So you want to tell me, I will listen to good"

Atmosphere suddenly silent, after a long time, Yan Jin Qiu hand lifted burst her ear, and sighed: "We live it well, to do the little things made each other unhappy, not only hurtful, but also not good for you and me . "

Some warm hand side of the cheek, Hua Xi Wan looked up at the smiling face of this gentle man, gradually mouth hint of a smile: "Good."

Yan Jin Qiu hand ring around her, held her lazy waist up, ...... then the foot of a stagger.

Wan Hua Xi stand down from his arms, he smiled and said: "I still go." World

Are known to significantly Dukes love text, do not like Wu, Wu normally do not like how easily he picked up down the middle of one person?

She looked back at her maid servant who stood far away, and let Jin Qiu Yan holding his hand, and then at each other a little embarrassed smile, very considerate added: "can not afford to hold nothing, though I see up thin, in fact, there is some weight.

Yan Jin Qiu: "......" He felt like he was not to comfort each other, especially when the other side also insincere smile.

The inner court to serve under it was discovered that the county princes went back to live in the inner court,And also a lot of things to heap County princess private library. The county is still Princess leisurely drink, as if to let counties before the princes live even several days of study things do not exist.

Akebia white Xia, who is also relieved, after all, there are contradictions between the master, the servant is not a good thing for them, and now they crash and burn, simply could not be better.

The number of China Xi Wan palace is not much, first because of their status needs taboo, and second, because she was too lazy to clash with the palace several secret. But no matter how the surface of the effort is to do, just as the Queen and the Queen Mother, obviously there is no emotion, but the important occasions-law is always a harmonious look.

Queen Mother lived in Fukang house to a luxurious Wan Hua Xi heavy feeling, she looked ahead lead the way ladies, they will never think of the satisfactory Queen Mother, the Queen traps everywhere and think of words between who, in He was secretly sighed.

Wait until the interior look, the Queen really are, not only her, Prince and Crown Princess are. Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan glanced mound, stepped forward a few steps and said: "Xi Huang Wan seen grandmother, a few days gone, Huang grandmother look awfully like another any better, is it because there is no bother granddaughter grandmother Queen, so Wong grandmother refreshing, lively as ever? "

After "Ouch, Ai Jia can not bear so good a granddaughter," Empress Hua Xi Wan was flatter, then smiling, not China Xi Jian Li Wan to Queen et al., Put people pulled in front of their own, a moment of rare praise , fishes Yan Jin Qiu Road, next to, "I looked at Xi Wan past few days a bit thin, it seems that this is your husband doing enough dedication."

"Imperial grandmother, granddaughter County princes to be very good, but the recent hot day, before eating less of, in order to allow the county princes granddaughter spend more things, anxious to put the government in delicious easy to use granddaughter gave you can not be wronged him, or go back and wait for his granddaughter how to do good? "Hua Xi Wan grabbed her sleeve, blushing explained," that is quite granddaughter can only find your grandmother cried the Queen. "

"He'd dare," Empress smiling this servant to Yan Jin Qiu end of the bench, then to Queens Road, "looked at kiss / hot among them those of the younger generation, Ai Jia heart is nothing better than to eat anything sweet."

Empress Dowager know is implied between the Prince and the Crown Princess, will be stiff smiles:. "His mother put it."

Crown Princess envy glanced at Hua Xi Wan, looked at the prince's side, and my heart is sad and embarrassed, buried his head down.

Wan Hua Xi Prince looked good glances, but because of the presence of the Queen Mother as well as Yan Jin Qiu, his performance was not too explicit, but that frequently Zhaohua evening Wan looked in the eyes, Qiu Jin Yan has been so brow slightly moved .

"His Royal Highness Prince Edward," Qiu Jin Yan suddenly said, "His Royal Highness Prince heard in the past few days learning to follow Zhongtai Fu, I do not know Zhongtai Fu man may severely?"

"Oh," Prince sighed, staring at her to see the Queen, he reluctantly smiled and said:. "Zhongtai Fu profound scholarship, studying with him, let benefited from the Palace" Zhongtai Fu think that serious face, Prince His Royal Highness began to feel chest hair plugs.

"Zhongtai Fu versed in literature, ordinary people would like to ask is that he is not, sir can get Zhongtai Fu teach, is pretty good," Yan Jin Qiu toward his hand and said,"If at the future Chendi not know of, please Highness exhibitions."

"Haha, kind, polite." Prince hollow laugh or two, he went to teach scholarship extraordinary Yan Qiu Jin, it was like a joke.

Hua Xi Wan silently looked away, in front of Yan Qiu Jin, Prince IQ has just set a new low, so she could not bear. Queen secretly observing eye, and she saw her tightlipped anger Forced look. Obviously the Emperor and Empress are very smart people, how Prince's IQ was not evolved, but there was atavism?

Queens about to speak, the result was interrupted by the Queen Mother spoke up: "Well, you were good cousins, do not have the courtesy to each other, two days before the house of the provincial people send new blood bird's nest, and I do make a small kitchen. some, and you try it together. "

After saying that, there are a few people carrying a tray Palace recently, each tray to put a fine porcelain bowl the size of a fist, Hua Xi Wan glanced took the bowl, can not help but look to the eyebrow queen.

When boiled bird's nest to see the Queen's Color, the moment they face downcast, toward the Queen Mother knelt down.

Wan Hua Xi Queen Mother had sat in front of a small stool, saw the Queen kneel down, it got busy already stood up and retreated to the Yan Jin Qiu side.

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