Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 29 Hong consumption

Chapter 29 Hong consumption

Do not ask to see the green bead seeking masters, really turned to leave, almost scared soft summer white legs, if the master flogging green bead or demoted her to go outside the hospital to do menial jobs, but also merciful than put her out of Dukes House, today Green beads to take the Dukes House, I'm afraid to tomorrow will be more than a mass grave in the bones.

"County Princess," white summer kneel again, would like to plead not know what to say. Lvzhu seeking master put a horse? But the master did not play did not call, even Lvzhu released directly to the government. The green bead seeking masters left, but the hostess can accommodate around which there is the heart of the man of the house maid?

Her lips thrill, long while before:. "Benevolent masters."

Wan Hua Xi watched her attentively, after a long while back line of sight and said: "Who if you have a special someone, remember to tell me, whatever the outcome, we have a master and servant, I will not let you Weiweiququ married."

"Masters, slaves and others of you no Janus-faced, if contrary to the remark, will be when ......" purple shirt white summer HY long been scared soft legs, can not wait to make my mind, as long as the masters believe that they like .

"Well," Hua Xi Wan line of sight through them, fall garden is drenched with sunshine, "all get up, what do you do to." And she just said pointing to the day behavior complained Lvzhu second maidservants, "from today onwards, you will fill the vacancy Lvzhu, whose name is also a change, it is called orange in autumn."

"Slaves Xie county Princess Ciming," orange autumn although delighted, but the rules when approached but did not salute the chaos, she thanks the Hua Xi Wan after he and other three lines of dialogue summer a Hail ceremony, silent retreat to the side.

Hua Xi Wan regardless of what people will do them a few ideas the moment they rely Ruanta, eyes closed up.

"Bah! Not long eye Zaoxin hoof rot, which is fine in your house How can you be too, and get out quickly, we do not dirty the big guy's eyes," a thick branches kept pointing to the Mother crunching crow cried, shouted, she was flanked by two old woman followed applause.

Lvzhu leaving luggage, oblique accusations of listening to these words, they just feel aggrieved and sad, she looked up at the branches creak barking at that crow, heart inexplicably sad together.

She masters serve for so many years, even if no credit has elbow grease, but now it has come to such a fate. Heart so cold ruthless woman, to stay in the county around Royal Highness Prince County would not harm it?

Suddenly she saw a pedestrian appears on the distant corridor, walking in front of men dressed in white, who lupine jade crown, not the county princes and yes. Her heart suddenly filled with a never had the courage, Batui ran in that direction.

"Dukes ......"

Her words have not yet exported, he was a man covered her mouth and then another man put her on the ground, smell the smell of the soil between the incoming nose, she's embarrassed to go back to exactly who would want to seize themselves, the result being pressed my face to the ground, dirt all got into the mouth and nose.

"Shameless Jianbi, dared to run around barking at Dukes Fuchu, do not look in the mirror to see what he is virtue, dare from that dubious mind, when he was also the maidservants County princess carry around ? "a burly Old Woman pulled her hair in front of her face slapped down two pops," Let Dukes House may not have such a shameless person,Get out quickly! "

Look next few lively Old Woman heard the busy movement pushed forward Lvzhu go out, I do not know intentionally or unintentionally, tied it impossible to get the parcel was hit by a tear people inside clothing silver jewelry scattered over the floor , Lvzhu want to pick up, the result was several Old Woman stepping on hand did not say, he was also a direct Old Woman dragged his clothes and left.

"Betrayed the master also meant to take the master reward things go, we did not read the book Old Woman of these rough, illiterate, but I know what is loyalty," took her to walk out of Old Woman foul-mouthed, "You acted so , but also relied on the county princess temper mild nothing! "

Lvzhu hesitated, until Old Woman who launch small door county Princess, are not answered a God. She did it against the master angry, it really is to be relied on weekdays master them all right?

Door slammed shut in front of her, she covered embarrassed, had already gone to serve in the county of scenery when the Princess side, watching the alley outside the pedestrians coming and going, suddenly fear in the heart with regret, the world is so big, she go from here?

A little while, a mule train through Tata, small backyard door, no longer any people on the scene.

"County princes, things have run up." The middle-aged man wearing a blue gown bowed standing in front of Yan Jin Qiu, "The body has been processed and clean."

"Ah," Qiu Jin Yan looked blankly looks ordinary middle-aged man: "When ensure hands, was seen?"

"Yes," the middle-aged man obsessed road, "witness Sheng and Xu Jun Wang Fu palace steward of purchase, and now it has been the official report."

Yan Jin Qiu silently nodded his head, waving people to step down, then turned around to see standing in the corner of Akebia:. "The matter does not have to hide County princess, but to wait for the end of the mention of the case."

Akebia first puzzled, then we will understand the intention of the county princes. If things just out of trouble, County princes know, does not mean to let counties Princess suspect that they are very concerned about this girl Lvzhu it? If later told County Princess, Princess will only make the county that the county princes of Lvzhu and do not care, but for the county princess great respect, that after the event, immediately let the county know the princess.

Yan Jin Qiu most satisfactory Akebia is to have a few brains, of few words, practical work, and wink. Such people use them both him easily, and at ease.

Beijing recently took place in a sort of a small thing, and that is significant because 手脚不干净 junwangfu a girl were expelled from the House shortly by several hooligans raped / killed. If it were not Xu and Sheng Jun Wang Fu palace steward happens to meet the man and grabbed the officer reported that the maid will lose a life of white. Finally out of the case the trial results are somewhat shocking, because

This turned out to be a few rogue prince of your family servant.

Rape and murder of a woman of such roadside rogue nature of the case, although bad, because if they had not involve significant Dukes and Prince, not sensation.

Prince Fuchu lawless people, is the capital of the people are aware of, but should have done something to the rape and murder of women in Lang Lang events in the sky in white, somewhat too bold. I do not know Zhang Gongzi who was killed before suddenly filed a case with the Prince-related, prompting many people to read the book stand crusade behavior Prince House fish people, and there are even more radical thought Prince cruel,Prince simply can not afford to do, if the big Zhao toward the future emperor is such a person, the common people would not be caught in dire straits in the day?

Zhang whatever the outcome is a scholarly family, although no real power, but we rather prestigious, popular with respected scholars, this thing out of trouble, the world's students have stood out, the rumors about the antics of Prince soon spread throughout the large Zhao, large the emperor has no disposal of Prince Edward, these scholars would have been like to go downtown.

As North Korea's main big Zhao Kai Tai Lung after hearing these students are radical rhetoric, angry prince called the curse of a palace, but the matter was referred to this point, we have not curse a prince can settle in.

Finally, this prince Jian Shaan to behead several government servant as a result, the prince also wrote a book Zihui, ostensibly in an apology, in fact, put all the wrong pushed to these servant who, he did but also the most wrong at the Royal lax.

As for Zhang Gongzi murder case, and finally out of the capital and arrested a few do not know where the culprits fled over, after they confessed that they saw Zhang Gongzi dressed, will move the tie robbing people's mind, who knows who Zhang son too impulsive speech, attracted them angrily to people to kill.

After the results of the case down, no matter how many people believe in Father Zhang emperor to give up a second-class Marquis, let Zhang offshoot of a parentless child to the adoptive after the old couple, the event will gradually calm down, but Prince the image plummeted in the Greater Zhao toward the hearts of the people.

No one thought to be just a little maid Jian Shaan cause such a big contradiction, there are not many people to pay attention to who her name yet. Even spread to the back have intensified, spread relatively far away from the capital, has become a prince raped and killed a maid in a Dukes palace.

Zhao toward large number of princes Dukes remote areas people do not understand, but the prince only one they know, these rumors, no not the image of Prince vicious, ugly, poor conduct, fish people.

So no matter how the Emperor helped cover up Prince, Prince's reputation in the hearts of the people already stink, even with the emperor has become headed, do not distinguish right from wrong.

Lvzhu when the killing spread to the backyard, already a few rogue after being identified.

Listen Wan Hua Xi Mu Tong lay it finished happening through, staring at the silent Akebia looked a long while after said:. "I know."

So listen to a word floating in the wood through the ears, a little taste, do not know his illusion, County princess seemed to know something, but when looked up to see the county princess, only to see her face calm, as if the green bead did not just strangers, but not her personal maidservants.

"You withdraw it," Wan Hua Xi floating glanced through the wood was still standing in front of him, "You go back and tell the county princes, the past few days my body uncomfortable, ask him to break it elsewhere."

Akebia waist deep bend down: "Small retire."

Gradually the house was quiet, Hua Xi Wan went to the window stood still, after long silence and said: "Lvzhu although no father and mother, but there is a poor cousin when Sheng Jun Wang Fu, I heard married a steward of Fuchu, unto the past three hundred pence,Asked her grief. "

White summer heart surprised, why she never heard Lvzhu mentioned?

Seems to see white summer unapproachable, Hua Xi Wan lowered eyelids and said: "It was probably after I married into the Dukes House, she and cousin to recognize this."

Lvzhu home that year was a disaster, parents are already deceased, and she was sold to a significant Dukes House. Because looks beautiful, and smart, not so then Hua Xi Wan nearly ten years old she went to the yard to wait, and later was promoted to first-class maid, one to two to six or seven years time, did not think would come to such a conclusion.

In the master heard Lvzhu married Dukes House after the post-Sheng Jun Wang Fu people contacts, summer White could not help but think of many other things, I want to mind the more scared, but fortunately now masters still alive, or else ......

Hongying also react with paclitaxel, they did not think Lvzhu even so bold, even dare other people who collaborated with your family. If the gun was found princes, so the master with suspicion of the heart, is it to master advanced fire pit?

"No wonder she acts weird lately, and I even take the initiative to exchange vigil this chore," paclitaxel could not help but recall those days Lvzhu behavior, and then think of her own initiative to keep for the night several times, they want to the more than taste, but also anger is felt sorry for her, if not properly move other thoughts, how would end up this way

These early masters found her behavior, but because of years of mutual affection has not expose her, but I want her to come to their senses, so she knows actually emboldened, should not have even played a thought ......

Means that the original master too Yinhen several large maidservants feel masters of Lvzhu claim to be doing everything humanly possible, is Lvzhu they do not cherish, results ruin their lost his tail.

When she was around first-class personal master girl, up and down over the government who disrespect her, who would not give her a bit of face, how will your family meet Prince Those servant, even the dead have died so shameful?

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