Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 26 sisters

Chapter 26 sisters

When Xi Wan Hua Hua home in front of Big Brother, has been a matter of half an hour after the. Hua Long Bao looked dressed sister, then at the next house to help her sister was coming hairpin Dukes and sighed.

When evening with Wan Wah out of the government, he has to look back to behind them out significantly Dukes Dukes House door, hand over:. "Dukes myself out, I go ahead."

"Great Jiuxiong walking," after Yan Jin Qiu Hua Xi Wan Fu on the wagon, he turned toward China Long Bao said, "I am afraid I sent far."

After the "stay behind, stay behind," Hua Long Bao got launched out some distance, he looked back, turned out to be significant Dukes also stand still, but some distance away, he could not see what expression is significantly Dukes face.

Overlooking recover their sight, Hua Long Bao glanced behind Ngee Ann printed sign waiting carriage house, frowned, which was exactly what the governor thought?

Akebia watched Nghe waiting carriage house grew farther away, until after not see, he buried his head deep down.

"Back to the government," Yan Jun Wang Fu Jin Qiu turned and walked into the door, the two went outside, cold channel: "Zhang Jiagong son's case, what related rumors out there?"

"Many people outside say about the matter with Prince, just because the emperor wanted to keep the Prince, so be prepared to counts of disorderly bandits in the head," Akebia honestly said, "It is said that even the Zhang family began to suspect Prince. "

Yan Jin Qiu laugh loudly, walking in the direction behind the back of the hand towards the study: "It seems that there is something behind this Yanbo Yi in waves, or those who spread the message plausible to go?"

Akebia silent listening, not much to say.

Qiu Jin Yan to study to be a half-day later, suddenly remembered the palace yesterday entered a new cook, sidewalk: "Let's cook new dishes to do a few good princess sent to the county."

Akebia stunned for a moment, then spoke up:. "County Royal Highness, Princess today back to Ngee Ann county government designate a"

Yan Jin Qiu turned over the books of hand paused, then waved his hand, no longer open.

Between Beijing rouge shop in famous guests, Linping Princess stood at the window to see on the street downstairs Nghe waiting carriage through the House, could not help but frown, Ngee Ann designate how the government will coach from the significant Dukes House Ngee Ann climate towards the government direction to go?

After waiting until the Ngee Ann carriage house drifting away, she heard the sound of conversation next door to the women.

"Ngee Ann House really rare designate their own daughter, this June calendar early in the morning to go to Baba significant Dukes House access, good color county princess's life, guarding her parents, husband spoil, really get any cooler."

"This is life, not to envy envy."

June calendar? Linping Princess stunned for a moment before recall today is the folk festival aunt, her family married parents, brothers and take the girl home day. Listening to the two girls of the family next door constantly talking envy Hua Xi Wan, she took her maid of intolerance among the guests.

Yan Jin Ling when she married the year since it has been decided not to rely on her family, then to today, not rare so-called aunt section. But Dalit folk festival will be over, thanks to Ngee Ann House also designate as big a good day, really funny.

Carriage parked just in front of Houfu, Wan Hua Xi brother heard the voice, she looked out of the carriage, and she saw the highly anticipated disc brother,The moment they could not help but grin: "Brother."

"Can be considered here," Hua Chen walked a few steps set beside the carriage escorted Hua Xi Wan dismounted car, looked up and down some Wan Wah evening, after confirming she had a good Dukes House, was satisfied from the Hua Xi Wan complexion said: "It seems good to you-gun Royal Highness, I can put down some heart."

Hua Long Bao dismounted, walked around the two said: "? What things back to the House again, standing at the gate like what"

Two siblings exchanged a look, obediently behind Long Bao in China Houfu into the door, although they are three siblings personality is different, but Hua Long Bao brother majesty was able to be guaranteed.

Along the way, all Houfu not changed much with her maiden, Hua Xi Wan entered are homes, have been waiting to see her mother and sister Sun, walked forward Fook said: "My daughter see had mothers, mothers How have you. "

"Ok," Romer said even three good character, carefully looked after Hua Xi Wan about it, "Dukes House where everything can be also used, what your family may not have eyes of man?" The last time back door many people eye miscellaneous, ask some questions she inconvenience, and now the house only a few of them their own side, she will not have to take into account what the.

"Dukes House are up and down I say, how dare people do not have eyes?" Wan Hua Xi sat down next to Romer, on the road next to the Sun, "a period of days gone sister, color was actually more good."

Sun smiled: "surprisingly sister mouth is so sweet."

Hua Xi Wan Stern said: "This is not Zuitian, my people is the most solid, never lie."

Sun reluctantly shook his head, see you later own husband though looking a touch, but also with eyes lighted up. Know Hua Long Bao face cold heart is hot temper, Sun also used, sidewalk:. "This is the mother hurt me, what good food tastes of all people to me, and only then keep color so well."

Romer smiled and said: "? I have the two of you girl, good things do not give you, to whom" She reached out and point to China Bao Long Hua Chen set, "do the authors give two brats even if you are willing, I? they are not enough good things to waste it. "words and so was the granddaughter as their own daughter, instead of someone else.

Sun Yanzui chuckle, do not think her mother at the scene said the words, look at the entire capital, there are a few mother can do her mother so generous and considerate?

Hua Chen Wen Yan pleaded not given, but in front of a woman, how his sensible place, but the last was a few jokes with the women of some Bale


After laughing for a while, Hua Xi Wan said: "Some time ago

I had horses snow satin, purple shirt to let the children do a few who are a blessing intimate apparel, under the sister-in-law and so why not give it a try fit, if inappropriate, let the maid take the following change to change. "

Snow satin touch the body cool and not freezing cold, is money can not buy good things, Sun current shortcut: "blessing children just eleven months old child, where the need it to wear such a good material?"

"Just because we Jiafu children are children, personal clothing only to pay attention to more and more," Hua Xi Wan smiling said, "When he grew up, even if you give him the cilice, I would not care."

Sun, a warm heart, know Hua Xi Wan do not pay attention temper virtual ceremony, smiled and accepted the offer.Lunch time, Hua Xi Wan found that most of the table are their favorite food, and even some food or do Romer personally, she felt my heart some sour, just when the rise again, have sounded a smile.

After a meal, Wan Wah evening than usual with a half-bowl too, Romer worried about her food plot, had to let the maid digestion bubble tea to her drink until she left the house, and Sun Hua Xi Wan three after a harem, just talk about things backyard: "big girl and settle down Zhoushi Lang son's wedding, and on two days in August."

Wan Hua Xi Zhou Shilang think of rumors about his son: "I heard that Zhou Jiagong just left a filial son, let's pass around the room was pregnant, what is true or false?"

"How is true or false?" Romer took a sip of tea, lightly, "When are they Kuku Qiu Zhou married, then within a decade older girls and Zhou Jiagong child marriage, they Zhou there can be no other woman She gave birth to a child. "

Wan Hua Xi frown, even so

, Huayi Liu married to such a man, what does that mean, "Zhou dare sudden, since such a thing, Uncle fish Ershen why not break off an engagement?" Here again break off an engagement is not a woman can not live in the place, although break off an engagement Women's reputation somewhat obstructed, but better than to marry a good man do not fly.

"Ms. Zhou Jia Ershen friendship with you quite well, who knows what you are going to Ershen," Romer shook his head, "If the future is no longer guilty of Zhou Jiagong child possessed nothing wrong with this stupid right, so if the marriage or , big girl on the poor. "

Chinese home three girls, the largest minimum Huayi Liu, Hua Xi Wan. It stands to reason, Hua Xi Wan should be more intimate with Huayi Liu, after all, Uncle and her father is the brother of fellow citizens. But Hua Wan Xi sister happens to appreciate Chu Yu Hua, China according to Liu eldest sister'd general perception.

But no matter what, she did not want to sit and see Huayi Liu married a bad man: "? Ershen on Sister a daughter, do not be willing wronged their own daughter."

Romer sighed and did not speak.

Being talked about, there is a servant to the report, saying it was a big girl and two girls came.

"Treat two girls come in," Romer got up and said, "I went to the backyard to see, you guys sisters have a conversation."

Sun seeing this, follow up and said:. "Fu child is about to take a nap, I go back yard look" Although this relationship with China Aster sister sub intimate evening, but the Sun and the other two girls home and from China are not many, so I do not want to stay here to talk about the impact of the three sisters.

Hua Xi Wan had said: "Well, we have a conversation together at night."

Chu Yu Hua and Liu Huayi duo had just entered are homes, there are several maidservants suddenly surrounded the two men came forward into the house, leaning on one side the two sit down, while Ah but also serve tea and snacks are holding, bustling.

Compared to ruddy Hua Chu rain, Huayi Liu's face looks a little pale, she was sitting in a chair watching the maidservants running around tending to, without a word. She looked up to see Hua Xi Wan Chu Yu Hua and just talk about sex, absence for a moment, a bit upset and said:. "The weather is getting hot, over the summer, it is autumn," Zhou Gongzi that she had met her, though handsome, but compared with the significant Dukes, and sent too much.Identity and talent is not comparable to significantly Dukes, you are going to marry her future as a man?

Hua Chu Yu heard this, looked at her, said nothing.

Wan Hua Xi micro pick brow: "In the fall not so hot."

Huayi Liu heart bitter that he feared the arrival of autumn is because do not want to marry as a man, because of Hua Xi Wan bitter summer looking forward to the advent of autumn. Happiness of his life in China, Xi Wan's eyes, probably still not as cool a few days more important.

What are sisters, but that's all.

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