Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 25 close

Chapter 25 close

Hua Sheng and be with her two sons to the living room, which was the governor has been sitting upright on a guest in her hand, holding a cup of tea sipped slowly, to see them come in, they very politely put down the cup and even stood up.

"Dukes significant," Hua Sheng smiled and stepped forward to hand over the salute, "Please attendance."

"Tarzan adult kind," Qiu Jin Yan and Hua Sheng line toward a younger ceremony, but also to China and Sheng two sons did the same generation ceremony, "Today to be nothing else, just heard two Jiuxiong ready this year Quarters participate in the autumn, I found some people over the years autumn Quarters papers, though not very useful, but can also let brother brought pen and thought, familiarize yourself with autumn Quarters kinds of questions. "

He spoke these words, behind two long vigil with each holding a wooden box on the front, and other things took over after Houfu servant, and quietly retreated to the side.

"Xian Xu determination," smile and Hua Sheng surface, Yan Jin Qiu cited again in a guest sit down, letting servant to Yan Jin Qiu changed a tea, "I do not live up to expectations this year to attend the autumn Quanzai Quarters, it was luck, you can list only depends on God, but added Xianxu too tired to bother. "

When "Thank you brother for I intend to be so careful, a few days ago the essay: China is set so Mai Tai Hua and Chen Sheng, did not reveal dissatisfaction with the color, but is the face of humility, good mood towards Yan Jin Qiu hand over I was thinking if the questions they have in previous years, well, who knows brother encountered a temporary relief, really grateful. "and then he bowed salute towards Yan Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin Yan was a hold.

"Two Jiuxiong why so polite, but you my own brother, do not talk about gratitude grateful?" Yan Qiu Jin Hua given Chen patted the shoulder, and China Sheng said, "I am the years, mainly to Xi Wan, tomorrow is June sixth aunt's Day, Xi Wan bitter summer, also requested Tarzan adults more prepared ice. "

Hua Sheng and how smart people, the moment they hear Yan Jin Qiu is suggesting they, June sixth Xi Wan Wah can take back to my aunt's Day Houfu too, will respect each other's way of doing things Houfu.

"My girl temper is not good enough, if something is not done properly, but please bear with me Xian Xu," Hua Sheng tone became more intimate and up, "all these years we blame her spoiled."

"Xi Wan good, Dukes House after she had to take care of the whole house up and down in perfect order," Yan Jin Qiu sincere tone said, "to marry her, was my good fortune."

This speak out, even given China Hua Long Bao and Chen see his eyes are a little more warmth.

Such as when Yan Jin Qiu Houfu out the door, and Hua Hua Long Bao Chen brothers personally given out the door together, but also intimate conversation among many.

And other two brothers while stocks significantly after the governor returned to be the living room, and Hua Sheng sent Dukes turned the significant questions over the years, and looked inscrutable and said: "? How significant do you think Dukes people"

Hua Long Bao vertical pupil of the eye without saying, given Chen Hua After a little thought and said:. "Significant Dukes indeed, as rumors like that, loyalty is a beautiful person."

"In addition to this it?" Sheng Hua and looked at the hands of questions, these questions have all been carefully normalized classes, even in recent years has marked the topic and the law.

Dukes obvious pseudonym fortunate to have seen him, exactly like this above writing."He was courteous, called a gentleman," Hua Chen given careful thought, and added: "is a very clever man."

"He really is a clever man," Hua Sheng and closing the hands of the wooden box, wooden box set Chen Zhaohua direction shook, "These things are useful, you can get back to see more and more try to figure out."

Hua Chen looked at his father and brother set one, smiling with two heavy boxes out of the yard.

"Chen has given such a temper, or" Hua Sheng and stood at the window, watching the younger son out of the back yard, "clarity of mind, is a study of good seed."

Hua Long Bao heard this and said: "Father, Prince significant human mind is so deep, I'm worried about the future Wan evening in the palace ......"

"There is nothing to worry about," Hua Sheng and holding a cup short laugh, "your sister's mind trick on you and his brother, when she gave birth to man, the eldest son of our Houfu not you."

Hua Long Bao with a straight face and said: "Father, you should add a condition, such as Xi Wan man not so lazy."

Hua Sheng after long silence and asked: "Why this time you can not learn that simple point your brother?"

"This next time, I'll remember to learn from his brother." Hua Long Bao insincere answers.

Hua Sheng and AIDS did not taste drink some tea, why he knee three children, each character differences are so big, a lot of him as a father, pressure ah.

"Princess county, county princes back," Lvzhu hurried into the main house, see also against the Royal Hua Xi Wan couch listening to Mr. female storyteller, at the foot of the meal, "County princess?"

"Ah?" Hua Xi Wan lazy looked up to her, "county princes to come back if you want to see me, they will naturally come, something urgent?"

Lvzhu looking awkward stand in place, see the white and purple shirt in the summer house were looking at myself, sidewalk:. "Slaves just worried county princes to come back to see your newborn will be unhappy disheveled"

Wan Hua Xi waved his hand, motioned her to step down:. "OK, I know."

County Lvzhu see Princess Royal barefoot lying against the couch, completely moved by her words, bitterly retreated to the side.

Bai Xia Wei Zhou brow, could not help but read more Lvzhu two, because of the presence of masters, did not speak words of rebuke.

"At that moment, I saw a big black dog sprang from the woods, the Miss Liu and her maid was so scared ......" female being talked about Mr. storyteller key point, suddenly heard coming from outside the yard footsteps, speculation may be significant Dukes arrived, so they stopped and pushed aside


She just stood in the corner, you see a man marched in silk clothing, jade crown hairdo, waist Peixiang Yun Yu, official foot boots, can not tell the suave, she sigh in my heart, no wonder so many in Beijing elegant women of the governor mentioned are significant non-stop praise, do not say his talent and status, this alone can make a lot of women face endless obsession.

"I just went to the Mount adults house, and tomorrow to take you back to the big Jiuxiong Houfu rest day, what do you need to bring, remember this servant tidy up," Yan Jin Qiu said, while China to hold evening Wan's hand, found her palms with sweat, frown asked, "but put enough ice, how stream so sweaty?"

Wan Hua Xi deliberately handle Khan's heart in his chest rub a few times: "ice palace with more than half are in this room, and I just drank a cup of soup Qushu, so the flow of sweat a bit, I let Lvzhu left you bowl, you do not try? "

Nodded his head, Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan do not mind wipe the sweat on his body movements, to take over the couch round fan gently shook her, looked around to the house, he found the woman standing in the corner storyteller Mr: "listening to what the story?"

"Heroes save the beauty," Hua Xi Wan blinked, "beauty was vicious dog chase, was finally rescued by a lonely genius, beauty grateful wit, and finally favors."

Yan Jin Qiu shake fan of action micro Dayton, then flatly said: "The world has had a good end after a few lady and daughter abjection wit together to hear the story will be nothing."

Hua Xi Wan short laugh: "You're right, next time I will let Mr. women speak a beauty to save the hero of the story."

Qiu Jin Yan smiled and reached out to squeeze her ears go, the results are coming in carrying Qushu soup green bead interrupted.

"County Royal Highness, please use Qushu soup." Lvzhu carrying soup wrist lifted up because of the action, exposed length white skin, wrapping silver bracelet worn on the arm exceptionally good-looking.

Yan Jin Qiu quietly look away, turned around and glanced smiling Hua Xi Wan, lightly: "The king is not thirsty, put down."

Lvzhu heard blessed Fook, the bowl on the table, pushed aside.

When "the soup is probably put a bit too long, probably did not taste fresh: Wan Hua Xi sweep of eye green bead embroidered skirts, got up and put that on the table to get a bowl of soup with a spoon in a bowl stir stir, lightly good. "her gaze swept him from the other three personal maidservants," Hongying, I remember you boil the green bean soup taste good, back to the kitchen to boil a bowl. "Then, he puts his hand lightly resting on the bowl on the table, continue to lay back on the chaise couch, half groan, half joked, "lie a little too long, backache."

Yan Jin Qiu heard helpless smile, let storyteller Mr. withdrew after female, hand gently kneading her waist Road:. "I went early in the morning after the day Houfu take you back."

Waist strength is not light not heavy, Hua Xi Wan comfortable Close your eyes and gently Enliaoyisheng.

Qiu Jin Yan smiled, gaze passed over the table to get a bowl of ice has to do Qushu soup, no eyes smile.

June sixth morning, Hua Long Bao arrived significantly Dukes palace, but he received only Yan Jin Qiu one person. After two polite greeting, he hesitated to ask: "County Royal Highness, I do not know Shemei ......" faint heart there is speculation, but a little later he married Dukes House, time is also the time like never married not believe it.

"Xi Wan this time still in bed, take the trouble on the big Jiuxiong etc. every moment," Yan Jin Qiu apologetic smiles, "I do not know whether big Jiuxiong used Zaoshan, if useless, please draw a line used Zaoshan Xi Wan Houfu back. "

Hua Long Bao in my heart sigh, he felt at this time should feel sorry for him, rather than Yan Jin Qiu. Think of it, he was much more moderate complexion: "Thank you, County Royal Highness, I have used it."

Yan Jin Qiu heard nodded his head, had to let the servant continued to Hua Long Bao tea, my heart was thinking, Ngee Ann designate exactly how the government raise a rigorous son, lazy daughter?This difference is too big a word.

After the two men sat about a small half hour, finally heard the servants to report, he said the county princess is already up.

"Recently hot days, Wan Xi did not sleep well at night, so from morning to late, great Jiuxiong please bear with me." Qiu Jin Yan sigh in my heart today than we have in the past half hour early, and Nghe An evening Wan-designate Sure enough, very deep feelings.

Hua Long Bao Yan Jin Qiu want to say, do not explain, he know everything. But looking at the significant Dukes carefully explain if this is the case expression, he actually speechless.

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