Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 24 undercurrent

Chapter 24 undercurrent

The weather is getting hot, Hua Xi Wan began Gongzhuang replaced brocade, silk yarn wide sleeves to wear skirts, the house incense also put insecticide cool mint flavor, but even so, she still felt the heat was a bit uncomfortable , the already lazy, she does not love to go out even more, if there is a lady invited her to participate in any garden party, she shirk, because under stand this weather still walking around.

White summer several maidservants know her bitter summer, so serve her time always try every means Qushu, just push all the princess worried county offer, make county princes unhappy, after all the women in the back yard for family friendship it is also very important.

Hua Xi Wan know their concerns after, smiled and asked: "How do you think the end and princess temper?"

White summer green bead and others looked at each other, after a silence, Lvzhu only hesitated and said:. "Respect for the princess, the slaves, who dare not talk about."

"Oh," Hua Xi Wan lazily leaning against the couch chaise, Nianqi a peeled lychee iced road into the mouth after eating, "so-called backyard friendship but also on the lower right, or gangs and his ilk, we Dukes your family no intention of cliques, only had some clean looking forward to the day, these garden party to go or not, it is not important. "she did not like the virtuous Thanh princess, not only the whole palace backyard well-kept , also in harem high praise.

Some say she count on the identity or, said she aloof clean worth mentioning. She could not understand about the woman in front of her, still need to carefully Peixiao Bong good. Well, these people like her do not like her, what does it matter?

If the entire dynasty status of all men by four to befriend a woman to get affirmative, then what's the use to these men?

"The Princess and the end has always been superior, arrogant attitude, but look at the entire capital, who disrespect her, who is not holding her?" Hua Xi Wan inner tube tone some disagree, "either you have distributed to them exquisite resort, in front of distinguished position everything is futile. "

Bai Xia, who stunned, County princess this point was too straightforward and embarrassing, but the fact is precisely the case, everyone is yearning for the rights, the so-called befriend before interest, hardly worth mentioning. They think of before in the Duke house, and outside there are the women of her family, said Mrs. sturdy character, and his rough and the like, but these people in front of his wife, and several people are not polite, his face Peixiao?

"Yes, Princess county, is the day after the June sixth, you had better send someone to invite Linping Princess junwangfu sojourn day?" Lvzhu suddenly remembered, June calendar is Aunt's Day, according to the old cases is to ask unmarried daughter back to her parents a short stay, but Linping Princess to Beijing these days, has never sent greetings to the Dukes House, so I deal with the matter but added a little embarrassed.

"County princes not to say it, as usual, how ever, is now also follow suit," Wan Hua Xi Linping Princess of the big Guzi unpleasant, so do not bother to do that superficial, even around the mound Yan Jin do brother, both with the Shudan, and her younger siblings what to do?

Supreme court, the Yanbo Yi looked at data from the investigation to the parties, these data are intentionally or unintentionally doubt point to the prince, he looked at himself sitting across from Dali temple sweating,The data buckle to the desktop: "Zhao adults to see how the matter?"

"...... Xiaguan Xiaguan dare not arbitrary, Jun Wang Sheng also requested instructions. Zhao sweat on his forehead even more adults, did not dare to pick a veil on the body, pulling his embarrassing Xiupao wiping.

"Zhao adults joking, you are Dali temple, to identify the injustice I am afraid that even their own countless, this rare case, how can you live?" Yan Boyi index finger tapping the desktop, thunderous sound emitted, shook Zhao adult heart beat faster.

"Jun Wang Sheng, Zhao adults, see significant Dukes out." Guards hurried into a channel to report.

Yanbo Yi Wei Zhou brow, then got up and said:. "Please hurry there"

Less than a moment, dressed in a gown of aqua silk Yan Jin Qiu personable came in, her hand holding a paper fan with one of the typhoon was clear appearance, he saw Yan Boyi, he had a line of the same generation Lai Road : "Ziling seen cousin."

"Cousin kind," Yan Boyi salute after the Road, "I do not know the cousin to ask me this thing?"

"Ziling uninvited, two of your hospitality, but Zhang Gongzi case, my home county is very princess got the idea, I could not bear to see her embarrassed, so they wanted to ask a few," Yan Jin Qiu gaze swept the two, slowly she said, "if there is any difficulty with, also asked the two told me, and I just ask a few words."

"Substantial County princes but my generation model of a husband who," Zhao adults smile Oh, do not mention this to have no difficulty with, "Zhang Gongzi case is a thorough investigation, the county princes please be assured that this is something we We will get to the bottom. "

"If so, it is hard cousin and Zhao adults," said Yan Jin Qiu slowly close the fan, paper fan with a tapped his palm shallow laughed, "I will not disturb the two, say good-bye."

Zhao adults heard immediately got up and said:. "Xiaguan trivia complex, failed to make good Front Royal Highness the county, the county also requested princes forgive me."

"Zhao adults politely," Yan Jin Qiu Chaoyan direction Boyi arch of the hand, then walk out.

Zhao adults behind him all the way to the door before he was sent to the supreme court: "The county princes walking, not far Xiaguan sent."

"Zhao adults stay behind," Yan Qiu Jin nodded politely, then under the watchful eye of adults Zhao, stepping on the pedal got into the carriage.

Watched significant Dukes carriage ride grew farther away, Zhao adults recover sight sigh, very much involved in this case, there are a lot of family watching, and really let him down supreme court increased the pressure, but why this case all doubts all point to His Royal Highness Prince Edward, which makes them what to do?

Back at the office, Zhao Jun Wang Sheng adults still see the original upright sitting at the heart sigh again, what these people

A good talk. Even the seemingly good just who was speaking Dukes, is not that simple people.

Dukes significant return good for evil, in order to go home county Princess supreme court asked what Zhang Gongzi's case, soon spread to the capital, it was said to own significant Dukes County princess affectionate one, for her to intervene repeatedly offend their people. Some of the women also feel significantly relied on the county princess beauty, so that the original noble Prince was to intervene in these bad feelings, sooner or later there will be rejected of the day.

No matter how these things spread out, Zhang family is very grateful to the county of Dukes House a,Now this troubled world, less timely help, the icing on the cake and more. They Zhang Di Shi a pulse only son's death, and so was cut off their roots, sooner or later will be replaced by an offshoot of the tribe. This time, there are people willing to lend a helping hand to them, that is how valuable.

Because the loss of one night only son grow old Zhang master on their own sigh lady said:. "Only people significantly superior Dukes of such style, will look at me but Zhang Scholars surface to help this busy."

"Outside is not to say, is to see the face of significant Dukes County princess was obvious ......" Mrs. Zhang reminded eldest daughter had to go and look for noticeable significant Dukes County princess help your family, "is it not?"

"How significant Dukes man, though I do not quite understand, but how many have heard, he did not change his mind because of two people in sex, He was very noble, very accomplished poetry and respect, he is willing to help me Zhang, probably is to look at the name Zhang Qing these years, "Zhang master eyes full of tired," he's this love, I got it. "

Mrs. Zhang to say, even if the governor does not significantly affected by the general beauty confused, can significantly superior County princess is not pretty words can describe. But see their own husband looked tired, she did not have the heart to say, perhaps for the man and woman really is not moved by it?

Compared to those who believe rumors out of Ngee Ann House candidates actually more concerned about one thing, that is, June sixth pick things Hua Xi Wan live in a day.

Hua Long Bao Xi Wan Wah as the elder brother, naturally became the first person to pick up the Hua Xi Wan, but said it is only June sixth folk festivals, I do not know will not be significant Dukes her parents feel that they eventful.

"There are so much thinking about what it meant," Mrs. Zhang straight road, "then our family girl back to her parents, her family and that is our mind, did not he significantly Dukes door of the house of the high allowed my family the girl back to her parents?"

Hua Chen deep that it given the nod:. "Mother're right, according to the governor's mind significant, will not think of."

Hua Sheng and helpless sigh, now her daughter has been married like other people, even if they could help with Ngee Ann candidates backed by the government but also how, if these little things because they attracted the couple bad feelings, it is not worth the candle.

Inter are hesitant, heard servants to report, which was the governor came.

"Significant moment to Dukes for what?" Romer raised an eyebrow, think of Zhang Jiagong son's case ignited the past few days, "could there be for two siblings to her parents about it?"

After Hua Sheng and reflect no fruit, shook his head and said:. "Do not pay more speculation, Long Bao, Chen set the two of you to join me to see off"

Hua Long Bao and Chen Hua given after the two brothers as one, got up and followed his father to go out.

Romer watching father and sons are homes out of the door, he seemed to complain about on the side of the servant girl complained:. "They'd scrape together three of his son in a piece of it."

"Eldest son and second son is a talented person, Duke naturally take them to get out more to experience," the maid came gently pinching her shoulders, half-serious, half-touted road, "and autumn this year on son to participate in the autumn Quarters, more about some of Beijing in the family is good. "

Romer smiled, her maid is no longer too talkative, but facial features are all proud of their three children.

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