Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 22 suspect

Chapter 22 suspect

Wake up, Wan Hua Xi eyes wide open look to see sitting on the bed looking at his smile Yan Jin Qiu, she smiled and rolled over to avoid his eyes, lying on the pillow soft honking said: "Today not towards you? "

"The emperor himself unwell today, no open North Korea," Jin Yan Qiu put aside the hand attached to the black hair next to her cheek, her thumb stroking the ears faint red marks, warm words and smiles, "Zaoshan up with the point of it."

Wan Hua Xi whole body soft flutter in bed, frowned and said:. "Do not want to move."

Yan Jin Qiu chuckle out loud, I leaned over to gently kiss across her forehead:. "Sleeping too much is unhealthy, after lunch we sleep."

Wait a few house maid to see the interaction between two masters, hung his head with shame, really gentle and considerate County Royal Highness the Princess of the county.

"How many people life has their own preferences," Hua Xi Wan reluctant to sit up, "Some people love the right, some people love money, some people love beauty, my life no other hobbies, like to eat and sleep, if not of these two is simply no love. "

"What nonsense," Qiu Jin Yan frowned, but looking at the Hua Xi Wan sleepy eyes misty face, helpless sigh, "I am here, will protect you forever tasted the food, sit back and relax, do not give birth no Love in the time. "

"Just because there are Jin Qiu protected me, I dare say so," Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu smiling climbed legs, "perhaps this is called nothing to fear?"

Yan Jin Qiu chuckle out loud again, hand gently stroking her black hair, eyes like lingering, deemed warmth.

Hua Xi Wan did not look at the finger and scratching his floral embroidered on the robe, facial features are Gouzhao smile.

House servant watching this scene, some envy think Shenxianjuanlv much better than it.

Jun Wang Fu Wai significantly, Yan Boyi hold the reins, stood dismounted, tossing his whip with a long throw hand behind his faint opening:. "To knock"

Significant Dukes House goalkeeping guards have been recognized Yanbo Yi, do not wait for his servant knocks, there are concierge to open the door, a decent steward stepped forward to salute and said:. "Small Sheng saw Dukes"

"Your Royal Highness County home in it?" The steward glanced in front of Sheng Jun Wang, dressed and polite words and deeds, see your family very rules.

"Back Sheng Dukes, princes in your home county, you enter the House a little, little people immediately report it to our home county princes," steward bowed Please make a gesture, corner of my eye swept Sheng Jun Wang after several long behind with the guards and dropped his eyes.

"There are workers." Yanbo Yi to steward nodded, heels go inside.

"No, no," steward bowed lower, Sheng Jun Wang cited the main hall of the palace to go.

Are homes in Hua Xi Wan finished eating Zaoshan mouth rinse, wash started and said:. "Qiu Jin since today do not go out, it is better to accompany me to feed the koi"

"Well," Yan Jin Qiu positive wiping her hands, hear Hua Xi Wan proposal, the moment he agreed, "Yes, a few days ago I asked you to build wood through several sets of jewelry, the jewelry palace warehouse are cleared in the afternoon I let people send you over, like it would be no use, do not like to keep in your personal library reward people. "

Upon hearing this, the eve of Wan Hua Qiu Jin Yan advised not to be frugal or say that they do not love the jewelry,It is natural nodded: "so much jewelry, just wear what I have to come?"

"Nothing, even wear, however, looked Ye Hao play every day," Yan Jin Qiu smile, "up and down the palace are you, what do you like to do."

Wan Hua Xi is preparing to speak, to see a first-class steward came in a hurry, both of them salute and said:. "County Royal Highness, Princess County, Sheng Dukes visit"

"Sheng Jun Wang?" Smile fades Yan Jin Qiu face, he and Yan Boyi surface is always kept to themselves, not much more private friendship. Now the posts have not even sent him this directly on the door, evidently not a good thing. He exposed a Zhaohua evening Wan apologetic smile, got up and said, "I'll be right back."

Hua Xi Wan nodded slightly, looked at Yan Jin Qiu back, slowly put down towels towels, sat for a long while after, Fu Fung Fu Binbian containing beads nobile, dialogue Xia said: "Come on, go and see . "

White summer although unknown Bai Zhuzai why suddenly decided to go to the main hall, but serve to conduct itself with several other big maidservants her out of the yard.

Yan Jin Qiu went into the main hall, to see Yanbo Yi sat on a guest, stood hand tea move also did not move, he smiled and approached the light, salute and said: "cousin, how time has come to my house today?"

After Yan Boyi got in return and said: "Today the government but to the son of Zhang's case to disturb cousin, my cousin would like to ask some questions, I do not know if you can for my doubts?"

"There are unclear about what the problem is cousin of?" Qiu Jin Yan smiled and sat down in the main seat, "If I have to know, I have all you know."

Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi looked at the painting style of striking appearance, eye color dull and said: "It is the autopsy results Wuzuo said Zhang Gongzi eyes tongue had been cut too time in about a half months ago, Zhang Gongzai captive people means very sinister, after he was tortured in every possible way, in only a few days ago killed his postmortem. in Beijing can do after killing the dead bodies of people also silent on the Official Road, you say what kind of identity? "

Yan Jin Qiu frowned and said: "Now that this person can abducted people, why should the corpse thrown on the Official Road, is it intentional?"

"Probably only knows the murderer," Yan Boyi looking cold Road, "a half months ago, I do not know, what are you doing?"

"Jun Wang Sheng words means?" Yan Jin Qiu Xiaorong a convergence, looked serious and said, "there are some things still make it clear that better."

"Because some people say you have seen and Zhang Gongzi played a dispute, so I did a routine to ask, please cousin

More understanding, "Yan Boyi Duanqichabei drank," I believe cousin will give me a satisfactory answer. "

"So," Yan Jin Qiu look slowed down, "cousin must not forget that it is more than a month ago, when I married Princess county, Zhang Gongzi missing that day, I probably married the next day or third day . "

"Third day," Yan Boyi put down the cup, "the afternoon you went to Prince your family."

Yan Jin Qiu stupidly thought for a moment, then nodded his head, "This year Zhang Gongzi outstanding literary talent, inevitably some arrogant, sometimes offensive verbal, I never mind, after all, also my mother's house and relatives County princess . "

Zhangjia Gong Jin Yan child think mound as his talent,Just because everyone looks outstanding capital was only respected, so often in poetry and Yan Jin Qiu Commander. But despite his heart refuses to accept, but a few times and Commander, are slightly strive, which makes the arrogant son of Zhang Jiagong very difficult to accept, so he brought Yan Jin Qiu, more than a rude intended.

Yanbo Yi also know these things, so he pursued the matter no further, instead said, "I do not know the day you go to the Prince's house, and when back to the House?"

Qiu Jin Yan shook his head: "This is something I can not remember," he thought better of it, "maybe with my long remember, come, to pass through the wood."

"County princes not pass through the wood, though wood through clever man, can not remember such a trivial matter."

Yan Boyi female voice heard outside the door, looked up and looked toward the door of the temple, to see a woman dressed in a flying crane Gongzhuang clouds came in, did not walk a step, phoenix wings between the temples will follow quivering.

"Fahrenheit seen Peter Hall," after Gongzhuang give her to him in a line, they face ribbon laughed, "Excuse me two talk, just listen to the servant said Peter Hall's case came to Zhang Gongzi, I come to hear after all, Zhang Hua home but my relatives. "

Yan Boyi sight back, back to a ceremony: "The Church brothers and sisters polite, but I'll ask."

"Back then Bo Wen Tong honest, I do not doubt that the natural act of Peter Hall, but the matter involving my husband and mother of family relatives, so had to come forward," Wan Hua Xi sat down in the chair next to, "because but the day I married the third day, the second day is the day my back to the door, and I feel a little nervous, so the thing to remember that day vividly clear. I remember the day our family was invited Royal Highness Prince house suddenly it out the door, listening to the original Prince said he was going to stay to dinner, who knows less than dinner time princes will come back later in the study until after a half hour, and I use it with dinner, I was also deliberately let people pay more of Shanfang County princes few favorite dish. "

"That being the case, I would not bother with the Church cousin brothers and sisters, and leave." Yanbo Yi got up and the two men bowed, and after a few polite couple, he left a remarkable Dukes House.

A significant Dukes House, behind him with long green channel: "County Royal Highness, Prince obvious we do not continue to check yet?"

"He looked natural, though worries this matter with him something to do, but still remember the day of respect for what is not clear, explain to him that day, and no particular event happened, he would never have to remember or invent time time to deal with the suspicion of others, "Yan Boyi looking Wei Leng, the rest of the words he did not say that if these things really related with Yan Jin Qiu, he can make a piece of attitude, this only shows that people wanted very deep, and we have already put doubt impeccably clean, even with his investigation, can not find anything to.

Qinghe also feel that this has little to do with the significant Dukes, Dukes remarkable scenery loyalty of these people, how would those words probably because Zhang Gongzi his life. Besides, Zhang Gongzi disrespect for significant long-Dukes, Dukes significantly to kill him, get a long, why wait until the wedding that a few days?

He remembered those words explicitly County Princess, could not resist: "County Royal Highness, the Princess had just explicitly mention Prince County had dinner with the governor to ask the obvious, but suddenly changed his mind,You would not say ...... "After all, invite people to dinner, guests to the main halfway corrected himself such a thing, in general really can not do this.

"Shut up," Sheng Jun Wang looking suddenly darkened, "the matter has nothing to do with the Prince."

"Yes." Qinghe moment they hung his head.

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