Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 21 artifacts

Chapter 21 artifacts

Sure, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu first entered the door of the house, there is a servant to the report, the second wife to Washington nearly two hour your family.

"I know," Hua Jin Qiu Xi Yan Wan-ranging opening, direct said: "Jin Qiu too busy, Ershen where I go and see." This is something that only she came forward much simpler, if Yan Jin Qiu involved in, shirk it is not an easy thing.

Usually reluctant to leave China at this time of evening Wan Yan Jin Qiu moment there is no hesitation, nodded his head and took Mu Tong, who went to the other yard, will mean that the full power to do Hua Xi Wan decision.

"I went to the library, what do you tell someone to notice me." Yan Jin Qiu sent did not directly say, do not worry, even if there is anything there that he wore.

Hua Xi Wan nodded, and then let the servant go tell Zhang, asked her to wait a temple, go inside yourself and then see off the dressing room.

"County Princess, the second wife now over, will not be a matter for the murder of Zhang Gongzai?" Purple shirt with a selection of Diechi Jin Hua Xi Wan Chai to secure the bun, "second wife has always boasted scholarly masters, see not on our house wife generals who comes to ask why now? "

"A life, it is inevitable to encounter bow thing, so do not count on weekdays looked down upon the identity of other people, the old people always say, three years of east, west three years, is the case," Hua Xi Wan did not blame the words were ugly purple shirt she Zhang Ershen the weekdays to do to send people there are really not seen touched upon, only learned to read people's lofty, but no reader's strength of character and talent, there is nothing to be proud of?

Good wear earrings, Hua Xi Wan touched the blood jade pendant, casually said, "Come on."

She does not really mind the big man, the mother of Zhang's cavalier attitude to her within sight, such a "relative", if she can return good for evil, it is odd.

Dukes House Pianting front hall, she was looking at the hall furnishings, holding a cup of trembling hands, clean past lofty gesture disappeared. Huayi Liu to see her this way, holding her hand and said:. "Mother, you do not worry, cousin soon to come."

"According to Liu, you wait for the next county with a good princess said that she has been very good until you girls, you say she will be more considered," Zhang mind clear, his own sister cavalier treatment of these behaviors are Hua Xi Wan look in the eyes of these years, though not love this girl temper talkative, but she can be seen from their own Shudan attitude, she was put in mind of these things.

Huayi Liu mind slightly bitter, his mother took her out today, probably to make her plea to the cousin. I heard my mother's orders, she felt a little embarrassed. China is the home of her daughter, she is famous because Waizu Zhang, Qiuqin almost worn out threshold; Hou Fu Hua Xi Di Wan this woman but because the outside rumors, combined with the generals are due to Waizu family, from the scholarly people when hi, it has been little interest, although she felt out of those rumors too, but deep down it is faint feel pleased, otherwise flowers festival last year, Minhui Princess asked her true and false rumors, she did not deliberately guide Minhui outside Princess believe those rumors.

She remembers the day she came back, and my heart is regret, but also this idea feel embarrassed for themselves,Until a few months later the emperor to grant marriage Xi Wan, only then her heart guilt down, at least not because of outside cousin rumors and disappointments, but can marry many women love was Dukes, this is how boudoir Women ask, do not seek to do.

Originally she was happy, but now looking at the proud mother in order to seek work groveling Wan evening, even with her have no reason disadvantageFrom, happy mind share gradually becomes weird smells, stabbed her aching.

Just between Huayi Liu stupidly, the door came the maids greet voice, she looked up and saw a few beautiful servant girl surrounded by Hua Xi Wan came in the end have to be flowers, Mad Mad Mad World.

See Wan Hua Zhang Xi came in, a little bit stiff after rising from his chair, salute it has not been white summer hold on.

"Ershen, cousin," Wan Hua Xi smile toward the two men, the two men leaning schematic maids sit down, "today went to the other end and Princess Zhuang, I wonder if you come, to keep you waiting."

"Where is our offensive uninvited, and your county Princess, what though," Zhang barely smiled and said, "I heard my mother mentioned the matter today, so the county princess frightened."

"These heinous things, no one wanted to happen, please Ershen you to restrain their grief," Hua Xi Wan sighed, "Da man and his wife Zhang okay?"

Wiping his eyes with a handkerchief reddish, Zhang voice hoarse, but whatever the outcome, did not let trembling voice: "Mother had just returned to the government they fell ill, the imperial doctor to make only his brother but said that heart disease only child, parents always love. it now encountered this kind of thing, how can accept two old. today I also would like to invite you to the county Princess for my mother's house any more in front of the county two princes, we ask no more, just to be able to die brother rest in peace. "

"Why should a person say this out of courtesy, I have heard the matter emperor decreed by the supreme court investigating Sheng Dukes help lead our family Dukes, though not police this, but helping you to ask a few or harmless the "Wan Hua Xi brow Qingzhou Road," Sheng Jun Wang Ching Ming has always been honest, I believe he will be able to get to the bottom of things to look up. "

Zhang know this emperor has decreed handed over to the governor Sheng treatment, if significant Dukes too much attention is not good, but they have always been with the royal family of Zhang's not very close to people, Sheng Jun Wang is feeling the cold cold heart temper, no way they rectifiable, but to seek to significantly removed Dukes your family.

She would like to beg for Hua Xi Wan promised to help them understand the case process, but also understand, even if this evening Wan Wah promised down, which was the governor will not do, can not do it, so hesitated again, too just looked solemnly said several times Xie.

"The weather has been late, Ershen to stay with a cousin with a simple meal

, "Hua Xi Wan glanced out of the sky," my house, although not rare things, but still some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables. "

Although Zhang's heart can not wait promised down, but she also understands that if this were done, no matter significantly Prince Will this favor, but it would certainly contemptuous of them.

"Princess county kindness, we are not the speech," Zhang pale face wearing a smile said, "but we despise the government was ready meal, so they are not your hospitality county Princess and Royal Highness the county."

"So, I will not stay strong Ershen and cousin," Hua Xia Xi Wan-leaning white hand stood up, "getting late, I will not send."

"Please stay county Princess," Zhang followed stood up, Morning Glory blessed evening Wan Fu, "there will be the matter of labor."

Wan Hua Xi back half ceremony, but also sent Zhang and Liu Huayi two out of a temple, stopped and watched the two men run away lightly after opening:. "Aligning hospital"

After leaving the drove Jun Wang Fu, Zhang was exposed smile, Hua Xi Wan just attitude, although polite, beautiful words are right, in fact, did not promise anything, but why she can not find a reason to continue to open, people called her again continue to seek it, contemptuous sister had their own origins, the daughter of the head now, we pray to the people, this is a joke.

Hua Xi Wan did not let her locked door, already regarded as a saint. If she was, I'm afraid not do this step.

"Mother, Xi Wan has promised to help, you can relax a bit now," according to Liu Hua comfort in speaking, "uncle of the matter, though difficult to accept, but you have to pay attention to his body."

Zhang patted her hand and looked at her ignorant eyes, it is difficult to explain Xi Wan Wah just those words just a nice face, actually not much help, he eventually just sighed.

In the past she felt as though her daughter looks Hua Xi Wan, Chu Yu Hua talent is better, but it was a gentle man, now in comparison with Wan Wah evening, she found herself to raising her daughter was too simple a number of future married But how to do.

After being in the hospital, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu run out of dinner, sitting outside stone table side of the moon, while chatting.

Hua Xi Wan sat stone bench too uncomfortable, so he let the XIA a white cushion, she Tuosai with one hand, looking at the sky bright moon, lazy do not speak just listen.

"My brother childhood and the consequent fight, almost fell into the pool of Fuchu," Yan Jin Qiu poured himself a cup of tea, blow after blow Qingchuai, "Then father died, and my brother when Shu Branch Government, I let people fill up the pond. "

Other Bastard in front of your family heir-apparent, if not quail, and that is about it, this remarkable palace of the heir-apparent Bastard and she came to blows, some really mean.

Wan Hua Xi seemed to know their thoughts, Yan Jin Qiu leisurely rubbed the hands of the cup: "My mother went early, and because childhood raised in the imperial grandmother knees, so do not close after the cell sister back to the government, because. Fuchu is the only legitimate son, also under much love people flatter me, it touches cell sister and brother Shu unwilling to heart, one to two to will be trouble again. "

"And then?" Jin Hua Xi Yan Wan glanced mound mouth hanging smile, "father knows it matter?"

"While poor management after his house, but this thing is to know," mentioned with the king, Yan Jin Qiu tone was very flat, "Later Shu brother and sister cells were reprimanded, Shu brother's mother was also rejected his father. in order to avoid Dishu, regardless of appearance, father of Shu also more and more Shudan, also implicit only to give him a property before his death. "

That I may say Danyun light wind, Yan Jin Qiu seems there is no relationship, Xi Wan Wah can laugh watching this gentle man, aware of an ineffable sense of chill.

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