Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 20 on behalf of the drink

Chapter 20 on behalf of the drink

Several main guests arrived, the end and the Princess will personally lead the guests to view the other village views, but in China it seems Wan Xi, the flowers do not have to build the village and no other lady mouth is so magnificent, but the surface is combined with the make meaning just amazing.

Do not reward the village of exquisite finish, began unisex investment pot game. Hua Xi Wan looked at the long neck pot, and then look at those men and women of passengers gearing up, trying to make his face was excited about the performance of some.

"We're older, looking at you young people play will stop." Xu Princess and several female relatives on the elderly have said that sitting on the side referee is enough to do. All the rest have no opinion, after all, this game this is that young people prefer to play, the older eyesight is not, where can the arrow dropped into the spout.

Although the end is the master and the Princess, should make respect for passengers to vote, but because she is the only daughter today, popular favor, there will be no presence of people who rush in front of her cast arrows, after repeatedly delayed some, end and throw Princess the first arrow, the arrow in the bottle a bit crooked, barely fell into it.

"Hey, good insurance," and end the princess slapped palms, took an arrow from the hands of the maid, turned around in the crowd sweeping glance, then handed it to the arrow Hua Xi Wan, "but brothers and sisters bride church, this second arrow to you, but if it does not vote, they have to Monastic cup. "Having said that, the princess and the end nearest approach to look to the man standing next to the passenger," if someone could not bear to wait for the next, three generations can be a punishment for you. "

Wan Hua Xi took the arrows, smiled and shook his head and said:. "This is not good friends," finished, took a few steps forward, standing in line to vote pot to cool and neat bottle fling.

Arrow hit the pot, tinkle, fell aside.

"Wong sister sister is better skills, incompetence." Hua Xi Wan sighed, then look to the migraine Qiu Jin Yan


"Not good inner child drinking from me on behalf of her right to drink three glasses punishment," Yan Jin Qiu front steps, walked around Hua Xi Wan, the princess smiled and bowed toward the end of the road, "Miss Wong also requested mercy. "

End and Princess Fu Zhang laughed: "wife knew someone would feel bad, to come, to pour significant Dukes."

Wine soon end up, three cups upside down inside the fist-sized woman full of wine, Yan Jin Qiu it would not shirk, reaching end up looking upward, then drank a cup, to ask Jiuzi mouth with your index finger, he low laughed, "wine." Then, Morning Glory Xi Wan smiled, and his head and drank a second glass of wine.

Grateful to the women of what happened, everyone made fun of his own distressed princess, also determined by the envy of students, but just think about the heart, face still bustling.

Minhui Princess Yan Jin Qiu looked for Hua Xi Wan did not hesitate to drink three glasses of wine, my heart can not help raising a trace unwilling to grievances. Aside from some pretty outside, where else could this woman remarkable Dukes, knowing that if investment pot will not significantly hurt the Dukes is Monastic, she is so casual, it is too hateful.

Three glasses of wine you'll feel, Yan Jin Qiu looking not change, personable and Princess took the end handed their arrows, under the watchful eyes of the arrows easily dropped into the pot.

"Good," and end the princess laughed, "I know this game is difficult to live you."

"But it is good luck, Huang sister Miuzan."Qiu Jin Yan took the servant served the tea mouthwash, alcohol dispersed mouth.

Hua Xi Wan put his handkerchief and handed him, he smiled and took the clean mouth, the handkerchief ends up in his sleeve pocket, "the next time you cast pot, I'll teach you. Do not go to vote does not matter, I also drinker Yes. "

"Thousands of cup does not fall?" Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu way to the opening joke, I heard the servants to report, and Jun Ma to Linping Princess.

Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow, looked up to Jin Qiu Yan had not changed the complexion, Gouzhuo mouth want, this is really Linping Princess came, she expected was right.

Less than a moment, she saw a man and a woman surrounded by several maidservants came

, Costumes woman early twenties look, appearance and Yan Jin Qiu did not have much in common, only be regarded as a graceful posture, but added her youth Chunhongchibai, Sven Junya has a good bladder.

After the arrival of Princess Linping, they would end the princess and apologized, saying that he ran into something, it came a little late.

Princess and end this thing with a smile the moment they exposed in the past, and then pointing to Hua Xi Wan said: "? You only care about small talk with me, and take a look at who it is."

Linping Princess with her gesture migraine to see Wan Wah evening, glances looked after, not salty not pale and said: "Surely this is my younger siblings Fahrenheit, and vice does have good looks."

Probably because this point was not like Intuit, the presence of the women noticed something wrong, no one had ever interrupted for a time, only a few people watched with sympathetic eyes to see Hua Xi Wan.

"Sister, brother Wan," Wan Hua Xi graceful Hail the front line of a ceremony, then glanced County Ma Luozhong smiling Zheng, "her husband also looks good."

His remark, the women will have to cover your mouth with a handkerchief, revealing conceal a smile, because four years ago Linping Princess saw the genius looks Luo, only clamor to get married, and now has just returned to Beijing to myself siblings never met such a rude, it is no wonder people do not give her substantial County princess face.

"Brother married a really good wife, etiquette tutor is rare." Linping Princess did not expect China Xi Wan was so speak for themselves, some ugly looking. As for Hua Xi Wan boast good-looking surface, but in fact by innuendo face Chiruan Fan Luo Zhong Zheng, surface'd see the slightest mad Italy.

"This is so Xi Wan temper, and even the imperial grandmother, the emperor and empress empress have to admire her sound good, worried that I bully her," Qiu Jin Yan Road salt is not short, "if it is a rare Wan Xi, the emperor and how she would grant marriage to me. "

Hearing this, Linping Princess looking more ugly, her Luo Zhong Zheng took the lead step

Opening: "The brother tied the knot so beauty is to be congratulated."

See Luo Zhong Zheng opening he had said this, though Linping Princess looking ugly, but did not speak again, and looked after Yan Jin Qiu Hua Wan-an evening, he sat sullen side.

The presence of you seeing the women, though not significantly surface, but some do not understand the heart, which was Dukes House is Linping Princess of her parents, her parents passed away, leaving only a brother help her, why she try to turn things so much noise so embarrassing, this does not mean his brother with his widens it?

Regardless of Linping Princess exactly trying to do, but see significant Dukes County attitudes toward significant Princess,There attitude in the face of significant county Linping Princess Princess, has given way to the more distant part of the women decided to Linping Princess. After all, one is estranged relationship with her parents, her husband without conspicuous Princess, a value is her family, her husband prominent county Princess, who have eyes to know who not to offend.

"Cousin is a good opportunity, right now we're playing investment pot, you have to play together," Minhui Princess see some stiff atmosphere, I took an arrow to the front of Minhui Princess, holding her hand, smiled and explained finish the game rules, "the year when the investment pot ten cousin play nine prospective investment, I still can not forget you did heroic."

"That was something a few years ago," Linping Princess Princess hand drawn from Minhui hands out, went to cast pot line, but did not vote, she smiles lightly, "the last two years not playing this, craft rusty. "

Hua Wan heard this evening, brow fretting, family dinner guests, often playing the elegant game of this type of investment pot, River City Linping Princess married four years, how even these family often play games you do not play?

Wine to be served, Princess Linping not decline, drink a full glass of wine cover sleeve, wiping his mouth and said: "Come and play this game or you, my skills are Nabuchushou."

Everyone seeing it joking a few words, after one down, went to the Hua Xi Wan here. Although she cast pot technique does not work, but actually very emboldened enough.

Under the guidance of Yan Qiu Jin, the second arrow is still out in the pot outside, she looked helpless and said:. "It seems that I hope to do in this life cast pot master it."

His remark, prompting the women who laugh, Yan Jin Qiu also smiled and shook his head, crowd and said:. "I'd never drunk from getting closer" Then, do not urge people, the moment drink three glasses of wine down.

Linping Princess looked at the three empty wine glass tray, the moment that you just drink wine burned throat some uncomfortable, even bitter tongue are followed up.

After all the excitement, the crowd to lobby meal. Satiated, began to enjoy listening to the song play, just to hear the half, we had to pass the Queen palace eunuchs oral instructions, called Linping end and Princess and Princess palace.

Since the owner to go, leaving the guests naturally not continue playing truth, people have left the princess drove another village.

Wan Wah evening sitting in the carriage, watching the lively streets, do not go Yan Qiu Jin's face: "Qiu Jin, the elder sister is not any misunderstanding for me?"

Yan Jin Qiu put her hand to hold: "Do not think."

Hua Xi Wan looked back at him, smiled and did not speak.

"You are a remarkable hostess Jun Wang Fu, others do not misunderstand misunderstanding is not important, as long as I do not misunderstand you like," He reached up to help her Binbian help of the hairpin, "I only believe what I want to believe, how others not my business."

These words mean, he would not mind if someone else, is not affected by other people, and also willing over her?

Wan Hua Xi is still just laughed, she knew Yan Jin Qiu is not so simple surface, while Yan Jin Qiu also intentionally or unintentionally, she discovered this,

Yan Jin Qiu It is hoped that with his own stand on the same front? Unfortunately, she was too lazy to even stand people who are not willing to stand, how it will be on the battlefield?

Dukes House door wagon arrived, Wan Wah evening to see what coach Hua Ershu also parked in front of the carriage house,Her feet micro Dayton, Jin Yan toward the side of the mound looked, and then he walked into the Dukes House side by side door.

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