Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 19 King Xiang have a wife

Chapter 19 King Xiang have a wife

Although the supreme court from where people are surrounded by some distance, Wan Hua Xi can still hear the sound of the wind in Mrs. Zhang crying. Perhaps the other side too shrill cries, she could not help but touched his arm and whispered:. "Akebia, you represent us junwangfu to persuade Mrs. Zhang, do not let her hurt himself."

"Yes," Akebia mind clear even to persuade the moment, in the face of bereavement, can not help. County Princess is a wise man, could not know this, but since the county princess told him to do, so naturally her intention.

"Remarkable generosity touches County Princess," Thanh Princess Hou put down the curtain, not salty not pale Road, "this servant is actually tea is Bong drugs."

"Ah," Yan Boyi turned over the book in his hand, without looking up should channel:. "Fahrenheit two-bedroom Mrs. Zhang from the famous"

"So," Hou smiled, see Yan Boyi focus to the book, will no longer open, just off the curtain and looked outward, only to see significant junwangfu several servants around to console Mrs. Zhang the individual faces are hung worry and sadness of mood, as if Zhang Jiagong child is their family like myself.

See this, Hou slightly lowered eyelids, eyes smile has faded somewhat, significant Dukes people in the government, not a few simple.

Then, after a good long while, they blocked the road just before the release, after Sheng Jun Wang Fu Jun Wang Fu-drawn carriage with significant mutual humility a good long while, only to Jun Wang Fu Sheng was ahead, Ningwang Shi child and eldest son of Princess followed , as well as the back to keep up with Minhui Princess.

Minhui Princess Princess has always been to end and lead, this time to cheer on her too perfectly normal.

Wan Hua Xi'd know Minhui Princess frame in the back, side and remembered the princess said those words during the wedding night, sidewalk: "? Minhui Princess Princess instrument but shun female, how Princess had the title" reasonably said Minhui Princess as Princess, daughter of goods MG should be the main Weng son.

"Queen especially like Minhui Princess, will seal her exceptional year for the Princess, and gave the word for the number Minhui, said that raising them as their own daughter," Yan Jin Qiu exposed surface complex smile, "The glory pet, not the other princess daughter is capable of having. "

Weng master and Princess same grade, Jung or not also depends on whether the family has real power, or leaving a single empty names head what is the use? If people really want to Queens when her daughter to raise, in relation to a princess of the title, why not Gan is not embarrassed to get hold of the Princess, but rather the anti-something.

She glanced at the nearest approach Yan Jin Qiu face, no longer continue to ask it.

After the cabin quiet for a while, Yan Jin Qiu suddenly open asked: "You do not care about Young's awful murder?"

"These things have a supreme court to check, I control what these do?" Wan Hua Xi Shining eyes to see Yan Jin Qiu, Gouzhuo mouth short laugh, "sooner or later there will be results, you say, right?"

"This is a natural, supreme court handling the case, has always been rigorous," Qiu Jin Yan smiled, glanced off the outside of the curtain, "is coming."

Hua Xi Wan lifted skin looked up, did not speak.

Princess Zhuang Zaigang end and make things right, yet for the first time to invite people to play, Yan Jin Qiu so familiar with the place, probably not for the first time to this place.

Chuang Tzu went ahead in the end and the princess heard servants to report,Said that guests encounter after the murder, the moment they come in some way unhappy, after all this happen when dinner guests new Chuang Tzu, it is a bit too unlucky.

"Is not that seven five second place third overall champion four Zhang?" Although she ends and the princess unhappy, but did not face significant out, she glanced at the lady next few Peizuo, exposed somewhat sorry color " Zhang Gongzi heard the striking literary grace, did not expect to actually encounter this and other malicious, criminals can be caught, these fanatics, is too bold! "

The Zhang Gongzi missing more than a month, Zhang order to find him, can be considered spend a great force, others already feel the odds are against us, and now the news, most people just sigh nothing really the case.

Numerous family in Beijing, although bustling place, but also the infighting continued, although the child was a teenager Zhang Jiagong fame, but arrogant, they relied on Zhang was born, very disdain for poor students, and nearly two years after Prince closer and closer, it became more and more arrogant temperament, is now being cut tongue, eye-gouging, is uncertain on whom unpopular, and only end up this way.

Kulai Shicaiaowu who, mostly to no good end, it touches people loyal to both ability and integrity of the country, in the history of leaving a fortune.

The presence of a few people see the princess so to speak, are trying to follow some sigh, as if all seen how good like Zhang Jiagong child was.

After some sigh, and end the princess asked: "? Which of these stuck in traffic."

"Back to His Royal Highness, Prince Sheng heard a small, significant Prince, Princess Ningwang Shi Min Hui sub-frame as well have been stopped, heard the matter Dali temple in person to the investigation, the emperor was furious and wanted ......" the answer is the end of the eunuchs and the princess in front of people, to others a bit more daring than the return from the words.

"Several female relatives may have frightened?" Side and the Princess worried Road, "several of the women may have still blossoming age, was so frightened by what?"

"Please rest assured that the princess, when the supreme court who stopped the carriage, still some distance, several elegant did not see anything from the incident place, emotions are considered stable only significant pro-gun Princess and Yang, so police will ask a few. "answer eunuch hesitated, then said," and leaving few people to comfort Mrs. Zhang and Da man. "

Princess heard this side and nodded his head, after schematic eunuch step down, Mrs. grateful here: "The princess is a significant gun close friends, good looks, good background, will be considerate, to have her cousin around the Palace also relieved. "Then, with a sigh," it's your family or to have a woman to govern the home job. "

Gentlemen lady natural

And is followed echoed about it, although they are royal people, but more than a few of these, it is worth mentioning, it naturally has to end and holding the princess. As for the princess, then in the end and boast significant surface in County Princess, Princess actually imply substantial County looks too, when they themselves could not hear it.

"Do to the village?" Minhui Princess leaning personal maidservants hands down the carriage, looked up to see parked in front of the carriage significant Dukes House, in between her stupidly, Yan Jin Qiu footstool stepping out of the carriage.

Minhui Princess foot of the meal, trying to speed up the pace when approached, to see the carriage reached out a white hand, and in her eyes no one was worthy of the governor smiled and put a hand in only hands.She slowed down the pace, drifted between indistinct, his face has been with just the right smile, approached significant against the county Princess slight blessing:. "Cousins ​​Hail"

"Minhui Princess Hail," Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu handle from out of the hands, smiled back a Hail ceremony, and then with her walking in a piece, "as early as heard Minhui Princess de appearance, wealth, today may see just rumors and a no. "

"Miuzan cousins, but we just flattering me," Minhui Princess advantage of this opportunity, carefully looked at the Hua Xi Wan good glances, "in front of you, the world had daughters have the nerve to say a word the United States? "

Hua Xi Wan heard this, smiled and shook his head, half and half really polite and said:. "Skins have another beautiful day old, the roots of bones nothing special"

Minhui although she did not agree faces smiled and promised a few words, see you later Yan Jin Qiu Jingjing is behind them, the end was a son of jade, personable.

"Minhui Princess," Hua Xi Wan suddenly put his hand on her back, smiling, he said, "Princess heard good at poetry, I wonder if I had the opportunity to have read the appropriate Princess your poems."

"But it is Xia Xie, how can I be called poetry." Minhui Princess was scared of the back line of sight, perhaps because of his guilty conscience, she actually felt it would only ride in the back of his own hand too hot to her heart Mende Huang.

"It's rare you able to see two Americans have today." The arrival of Thanh Princess Princess bored Minhui does not reduce the number of heart, she smiled toward each other blessed blessing body, mind and hair bitter. Although a few people who seem no different grade, but her mind clear, in fact, it was not compared with the two men. Her mother was a princess, although expensive, but because the mother of humble origin, but they are just a decline Yuanjiazao Company Secretary House, the Princess if it is because she valued the queen, I'm afraid I could not get in front of them more clout to.

"Tangsao so pretty, actually have the nerve to make fun of us," Hua Xi Wan and Thanh Princess Hou shouted toward each line a Hail ceremony, I do not know who should hold each other's hand, but the blink of an eye, the two have a good look just like a sister, "I think you are deliberately say such a sentence, is waiting for us to praise you."

"Was actually right through you, how can this be good?" Hou over her mouth chuckle out loud.

Hua Xi Wan blinked: "Tangsao When he gave me two thousand gold, silver million two, I can consider sealing."

"I did not so much money, it is better to lose myself to you, when you pour a tea never complained of nothing," Hou sighed shaking his head, "only hope you more time to pity me some."

"So beautiful, how can I not pity," Hua Xi Wan smile, "I'm afraid that time Peter Church reluctant, I would become sinners."

Hou hearing this, reddish face, smile a little touches really.

Minhui Princess stood by watching these two people before talking less and acting freely joking, like a good sister with for several years, and my heart sneer, put the site looks like to see who, if not the prince I'm afraid the two would have fought to the bitter end, utter confusion.

She looked up to see the implied significant Sheng Jun Wang Jun Wang and two, which was the governor smile without saying,Jun Wang Sheng looking indifferent silence, although the two walked side by side, separated by an intermediate step short distance.

Minhui Princess sight back, inviting mouth want to laugh, to be the most did not laugh.

If she can marry Prince significant, not to mention his housekeeper child care, even if it is also willing intrigue.

Unfortunately, King Xiang has a wife, she is nothing but wishful thinking only.

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