Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 18 murder

Chapter 18 murder

Midnight, Hua Xi Wan suddenly awakened from a dream, sitting in bed watching the shadows on the window, lying on his side head looked at the people around after Daileng a moment, feeling the forehead fine sweat, exhaled a long breath.

Warm palm Moxiang occasion of her forehead, sweat found on top of that to use the sleeve for her son to wipe perspiration, arm around her waist, "nightmares?"

"Nothing," Hua Xi Wan glanced Jin Yan has been sitting up the hill, face showing a smile, "is the dream I suddenly fell off a cliff, shocked."

"Oh," Qiu Jin Yan smiled and low hand touched her supple hair, pulled her to lie down, for she was a good cover corner and said: "Listen to the old man, which is in high withdraw it."

Hua Xi Wan feel a little hot, put the arm from the quilt taken out, "You see someone nominal age seventeen girl has long height?"

"Someone's home is not long, does not mean that our family is not long," Qiu Jin Yan touched her arm, arm noticed some heat, they did not put her arms back into the quilt, "Sleep, I'm here."

Chinese dim evening Wan Yan Jin Qiu see the face, but she was sure, Yan Jin Qiu eyes certainly did not he say so affectionate. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the night wind blowing the trees outside the window, she curled lips, but the truth pretend to have anything to do, just let her live comfortably on the line.

In vigil outside the house Lvzhu heard a movement, was going to come in candlelight, but after hearing the conversation was thin, and the rest go in mind. After the inner chamber has become quiet, she lay down sideways.

At this time, a sudden flash of light outside the window, then a burst of thunder sounded, she quickly got up and scared to put on shoes, walked in the room door heard the sound coming from inside before: "County Royal Highness, Princess county, need Zhangdeng it? "

"No, nothing, withdraw it."

County princes hear it, Lvzhu slightly hesitated, after determining the county Princess no comment, only to return out couch. This time, the outside has been blustery, rattling doors and windows were blown, she looked up at the roof, he seemed to hear the raindrops hit the tile voice.

Sure enough, not for a while, then rain crackling next up, the rain hit the roof like a red open should like, by the light of lightning, she glanced in the direction of the chamber, tightening the body of the quilt.

Tomorrow's going to end on Zhuangzi and princess play, do not know the rain will stop tomorrow.

The rain stopped genius to four more, get up when Hua Xi Wan, has been cleaning up the yard, even a little heavy rain washed the scene at all. She looked at the sky red sun has begun, inter rubbed his forehead, back of the white Harcourt Road behind, "Last night thunder constantly drove me to sleep did not sleep well."

Standing in the window of Yan Jin Qiu heard this and said: "Wait a while to sleep in the carriage."

Hua Xi Wan over her mouth yawned, Qiu Jin Yan did not refuse this wonderful suggestion.

Because of heavy rain last night, the whole street was filled in the sun with a breath of fresh air in the rain, Hua Xi Wan glanced off the outside of the curtain clean streets and passers, and patted the back of the soft pillow under cushioned, chose a comfortable position, he began to catch up on sleep.

Yan Jin Qiu see her really relying on soft pillow to sleep,Just put her legs on his knees and let her sleep more comfortable. And after that, he looked toward the outside carriage, carriage was about to close the gates.

Guards gatekeepers in the carriage near, we recognize the carriage significant Dukes House icon, kind of a routine check, to put a line.

Carriage out of town, we go forward down the road, who knows some distance ahead, suddenly stopped.

See relying on soft pillow to sleep China Xi Wan woke signs of Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zhou brow, set off carriage curtain and said: "how is it?"

"County Royal Highness, the road ahead was stopped, Sheng Jun Wang Fu Ning palace there are parked in front of the carriage," Akebia outside the carriage replied, "Listen to the guard said, took place in front of the murder, it seems to Zhang Jiagong child. "

Between being stumbled hear Zhang Jiagong sub-words, Hua Xi Wan remembered back to the door, Ershen lift things, suddenly wake up, rubbing his forehead frowned: "? Who are Zhang Gongzi"

Yan Jin Qiu looked at her not to speak, outside the carriage Akebia also hesitated before opening:. "I heard that Beijing is the famous son of Zhang's family long house"

Hua Xi Wan heard silence, Zhang's family famous Long Room has several daughters, but only one son, who is the younger brother ...... Ershen

"Do not worry, I let Akebia 去打听打听."

"No," Hua Xi Wan down upon her brow hand, "this kind of thing naturally supreme court, if we ask too much, I'm afraid will only get into trouble." In the general case the crime scene too concerned about the process, There are investigators who suspect that this trouble or do not stick as well.

"Nothing, Zhang Hua home and marriage is right or wrong, we explicitly ask the two Dukes House is only human," Yan Jin Qiu know what she was worried that after two comfort, let Akebia to inquire about the news.

Ningwang Shi Fei Zeng somewhat bored child pulling a handkerchief and said:. "Really bad luck, big morning actually encountered such a thing," turned around and saw that she was playing with her husband just outside scouring for new stuff to come back, suddenly my heart more anger, had strong Renzhao Qi turned her head to the side.

"What's the hurry, anyway, on to that Zhuangzi just sitting in a daze, sitting in the carriage myself, whatever the outcome a bit more," Yan Qian Xun some baby stuff into the hands of the box, then the box and put carriage into a drawer, "Besides, such an occurrence is touch-end and Princess brow, have anything to do with you?"

"Seiko how to say these words?" Tseng finally could not resist, just worried to hear people say that content is outside the carriage, barely depressed tone

Amount, "you flat daily and Prince together, side and exchange a sister Princess Royal Highness Prince Edward, if she is not good for us what are the benefits?"

"Words to say, who can also do not quite like it," Yan Qian Xun Pie Zhaozui Road, "the first two months in order to buy this Chuang Tzu, also killed a man. I'd say such a thing generally dude are usually do not, the Intuit heart drug. "

"You quickly less two," Zeng Yan Qian Xun scared hastened to cover their mouth, "If let others hear, in trouble."

"Laugh," Yan Qian Xun laugh out loud, but because of fear end and identity of the princess, and finally did not speak again.Tseng seeing relief, but also how much heart a little pimple, two months before the end of Zhuang Zi and princess in order to buy things people killed this servant, almost family knows the secret, simply because the emperor loved her, other people it is not a lot to say.

Whatever the outcome is a real life, is it so easy to put them to death, that is, they themselves do not understand the rules of your family servant, nor casually killed the count.

She raised her heart boring hair curtain to look, to see what a eunuch was saying and blue Guards chief, she raised an eyebrow: "? That is not significantly Dukes in front of you starting a eunuch."

Yan Qian Xun glanced went over his head, nodded and said: "? It appears obvious Dukes whole family also stuck in the back, I heard that this accident is considerably County princess maiden who Ershen exchange a brother."

Tseng nodded, then sighed and said: "Last month started looking for people in the capital, did not think ......"

Both were silent, after all, this has nothing to do with them.

After waiting around a stick of incense, wood-rounder for news back tone stammered: "The County Royal Highness, Princess county, small inquire into some of the messages, just listen a bit frightening, small do not know to say no to say. "

"What's not to say,

"Faster than the opening Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu," Tell me how it was. "

After listening to the words of Akebia, Hua Xi Wan feeling very strange, so much wind and rain last night, exactly who is at that time to throw a corpse.

The dead body injuries, tongue gone, even the eyes are a little one, who severely ulcerated flesh, who happens but almost no bone injury, even when fully clothed body of inexplicable disappearance a month ago, the clothes very clean, useless broken ground, indicating that the deceased was caught when there is no fierce resistance, or other strength is too high strength, he did not fight back room, it was captured live.

Now suddenly the other person's body thrown out, but also on the main road into the capital of the door, this behavior is somewhat suspicious.

Not to mention make a corpse shipped over from the gate, how hard things, but also to avoid the curfew at night and guard the gates of the guards. Can do this, unless Zhang Jiagong child from the outset to be held in the outskirts of the subject of torture, or someone in the daytime out of town yesterday, and also the smooth transport of the bodies out of the city.

To do this quietly, if not help, I'm afraid not so easy. The most important thing is why so blatantly often the body thrown into this place pedestrians passing by, it would not be waiting for someone to find the body?

"Guard Zhang family notice yet?" Hua Xi Wan just finish the sentence, suddenly heard the sound of a woman crying out came. She suddenly surprised, opened the curtain looked out, saw a few hurried look servant leaning on a man and a woman walking two elderly staggered toward the side, escorted by a woman who was dragged almost live barely propped himself, sad face is how also could not conceal.

Mrs. Zhang was heartbroken to hear the cry of Hua Xi Wan put down the curtain, with a sigh: "The white-haired people who sent hair, but most are cruel."

Poor old son Zhang,This age Zaoxin also encounter such things, I really do not know how the two men to accept this matter.

Yan Jin Qiu light: "The capital of this place, never missing human life."

Hua Wan heard this evening, silent.

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