Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 17 Saying and doing

Chapter 17 Saying and doing

"Linping Princess?" Wan Wah evening playing with pearls on a box of good fineness, listening Hongying, then leisurely thrown into the hands of pearl box, "She is not married River City four years ago to go? "We hear that the Princess married this is not a family, but a family property quite good Beijing exam the students. After the successful candidates, the students took a dimethyl first tenth, in the eyes of ordinary people is considered a family line, but in a large number of family capital, such a person has three years, really nothing special, let them look at a few also one or both eyes before.

But despite the River City-born students score is not particularly conspicuous, but people relying on a good bladder and a few good poem, was spotted remarkable palace of Princess Linping, life and death to marry him, which is better than others good luck is not on.

A clear outsider in the twists and turns, but the Hua Xi Wan remember very clearly, when this matter is also lively in the capital for some time, until Linping married Princess River City a few months after getting no one talks about it. But now Linping Princess children returned to Beijing with Jun Ma, I'm afraid things have to be a theme of the year busybodies. Hua Xi Wan looked down at the box full of beautiful pearls, casually said, "the prince said, since the county does not have to this matter, you do not have to find out more."

Four years ago, the old king was still in the disease, can uphold married Princess Linping not close from the capital of River City, who can see how valued Jun Ma, I'm afraid this brother Prince significant amount smaller than her husband .

"Slaves of the province," Hongying away pearl box, the hot tea ended in front of Hua Xi Wan, "Slaves Linping is worried about the princess returned to Beijing, will make things difficult for you to." Married woman, mother tricky encounter fear , tough Guzi, which if met where, as is the bad thoughts.

"What can she make things difficult for me?" Hua Xi Wan Duanqichabei, blowing gently heat the water, sip slowly after the Road, "than her family, my family and I have deep feelings will love me, protected me; than the door first married, significantly Dukes house than River City Ho Yiu much more significant, you say, I'm afraid of what she does? "

Not to mention Yan Jin Qiu Linping Princess and bad feelings, even if they are siblings deep feelings, if the other party deliberately make things difficult for her, she would not make compromises. Her parents raised her years, not to make her too cowardly to significantly junwangfu day, even if she can stand the useless gas, she can not be subject, if so that other people think Hua daughter is all this useless temper weak well bully, that her sin.

Hongying see their own masters confidence, worried mind down, and the moment they feel cool enough, even this one did not expect.

"I know some of you worry about me," Hua Xi Wan put down the cup, to white summer Hongying few people smiled, "have you around in my peace of mind more."

Hongying white summer a few people even dare to say, but rest assured, at least they will not feel county Princess eventful, but they took down this time he plays.

"Princess county, county princes back to the House, and going to the hospital being over here," paclitaxel from the outside came in, and see the white summer HY looked a little wrong, eyes lowered blessed Fook, "County Princess, slaves I heard County Royal Highness back to the House when his face is not very good. "

Upon hearing this, Wan Hua Xi brow micro pick,"His face was not good and would not take our outlet, there is nothing to worry about, how can you wait to serve it."

Paclitaxel opened his mouth, to say a word, and obviously very correct, then the county princess, but she always felt that there is anything wrong.

Yan Jin Qiu positive first entered the hospital gate, we see the yard surrounded by many of the girl, his home county princess wearing a loose robe, her hair fixed with only a jasper hairpin, solemnly standing in the middle of the yard, it seems in the brewing what flavor.

Was so thinking, he would see Hua Xi Wan hands slowly came to power, the right foot slowly draw a nice arc outward step, although the action done very slowly, but the sense of giving a sense to fill the gap.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan stood there looking at a slow to very nice kick boxing only after stepped forward and said: "? What is Xi Wan playing boxing."

Wan Hua Xi is a fine sweat towel to wipe his forehead, see Yan Jin Qiu came over, put aside the broken hair Binbian scattered: "? For boxing to keep fit, how to come back so early today, the" Although Yan Qiu Jin one pair looks are not interested in politics, but whatever the outcome hung in moving a post, the size of North Korea will or will go.

"North Korea nothing serious," Yan Jin Qiu see strand of hair next to Hua Xi Wan cheek, the ray of hand after the hair clip into her ear, "You all these years in poor health, did not go out, as we have in recent days find a good weather to go out to play something? "

Hua Xi Wan Consider the recent increasingly hot weather, and my heart just lifted the mood to play suddenly disappeared without a trace, the current shortcut: "? Recently, the weather is getting hot, go out these days does not seem appropriate."

"So, waiting to take you out again after the summer a good time," Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan did not see the house plan, they sit down in the chair next to, "I am worried about a person you stay in the palace would be boring. "

"The palace very good, will not." Wan Hua Xi smiled, like her lazy anxious over this boring day, go to bed whenever he woke up, eat what you want to wear just moving mouths, boring there are a bunch of various words in this view, this laid-back days just great.

See Hua Xi Wan began practicing fist, Yan Jin Qiu will sit quietly in a chair appreciate her valiant and heroic, even some fierce action, Wan Hua Xi to do it, that's with a different type of beauty.

After seeing the Hua Xi Wan kicked devoted to the martial arts of sandbags, Yan Qiu Jin suddenly become more upright sitting position.

"Qiu Jin, we go into the house," Hua Xi Wan took the white veil fed to the summer, while rubbing his hand came up to Jin Qiu Yan, not with the breath of air, "Yes, I heard Pro Ping Princess returned to Beijing yesterday, or ask them a few days to live back to the government? "


As well as several other smoke coolness in Dukes House serve the elderly foot heart, County Princess is really tender the tender spot, this is not inflame it?

Yan Jin Qiu LOS white neck in the evening at Wan Wah in a circle, slight smile said: "No, she was married for so many years, she had a family, we must have no time to Dukes palace, in the future you do not bother too much for her, do not tired yourself. "

The presence of all light and spacious heart suddenly up, county princess had just said "back to the House."While the county princes says, "we have Dukes House", it seems Linping Royal Highness Princess in the minds of the county, is no doubt an outsider.

The other put words to this point, do not bother Wan Hua Xi phony say those kind of scenes, then nodded and said, "So," Then, Buddist a turn, "Today I let people Shanfang the two pot cultivation to the soup, and so will you drink a bowl, summer is coming, heat not good for his health. "

Wan Hua Xi probably did not think could be so straightforward to be down, or even to reconcile comfort or anything, so Qiu Jin Yan stunned for a moment before nodding, "Well, at noon I will drink."

Akebia looked up and saw the smile on the face of the county princes, suddenly his head buried deep down.

Two side by side into the house, Hua Xi Wan entered the room for a set of clothes, and string together good hair, shaking round fan sat down on Ruanta, see Yan Jin Qiu sitting at the table, sidewalk: "This airy, than at the table cool. "

Yan Jin Qiu heard this, she suddenly got up and sat down beside conspire, "a lot of really cool, no wonder you usually like to read here."

Wan Hua Xi smiling waving fans: "The most important is because this Ruanta I like."

People wait at seeing this, after tea Bong point, it all back out, walking in the back with a purple shirt white summer also careful to cover the door after him.

Once people are under to make way, Wan Wah evening before: "Today, early in the morning and end the Princess will send people to your home to us the invitation, saying it was to buy a villa in the suburbs of Beijing, he invited us to play three days later.

Yan Jin Qiu heard eyes slightly changed, "since it is the imperial sister invited, go and see," he look pale, "I'll join you three days later."

Wan Hua Xi stop action roll fan, watching the ladies riding map painted on the fan, the moment and smiled.

Intelligent woman, I never had to do too much.

The wise man does not need to say too much to let their women.

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