Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 16 of wonders

Chapter 16 of wonders

After Kai Tai Long Wan Shou, Beijing in China will soon have on the eve of the outflow Wan rumors.

It is said that before substantial County unmarried princess did not see things never go off, really because of poor health, rather than for other reasons. The significant fact County princess looks Empress Dowager, appeared in His Majesty longevity ceremony on time, and even a lot of people see blindsided.

These aristocrats mouth came after rumors one, there are a lot of people said they already feel significantly county Princess can not be salt-free women, or waiting Nghe House Why not hurry to cover up?

Nghe An have relatives in the House when the poor people waiting suddenly proud past, they say Miss Washington fond of appearance, but why no one believes, but say they're making Houfu ass. Now your people say explicitly County princess is great beauty, past, those who spread rumors suddenly disappear, they smoke a lot at night, "knew" people.

Ngee Ann had intended to designate the government to propose marriage, but because of family outside their message hesitate long regret, Chinese home for generations Liehou, two brothers Wan Hua Xi and both are disappointing, if such an amendment to the relatives, it is very good. The results of their life and to waste this opportunity to show significant Dukes got this great deal.

By this time, the words are said acid, envy jealousy there, and even people in front of her parents two sister-in-law Romer mischief, outside, then inside, then do not imply Romer two sister-in-law as one of us, and that two a sister-in-law turned out to be such a willing niece married into the royal and so on.

Lu family, although straightforward personality, does not mean they did not mind. If the Romer family who did not mind, then how can ancestors summoned, along with Emperor conquer the world? Who specializes in the art of war, naturally clever head with a long-term vision, how can such a point as a means of provocation arises rift with their own relatives?

After Lu Justifying two girls of the family is cheerful temper, hear others overtly or covertly seek to sow conflict, he said they face direct Shen Lu niece marry Prince significant but natural fit.

About nothing else to mention, but gradually reduced dealings with these people.

Significant Dukes House.

Hua Xi Wan reading Romer wrote her a letter, and the letter stacked white summer harvest let up. She went to the window, looked out the window and some Sunshine sun, frowning:. "This day is getting hot."

Paclitaxel is gold beast mosquito incense smoke furnace midpoint ball, after hearing said:. "If you feel the heat County Princess, sister to let you do Hongying pulp crushed ice, she is doing the most good."

Hua Xi Wan boneless Ruanta on the window to sit down, sitting posture still feel uncomfortable, simply lying in the Ruanta, face to the cold brocade, finally made her feel more comfortable : "Daoye Hao."

Hongying heard they stopped the hands of the matter, smiled and blessed Zhaohua evening Wan Fook, ready to take people to go icehouse ice.

"Do more bowls, and so will you also try," Hua Xi Wan and Lan Lan added, then took the white summer, handing me the soft pillow placed under his body, lying on the left side of his chin, right index finger tap the leg unhurried said: "Lvzhu, shop books that I brought over dowry, clearing you out of it?"

"I have already been accounted for, a lot of profit this month." Lvzhu again and again pulls out a few books from a wooden box, see Hua Xi Wan did not mind to see the books,Put to the general situation of China Xi Wan lay it to say it again.

"These are street Pu shop, profit more than pretty normal," Hua Xi Wan thumbed through a jewelery shop at the books, "these veteran artists still have to take possessor. You remember telling the following steward, who worked in the shop where I more than fifteen years to the fifties of the year, did not make a mistake and a very serious person, per month in addition to wages may be overpaid half Diaoqian by then if do not want to work, ready to go home to rest, on a quarterly basis can also go to the shop on half when Diaoqian living allowance. But if anyone inside the shop to tell outsiders to hear things, things that time can Biexian club unsparing. "

The current limit of people because of medical conditions, life expectancy is not high, can live up to five-year-old man, he has been regarded as a strong and healthy, longevity phase, Hua Xu Xi Wan afraid of their own out this bold promise.

Lvzhu heard surprised a moment, then understand it is to retain the county Princess useful craftsmen, sidewalk: "The slaves will make good steward of this matter." This matter seems simple, but the course of the operation extremely easy people loophole, fortunately the identity of the princess in the county, but also the implementation of some of the articles of association, workers who will believe in commitments under the shop to do.

After all, there are several employees in the fifties of years, relying on the old club can work in mutual affection, half white-collar quarterly Diaoqian?

The books aside, Hua Xi Wan continue to lie back on Ruanta:. "I get some sleep, wait for the next call me."

White summer seeing, and sat on the foot of the pier Ruanta holding a round fan gently rocking. Lvzhu purple shirt and received a good thing at hand, softly exit in the room, and let's wait outside the room after Haier maidservants who softly, just out of the bedroom.

"After the county Princess of management, the shop two months gains a lot better," Hua Xi Wan with a number of years, Lvzhu so far are still felt unable to figure temperament County princess. Obviously a very intelligent man, but why always is a laid-back look. Obviously Houfu entropy female origin, should be the fingers do not stick spring water, your daughter, but why after reading the books can be found steward to profit on property, quite proficient.

Thought here, she thought county princess talking about a woman must not lazy but there is no money in the hands of Qingming demeanor, "If the county is willing to participate in these Princess those poetry, your female polo club, the first in Beijing your name of the first woman ...... "

Realizes that his words were too, Lvzhu busy shut up, do not see people passing in the corridor, only Panasonic breath.

See her like this, paclitaxel laugh denounced:. "Told you nonsense, County Princess is the idea of ​​people, we just told good things is shining County Princess, you would not say those things useless"

"You're right, I think too much," Lvzhu towards a purple shirt Fook, thanked her and reminded meaning, she glanced richly ornamented yard, Dan Xiao: "a moment carried away, actually forget that this is which of. "

Purple shirt standing to let her own line after the ceremony, came back half ceremony: "Fortunately, you know, or even if I remind you, is useless." Although the county Princess lazy man, patience Ye Hao, but once fury, that is, who can not stay, who plead useless.

When Yan Jin Qiu into the regular court, and Hua Xi Wan fast asleep,House more than just a fight fan's white summer, serve other maidservants are on the outside, gently lift the pace down, even with two eunuchs also followed behind to stay in the outside.

White summer to see him come in, he got up and silently toward the blessed blessing body.

Qiu Jin Yan nodded his head, took off his soft silk robe, round fan took it from her hand along the couch to sit Hua Xi Wan waving fans, a low voice: "Recently it began to heat up, so you wait on time must be careful. "

"Please be assured county princes, slaves were certainly dedicated to serve," White Xia Ruanta direction and looking eyes, and determine their conversation will not affect the rest of China Xi Wan, was assured of continued opening, "County princess bitter summer, the house always put the ice is not good for the body, so the former county unmarried princess did not like to stay in a cool, well-ventilated place.


Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan looked at a pair of slender arms, smiled, so slim people actually bitter summer.

White summer saw two one, a silent back out, see Hongying come in carrying a bowl of ice, stretched out his hand stopped her and took people out of the house.

"County Princess to rest," Summer laughed, pointing to the white ice bowl in her hand, "the good stuff, we sisters own a few minutes of it."

Hongying inexplicable saw a white summer white summer sister seemed in a good mood? She looked back at the bedroom puzzled, even white summer to come out from inside the room, is it the county princes come back? Think of it, she put ice bowl stuffed summer white hands, "White Summer sister hard, bowl of good things to come to you taste."

"Puchi" white summer carrying a bowl of ice chuckle loudly, he tried to speak, looked up and was surprised to find Akebia hurried toward the side of the way, they both see the door, guessed County princess taking a break, the moment is anxious, it is feared to disturb County Royal Highness Princess to rest with the county, we had to stop walking around in front of white summer with Hongying two.

"Wood Explorer, What do you do?" Hongying smiling at Akebia site looks like, "But what is important matter?"

Akebia watching two county Princess reuse maidservants, sighed and said:. "The two girls, just servants to report, Linping Princess is now in Beijing, two if available, could pass for me to pass out"

"Wood father kind, you wait." HY surprised a moment, then react, Linping is not exchange a sister Princess Royal Highness County do? She is preparing briefing turned into the house, go back and see the county princes go back blankly.

"What Huanglihuangzhang looks like?" Akebia hear mention their cell sister, not a cent Yan Jin Qiu face lighted up, lightly, "county princess is inside the house to rest, Mo woke her."

Akebia heard this, anxious face looked suddenly disappear, kneel in front of Yan Jin Qiu, "little lost sense of proportion, please county princes punishment."

"Get up answer," Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zhou brow said, "Linping Princess River City in recent years has been, how suddenly returned to Beijing?"

"Small but heard the emperor Mizhao Jun Ma Beijing entry, the Princess was followed by Jun Ma Jing back together," Akebia stood up, bowed and said, when "a small heard the news, with Princess Jun Ma has been to Beijing a. "

Yan Jin Qiu deadpan listen Akebia finish, slightly lowered eyes: "So, she will immediately go."

HY early summer with white bow then retreated to the corner,Hear this conversation, I feel a strange, two months before the county and county prince married Princess, Princess Linping not come back. This time quietly to the capital, does not actually tell Dukes House soon, which is between the compatriots siblings, feeling does not seem so close.

They exchange a look, the idea of ​​pressing down the heart, but when he was not clear who would not want to stop.

Royal has even cannibalism between the biological father and son, not to mention siblings.

The world is great, but only Royal is full of wonders.

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