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Crown Princess Chapter 15

Crown Princess Chapter 15

Some people actually ask out of this problem in the palace banquet occasions, this way, significantly contributed to the county princess embarrassed or let two embarrassing marriage of the emperor? Regardless of what it was like outside the rumors, the emperor is "do not know", he gave marriage is the identity of the elders is no father and mother were Dukes consideration, royal insiders know if those rumors out, is it out with accusations The emperor casually refers to the marriage?

Hua Xi Wan looked up to speak, it is the extra baggage of a fair-skinned woman costumes, nobile Binbian shine bright light, this woman set off extravagance pressing.

"Mrs Lai Yiu is said to be out of those who pass the county princes concubine good those words?" Here, Xi Wan Wah face with a shy, "county princes concubine to be really excellent."

The woman's husband but a static level granduncle Dukes, three generations down, it was barely saved a bit Earl, this is popular because of its child emperor reuse, and only then to him by the emperor as a first-class third-Admiral Peter, the family can only claim to be a decline of the royal family, compared to the significant Dukes House prominent, nobile the static level Beuve people Binbian on a bit vulgar, and even that style is a few years ago, if placed in the general family also make financial nobile to do new tricks, have rewarded face maidservants play with.

Jing Ping Beuve people did not expect Wan Wah evening turned out to be that the rumors that she had opened his mouth, is not going to say it, but see four weeks Morohito face has some strange, even those who are close to your family and go They are frequently to own a wink, even though she was not willing to have in mind, but not good then continue to ask it.

In this world, where there is no shortage of people without brain, even if Royal is the same. See Wan Hua Xi Jing Ping Beuve people died down, do not bother to care about in this occasion with her, but nothing like as happened toward the crowd looked at her and smiled, then lowered his head.

The smile so many people gasped, some of the men in sex quite valued even think, if China Xi Wan alone against his smile so, I'm afraid so that no matter what they do, they are willing.

"Cup of tea to support digestion and stomach," Qiu Jin Yan lifted the large Xiupao, reach out to Hua Xi Wan tea, also obscured a half toward the side to see the sight. Zhefan action done to fill the gap, the tea to draw a beautiful arc in the air, accurate down to the cup, not a drop of water spill.

Wan Hua Xi Duanqichabei, although still steaming tea, but the cup in hand, but oozing a hint of coolness, Qingchuai after she put down the cup, looked toward Dianwai: "the hour is late. "It is now her sleep.

Yan Jin Qiu suddenly, know what Hua Xi Wan think that he whispered in her ear:. "Soon come to an end."

Wan Hua Xi smiled, implied to make their way off migraine, let their ears away from Yan Jin Qiu lips far more.

Yan Jin Qiu looked hanging on the eve of Wan Hua ears pierced earrings pearl inlay, smiled and poured himself a glass of wine.

Sure enough, Yan Jin Qiu expected, after two stick of incense, the palace of the three most identity soon have to leave. Since the Lord is all gone, they did not take these Peiqia a while, have got up to leave.

China came in a hurry to kneel Wan and Yan Jin Qiu Xi is about to be launched car, holding a rosewood box chamberlain in both of them: "seen a significant Dukes,Princess noticeable County, slaves is the womb too valet Yang energy, Crown Princess you hit it off, so the county Princess Extraordinary slaves to significantly bring you a small thing. "

On the whole banquet, in addition to between the beginning of their mutual Jian Li, but where's the hit it off?

Wan Hua Xi looked in front of sandalwood box inlaid with gems, nodded and smiled and said:. "His Royal Highness Crown Princess is too kind, Chen women fear"

Hua Yang Xi Wan visibility and no special treatment because Crown Princess exposed particularly the expression of surprise, guessed the county Princess significant, if not very wise woman, is also regarded as stable. He handed the box Hua Xia Xi Wan personal maid white hands, bend the line a ceremony: "Crown Princess told former slave work already said, the daughter of a friend rare, can hit it off with your county Princess is the greatest blessing, these Gizmo is just to send people playing with the dead, not worth mentioning. "

Since the other party made up his mind should something gets here, Hua Xi Wan does not adhere to, and after that a few polite Jiao Yang chamberlain energy before stepping on a footstool on the carriage.

Carriage to leave the palace, Wan Hua Xi ebony box without looking things, words with disgust and said: "put things back to lock me up, do not mention in front of me." Although Yang can one a crown princess, but she was sure things were not sent Crown Princess, but someone else.

Yan Jin hill in front of her face to send something, it is looked down upon Yan Jin Qiu nausea or her?

Hua Xi Wan leaning bracelet on the wrist, so that my heart qi children along a little, whispered bitterly:. "Dogs!"

Yan Jin Qiu hand on her back, light laugh: ". A dog is not something" was a Duanzaijuesun dog stuff.

He lifted the curtains looked outward, the carriage has entered the capital noisy main road, roadside crowds, giving a world of prosperity.

"Outside look good?"

Yan Jin Qiu back, to see Hua Xi Wan lazy against the cushion, although asked out, but his face is not the slightest intention of curiosity.

"Emotions, in all the vicissitudes of life," Yan Jin Qiu put down the curtain, suddenly began, "Xi Wan have not thought seriously to see these people thinking?"

Wan Hua Xi Lie on your back on the cushions, Yan Jin Qiu problem for some disagree:. "Cross as many different angles, near and far different level do not know the truth, just because in this mountain, Jin Qiu this poem how to look? "

Yan Jin Qiu eyes slightly changed, then smiled and said: "? Wan Xi is what these words meaning"

Hua Xi Wan adjusted his posture, lazy continued: "The poem is meant, I was this great

In one person, even see, but ever thought about going to see other people? "

"Xi Wan actually straightforward," Qiu Jin Yan eyes staring at her, "So Xi Wan have not thought about standing on the highest point of looking at the scenery especially different?"

"Different, high mountain wind thing," Wan Hua Xi made a yawn, half-squint, "If you go the next time viewing, ready for me thick clothes, the cold will not let me, let I'm hungry, I go and see it anyway. "

Yan Jin Qiu look looking at the complex have been closed eyes meditatively Wan Wah evening, after a long while smiled: "You are my closest woman in this life,I how willing to let you suffer involved? ? "

Wan Hua Xi moved his eyelids, but it did not open.

Carriage move, rickety, the Hua Xi Wan gradually sleep in the past.

Prince palace, the prince looked at some impatience to feel the pulse of their own old physician:. "Please pulse medication daily, solitary see also useless."

Physician heard two steps back on his knees: "His Royal Highness Prince Edward, your liver weak spleen, really should not be drinking, today ......"

"Well, how their bodies lone, solitary mind clear," Prince stood up, looking gloomy look at some kneeling on the ground quivering old physician, "You do not have to say, withdraw it."

For Zaiquan old physician, he looked up to see Prince looking ugly, in turn bear down, Prince and now is able-bodied age, for certain aspects of demanding Que Shibi, as if the heirs can count, you should self-cultivation, less drinking, avoid excess room / thing. But Prince opinionated, what he have the ability to persuade such a person?

Out of his chambers old physician with a few to see Crown Princess Palace paternity towards coming here, courtesy line has not been completed, it was Crown Princess valet around to hold on.

"He physician need not be so much ceremony, Prince of how the body?" Compared to rude Prince, Crown Princess seemed approachable and gentle, "but there are better?"

He physician heard this and said: "His Royal Highness Crown Princess back, but now His Royal Highness Prince Edward, although more than twenty, but just time, if less wine cultivation, more favorable to the heirs."

Crown Princess listening to these words, I smiled and let the physician sent out, but in my heart sigh, Prince has been so, because she was the Crown Princess, Prince several times to ignore her behavior, too early in the womb Other in front of a woman lost dignity, how we can persuade Prince to change attitudes?

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