Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 14 undercurrent

Chapter 14 undercurrent

After the birthday halfway through, Wan Hua Xi is almost eat, looked at the royal family took the opportunity to everyone, we find these people whether male or female, looks are anti very good, like Prince who married Count Di wife, if not a masterpiece beauty, but also dignified atmosphere could not pick the slightest ills.

Like sitting there, to make people feel a peculiar aristocratic momentum. It's like a past life she was acting, play different classes of people have different manners, and even the inherent qualities have to follow the changes in the environment changes. These things comes down in one piece is called acting, called the gas field.

When North Korea after several generations, even if the first generation of the emperor looks in general, but after generations of concubines based Friends of improved beauty, looks higher than the average level is also normal.

"The first significant county Princess see the palace dinner, could not accustomed to what place?" Queen sat phoenix seat, see Hua Xi Wan stopped chopsticks, he smiled and asked, "are our present Morohito family, what are not used to the place you though that, everyone will understand you. "

This point was some subtle Queen, Royal Hua Xi Wan see some unapproachable, then got a blessing and said:. "Thank you, Queen Goddess concerned, a good banquet, Zhixi not accustomed to the" million birthday of the emperor, Princess if she was a county If this is not comfortable, it was not accustomed to, it is really called dead.

Queen heard this news nodded, "You're used to it, like you see in this house that dish with fairy falls to pieces, so let's go to your house paternity and then on one, like to eat the more taste."

"Zhixi thanked Queen Goddess," Wan Hua Xi's around the women felt their eyes on him, her smile took some by surprise, but also a little attention by the Queen Goddess flawless.

The clever part of the women seeing sight back, the county Princess was too obvious a bit younger, really, the queen now acts as a kindness, patience is so simple, if not properly guarding significant Dukes, really not suitable for Royal this place.

Queen of sight under the seat swept the crowd, and in speaking with China Xi Wan said a few words to get her to sit down, my heart is with China Xi Wan saw two low points, although born looks good, but lack of scheming, if other girls of the family, certainly know how to answer without offending her, and would not lead to hate others, Hua Xi Wan even on such a dry subject to this special, Ngee Ann House candidates raised a really good daughter.

Emperor did not seem to find the Queen of calculations like, but encouraged the Yan Jin Qiu few words, let everyone see his presence on the importance Yan Jin Qiu, only contented to listen to other people flatter him.

Just heard the emperor ascended the throne in those years was a forceful and ambitious emperor, is now available in China, Xi Wan's eyes it seems, but is a somewhat aging, wary of heavy, loves flattery, heavy luxury mediocre emperor only.

Supreme power easy to get lost direction, Kai Lung Emperor would have lost courage and wrist during the year to win the throne, it is more like an old man holding gold, who through his side, in his eyes is to steal gold people.

High above for too long, and not the nature of the firm's people, it is easy to make the mistake of arrogance problems, he considered himself the ultimate winner, when look at other people, will bring even he imperceptible complacency.Kai Lung Emperor if not so complacent, check out spend some thought Nghe designate government thing, maybe she would not be significant Dukes join in with a pile. Queen just see their eyes the same is true, probably too many people think, the most beautiful woman without brain, so the Queen's subconscious, they look down upon her.

She never worried about other people underestimate her, afraid it was high to see her.

"County Royal Highness?" Hou Yan Boyi just found Zhaohua evening Wan saw his eyes, the same smile face, poured him a glass of wine, handed his mouth, "I have heard of this. That little wine per table pot, wine person you are, do not miss it. you know after this village, no this shop it. "

Took the cup of wine and drink wine, Yan Boyi tone of indifference:. "Although rare wine, but it is not anywhere to be found not, but it is a fresh taste."

"County princes are right," Hou took the empty wine glass, I never gave him pour the wine.

"I think these Ai Jia Sun-law are good, look good sign temperament," the Queen Mother at this time of the opening, she said, after this, will look to the emperor, "The emperor, you is not it?"

"His mother said is absolutely right," the emperor put the glass down, should the Queen Mother and the words.

"Ah," Empress satisfied nod, then several grandchildren again Doukua wife, Crown Princess lifted when it touches, just say "dignified and stable," the other would then no.

Prince and Crown Princess married nearly a year, but has not the glad tidings, the Queen also sit still for this arrangement to Prince Prince Liangdi two, but three well-known points of woman belly have no audio. As for the other woman to be played Prince, it is not at all glad tidings came, so that the Queen and the Emperor were a little anxious.

Prince incompetent Hunkui, the emperor knees no other children, Prince knees naturally looking forward to a few more heirs, who knows Prince work hard, who knows what was actually light watering is not sown.

Crown Princess looking somewhat embarrassed, others are the women appear along with husband, she was chosen to go first because the Prince had to drive over alone, now the Queen Mother on her conversation and not much satisfied with the place, but she felt embarrassed face .

Glanced around the big sleep ignorant prince, she bowed his head with a wry smile, and how to become Crown Princess, to marry such a man, in this life, what to look forward to?

Not so harmonious relationship between three generations of the most distinguished of the three women, although the presence of most of the women could not be observed, but some people still saw some fine something wrong. For example, this year, especially not to the Queen Mother Queen's face, from time to time to Qinghe Princess Queen followed the lead of the illness does not appear, the whole Princess House appeared on the feast of unique and only

End of Minhui Princess and Princess very close.

Hua Xi Wan Although some things are not so understanding the royal family, but she felt really royal mess, just like gruel. There is a saying, that is the most wonderful thing is not a field where the rules are not the township head, but the royal family.

"Eat yet?" See Yan Jin Qiu Hua Xi Wan has been silent words, whispered, "and so we feast scattered back to the House and then something."

Hua Xi Wan laughed: "I'm full, what are you to me as a pig to keep it?"

"Pigs can not so good treatment,"Yan Qiu Jin joked," I can not find such a nice pig in the world. "

"Probably in the eyes of the pig, which we did not have long hair, walk on two legs who is ugly," Wan Hua Xi with a handkerchief over her mouth yawned, lazy said: "A lot of hair and more animals are more flattering. "

"Like rats?"

Hua Xi Wan: "......"

"I think that normal people think of cats and dogs," Hua Xi Wan chin in hand looking at the outside Yan Jin Qiu, "At least there are a lot of hair on the tail of cats and dogs, can have much hair on rat tail?"

They talk gradually strayed, see Yan Jin Qiu Hua Xi Wan mention cats and dogs, "Why do not you people to find a docile obedient kitten?"

"Bale, cats and dogs creature, feeding is to pay feelings, I worried that I can not single-mindedness to accept them or not to leave, it is better not to keep," Wan Hua Xi bluntly refused, "No hope no disappointments , two points to the other side and cold feelings back, it is the most ruthless practice. "

After listening to Jin Qiu Yan, I looked at her eyes, not to mention the things cats and dogs. Just then, one wearing a dress of royal women of color suddenly asked, "significantly outside the county princess ever heard rumors about you?"

His remark hall suddenly quiet a lot.

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