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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Prince Chapter 13

Prince Chapter 13

Zhaoyang house, some children with royal idle thought veiled eyes toward the direction constantly looked considerably Dukes couple, but even their own hands, carrying wine had spilled not know.

However, Royal has never lacked a show of good people, no matter how stunning the heart, how envious jealousy hate, most people after the initial surprise, can still carrying style gentleman waiting for the opening banquet.

No matter how many people the house of the attention falls on himself, Wan Hua Xi look from start to finish little changed, with the neighboring people greet each other after sitting quietly beside Qiu Jin Yan, as if surrounded by no one noticed her like.

"This wine is Dutch Nectar, not to stimulate the taste fragrance, is said to drink this wine to longevity, blood and beauty, the most suitable for women." Yan Jin Qiu put that wine cup to pour a glass of Hua Xi Wan, his laugh gentle enough to spend a lot of shake a woman's eyes, "Wan evening to try."

Wan Hua Xi brow frivolous, skeptical and said: "? There are so magical" And she put that Jiuzun drank a small mouth, the taste is very light indeed, after swallowing the leaves have a faint aroma in the mouth filled, but sweet not strong.

"how about it"

When "very good." Previous life she mixed showbiz: Look at this ten centimeters from his face, Wan Hua Xi index finger poke her face away some, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, spit idle words Although unwilling to accept the unspoken rules, but the size of dinner also attended a lot, what did not drink wine.

For her, this thing is like wine, like men, then a normal good, if not live away from it, then this life can be considered finished.

See Wan Hua Xi general interest of the wine, Yan Jin Qiu is not discouraged, but whispered to Hua Xi Wan identity of these people talking about the house and the various relationships with in her ear, and also very natural to get open in front of her Jiuzun, put a cup of steaming tea.

Hua Xi Wan quietly listening, when they hear Mrs. Ning Feng Ji please heirs as heir, brow slightly moving a bit. If she did not remember correctly, the first wife ning of Allegiance was born, the conduct has not heard of any problems, the results gave the following bit Seiko lady's children, this is really interesting.

No wonder the Emperor so much a sense of crisis, managed to grab the throne, each eyeing the results of the brothers, finally dead two of the most capability, and a result of their son than a competent, his only son not live up to expectations, think felt suffocated for the emperor.

Yan Jin Qiu, then although it is a point to stop, but Hua Xi Wan or combing these words from the inside out something that the whole family ning though not quite decent, but they would be more tolerant of the emperor, the most flamboyant in facing up Jun Wang Sheng Although the surface by reuse, but the results in the name of the emperor's younger generation care found him a county family born Princess basket case. Several cousins ​​mediocre Prince and peers are not particularly close, Ms. Wang Ji Ning only child born to Ningwang Shi Yan Qian Xun often followed the prince and the royal children of several relatively Dandyism.

Prince Dandyism mediocre man, and no other brothers, cousins ​​does have a few other very outstanding, this thing really bad depth of thought.

Zhexiang both an intimate gesture,Jin Yan had to let some hill envy, jealousy and hatred of the royal children stare dog eat dog, good salt-free women say it? Why God to be so unfair, given him so many things, but also to give him a wife Di Enchanting, which makes them how to balance their state of mind?

End and princess listening to the sound of conversation around the minor, face constant smile, on the side a bit stiff consort said: "? Fuma, how pretty obvious County princess you say"

Drinking bow my head and Princess consort hear the end of words Zhaohua evening sitting Wan direction, looked at, this one is actually looking stunned and speechless, could not help but look at two before nodded: "very good, you are a princess there is a very good sister church. "

End and see him this look like a princess, some intolerant away their sight, fake smiles: "? Consort Intuit vulgar words a bit, good woman, and looks have anything to do."

Consort hear her words some wrong, no longer in a word, to continue focusing instead on wine tasting.

Puzzled to see him painting style appearance, end and Princess fundus do not like flash, then quiet.

"Prince to drive!"

This soon herald, so that the hall of people are quiet. Originally with China Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu talking to stop talking, sit up straight outside the house looked toward the body. Hua Xi Wan followed his movements outward looking in, saw a young man of medium height with a few Palace paternity Aung into the hall, not as Yan Jin Qiu looks outstanding, but also called handsome, facial features and she had seen Queen like, just slightly arrogant behavior among aloof.

Prince walked with two royal tribe polite and went close when Theravada position, suddenly see a peerless beauty dressed in costumes, the pace of the moment they paused, among several blink of an eye came back to God, not quite the taste of Yan Jin Qiu said: "here is Don Yan Fu siblings good cousin?."

Prince is not the first to say such things, but it is the first to speak at such a straightforward tacky, surrounded by the royal family of human hearing these words he was contemptuous of this are some pies. Such a thing in front of the Church sister told cousin, Intuit also do not pay attention, not to mention the women should not say such things in front of people, even if it is carrying a person, not so straightforward to say that such a thing; anyhow, it was his sister church, but also a significant positive return his wife to marry Prince Bataidajiao palace, how can make fun of concubines, then speak with the significant Dukes?

"Oh," Jin Yan Prince got up hill station arch of the hand, "Chen Di naturally not as His Royal Highness Prince good fortune."

Prince, though not lovable man, but not a fool, see Yan Jin Qiu smile on his face that something was amiss, and finally withdrew his own body on the line of sight Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu patting shoulders hearty smiles: "My brother speak freely some, but really happy for you, you do not

Mind. "

Yan Jin Qiu smiled and arch of the hand towards him, did not speak mind or not mind.

Prince Edward to see him face warm smile, easy sentence he just does not care, recover their Paijian hand, Prince strode own special seat around, anyway, for him, even if the cousin had ill feelings heart does not matter , how he is today anyway prince, a cousin of the future have to live his breath Yang, in that case why he should not mind too much destined to stand on our own body under the people want?

Hua Xi Wan sat next to,Qiu Jin Yan looked at his face not fault smile, Duanqichabei so as to hide his face, do not know her illusion, she always felt under Yan Jin Qiu this smile hides some can not be said of the cold meaning.

"Prince is a muddy man, you do not care about his words and deeds," Qiu Jin Yan after sitting down, in China, Xi Wan ear said something, "with people who do not mind about trifles, no meaning."

His index finger rubbed glass, like stroking his love / person, his smile became more good looks.

Prince Zhaoyang to bring up the rear, less than a stick of incense, Dowager Empress had gone to the sons of the emperor, after all finish line before the opening ceremony of the emperor feast listening, sitting position with the people around Tuibeihuanzhan, listening to music tours dance.

As they prepared nice gifts long before people referred to ritualists, and they are included in the gift books, and other scattered after the banquet to see by the emperor himself. Some drama, a group of royal family in front of witnesses, the fight was bigger things on who the gift is unlikely to happen. Jin Zhi is at most a few royal toast to the emperor, and say a few auspicious words only.

Prince this generation as one of the highest among identity, He personally read the text to the emperor, and the presence of all the royal family who staged a Fucizixiao play, next to people who have followed the emperor praise generosity, Prince filial piety, as if this is all the world like a model father and son father and son.

Hua Xi Wan felt the presence of the royal family each person is actor actress, moved Look at his face, look at that mouth smile accurate error-free, is simply a death sentence to the rhythm of professional actors.

Fortunately, she had a bit of acting experience, or in this case, I am afraid that really can not make a move so natural expression.

Once the end of this Fucizixiao play, everyone can finally enjoy eating and drinking, a Road exquisite cuisine served like water, like water taken down and if they've tasted the food. Eat Finally, Hua Xi Wan not remember exactly how much to eat dishes, but even a chopstick eating every kind of food, and she already has five or six full.

From time to time someone came up with Yan Jin Qiu drink, Wan Hua Xi are not familiar with these people's looks, but for their name and identity background already know, so the room and from the conversation, not the slightest leak Qieyi.

Everyone felt the royal family had only looks extraordinary Hua Xi Wan, who knows several rounds of exploratory he discovered that this woman, though not love to say, but there are degrees of advance and retreat, graceful, not quite like never participated in social situations in the door woman .

Although the Prince's words a bit rough, but the view from the front of the case, which was such a Dukes County princess married, really lucky.

Born family, identity precious, conversation atmosphere, looks Allure, these advantages can be combined in one person, if there is a big blessing, let him Qiu Jin Yan had to go?

Not to mention a lot of people know that the emperor had the intention of giving deliberately give marriage matchmaker to find a salt-free women, which know false rumors that the government Ngee Ann Di female candidates because the body does not only weak door of the house, and not because of the appearance issues.

These seem to have been said in the House of Nghe An entropy female candidate looks good, just because of physical discomfort was not present in social situations. But why can they not many people believe,I just feel these words are coming out of the House Nghe waiting to defend their homes face of the girl.

To this day, they have to understand the truth, that is, seeing is believing hearsay is true, majority rule is not necessarily the truth.

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