Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 12 stunning

Chapter 12 stunning

"Princess, please watch your step," after Minhui leaning on her maid's hand down the wagon, hear remind maidservants, and stopped to look ectopic.

"Princess, Princess and end of the frame in the front," leaning on her maid gently reminded.

Ineffectively recovered sight angle, Princess Minhui smile extrusion mouth, and the direction toward the end lift Qunjiao Princess where the walk, and the princess from the end graceful three steps away when a prayer:. "Hail Princess"

"Own sisters, why so polite?" Until after the Minhui salute, end and princess smiling reached out and grabbed Minhui Princess's hand around her glance to the side, brow Wei Zhou said, "aunt do?"

Minhui Princess smile faded a bit: "Mother's been in poor health these days, to avoid the collision and elegant, so special to let Yoshihisa female minister to the emperor." Although her mother and brother and sister are the emperor, but not a mother compatriots, together with her father mediocre man, and not the emperor reuse, so although she is the princess's daughter, but in many elegant in Beijing, what is the number one person can not be considered. In the end and in front of the emperor only daughter Princess, it is careful everywhere, always pay attention, lest they offend the princess Yuan Jia provoke calamity.

End and the princess heard this concern, thus revealing a bit of color, comfort the Minhui Princess after a few words, two people walking toward a front of the house after a Zhaoyang.

After going some distance, Minhui Princess seemed to inadvertently said: "? Her Royal Highness, the last few days you've heard rumors of significant county Princess"

"She can have anything?" Side and the princess look at her faint smile, slow pace two points, "but you hear what gossip?"

"Not a big deal, but it was said with obvious Dukes County princess very deep feelings, County Princess also rumors different, is a rare beauty," Minhui Princess phrase comes up, volume down and look around, see end Princess and still look like a faint smile, before continuing, "it was even rumored that, which was the governor of the county Princess love at first sight, Princess of county ubiquitous thoughtful, careful everywhere, but the couple made in heaven."

"Newlyweds, how can you avoid fresh?" Stroking Binbian end and smiling princess earrings, "As for whether the county Princess Yan tilt the world, people see tonight will be clear." Some cold smile mouth she glanced back behind the palace, just to see a carriage stopped at the door, next to serve the servants looked like Sheng Dukes of your family.

Minhui Princess look slightly changed, "Yan tilt the world", that appears to boast, in fact, for a family of women, the word is not really any good, but more suitable for those who hook / bar woman. Although feel these words wrong, but her heart was faint kind of pleasure, if it is surrounded by many servants, maybe she will not control their own face, exposing yourself to laugh.

End and Princess do not like your family Dukes of significant people, Sheng Dukes of your family who is disgusted, although the former are quite famous in Beijing, but only because of looks and talent, the latter because of her ability to let DPRK I feel fear.

Sheng Jun Wang Jun Wang superior appearance was not as noticeable, but political and military achievements are excellent, the Prince had very mediocre off even more unbearable, sometimes people just remember that it can hold Dukes, forget Prince is the next-generation dynasty emperor."Seen the end and imperial sister, Minhui cousin." Sheng Jun Wang Princess with a gun walked up to the two men, and looked towards the two faint lines of a same generation ceremony, although retreat properly, but who either can see, they are the inter did not have much feeling of closeness.

"Jun Wang Sheng well." Back to the end of the monarchy and a half ceremony, called on more estranged, as the Princess Sheng Dukes County around, even her eyes are not a charity.

Minhui Princess'd really serious to the couple back to the ceremony, then back half a step, not involved in the conflict between the three. She heard that Hou is not long before the unmarried, and shall not end like a princess. Later, Hou Sheng Jun Wang Fu married into, so that end and more princess to her disgust. So in recent years, because the relationship between the princess and the end, many of Beijing Mingfu and not with Thanh princess too close.

Prince and Princess Sheng see the end of this attitude, it is not salty not pale nodded: "Imperial sister and cousin Tanxing just, Boyi fumble, two did not want to disturb the mood, go ahead." Then, courtesy of Zuo Yi after they took Hou to leave.

Prince and Princess Sheng end watching party left, looking a little heavy, but a half hours walking pace but not chaotic, full of gestures Royal Princess Grace.

Significant Dukes House in a carriage stopped in front of the palace, there eunuch horse stepped forward end stool, do not scrape up then bowed respectfully stood aside, waiting County Royal Highness Princess and the county under the carriage.

Akebia see everything all ready, only to bend forward and said:. "County Royal Highness, Princess county, to the palace."

Once the county princes should hear a cry, wooden wagon generalist climb, bend playing curtain, two other eunuchs careful leaning footstool, waiting County princes of the carriage.

After the curtain was lifted, the Hua Xi Wan homeopathic glanced outside, in addition to serve more and more around the house paternity outside the palace to her senses no different from the last.

Leaning footstool two little eunuchs although did not look up look masters face, but when an embroidered brocade shoes stepped on the powder, like water like gorgeous skirt brushed them back, they are rarely surprised a moment, I do not know because the skirt is too beautiful or because the subtle fragrance.

"Zhaoyang temple in which direction?" Hua Xi Wan looked at the towering palace, and asked the question most concerned about.

"Not very far from here," vaguely guess what the people around worried, Qiu Jin Yan light laughs, "but walk to the Zhaoyang temple lasts twelve quarter of an hour, soon arrived."

Fifteen minutes from half an hour to do ...... close?

Xi Wan Wah Fu Fu step shake Binbian gently swaying, revealing a decent gentle smile:. "Is very close," she actually step of want to go, really.

Emperor had Wanshou Festival, namely

So just a family dinner, open seats also have stress. Wait Palace paternity has not rushed and the emperor committed character, the Senate feast sick people there, there is no home in mourning, those who have a place to crash, can not appear in Zhaoyang temple.

When Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu to Zhaoyang temple, the royal family has a lot of human presence. After the wood on behalf of the governor as a significant nameplate to guard the door of the house read, there will herald eunuch high channel: "significant Dukes County princess to carry."

Although some lively Zhaoyang hall became quiet a bit, and even some who thought not deep direct looked toward the door,Want a glimpse of the rumors true color looks vulgar Fahrenheit.

Dianwai far to see a woman come handle, a light blue, a bright red, although Qiaobu Qing appearance, but looked far, really like Shenxianjuanlv.

Minhui Princess can not help but raised his head and looked at Dianwai that men and women closer and closer, until they entered the hall, until around volume progressively smaller until it becomes silent, did not recover their sight.

She never believed in the world a woman can win light snow skin, facial features picturesque, graceful posture have all these advantages. For her, such beauty exists only if this brilliant pink abjection scholar wrote, there is nothing but to head to meet the man illusion.

But when the county significant Princess looks into her eyes, her heart suddenly unwilling to deep jealousy and spewing out, even the end and the Princess looked at her glances did not notice.

The presence of the women who have envy, jealousy, but compared to them, the presence of the royal family man and more of a stunning upset, what is the government waiting who said Ngee Ann Di woman is salt-free woman? If I had known Ann moral climate house hidden in such a beauty, they would go to marry, how would until now, so the obvious winner in life Dukes Outrageous?

Originally, they feel even significantly Dukes endowed with both, the best of the Beijing women's heart, but eventually married a noble enough but not on the table identity of the woman on the face, they are still able to laugh at each other in private some of the. Who knows what the rumor is completely different now, which was the county princess is not salt-free women, but also looks a Enchanting face, which simply allow them to significantly Dukes thousand men filled with envy, jealousy and hatred, even a kind of eccentric sense of God .

"Explicit county Princess good face," Hou Yan Boyi hold up the teapot to pour a cup of tea, to see him with his head did not turn, smile more obvious, "Even I, as her family could not help but look at two. "

Yan Boyi Duanqichabei Qingchuai after only side head toward the front of the house looked at, then quickly look away, tone Guadan said:. "Noticeable County Wangyou Fu"

Hou put down the teapot, looked carefully looked toward the Dukes came here were a couple: "Slender as a fine step, exquisite so unique."

This sentence is really to describe the appearance of women flowery, but the source is a sad story. Story, married women but the women eventually come himself to death in the end.

After Yan Boyi heard these words, put down the cup, not the technology.

Finish the sentence, Hou then noticed something wrong, to see the county princes did not find nothing wrong, he smiled and said:. "County princes right, which was the governor indeed blessed."

She is Thanh princess, had not had significant heart Dukes, China Xi Wan looks natural to enjoy the majority, less envy living, did not make jealous of.

Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi and two identity same, but people do not know the seating arrangements is unintentional or intentional, the two adjacent tables and chairs, Yan Jin Qiu location just Yanbo Yi's first.

Passing Yanbo Yi desktop, Yan Jin Qiu smile bowed asked Ann, Yanbo Yi got back a gift:. "Cousin, church brothers and sisters."

Wan Hua Xi slightly sideways, away from the other half of the ceremony, then knees back a blessing rites, towards local stations Hou took two steps.Hou noted that China Xi Wan this action, his face a smile more sincere, although looks too bright, but the atmosphere is very words and deeds of the rules.

Yan Jin Qiu determined to help their bodies covered more than half looked eyes, Wan Wah evening with a handkerchief over her mouth, hold down the yawning want to think / hope.

Get up early in the morning really did not mind.

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