Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 11 rumors everywhere

Chapter 11 rumors everywhere

Since the evening to see Hua Wan, Liu Huayi has been somewhat absent-minded, she glanced around wink toward his mother, hesitated a moment, the strong laughs: "Waizu home in recent days there have been some things, see How are you doing, happy to finally have pieces of things. "

Upon hearing this, Wan Hua Xi's hand holding a tea cup micro Dayton, then smiled and said:. "I live very well in Dukes House, Sister do not worry," Finished, slowly drink a cup of tea, his face the slightest smile unchanged.

"That's good," did not get the expected reaction of the other party, Huayi Liu smiled more embarrassing, and turned around just to see Chu Yu Hua's eyes fell on his body, the moment they feel some hot face, but also resentment Hua Xi Wan not play gooseberry, is the kind of hate Huachuca rain seemed to know everything in the eyes, upset a good long while, know Zhang opening, she was slow to God.

"County Princess, these words should not have said today, but I really can not do anything of this," Zhang Hua Xi to see if implied Wan did not understand, daughter dough is too thin, can not help directly began, "I parents recent year of destiny knee was only a child, though these years they quite spoiled for Yudi, but he did not develop Dandyism temper, but very diligent, who knows the first two days Yudi missing, parents also find anywhere to capital Eventually, even the rulers also moved, but so far no news. his Royal Highness Prince heard noticeable friends broad, you help us put in a word in a prominent Highness Dukes, Zhang let him help us. "

"Nonsense!" Shouted the old lady flatly, "Dukes are not significant bureaucratic people go missing person to help you, give me shut up!" This is really hateful Zhang, and to speak without a brain too, what is obvious County Wang friends broad, which means significant capital Dukes cliques with some people do?

Zhang also realized that the words were wrong, but the old lady was such a roar, and some Xiabulaitai face, complexion come and go, dryly Zhaohua evening Wan said: "Princess County, Chen Fu slip of the tongue, Please forgive me. "

"Ershen Which, then, what our family does not forgive me forgive me, the" Hua Xi Wan-down tea cup, glanced out of the sky, stood up and said, "getting late, I should also return to the Dukes House . "

See Hua Zhang Xi Wan did not help the meaning of the moment will be anxious and said: "Three niece ......"

"Two siblings private houses, then what can keep us several wives, now getting late, County princess if we delay too long in this, missed the hour back to the palace, very bad," Romer Zhang walked in front, holding her wrists faint smile, "you say is not the reason, two brothers and sisters?"

Zhang pale, Romer holds the wrist is sore, although she was unwilling, but do not dare Romer up trouble, I had to shut up looking ugly.

TIPS no longer see her talk, Romer looked back dismay Hua Xi Wan good glances, smiled and stepped forward Lile her skirts:. "Live well, do not pity myself."

"My daughter knows that you do not worry," Wan Hua Xi shook hands Romer, Romer step back toward a deep blessing, and so on with a white summer maid turned and went out.

She knew Romer and other women of a certain behind to take her, but she did not want to go back, could not bear to see more Romer eyes full of sadness.Romer, a pedestrian to the Wan Hua Xi decorated second door, then stopped, which was decorated second Dukes was standing outside the door.

Hua Xi Wan could not looked back Romer, Romer brought back to the lips smiled, lifted out of the Qunjiao decorated second door.

Heard footsteps behind him came the body, back to the original decorated second door Yan Jin Qiu turned to see come to Hua Xi Wan, then took a few steps forward, toward the door decorated second arch of the hand, the Hua Xi will hold up Wan's hands, bow their heads and said: "in the future if the family wants, I will accompany you to see them."

"Thank you," the rise of China Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu Perfectionist smile, then escorted into the Ruanjiao by him, as Jiaolian down, a smile on her face gradually disappeared.


With the wood through loud command, decorated second door sedan farther and farther away until it could no longer see, Romer withdrew sight. She turned around to see Zhang, sneered:. "If two younger siblings at home something to go back earlier, sister-in-law and I will not keep you."

Zhang see Romer so do not give their own face, the moment also moved anger: "! Sister-in-law is County princes mother, busy, so little people like me not to bother," according to Liu then turned to Morning Glory Road, "also stand here what to do unpleasant it? "then two words, she turned and stormed away.

Huayi Liu Fu towards the presence of a body of elders, head down hurriedly followed. So act, fell Chu Yu Hua's eyes, does have a sort of taste fled.

On the way home, the mood is very good to China's Yao Chu Yu said:. "Chu rain you have to remember that a woman can be beautiful enough, but do not be no edges and then a beautiful woman, if there is no submissive personality, a man sooner or later also tired of her, he turned to find another woman for excitement. "

Hua Chu Yu know mother said that according to Liu Hua, the silent nod. Carriage set off a corner of the curtain, she was haggard think, if a woman's personality just to attract the attention of men, then what personality count it?

I do not know how, she suddenly remembered always look like a lazy evening Wan Wah, heart some envy, if you can do it is so casual evening Wan, whether man dotes on what is the relationship?

Many son to watch the family, women are unwilling to pay more attention to your family significantly Dukes couple married in, so that significant Dukes County accompany significant Princess back to the door to about Shen Shi Jun Wang Fu return only after the news, the news is very quickly spread to the capital, it touches a lot of people are unexpected.

Dukes County accompany significant Princess back to the door, and what kind of respect, but has been with the county when the princess to leave Shen Fu-designate Nghe An, this is not just a kind that can be interpreted, do ...... significantly Dukes County princess very true and loving?

Not to mention your daughter in Beijing will not believe it, even the son of the family who do not believe will be significant Dukes really fancy a salt-free women, they are thought to want to, to finally arrive at a generally accepted guess, and that is significant Dukes is a rare case of a hundred years of kind people, the government Nghe waiting to find a good son.

Fahrenheit previous life must have done many good things in this life in order to marry the significant Dukes of such outstanding man.

Numerous rumors in the last generation to do good things on the outside of Hua Xi Wan those words not interested, there are no Dukes House side room through the room,People are also very rules under her Princess of the county in addition to the usual sightseeing reading to sleep, but also nothing else to do.

Fortunately, she is in itself too lazy to move temper, within two weeks saw nearly twenty myth, tasted cooks a lot of good recipes, life is very comfortable down, the slightest thoughts go out to play at all.

So when Akebia to tell her two days later when the palace palace banquet will be held, she even bother to lift the eyelids, and so on through the wood finish importance palace banquet, and only then divert attention from the book came out: "Longevity Majesty? "

"Yes, the emperor under the order, because not the whole life, so do big way, just put several dinner in Zhaoyang temple clan let everyone have a blast together." See the wood through the county princess looking calm, and seemed the Palace Banquet not very interested, so they added, "the princes said county, longevity ceremony two months ago will be ready, so you do not need the county to prepare a princess."

Hua Xi Wan heard nodded, put down the hands of the book, on the HY hand eating a piece of pear, one hand under his chin, "You go tell princes, I already know."

Akebia see Princess picked up the gun aside and began to read the words of this, he bowed back out, out of the hospital before being relieved. Do not know why, every time he spoke in front of the county princess, I felt particularly cautious, probably because ...... witnessed the valiant and heroic when the county princess foot kicked wooden bench?

"Since these people do not want to open, do not they open up," Yan Jin Qiu put in the hands of some wrinkled mess confession thrown on the ground, with a veil wiping her hand and says, "I wanted my life is just that a few people, I nor interested to know who was behind. you send those people on the road when not too happy, otherwise they will not know what is better to die than to live. "

"Yes," the man kneeling on the ground to pick up the confessions were thrown aside, hesitated a moment later said, "These people related to Zhang, Ngee Ann designate brother's wife is from the Zhang Di, under fear of Nghe An House candidates relating to this matter. "

"Do you think what Hua Sheng and that?" Qiu Jin Yan sneer, "That old fox will not be incorporated into this kind of thing where, I'm afraid even the Zhang family are still in the dark." The Prince of touches Zhang Gongzai a good dog, the owner also dares, he was the first to bite the dog.

Kneeling on the ground who did not dare say anything, just buried his head even lower.

"County Royal Highness," Akebia's voice sounded at the door, and a little over a moment before the door, without even looking at him kneeling on the ground of humanity, "a small palace feast of things have to tell the county princess."

"Oh?" Qiu Jin Yan put a veil thrown on the table, raised an eyebrow and asked: "? How County princess said"

"County princess said she knew it," after Akebia finish the sentence, less natural neck before and after slightly moved.

"Ah," Qiu Jin Yan glanced out of the sky, "County princess again Mythological biography?"

"Little does not know what books county princess look, but when are homes, County Princess really took his hand a book." Akebia thought the county princess married here, will steward the right in their hands, but this is half a month, as if seen against the government in the county where the princess got the idea, nor the next person in front of deliberately Li Wei. Zhefan behavior,Collision Akebia some do not understand, how can there be headed mistress of power are not interested in the backyard?

"Since the county princess like to see these, you collect some more people like to see the county princess books out of the den," Qiu Jin Yan Road dull complexion, "Do not let the county princess can not find the book together appetite to see."

"Small wrote down," Akebia body should step down, out of time, but also carefully shut the door.

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