Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 10 back to the door

Chapter 10 back to the door

"The old lady does not have to much ceremony," Dukes significantly help the old lady a virtual hand, refused to let him designate Nghe An invitation attendance, but toward the waiting Ngee Ann Romer line with a juniors ceremony, then the first left hand the group sat down on a chair fu characters.

Romer early attention placed her daughter, see her look great, body jewelry are all junwangfu for her new equipment in, know her quite obvious Dukes got the idea, finally put some heart.

Wan Hua Xi salute to the family elders, the family elders but points back to her half ceremony, looked at her parents' salute, the way her heart block was somewhat uncomfortable and tried to hold Romer hand, depressed nasal Italy between acid and said: "father, mother, what are you doing?"

As a mother, she was sad Romer where willing to take advantage of it firm body and pulled her to sit down at his side, turned to see significant Dukes and her husband in conversation, he smiled and said: "You talk to men, we women do not make do with you, we went to the backyard to talk. "

Yan Jin Qiu back to see Romer and Wan Hua Xi shook hands together, naturally not oppose. Ngee Ann candidates also know that his wife missed her daughter, mother and daughter owners must have something to say, he made them go.

Once the old lady and other female relatives went to the backyard, Ngee Ann designate only smiled and said: "already heard significant Dukes amazing poetry, for poetry Xiaguan also very interested, I do not know whether the county princes advise twelve."

"Tarzan adults too serious, Xiaoxu is nothing but a slight knowledge twelve nothing, so what advice the word," Yan Jin Qiu modest said, "adults do not mind if Tarzan, Xiaoxu want to stand with you to a tour poetry."

"County princes do not have self-deprecating," Ngee Ann candidates face the same smile, got up and said, "Why do not we have to study a Syrian."

"Tarzan adults, please." While waiting his face from Nghe not see any ideas, but Yan Jin Qiu found that the Ngee Ann cunning than waiting for a lot of rumors, but also a lot of calm.

Romer and Hua Xi Wan into the inner court, rush Romer said: "What? Xi Wan, how significant Dukes man, you all right."

Mother looked at this pair look anxious, Hua Xi Wan reached out to help her help the Rotary Binbian nobile, smiled and helped her to sit down, "Dukes House in very good rules, no princes county through room concubine, to me, very close. you do not worry too much about my mother. 'd recently summer is coming fast changes in the weather, you and your father to a lot of attention to the body. "

"So many people serve in government, do I still chilled hungry," Romer muddy do not care waved, after hearing no significant Dukes through your home room concubine, and I feel like a lot, she looked back at the woman walking toward the side and two younger siblings Zhang, the three siblings Yao, China Xi Wan whispered in the ear, "you Ershen home out of some things, you wait for the next little talk with her."

Today is a good day for her daughter back door, she does not want to foul atmosphere makes, said she selfish or, no brotherhood worth mentioning, anyway, in her mind, the children always in the first place. What's more, although their home and di go near, but she does not mean to be seen how the two siblings. The two years she relied on their own siblings born masters Zhang, we put a lot of attitude in the Chinese family. Although not directly referred to the front of her, but said some gossip behind her knew.

Everyone has a cupboard,Hua Xi Wan nodded and did not ask what had happened, the old lady when they come in, they Duanzhaochabei drink up.

The old lady, who looked at a Chinese costumes evening Wan, and I feel different. The old lady is actually true for Hua Xi Wan was pleased to see the significant Dukes of attitude, presumably the three-girl is a bit emotional.

Yao mind although some hate, but because of China Xi Wan's present status, the idea is deliberately flatter the two, see Hua Xi Wan very open, do not feel embarrassed, after all, who knows the entire Washington, Washington three a girl does not love to say temper.

"Yisow this is how?" Romer is to say that Yao's envy, jealousy and hatred, that she Zhang is only the word of disgust, she saw Zhang's face these days has been bad, happy to see her jokes, "is it a bad mood?"

In a bad mood that day county Princess back to the door, would not put his face to the county princess?

Zhang is not stupid, naturally understand the meaning of words in Yao, she grimaced a smile and said: "Thank you, concerned three siblings, but the body some discomfort nothing, nothing serious."

Yao Oh laugh, a strange sight in the sweep in a circle before her eyes back.

Yao seemed unaware that his body fell to the sight like, toward Zhang Hua Xi Wan laughed:? "County princess who is this bright red dress in drag really nice, Look at this embroidery work should you look out of the palace that looked like a crane on a skirt like to live. "

"Really?" Hua Xi Wan looked down pattern, lightly on the skirt, "or Ershen informed, I looked at it look good, did not know that there is so much stress."

Zhang smile more modest:. "You are the very young age, which would be interest in such things, do not know is normal," she usually do not like to bother to which people holding Chinese home, but now they Zhang out of trouble, Dukes willing to help if significant, can be considered a bit more asking for too much.

Unfortunately, after Zhang had finished talking, Hua Xi Wan just smiled and did not continue to take it, Zhang is equal to throw a good show this blind read.

After Yao next looked at this scene, some disdain hook the hook mouth, I thought it was a multi-lofty people, this is not something happens faster than anyone else feel they bend.

The old lady with Romer as if do not see these things, but there is a tie not chatted in Beijing, some of the women a ride, as to really talk about inadvertently or intentionally Xi Wan Wah told something, and that is the wise see wisdom eyes of the beholder a.

To the time of the noon meal, a pedestrian to the front of the dining room, this time two brothers Hua Xi Wan, as well as Huaer Ye Hua Sanye are.

After all polite Jian Li, Yan

Qiu Jin, vice seat sitting, sitting in attendance who are old lady. The old lady did not let daughter wait for dinner the rules, you son of a wash their hands are sitting at the table, waiting for food and wine served.

Although there is no particular about Houfu Dukes House, but that some etiquette and rules like a lot, Wan Hua Xi Romer chopsticks to pick a few favorite dish with chopsticks into her bowl, see Romer eat not left the slightest, and my heart sour and sweet, tell the sad.

Houfu wearing a wedding dress out of the door from her later, doomed can not take care of them in their parents, but parents day care, her heart really can not be called feel better.Run out after lunch to return to the backyard, Washington's other two girls did not appear, big girl Huayi Liunai Hua Er Ye's eldest daughter, at the age of fifteen on engagement with Zhoushi Lang Son Zhou Yunheng, but because Ms. Zhou Jialao died, Zhou Yunheng mourning for three years need to be out until next month filial piety, so marriage has been dragging.

Two girls Hua Chu Yu Hua Sanye entropy is the eldest daughter, looks outstanding and talented, but also a very considerate girl, Wan Hua Xi perception of her parents, although in general, for her it very appreciated. But her mother did not seem to think so, probably because the winter a few years ago, Hua Chu Yu fell into the water, she was trying to save Chu Yu Hua result of depriving themselves also followed fell into it, gave birth to a serious illness.

Huayi Liu and Chu Yu Hua as a married woman, the morning did not intend to see significant Dukes, now see two costumed evening Wan Wah, both laughing around him.

"Sister everything these days?" Huayi Hua Liu looked up and down after the evening Wan about it, just smiling, said, "It seems you had a pretty good Dukes in the palace." She had heard the governor personally accompany significant Sanmei back door the thing is that her maid had exaggerated side, now saw the body of Wan Hua evening wear, they feel that the rumors are correct, but is worse.

After holding Huayi Liu Hua Xi Wan's hand, Chu Yu Hua will be back a few steps sideways, listening Huayi Liu slightly straightforward compliment, looked back at his mother Yao, the other side is saying some words to please the old lady, so she's just directed at the Hua Xi Wan smiled, then quietly stood behind Yao.

Chu Yu Hua Xi Wan Morning Glory back a laugh, free to be, and the Liu Huayi two, it is no longer easy opening in the chair, past this time, she has a nap.

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