Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 9 nature

Chapter 9 nature

Dark chamber, there is no ray of light coming through, people lying on the floor of the upper and lower body almost no one intact skin, hair has been condensed into a block ride next to the cheeks, sunken eyes wide open, looks like It is evil from hell, giving a sense of eerie.

In full of sewage in the room, there is a man leisurely sitting around drinking tea, then trimmed clean fingers holding a jasper cup to her lips slowly, after Qingchuai, mouth hint perfect smile : "tea."

Put down the cup, he bomb the bomb snow-colored sleeves, got up slowly toward the man lying on the ground, did not seem to mind the sewage soil his white robe.

"Zhang Gongzi heard long ago was a tough one, today saw really the case." Clean hands grabbed the white people's hair on the ground, forcing him to back tough looked up. Even putting his heart unwilling, but so is carrying the other, can only issue a "ho ho" sound in his throat, a word of abuse, then did not.

Because hair is about as hands dirty, white-robed men in the hands of a loose hair, let's face hit the Zhang Gongzi sewage above, even splashing drops of dirty water gets on his silver brocade slope .

However blink of an eye, some people go out from the dark corner, he presented to the white side of Jinpa, and bent over to wipe the drops of water on his uppers.

He wiped his hands with Jinpa, and then thrown into the Zhang Gongzi Jinpa side, unhurried said: "Unfortunately, I do not like this man bone hard people, especially sent to assassinate me to hoe." He lifted Zhang Gongzi foot on the head, the other side whole face is attached to the ground, his tone becomes somewhat awe-inspiring, "Since you are so hard bones, then give me a good hard go, time to be sure, do not cry for mercy. "

He withdrew feet, behind the back of the hand, and turned to go outside the chamber, the chamber until the door is opened, after revealing the inner light shines outside the house, he was the tone with a smile and said: "You continue to properly serve Zhang Gongzai do not let Zhang Gongzi gone. "

Closet door shut again, the room became dark up again, Zhang Gongzi some desperate close your eyes, open your mouth dull growl, but his tongue was cut, doomed in this life can no longer say a word .

"You said the county princess boxing in the yard?" Qiu Jin Yan Li bronze mirror in front of the skirt, hearing the report of Akebia, after a slight eyebrow smile, "is indeed the daughter of Princess county after the generals, boxing physical fitness is pretty good. "

Akebia took the veil carefully wiping Yan Jin Qiu yet still moisture in the hair, smiled and said: "Your Royal Highness County put it, the county princess all these years because of poor health can not go out riding horse flowers, even climbing do not look high, beat boxing workout body touches the good way. "

Yan Jin Qiu heard this, hook the hook mouth did not speak, did not dare Akebia seeing more words, more careful action rub the hair carefully up.

Dukes House are homes main house, Wan Wah evening after bath with loose black hair, half lying on a chaise couch watching over the printing of very popular ghost stories, Lvzhu around from time to time with silver prod the cut-up fruit handed her mouth, purple shirt sitting on a small stool with ebony hammer to gently knocking her legs,Qiluo expensive house burning incense, obviously extravagant and lazy picture, happens because the Lord is to enjoy the beauty, too, became a beautiful painting.

Adjusted his white summer approached for Hua Xi Wan upholstered back and let her lie more comfortable, "County Princess, princes and other gun, coming back, we had better wait on your dressing?"

"Dressing?" Wan Hua Xi focus pull out from ghost stories, hand stitch the hair next to the cheek chat, idle over her mouth to yawn

"Too lazy to toss, so be it."

White Summer glanced She wore plain Bai Meifei veil and dress glimmered beneath the toe, pushed aside longer say.

After reading the whole ghost story, Wan Hua Xi finally willing to move, she put on shoes and socks off the Ruanta, looking out the window already darkening sky, green bead on the road, "was to let Shanfang meal."

"County Princess, ranging County Royal Highness do?" He asked Lvzhu heard, "the Dukes Yeshui will come back in the evening."

"Nothing, to prepare for it," Wan Hua Xi waved his hand, "if he has not come at the moment, that must have been used in the Prince." Before he left Prince people who, at the moment that it has to back to the government, who knows such a moment will not come back, she would not have to eat tonight.

Lvzhu blessed blessing body, back down, a few years they are already familiar with the county princess temper, knowing she too lazy to say, they do handmaid, it will not be too tired to mess masters.

Do not know Yan Jin Qiu is not a stepping point into positive hospital, just food on the table, he went to.

Hua Xi Wan looked at him, the son still an elegant dress, purple tong color soft silk gown worn in the average person who is an Dandyism taste, to him, it becomes extravagance.

The relentless need to see the face of the world.

Hua Xi Wan sight back, while net hand and said:. "Jin Qiu back just good, quick sit down meal."

Yan Jin Qiu heard soon followed in China, Xi Wan side, reached into her brass basin to wash their hands, a smile and said:. "Do not have to resort to a basin of water, and that's it."

Wan Wah evening after watching the water because the two men to wash their hands constantly shaking action petals, hand drawn silently out of the basin, dry water hand: "The last two days have something what, I see you often not in the palace. "

"Really out of something, but the process almost, obviously accompany you to the house a nice day in Taishan, GENOTYPES wait until we return to the House." Jin Qiu Yan wiping her hands, some apologetic and said, "I had it three days I want to have fun with you, will know where to pop up some things. "

"Since things out

There are reasons, Jin Qiu why such a big deal in the future spend more time with me. "China is very concerned about Wan Xi smiled, he picked up the chopsticks, no longer speak.

In this day and age, women are back to the door the day her family must leave before sunset, otherwise it will be seen as unlucky, Yan Jin Qiu said to accompany her back to the door until the time come back after GENOTYPES, although not to the sunset, but also not far off. The other party can do this step, although I do not know the truth or put on a show, but also considered a rare situation.

They used the dinner, people wait on the next two wash finished, they withdrew from the door, leaving only a few people vigil.

Slightly shaking silhouette window,The two gradually become a shadow coincide, then the candle goes out of the house, the whole house were dark.

The next morning Hua Xi Wan woke up, the weather has been getting brighter, because today is the big day back to the door, she turned a few lower body out of bed after bed, in the rows of clothes, choose a bright red tunic wide sleeves dress in drag, not for anything else, because the color is very beautiful embroidered skirt.

A married daughter back to the door, good parents worried she had a hard time, you will see her dress, her attitude to see color conversation and Uncle. Although she is not their real daughter, but Ngee Ann House candidates to be her worthy of her friendship with this really going to be them.

Qiu Jin Hua Xi Yan Wan saw sitting in front of the mirror swept away two days of carefully dressed casual look, suddenly remembered childhood his mother said a word.

Never underestimate a woman, no matter how virtuous Shukutoku they usually, docile and harmless.

Perhaps because his mother was seriously ill when these words have been said, I want to remember every mother's side he would put such a sentence I remember clearly, perhaps because a child they do not understand what this means, will subconsciously this sentence on the heart.

But for whatever reason, he still clearly remember this sentence even remember my mother's face when saying these words, like emotion also deemed comfort to him.

Wan Hua Xi and other finished dressing, Yan Jin Qiu found her jewelry back into the palace full of himself to her prepared a dowry from Ngee Ann candidates with the government over all.

He Lueyisisuo they understand the intention of Wan Hua Xi, Xi Wan Wah got up and walked around, picked out a suet jade pendant to fish from a box worn on the neck Wan Hua Xi: "This piece of jade pendant with a very you body clothes. "

Wan Fu Fu Hua Xi feel good jade, bronze mirrors watching the Yan Jin Qiu smile, ignoring the bird's hand resting on his shoulder, light smiled and said:. "Is quite a ride."

Nghe waiting Fuchu, China's old lady, ward and Hua Sheng, Romer, two-bedroom Hua Zhiming, Zhang, three-bedroom late, Yao are waiting in the hall. If Wan Hua Xi married the royal family is not human, then there will not be so many people today launching a campaign of waiting Houfu. But now she is the county princess, Hua family as her family, whether to support or give Wan Hua Xi significant Dukes face, this time they are needed presence.

Although the three brothers in the surface are also polite, but their holding any thoughts, I am afraid that only you know.

And Hua Sheng Hua Zhiming and is a mother of brothers, naturally hope Hua Xi Wan married well, so self to Houfu after they occasionally look toward the hall door. Compared to his concerns, late on the performance of China's more calm, relaxed from start to finish just holding a cup of tea.

Romer together the morning after, we rushed to catch combed makeup hall, a heart at sixes and sevens, even the breakfast are in no mood to eat, and more in no mood to think about what the two sisters-in the name of the abacus.

When it is the more the more anxious in Romer, sent a message to see the maid hurried in, his face lighted up and said:. "The old lady, Duke, lady, princes and county to county Princess"

Romer heard a joy, busy stood up from his chair, strode to the hall outside the door, he saw a group of maidservants Old Woman surrounded dressed in costumes towards his daughter came over,Daughter beside her beauty was also followed by the governor.

Yao hold the old lady went to the door, see significant Dukes accompany Hua Xi Wan side an intimate look, lower lip, but is relying on nothing looks too fresh a few days, to see how long she can be proud of?

The old lady saw her this look, hand pinch her, then she stepped forward and said:. "Laoshen seen significant Dukes"

She later married Laohou Ye, Laohou Ye have not asked her to please letter Patent life, after Laohou Ye died, she does not Gan is not embarrassed of this old lady though less love to go out, but remember that some of the rules is clear clear Chu.

This significantly Dukes Although nominally Houfu's son, but she is the royal Dukes. In the face of imperial power, what is the relationship is not important.

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