Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 8 rumor does not match

Chapter 8 rumor does not match

Hua Xi Wan married into the Dukes House less than three days, the entire government in the county knows she drew much loved princes, and even preach County princess angel looks like, see the people forget the vulgar. But not many people seem to believe this rumor, just think of these words means to transfer people to please county Princess is not clever, not as boast County princess temperament, graceful posture.

Rumors Dukes House white summer, who knows, from the surface, and Dukes County princess is indeed very close look, but serve as a princess for many years in the county around them, how could it not be seen when the county princess and Prince conversation seemed polite and stiff, not to mention the county princess in private conversation, it is not often brought significant Dukes, like the county princes join as a partner but a live person.

"White Summer sister, things on the list have seen yet?" HY took a list of frequently entered the house, and saw the white summer doing County princess wearing stickers socks, put down the list, "you embroidered live getting better and better, no wonder you do county princess wearing personal clothing. "

Hongying not deliberately touted white summer, but that a pair of socks embroidered with lifelike Obscure devoted married couple, if not look carefully, but also hard to find, but many also feels delicate personal, people do not feel any difference.

"But it is cook a few pairs of spare nothing," white summer stop sewing, the sewing basket aside and let sit down after Hongying Road, "and now the county princess surrounded by people who serve specialized sewing room, the palace of the embroidered mother they have proficient Shu embroidery, embroidery, and yet many more have ancestral skills, did more than I could on but is county princess used to wear personal clothing I do, nostalgic feeling nothing. "

"Why should you sell ourselves short?" HY glanced out the window has begun to green up the banana, "the palace of the embroidered mother a rare feat indeed, can you close to the county princess, but not as those embroidered mother's."

Bai Xia heard smiled, reached for Hongying came to take the list, after careful comparison again and said:. "I am with wooden duct to the warehouse for too, something no problem list column"

HY nodded, relieved. Family coffers lot of good things, but sometimes because of the backlog of stuff for too long or servant 手脚不干净, warehouse and storage register will be something different, sometimes even Houfu unexpected will happen. Dukes did not expect a hostess did not even your family, even the management of your family too, such as such as well-organized.

"So tomorrow morning back door county princess will not go wrong," in particular about the wedding is an auspicious with the gift of time if the back door like appears damaged, it would have to go wrong. Hongying glanced toward the gift list, "County Royal Highness Princess to be surface-gun feel great."

When the bride back to the door with a gift of how, on behalf of her husband degree of respect for her. If too little, not only her own miserable, I'm afraid even her parents have been making fun of other people.

"OK, no problem gifts," White Summer sighed, leaving the biggest problem is to see the county would be willing to accompany county Princess Royal Highness to go back to the door. She looked out into the eye sky, "the county is about to play a princess nap, which we will pass it."

HY nodded, her own heart to understand, Dukes your family does not lack these things,County Royal Highness really good, is not looking at these, but in the future.

The so-called proof of the pudding time will tell, time is the most impartial witness, jewelry, costumes and cuisine, but is outside the exquisite dim sum, as to how the taste inside, do not eat the last bite, no one knows.

"County princess, you wake up?"

Hua Xi Wan sat on the bed and watched several gauze standing outside maidservants, rubbed his forehead: "The curtain fight."

Gauze curtain was beaten up two maidservants, Wan Wah evening on the warm summer served the net white face, after wiping water and clean hands, whispered: "? Back to the House tomorrow everything ready with"

White spent the summer behind the small sewage handed maidservants, leaning Hua Xi Wan sat down in front of the mirror:. "Back to the door of the things are ready."

Hua Xi Wan picked bracelet hand slightly meal, then the ghost of a smile and said:. "Ah, this is good" white summer right, tomorrow she went to candidate Nghe government is not back to the government, but the back door.

"Give me pick Songkuai pieces of clothes," Wan Hua Xi pick from a few hairpin jewelry box, her hair neatly York into a simple bun, in this life, although she lazy man, but lazy few days, or to to get some exercise, such as playing / women's self-defense to fight something like self-defense boxing.

This family towards the door of your house like the woman normally get what poetry, horse travel spend and the like. She is too lazy to go out of temper, all only a few steps in place within the range of movement is more suitable for her.

Akebia rush into the main house in the yard, to see the county princess stood in the courtyard, surrounded by a lot of stations also maidservants, he has not had time toward gun salute princess, County Princess easy to see the kick turn a carved Solid wood chairs, that the whole body momentum, shock his feet somewhat weak.

Ngee Ann designate Mrs. rumors but the generals family's daughter; rumors Nghe waiting twenty years not concubinage, because Ngee Ann designate Mrs. act sturdy, Nghe waiting to beat him? Ngee Ann rumor that year when candidates seeking to marry his wife, also was general all your family threatened again.

Although these rumors have really fake, but one thing is certain, and that is the government waiting Ngee Ann man is a more powerful woman, their home county Princess ...... is waiting Nghe had her mother Mrs. true biography?

Mind emerges out of an inexplicable County Royal Highness Princess was playing get on the ground of county picture, Akebia rubbed his mouth and let his face smile more real number: "Little Princess met the county, the county met in the palace princes His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Prince His Royal Highness Prince left the county with a dinner, so let small to report to you soon. "

"I know," so after two fist, slowly Wan Hua Xi income potential, and slowly exhaled breath, took Hongying delivery to the handkerchief wiping forehead fine sweat, "what else County princes Let

You tell me? "

Akebia shook his head: "Royal Highness County earlier said only want you to rest."

So ...... let personal eunuch trip just to tell her that he is not back to the government finished eating?

So careful and considerate people get tempted behavior, there is no influence to Hua Xi Wan, head to toe she looked through a wood, legs thin people, which is run out?

County princess said nothing, did not dare to go through the wood, aware of the county princess looked at myself, Akebia yourself standing position more respectful."There are workers wooden father ran this trip ,," Hua Xi Wan felt some loose bun, then remove the hair of Bob string together, the hair re-York Road, "White summer, wood father sent out."

"I dare not take the trouble to white summer girl," Akebia see the rise of the county princess chic hair string together up, busy head down low, and so the main exit behind the house, only sigh of relief.

How good-looking people are good-looking, even bayan York's movements are full of hair style it is sturdy some minor action.

Rumors quiet, low self-esteem salt-free Nghe An entropy female candidates the government, why on earth did not become a place similar to any point of the hearsay people?

Think about it, as if there are still the same place, for example ...... sex?

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