Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 7 beautiful palace

Chapter 7 beautiful palace

Meet the Big Three finished the palace, the two men out of the house. After the carriage, the Hua Xi Wan token handed to Jin Qiu Yan: "Dowager Empress token very precious, or custody of the Jin Qiu more appropriate."

Yan Jin Qiu glanced token, no Shenshouqujie: "Empress like you, you naturally want to see her holding a token elderly often kept by you, I worry.."

Hua Xi Wan no longer insist, smiled accept the token, Lile waist accessories, faint smile and said:. "Queen Mother is really a kind of elder"

"Childhood because her mother is weak, I was in front of the Queen Mother kept a few years," Yan Jin Qiu Xiaorong warm. "She has always been kindness of others."

Hua Xi Wan heard this reminds me of a rumor, it was reported significantly princess was born poetry and family, married a year after giving birth to a remarkable king Yan Qiu Jin

The cell sister, two years later, pregnant with Yan Jin Qiu, who knows she's pregnant, the king was to let a side room was pregnant, after Yan Jin Qiu was born six months, the Bastard also born.

Is there any outsiders do not know and therefore there is a conflict between the king and the obvious significant Princess, Princess significant only know that after giving birth, been in poor health. In Yan Jin Qiu was 2 years old, was taken to the palace by the Queen Mother on behalf of dependents, until six years old princess significantly ill, Yan Jin Qiu Shi mother come out from the palace. Princess died before significant, Jin Yan Feng Xian Wang please mound for the palace of Prince.

We do not know there is no significant Princess heart resentment, but she felt as a woman, still in gestation knew her husband let another woman pregnant with a child, it is always difficult even Italy.

Hua Yang Xi Wan can say in the latter too, very lucky, but looking at laughing Yan Qiu Jin's face, she suddenly did not want to open up. In the quiet carriage, she listened hoofs, adjusted for a comfortable stance against the bi car, waiting for the carriage to the palace.

Yan Jin Qiu waited a moment, Xi Wan Wah did not hear voices, watching her, he found she had fallen asleep against the carriage cushions. Recall that last night, he could hold crazy, mouth to reveal some truth smile.

"County Royal Highness, Princess county, to the palace." Akebia informed in the carriage outside speaker.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan migraine see just sleeping, we are planning to reach out when lifted out of China Xi Wan opened his eyes.

"To?" Hua Xi Wan Fu Fu Binbian a hairpin, the curtain lifted glanced out the window, slowly rubbing a bit back track, "Now is not the time to lunch, I do not know whether to accompany me around Qiu Jin Palace "

"Americans want, will not resign," Yan Jin Qiu curtain lifted out of the carriage, and then in the eyes of the public servant, leaning Hua Xi Wan's hand, and so she dismounted vehicle, let go his hand: " there are several good views of your family, I'll walk you. "

Akebia see the two seems to be a walk in the palace, Mangjiao people around commanded two of the following crude and other servants to avoid, lest collision of the county princess.

Although because of problems of regulation, Yan Jin Qiu Jicheng throne after the palace where some of the moments locked up, but also some of the buildings were locked edge, real nice things still have it.

Way line, Hua Xi Wan saw some really beautiful buildings, there are around talking Akebia explain, Dao Yeting funny. And so on into the decorated second door, Wan Hua Xi smiled wood channel: "No wonder you value princes County,If I have around such a clever man, it must also be reused. "

"I do not deserve this county princess heard praise, but just pulling their servant," Akebia respectful of a gift line, "What orders whenever princess, little will certainly make every effort to follow the above, only hope County princess Biexian little clumsy. "

"Can say such a thing, but also how people will be clumsy," when Wan Hua Xi smiled, stepped into the heels decorated second gate, hold hands were Jin Yan Qiu, she looked back to see each other's faces thoughtful smile meaning.

"Thanks," wore servant of the Lord of sight behind the Hua Xi Wan did not hand out and let Yan Jin Qiu took her away to the forest rockery, rockery who knows the two men had left the edge, I heard two girl in conversation, it seems faint Princess also mentioned these two words.

For export wood through this rebuke, but stopped and glanced at the county princess, heart under a hesitation, then silence stood aside.

"I've seen there are quite a few elegant, or best Thanh princess look."

"Nice and how identity can not compare our family princess ......"

"You stupid it, do not know our family princess looks ordinary?" The first girl to speak Here, lowered his voice and some, "I heard it is because our family princess looks bad, the emperor only then she gave our family Dukes. "

"Do not talk nonsense, the emperor's mind How can it be, you know," heard this girl is the next hop, even the voice shivers up, "If the governor was heard, see how you do?"

The girl then also speak some regret, some emboldened insignificant: "Prince and Princess of the county at this time is not in your family, how might hear us, you do not threaten their own ......" She had just finished saying, he went to see rockery after the worst of revealing a color Paojiao, when to see the back of the rockery who, she scared the foot of a soft, dare not even hum hum, plop kneeling on the ground.

Hua Xi Wan glanced at the side surface but not looking angry, not to speak of Qiu Jin Yan, look to the two Mianrutuse scared, shivering body of the girl, with great interest raised an eyebrow, was so scared behind the dare to say these words, that courage is really big.

"Dukes mercy! Dukes mercy!"

Xi said China Aster gossip maidservants began a trial of strength and bowed twice to knock banging bleeding, but even so, this action does not put the maidservants light, but a more powerful knock, knock as if if slow, small life to retain his job in general.

Looking at red with blood quartzite, Hua Xi Wan opening: "Well, do not knock.


Manlianshixue girl bowed slightly meal of action, although apparently Hua Xi Wan had said this, she was not sure whether or not to continue to kowtow mercy life.

"Since the county princess does not like you knock, you do not angered county unhappy princess," Qiu Jin Yan looked at the blood on the stone, a slight frown, "What is the palace of the rules is that you these people should wait on the inner court clear."

Manlianshixue maidservants body a soft, scared lying on the floor, and even listen to that girl she spoke also face despair. The moment I do not know where the courage, she shoved climb a few steps forward, towards the evening Wan Wah popping knock a couple: "County Princess,Slaves lost instrument, beg for mercy County princess! "

She scared face and tears, pleading eyes looked Wan Zhaohua evening, but the next moment froze, then beg for mercy could not say, after a long while kneeling lying on the floor: "Slaves guilt."

Hua Xi Wan glanced at the maid just advised not to utter another girl, Qing Ke loudly: "Qiu Jin, I see the maid also know some rules, it is better for her lighter punishment?"

"Since the county princess made a case for you, then you go to the torture chamber collar twenty boards, if in the future recidivism, on graft," Qiu Jin Yan waved toward the wood through, motioned for the maid can not let go.

"Thank you, Prince, Princess thank the county." The maid excited face and tears, indescribable panic.

As for the knock face mouth was blocked blood maidservants dragged down two eunuchs, as to what kind of punishment should she suffer, did not ask Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu did not explain.

They seem to opt forget this episode, not to mention give marriage thing, not to mention more out of those rumors on the eve of China's Wan looks.

They are together with lunch, although the two together less than a day, but the two never spoke the ice, it will not make people feel Meihuazhaohua, is not never seen before over the surface of the newly married couples get married then, but like lovers with deep affection, a show of hands every move she makes is full of warmth.

They wait on meal Akebia look complex looked graceful County Princess, Princess, I'm afraid the county is not a sheer appearance of wood beauty.

Afternoon Yan Jin Qiu something out of the government, Wan Hua Xi naturally back to the room catch up on sleep. His Royal Highness Prince who last night for the first time significantly speed a little bit faster, then I wonder if the two are not trying to prove anything to her, she was tossing a lot of time.

Feel awake, already late in the evening, after she got changed a comfortable brocade dress, let her Hongying to string together a simple bun, and then lazily leaning on her maid Ruanta let yourself pinching shoulder .

"Jun Wang back to the House yet?" She began to see it was getting dark down, he still remembered the name of the princess wore a county head, no matter how all who ask the county princes.

"Dukes has not yet back to the government, the people came Shanfang afternoon, slaves shining your usual favorite dishes so that they do a few, now have to pass meal?" Xia holding a glass of white hawthorn Chinese wolfberry jujube tea to evening Wan hands, "presumably the kitchen is also ready."

"I am just woke up, not appetite, wait a little longer to say." She looked out the window lazy, Clivia bloom just at sunset will look more beautiful outside, like cast a divine glory like .

The Dukes significantly more complex than she really imagined that his two maidservants in the face of fear when she see very clearly, as if he winked, as well as their own families lives will not be maintained like.

Sigh, she let myself be a little more comfortable lying position: "White summer, Dukes House how you say?"

White summer after a moment of silence: "The palace is very beautiful, also very servant rules."

Wan Hua Xi smiled: "Is not it the rules?"

White summer lips moved, she knew masters always intelligent, think farther than their own, so in the end did not speak.

Her eyes scanned the ornate room,Although the palace looks very nice, honest servants are also rules, but the rules are too too beautiful place, always make people feel unreal.

Probably, this is the royal character?

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