Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 5 Shane

Chapter 5 Shane

Ancient "Goddess" to write one of the United States Roselle, Yan Jin Qiu this has always been somewhat disagree, the world where there really such a woman, if you really have such a woman, I do not know how many men would go mad?

However, last night used the diet, after two wedding night, he had just known what is "Pina, if fleeting, If You Long Wan Rong Yao Qiu Ju, Huamao Chun Song."

Good morning to change his robes, looking at the woman sitting in front of dressing mirror, but obviously is a prime Satisfy Xiangsai action, but she made a lazy beauty, so do not wait to sit and watch people being held in the hand of her bracelet, as long as they get enough beautiful smile.

Due to the wedding, but also to go to Meet the Empress, so Hua Xi Wan chose a wide sleeves floral house dress, bright color, although some, such as Hua Xi Wan but the clothes on the body, but to suppress the skirt red floral gorgeous, will only make people look at her white skin and graceful shape.

Giving her Feixianguan bun looked in the mirror of their own, the Hua Xi Wan selected a happy couple with beads step shake wear, worthy of yellow flowers between her forehead too bright up from the jewelry box.

White summer a few people did not ask why the county princess chose only too beautiful golden step shake, but according to her dress up her mind to be properly, people could not pick not the slightest place.

They now seven or eight years time around County Princess, Princess rare County got the idea to dress up the issue, normally it is how comfortable how come. Only to go to Hua Sanye your family to the old lady asked the time, the county will dress up a princess in line with Miss Houfu dress to go out, dressed like this today, from the hairpin to the sachet are handpicked never had of.

Wan Hua Xi to delineate the most appropriate use Meidai own eyebrow, and even trace the trace eyes with a special pen, and so personally get that done makeup, she got up and let maidservants who organize themselves accessories sachet thing.

Every woman has a lazy side, but when they need to go out to see people, exquisite makeup, gorgeous costumes, they will become a necessity. Some people like to use female makes herself a woman dressed to describe their own behavior, Wan Hua Xi scoff at this sentence. She dressed up in front of a beautiful, not for any man, but to satisfy herself that point beauty of the heart, which has handsome men do not want their little world, what woman does not like yourself more beautiful.

But why men always think all the world is a beautiful woman dressed in order to attract them, I really do not know how much the face can be so self-righteous.

When at home she can not people unkempt, but go out, it will be as glamorous queen.

And other maid gave her a necklace with a good last Qunjiao pressure, he turned to Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu sitting on the side of the shallow smiles:. "Let Jin Qiu you waiting."

"Americans can see the makeup, but also a pleasure, how can the words," Yan Jin Qiu slightly to look away, walked in front of Wan Hua Xi Road, "getting late, as we used it together Zaoshan palace audience His Majesty. "

"Everything you listen to arrange." Hua Xi Wan nodded, knowing Yan Jin Qiu mother died, his father king was also four years to go, so no need to serve tea to the elders. Her smiling mouth, a natural hand which Yan Jin Qiu, so that he himself escorted out of the inner chamber to the outside dining room,To see his party maid holding colored dishes into the house, gracefully back out dishes after meals.

Although it seems that there is no harem, but this is your family rule has not the slightest slack, Hua Xi Wan glanced at the house the other eunuchs bowed vigil maidservants, after you open the door to sit down with Yan Jin Qiu, maidservants who wait on the wash again hand began with a meal.

Although the number of dishes in comparison with Houfu not more than a few, but she was able to get that material finer than Houfu, the wood must have been very competent housekeeper through this, the following people also master this remarkable Dukes very awe.

It is significantly outside pass Dukes gentle man considerate, actually I do not know what means to make with such a servant who fear him?

Through her porridge action, glanced around Yan Jin Qiu, from an objective point of view, Yan Jin Qiupi with really nice, showbiz removed from her previous life did not see a few more looks than his men Zhou Zheng . And this one temperament, is indeed a person hook man, no wonder there is such a great reputation in the capital in the harem.

Porridge with a selection of purple, delicate and elastic, not tired of eating tasty, fresh and refreshing side dish is also very suitable for use after getting up in the morning. She wants satisfied, married at least significantly Dukes House on food is nothing to worry about.

Zaoshan run out, Wan Wah evening with a handkerchief over her mouth spit mouthwash, then took the veil to wipe the mouth of Jin Qiu Yan laughed: "I do not know who the chef is your family, this is done very tasty meal . Hongying and enjoy chef hundred pence, the other cook fifty-two remaining half Diaoqian errand in the kitchen. "

HY slightly Fook: "The slaves took down."

Hua Xi Wan nodded, turned to look at the Yan Jin Qiu said:. "Qiu Jin married, I have delicious food in the future."

Yan Jin Qiu at this time is washing hands, water beads on the towels, I heard Hua Xi Wan, then he smiled and said: "Can wait pleasant master, is their duty, but also their good fortune."

Wan Hua Xi smiled and said:. "Having said so, but dedicated following who do wrong, always has a reward, and let other people know that this is an example"

"Xi Wan are right," Qiu Jin Yan glanced out of the sky, got up and said, "the hour is late, we go out right now."

When Hua Xi Wan nodded his head, ready to get up, to see Yan Jin Qiu own hand has been out in front, she did not tweaking, handed each other's palm grip, homeopathy stood up and followed Yan Qiu Jin out of the house.

They live outside the main house has a big garden, which is planted with flowers and herbs, as well as the rugged rockery, looks quite a bit mood. Out of the main house, outside there is a big pond, the construction of the bridge over the pond back nine, when Hua Xi Wan passed the bridge, seen in the water there are a few

Fish in the water swimming.

This significantly Jun Wang Fu is also quite interesting, the main house yard, it touches a good pattern of feng shui, not to mention the meaning of this auspicious lotus pool has seen the original old prince when the construction of the palace, with a lot of energy.

A decorated second door, two Ruanjiao already waiting outside, the Hua Xi Wan on the chair, chair to be carried outside the gate, she was under the chair, glanced at the door quite imposing palace of a pair of stone lions, and a sweep around the eyes, and there is no join in the fun of passers-by, not only stand straight and head down the guards.Six black horse carriage in front of the body without any noise, the bells around his neck Chende especially conspicuous.

"Come on," Yan Qiu Jin stood on the carriage, bent down and held out his hand Wan Xi Morning Glory, "up."

In front of people wearing the worst of soft color brocade silk gown, an UFA with Baiyu Guan beam, then, that looks like a smile and extended hand, is like a really nice woman to imagine the most perfect man. Wan Hua Xi smiled and handed him a hand, stepping stool on the carriage, step shake gently flash, blooming out of touch shy daughter home unique.

But in this world there is never a perfect person, who has the desire / hope, there will be drawbacks.

"Be careful," Yan Hua Jin Qiu ring with Xi Wan waist to sit down, "the palace to take it easy, everything I have."

Wan Hua Xi smiled and lowered eyes: "ah."

It is a very ability of the man regarded as the Kai Lung Emperor, the throne in the year can win a few brothers, is enough to show his ability. He succeeded to the throne, he also proved suitable for an emperor, his biggest regret in this life is probably Zaixi weak. At this point, several other brothers he touches on a lot stronger than him.

Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan know there is a hill above the cell sister, and a few months younger brother Shu smaller than him, but she had not seen two people, so it will not rush to bring in front of Yan Jin Qiu.

Into the palace, Hua Xi Wan found that while here visiting with her older son had a different pattern of the Forbidden City, but gives momentum is the same. Exact to say, because she had seen the last generation of the Palace early feudal rulers have no shadow, viewing has become a place that has a sense of guarded eliminate a lot. The palace here, after she stepped to, I felt a strict level of taste.

They ran into fear and bowed to salute the palace eunuchs avoid visual, as well as lead the way eunuchs cautious attitude have made her truly appreciate what the Royal. This is her previous life experience also plays the queen of less than one thing, perhaps this is the so-called royal majesty of it.

Long live the Emperor Cheng Kai Zhang Guang Yang Palace Temple, Yan and Qiu Jin Wan Hua evening outside the house waiting to less than half stick of incense time, starting around Dili Kai Lung Ma Gonggong came towards the two, telling them emperor Xuan see.

"I have not had the county princes He was overjoyed," Ma Gonggong bowed and said, "I wish the county and county Royal Highness Princess Takako early."

"Cheng Ma Gonggong Yoshikoto," Dukes smiled significantly, Actually, I'm deliberately to please the people around the emperor, "father take the trouble to lead the way."

"County princes polite," Ma Gonggong respectful sideways back back, slightly bending the two men led away to the house of Yang Guang, from start to finish no curiosity to examine it Hua Xi Wan.

"Please County Royal Highness, Princess county wait," the door to the main hall, Ma Gonggong bowed before reporting into the hall, and soon had a decent two eunuchs, please go.

"His nephew to bring in the audience with the emperor child." Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan went with a front of the temple, Hua Xi Wan saw only a bright yellow clothes, and followed Yan Jin Qiu knees.

In Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan led into the doors of the house at the moment, Kai Lung Emperor smile on his face faded a bit, but after Yan Jin Qiu knees, his face a smile has returned to normal: " Pony son, reach county princes help them."

A female officer Ma Gonggong face around with a smile and reach out to help him up the two men, Hua Xi Wan to help her female officer nodded slightly, then stood beside Yan Jin Qiu silent.

"Where is so polite with their own side, and almost sit down," Kai Lung Emperor hearty laugh, as he could not to stare uncle niece to see the natural line of sight falls Yan Jin Qiu body, "Now that you became the home in respect of more than just concentrate on the conduct of public affairs, and I also expecting you to help make this easy I relaxed too. "

"The emperor too serious, I do not know what the young minister nephew, nephew of the emperor that you do not mind doing things the minister is not safe, is the nephew of the great fortune minister, there is no face tam helper word." Yan Jin Qiu conversations with some bookish demeanor, outside rumors of his extraordinary talent who is not a basis.

"More young people will learn," said Kai Lung Emperor atmospheric representation and do not care, very loving Road, "Ngee Ann rigorous climate House family tradition, but also a polite family, they domesticated daughter set is good, you can We do not live up to a painstaking. "

"His nephew bear in mind the teachings of the emperor," Qiu Jin Yan Emperor got up and salute, "his nephew in this thanked the emperor grace, if it is your emperor, nephew minister tied the knot how can such a good wife."

Hua Xi Wan buried his head even lower, so that their meaning shy show more obvious.

Kai Lung Emperor inviting mouth smile: "Oh, I nephew you are, how can I do not intend for you younger people."

"His nephew let the emperor troubling you." Qiu Jin Yan also revealed the sort of smile.

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