Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 4 vertigo

Chapter 4 vertigo

Yan Jin Qiu think what set off the action too fast hijab, that it makes my eyes and some flowers.

The house was dead, Yan Jin Qiu followed behind eunuch Akebia see a room full of people did not say anything, scared the atmosphere did not dare, did not dare to look towards the direction of the county princess. County princess even people in the room can be so horrified, I do not know how much longer is an honor.

After a good long while, Xiniang to find her own voice, Jin Yan smiled and took the mound in the hands of hi scales, but also with some trembling voice said:. "Congratulations County Royal Highness, Prince County Hershey was this wife I wish Prince County County princess life together, children and grandchildren. "she did a lot of Xiniang on the wealthy family wedding, the bride so I did not Qiaoguo mark, drill it looked just like that painting fairy-like, so that she Xuniangbanlao woman heart could not help but jump more than a few times.

Akebia listening Xiniang tone not quite right, they secretly glanced left standing in front of their own county princes, but princes can only see the county smiling in profile, his heart could not guess whether it is happy or disappointed. So Mu Tong had hung his head, this action just to see the county princess feet red embroidered shoes, embroidered top embroidered dragon play beads, the beads are made of fine pearl inlay up, workmanship is very fine, and even put both feet off exceptionally good-looking.

At the time the house is still quiet, the door came the sound of footsteps. Yan Jin Qiu glanced unlatched the door, took a step implied the left, the Hua Xi Wan stand in his own behind.

"Today is a big day Dukes significant, if not the palace to look busy, that is more boring," end and princess wearing luxurious drag skirt embroidered phoenix, people have not entered, muffled laughter will come to pass . When she returned with several maidservants at the door, glanced at the bed, only to see the bride red skirt, then with a handkerchief over her mouth smile, "I will not make us read?"

Then a hand pulled her come Minhui princess, and the princess smiled and patted end Minhui Princess's hand: "Look at this remarkable Dukes look, this door just yet, they begin to feel bad coming from the bride."

Minhui Princess is unsubstituted unmarried girl, although here the ride end and pulled Princess, but this case, embarrassed or casual opening.

"Wong said Tuesday laughed," Yan Jin Qiu light with a smile toward the end and princess Zuo Yi said, "within the sub-Mianbao, more people will be embarrassed to see."

End and princess smiled Actually, I'm there to see the bride looks must make a move, but considerate sideways step back, just stand to see Hua Xi Wan's Corner: "So, I will not bother two rest. "her voice was calm, as if she really just trying to do a cousin of responsibility to look at, but no other idea.

In this case, she naturally saw Yan Jin Qiu do not want to let people see the bride's mind, so they had an idea of ​​the outside of the rumors, and said a few words after the Princess with a hi Minhui room. And so are homes leaving no one around, a smile on her face before vanishing down.

Indifferent glanced around in a trance Minhui a Princess, Princess and end tone of some light:. "Today the governor has been significantly princess, the next step was your marriage a"

Minhui Princess Princess towards the end and barely a laugh: "I know."

End and princess nodded, no longer say anything. Dukes had just recalled the significant move, the eyes reveal the emotional satisfaction.

End and the princess came and went, Wan Hua Xi faint able to guess the end and did not want the princess to marry Yan Jin Qiu County princess roses. She is the only child Dangjinshengshang identity precious, naturally want to be the next emperor of his own brother, not what cousins.

The princess thoughts end and is pretty clever, with a deliberately unmarried princess to come here, although did not say anything, but why is that people feel, the Princess and the Prince had any significant, or the Princess of Yan Jin Qiu there is something there.

The couple has not yet begun to build a relationship, people would tie a knot in the middle of the first two, after which feelings can be good enough? Not to mention she looks as if this bride bear and have inferiority complex, with the rumors of a beautiful princess virtuous Minhui make reference, is it in the future will be more self-esteem?

Yet still the princess and the end can not find the slightest wrong move, after all, this is the bridal chamber of peers men and women a pleasure, if she think, as well as her mind is not wide enough, you do also blame others got?

Real people are royal people, among which can talk and laugh to throw a few hidden weapon, is really a good means of subtle and underhanded. Wan Hua Xi slowly raised an eyebrow towards Yan Qiu Jin Wan chuckled under smile, whispered:. "Let princes laughed"

Bowed on the side of Akebia think to yourself, County princess This sounds really nice, answered gently and not make people feel there is no spirit, people listening to the sweet to the heart. Seen God or fair, even if did not give a good appearance County Princess, Princess also gave an angelic voice.

Xiniang with several royal harem seeing, they have expressed leave open, go to the lobby to make some noise.

"Thank you, today helped raise several elders, younger Ziling grateful," Qiu Jin Yan bowed toward the women of the royal family a few, "a sub-timid, but also invite you to a lot of tolerance."

"Explicit Dukes polite, bride thin face is human nature, you do husband, to more pain talent line," the presence of the women heard these words is a significant Dukes hope they do not put out something that today they can stay with significantly Dukes today to hi room, and this is considerably junwangfu relatively close, naturally not much, so headed old toffee sidewalk, "Let the old woman still do not bother you, rest it earlier."

Once people leave the room happy, Yan Qiu Jin was personally reach for two glasses of wine on the table, he smiled and went to sit down beside Wan Hua Xi: "Xi Wan, today is the day you my wedding day, this wine can be I can not drink. "

The soft white fingers inadvertently across the back of his hand, then his hand

In took the glass, even the hand that beautiful ruby ​​wine bottle Chende very nice.

Under candlelight, the delicate facial features used to seeing the beauty of the colors Qiu Jin Yan also amazing heart health, among suddenly, he had some doubts, how could the world really have such a beauty?

Arms entwined, on the other side of the handlebar cup of wine drank, Yan Jin Qiu took the empty wine bottle on the bow of the head on the side of the wooden channel: "withdrawal wet bar, table digestible dietary change to . "

"Yes," Mu Tong Yan Jin bowed took the mound in the hands of two empty wine bottle,County saw a dazzling princess exposed wrist sleeves, and my heart Zamo said: It takes a snow-like white skin, but unfortunately not a beauty.

Bai Xia and other four princes see people around to prepare meals, and after exchanging a look, both a blessing towards the body, retreated to the door guarding.

"Royal Highness," and other house servants were back out, Hua Xi Wan pointed to his Coronet Road, "Can you take down this concubine, too heavy, concubine of his neck were too raw so."

Coronet built by gold, the above is done with beads style Fei, although the work is very fine, but it is still Jiabu Zhu heavy gold crown.

"Here is to take the hairpin?" Qiu Jin Yan drawn beam crown hairpin, softly remove heavy Coronet aside, then a very natural action to help China Xi Wan squeezed his neck, loosening the muscles to help her "really quite heavy."

Because the Coronet and remove the hairpin, then black hair loose in the waist, Yan Jin Qiu back touched the soft hair, delicate touch so that he could not help but feel more than a few times, I feel the best Fuchu satin can not match the head indigo.

Although the two are now husband and wife, but it is the first meeting of strangers. See Yan Jin Qiu Hua Xi Wan sat quietly to his side, sidewalk: "the two of us to get along in the future, do not be too polite, you call me Jin Qiu is like."

Wan Hua Xi Taishou looking at the people around him, but about twenty years old, looks really outstanding, his eyes slightly on the pick, some contaminated with peach flavor, but why manners are between words and deeds reveal a caring atmosphere. She smiled and said: "Daegu is the mountain, the mountain known as Mausoleum, princes get nice name."

They gaze at the intersection of the air, then opt for revealing a smile, Yan Jin Qiu said:. "Name but a code name only."

"The princes are right," smiled Wan Hua Xi will not continue this topic, turn down take a few bracelets as well as the waist Pei Yuxiang pack on his wrist, these bits and pieces of things have taken down not a small volume.

After "County Royal Highness, Princess County, a meal ready," Mu Tong Road, a cry at the door, and paused only slightly with people to prepare a good meal ends inside.

"It is now night, and eat other cause food plot, you have not eaten anything today, these mats cushion the stomach," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan got up from the executive's hand went to the table and sat down.

"Intrinsic County Royal Highness, Princess county, because people do not know Shanfang County princess taste, so every taste have done different," the wood through a few meals taste of severity introduced after completion of said, "What if your county Princess like to eat, despite the orders of small, little will let the following people work out fine with. "

Wan Hua Xi mouth twitched in favor of Yan Jin Qiu said: "Jin Qiu people around him thought very thoughtful." It sounds like a table with her loyalty, but in reality is telling her, that your family housekeeper is he?

Yan Jin Qiu's words did not allow, through the wood called the eunuch is no courage to say, it seems to be hinted before Yan Jin Qiu?

"In the future your family who do not listen to you, directly beling break out," Yan Jin Qiu to boil savory meat gruel ended in front of Hua Xi Wan, not very concerned, "Now you have this woman Dukes House owner, finally able to say it is a home."

Wan Hua Xi took the porridge, smiled, noncommittal.

Next Akebia is somewhat unexpected, princes meaning of these words is the idea before the change? He looked steal, only to find the foot of a soft breath did not come up, almost knelt to go up.

Legend looks scary afraid to go out because of salt-free women, um, peerless beauty who?

Wood through the whole people do not feel good, because he felt he did not look at more county princess, and it is because it looks too ...... recruit some people.

His mind at the moment can only think of two words, it is the roots of troubles.

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