Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 2 family

Chapter 2 family

Wan Hua Xi mentioned the issue of marriage, the house of all the women of different feelings, but his face is wearing a smile. Although Yao's heart is not happy, but more than anyone else laughed good-looking face: "The old lady, you are reluctant to three girls it is only human, but also to marry Prince significant three girls in our house blessing, the capital does not know how many China envy in my heart we do at home. "these days she deliberately let people go outside for news, what is not known outside pass nice. Think outside those flowers inserted in cow dung that kind of thing, Yao felt refreshing, good looking and how, Miss Houfu and how, in the eyes of others is nothing but a shameful salt-free women, bad / step on the scene Dukes of significant loyalty.

Some old lady was not happy to hear these words, when she is not home because the mother prominent, only to marry a second wife Laohou Ye do, others say she was lucky to climb the high branches, but how about the actual, only she knew. But even if the heart is not happy, but because Yao is his son's wife, the old lady did not let her people called in public, just short laugh:. "Between the future husband and wife and live in harmony, that is the greatest blessing."

Yao should be heard, that he just said is not appropriate, then closed his mouth no longer open.

As an object to be talking about, Wan Wah evening from beginning to end silence holding snack almond milk, although in the eyes of others are shy and reticent appearance, but Romer but understand that she is too lazy to speak, to see her eat heart rate, it is possible because I wanted to get more sleep late and not useful for breakfast.

Pretending it is natural to put his hand in front of pastry Hua Xi Wan shook, Romer's first lady on: "The old lady that you're right, do the elders, the younger generation is no hope of getting it ? "What Prince Jun Wang, head what is the use of these names, not as a dedication to her daughter's useful to man, although not the capital they Houfu first-class people, but still not happy to rely on her daughter's life to sustain glory.

The old lady nodded his head, and after a moment, then said the younger generation, Romer proposed to allow her daughter to stay with lunch meaning, but declined Romer also no longer insist, after a few polite people, Romer took China Xi Wan Hua Sanye leave your home.

Spring / light is just right when the capital men and women riding the horse of the spring tour, the main street of the capital has never been ultimately silk costumes of the people. After the sedan chair stopped halfway, Hua Xi Wan knew it was experiencing identity of people coming from the opposite.

Past and she played on TV, the identity of two other family sedan chair go to someone wrangling story had appeared. To this world she knew, this case both sides are generally very polite, at least several times after each other humility before deciding who goes first. Even more valuable is the identity of the party who is not a cocky attitude. If make way for those who have more identity, at least it makes people wait around to track a pleasure.

Can gain a firm foothold in the capital of people, most experienced several generations of ups and downs, the act often very cautious, unwilling to fall a little small family name.

Not long after, Hua Xi Wan heard outside sedan came a woman's voice: "The more Xie Yian waiting lady, princess trying desperately to return to the government, so polite lady, princess slaves on behalf of Ms. Xie Guo righteousness."

"The kind Mother, Princess million gold footer, there are events, Chen women give way how to talk about righteousness." Romer voice is not high not low, but enough to let Mother hear what she was saying, "Mother, please."

The woman said thanks again, after a long while, Hua Xi Wan heard the sound of the last wagon, she lifted one foot screens, just to see Dream Car embroidered phoenix of the past, and also embroidered on the Swiss Dream Car word.

The original home of the princess and the Swiss coach, Hua Xi Wan down screens, continue to cushion against the lazy repose behind.

Dangjinshengshang knee Zaixi thin, although many harem woman, but so far only a son and a daughter, just passing the Swiss and the princess was his only child, although already married, but still one of the emperor's favorite.

When mother and daughter returned to Houfu, Nghe An has been waiting in Fuchu, and so mother and daughter door, and Hua Sheng sidewalk: "Today the holy and down the imperial edict, the daughter's wedding earlier."

"What?" Romer some ugly face, glanced in his side with a daughter, she bayan let people wait on the house to make way, "not to say that when you wait until autumn before before marriage grant marriage?"

Xi Wan Hua Wei Zhou brow, leaning Romer sat down, before the opening: "My father, the emperor ahead of time to what time?"

Hua Sheng sighed and, in his eyes, that's what all good daughter, and even some lazy blame shortcomings on the cause of the year than a serious illness, he was willing to where her daughter was so hastily married the kind of people inside: "The emperor said, next month twenty-eight was a good day."

Hua Xi Wan pick pick brow, did not speak, but the blue and white porcelain dish of small walnuts in his hand playing, obviously the emperor that excuse some disagree.

Today Prince qualification mediocre, but also happens to be an exhortation to listen to people moving in the classroom is not very popular. But why has only one son Emperor knee, he has been on several other brothers and their son was afraid, from his nephew to give marriage a few candidates will be able to see it.

These objects give marriage parent family has not carry clear mind, we are actually looking at the high-status without power. Although their house does not belong to the first two categories, but pass out her frail Jiabu Zhu, and looks and humble.

Dukes handsome face significant capital is full of people know, but the government down Ngee Ann waiting for their favorite daughter is also the capital of the whole people know. So a good man marries a woman looks humble, how my heart would not complain, how cold will not concubinage entropy wife, so that is equivalent to offend the government Nghe waiting like family, so it offended the righteous Ann House waiting to pay good people.

Now who can say that the emperor deliberately bad marriage partners find family background to his nephew, as about her

Looks rumors, the emperor marketplace are not people, how to listen to these things?

Hua Xi Wan thought of this point, Hua Sheng and naturally thought, he sighed:. "That place looked magnificent, but in reality is the dirtiest place"

Upon hearing this, Wan Hua Xi smiled, and the Hua Sheng did not think of that status people can say such a thing, thought was quite progressive.

"I had known this, then I should put early evening Ivana's marriage to settle down,"Romer feeling a bit low road," Who knows evening outside the Wan looks like that will pass, the emperor would grant marriage yet. "Her heart is to select a private person to do her husband, son brother and sister in her family, so she has a lot of worry, her daughter would not suffer.

About that time looks after her daughter's remarks came mediocre, the couple did not intend clarified, although the woman looks the same good is a blessing, but too beautiful is not necessarily a good thing.

Leaving aside the young woman short, no matter how old face there one day, when a man let looks as if intended to move, and so it is not in appearance, but also come to jealously guarding the fate Konggui. If only that her daughter's early appearance was known to provoke calamity, when no one would say to a man who spent greed lust, he would only say that his family was the daughter of the roots of troubles.

They can not afford to gamble at home, I do not want to take her life, her happiness betting on, who knows they thousand million counted, nor count to an imperial decree will easily determine her daughter's life.

Hua Xi Wan know their parents mind, she put down the hands of walnut, warm words advised:. "Father, Mother, which was Prince looks talent recruit although some people, but at least showed that he was a good candidate is not quite on the identity their preference, but because of his reputation allow us to understand his character looks, not to mention her appearance is not really as rumors so vulgar, presumably significant Dukes will not make too much of the behavior that you have done for me was more than enough, the emperor Chrysostom made of jade, and how things can blame you? "

Hua Sheng and hearing this, knowing that her daughter could not bear to worry about this matter because they are husband and wife, they reveal a barely smiled and said: "You're right, if significant Dukes bad for you, let me go to the Qing Zhi and from the two of you, we Houfu keep you forever. "

"Well," Hua Xi Wan smile, "that time you can Biexian daughter bother." Clear her mind, and how the emperor's grant marriage and allowed to leave, unless the emperor himself decreed otherwise would not fight the emperor's face, He said his gift was a bad marriage?

But her parents can do this step for her, in this day and age, is already very rare. If other people, perhaps in the county that her daughter can marry princes, began to rejoice a.

Parents used here for lunch, Wan Wah evening before returning to his yard, looking at all comfortable in their own house based furnishings, hook the hook of her mouth, and then let the maidservants who shed hairpin loop, beginning to bed siesta .

Sun looked at the words on the plaque Yau Park, could not help but think of the next day to see the sister midnight mood of shock after the husband and get married. Before she married into Houfu, we have heard rumors sister sub looks mediocre, married former mother had also specifically told to be sure to take good care of her sister-son, not because of looks and despise the other. She also felt good a daughter at home, because it looks to be too embarrassed to make irresponsible remarks of others, he has been thinking about how close and uncles son will not let each other feel embarrassed, who knows when she saw a real person, think before all good things useless.

What words to describe sister sub looks are not appropriate, but if she Kenjiro, then people will want to go home to marry hide.

"Great soul mate." White Summer Sun to see, busy bowed,Sun hand for playing the curtain let her into the house.

"Sister can be played?" Sun close relationship with the sister sub, so-and-white summer people also spoke at random a lot, "I will not disturb my sister nap, right?"

"You do not make fun of my sister, and this is almost evening, and where what a nap," Hua Xi Wan wore a dress jacket color came out from inside the house, dearly took Sun to sit down, "this sister What is a good thing to me? "

"Is not it a good thing can not find you," joking between the Sun and handed a box Hua Xi Wan, "I would like to go back and look at the blessing children, you will not leave me."

Fu children are brother and sister's son, but now □□ months old, is the most sticky when the Sun is now over, presumably also found a child asleep blessing let the opportunity of looking at the wet nurse. So Hua Xi Wan not leave her, but he let a few joking Sun left.

Once leaving the Sun, Wan Hua Xi opened the box to look, to find there is not a jade jewelry and the like, but a stack of neatly stacked paper, which read some information about the person with obvious Dukes and various relationships.

Cover the box, Hua Xi Wan smiled, regardless of these things have not used, but the Sun to her the intention, but it is the most rare.

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