Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 1 Washington have lazy woman

Chapter 1 Washington have lazy woman

Winter to spring, Nghe An Houfu first-class maidservants who replaced the heavy jacket, put on a green corset dress, the whole Houfu full and vibrant, full of reveals a breath of spring.

Bi gauze, the Jinbei high uplift, which people seem to go through a long struggle before holding out a white arm from the yard. When waiting outside a gauze of several maidservants happy that people will get up on the bed, he found that the arm at the side edge of the bed touched, they retracted the quilt.

"The girl, already a quarter to a chenshi." White summer after the bedding of people did not get up the meaning of a slightly Fook, a smile in his voice said, "Mrs. early yesterday, he told that you had to get up early, saying it was Xiangluo Court tailor to come to you tailor-make spring it. "

"Garment half months ago, the palace rooms were not only gave me several body yet?" The man holding the quilt on the bed and sat up, with black hair pouring down her movements, although there is no time to sort out, but still smooth as wire.

Standing Hongying white summer came around for her playing gauze curtain, she explained with a smile: "Madame said, Xiangluo Court of cloth, while not the top, but wins in the delicate craft, a few clothes do not matter . "

Hua Xi Wan got up from the bed by several maidservants wait on the net surface mouth, sat before the mirror left hand over her mouth yawned with his right hand holds the gills lazy said: "Everybody says 春眠不觉晓, Do not make live up to sleep, this is your summer white faze me their sleep. "

"White girls summer road to sin," white summer put down the comb Zhaohua evening Wan crooked knees, his face did not smile back: "You can not get mad."

Around four large maidservants are now on their side for several years, Wan Hua Xi people know they are not good at putting forward its proposals, and anything else to expect in the morning, the mother will allow them to wake up early himself, then hook the hook finger after schematically white rose of summer, they continue holds the gills of the several maidservants serve his own vanity.

Several maidservants knew that the girl was able to own the less one count of a lazy temper, busy divvying up for her after dressing, and is offering a hairpin loop jewelry boxes for Hua Xi Wan selection.

Wan Hua Xi point a finger a few, get dressed up and ready for him by a servant girl who had taken Meidai good description from the hands of the HY Mei Wei, lazy said:. "Let's go"

A small courtyard, Wan Wah evening with a few positive maid to hospital, a door to see his mother Romer took a long look at the list, it does not seem too many things on the list, but has also let people around Write down what you want to add something into it.

"Road Safety daughter to mother, good night's sleep these days?" Wan Hua Xi smiling approached Romer, not a blessing under / body, was held onto the starting Romer around the most maidservants.

Wan Hua Xi came to see, Romer put the list aside, got up and walked around Hua Xi Wan, hand touched her palm, confirmation is warm after relieved: "Although it is open spring, but her daughter home still have to be careful not affected by the cold, down the root cause future would look very bad. "

Leaning mother sat down, Wan Hua Xi smiled and said:. "Mother worry, I will not let you worry about."

Romer sighed, and hate then said: ".. If those who are three bedrooms, then how can you think of an illness so big they, my heart would block fast enough," Romer ancestors are from Wu Family,Although these two generations out of several civil, family, but the girl still forceful personality than the average woman. But why then still Nghe An heir-designate of the House and Hua Sheng eagerly seeking to marry her to come back, the top twenty years henpecked fame, nor satisfied had a concubine.

See his mother angry, Duanliao Yi Wan Hua Xi put a cup of tea in front of Romer: "Your mother told them why general knowledge, would not drop his identity?" Her father had two brothers and a sister, a brother and sister behind by the following the lady out, so they are relatively close to one now with di, but the other two face the situation.

"It is in, askew clown pies, so I think they looked at the face," Romer reach for her daughter brought to tea, gas consumption by half, laugh loudly, "they say some mess out all day rumors, thinking that they will be able to show the ability of a room, turned out people do, day in perspective, that anyone who does not, God and my heart are clear of it. "

Hua Xi Wan face smile a little light, then put a little shy expression:. "Mother, you say."

"Stop stop, we did not do it," Romer see her daughter has Xiunao up, he smiled and take off just looking at the list, "the emperor gave marriage decree came suddenly, but fortunately a few years ago, I've begun to prepare you with, or I'd wronged my children to the. "

Sweeping glance at the list, Hua Xi Wan suddenly understood what his mother just to see that, and the moment do not continue to look at the list and instead said: "? The mother does not mean that someone took my measurements made clothes" in the past and have not seen his mother let outside people to give her the amount of size, this will make her see how people outside of the garment Square?

"But is outside of the garment workshop, how can I let them come close to your body, I have put the size of this servant told them, and so I asked the lady to take you." As a mother, how could not Romer this grant marriage of her daughter to see the holy did not feel more than happy, but now has been under the decree, saying to no avail.

Although it is obvious Dukes precious royal status, talent is also outstanding looks, is much more expensive in Beijing female hearts of the ideal husband of choice, but in the hearts of Romer, so people just do not fit their own daughter's husband. Leaving aside how many people behind that and so can not say something, say so explicitly Dukes handsome man, too easy to hook the mind of the girl's home, his daughter married to such a man, too boil heart.

But today she is by this reason for her to get up early, go to the old lady asked the three rooms where nothing more.

They ward and woman were not close, not because of Nghe waiting disobedient, but because the old lady is Laohou Ye's second wife, the first wife of the ward and two-bedroom but out, after Laohou Ye died three brothers divided the family. Ward two-bedroom with nothing but the old lady face

On mutual affection, to say how much mother love, even if others believe they are unbelievers.

Hua Sheng and the year after and Romer married, the old lady in the middle also made some people not happy about, not submissive Romer Zhu Er, let a few people called after the old lady, old lady on the convergence of attitude , Romer did not 得理不饶人 these years has maintained mutual affection face, but really how can not close up.

Wan Hua Xi know how much love and hate of some generations ago, but in view of his mother temper sturdy,Even when she married, do not worry about the old lady and three-bedroom bully people can go to his mother's head. Moreover, she has two brothers to live up to the above, Ngee Ann designate how the government will not fall into the point of no heir.

The old lady followed the three-bedroom living together, so every time I go to the old lady greeting, Nghe An candidates must be prepared to chair the House, took time twenty-three engraved along the Strand to the west only three bedrooms your family.

Across the chair listening to the cries of the man in the street outside, the Hua Xi Wan slightly lifted the car window, see the sun has come out, some sun glare, the moment they put down the curtains car, eyes closed meditatively. Her previous life actor when filming day and night, working so hard nor mingled status line of great coffee, this life became a wealthy lady, if we do not enjoy, it can really have not lived a wot.

After Nghe chair-designate of the House in the past, some people began to talk about the roadside This is someone passed, it can be really beautiful Eight glass chair.

"Girls of the family home in the capital can use this chair, to have a few?" A passerby pointed to the East two, then raised an eyebrow, talking about people suddenly exposed suddenly and somewhat complex expression.

House rumors Ngee Ann designate Mrs. quite sturdy, but the reputation of a good one in Beijing civilians, since many of the Ms. Hou Ye weekdays for the poor Busch feed made of silver, together with her parents acting kind Romer family, so even though the lady came sturdy reputation, who said how much she Actually, I'm bad.

"Unfortunately, ah ......" the speaker shook his head, not the rest of the words out, but unfortunately not as good as the lady born daughter disappointing three-bedroom, three-bedroom China lifts, though not moving in the classroom has done two brothers but a daughter was endowed with both, I do not know how many had praised. Instead, this young lady Houfu never go out to play, and even Beijing is not how the various parties to participate. Although Houfu people say that because they are frail girl home, but no one has seen Houfu find what doctors.

So one to two to go, everyone is guessing Houfu lady looks too entropy is about as mediocre, afraid of being a joke just not want to see people, but worried others suspect, only to find a weak excuse.

But even though a lot of people outside who knew Miss Houfu Maoruo no salt, but Jiabu Zhu family life is good, even by the grant marriage on Saint significant Dukes. I do not know how much envy matter boudoir women, so many people feel sorry for the significant Dukes. To significantly Dukes talent looks, was a princess should be endowed with both virtuous woman, how would a mother sturdy discredited woman?

But no matter how outside people pass, nor did the government Ngee Ann designate who ignores these rumors, these rumors as if the protagonist is not a home girl, but irrelevant to outsiders. Attitude touches so many people only laughed at the thought, at most, just waiting for the government sigh of Nghe An.

Just when China Xi Wan about to fall asleep, I feel sedan stopped, and then I heard a chair under her white summer please voice.

Jiaolian was Hongying fight, Xi Wan Hua Xia white hand which, out of the chair and walked toward the main house behind with Romer. Not into the door, there maidservants Old Woman around us, fight fight curtain, holding the Pengcha, someone came up Jian Li, see Hua Xi Wan feel dizzy.

"Sister came, Come quickly,The old lady were looking forward to it, "Mrs. Hua Sanye of Yao smiled and strode out from the house, first of Romer blessed Fook, only dearly to bring the Romer's hand, looked at Hua Xi Wan side Road, "three girls also came quickly. "

Romer implied handle drawn out from Yao's hands, holding a smile and said:. "Lao brothers and sisters in person to greet our family frail girl, came a little late, you do not mind."

Yao said with a smile while without problems, while lead them into the house, just brought you in imperceptible smile of embarrassment, but see the Romer seated, she still personally brought into the end of the tea Romer hands.

"Thank you, brothers and sisters," Romer polite nod, then sat's first lady said: "? The old lady has body these days."

"Good, good," the old lady smiled and nodded, and then look quietly sitting on the side of China Xi Wan Road to Ann, "three girl Recently longer the sign, so I looked at the old woman are reluctant to marry her up. "

Romer old woman and Sheng Hua and two faint feeling, though, but China Xi Wan granddaughter has no prejudice, whatever the outcome, is her husband's granddaughter. Although not as close to the attitude of his son's knee Chu Yu Hua, but according to Liu Hua ratio of the two-bedroom out to be affectionate touches a lot.

After all looks so sign girl, lady really have not seen in Which. Heart of beauty in everyone, she was older, naturally there is no jealousy of the young and beautiful girl, but is the rest of the appreciation of the meaning.

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