850 Chapter striving to re-grandson (2)

850 Chapter striving to re-grandson (2)

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Zhuang Hao holding a kit.

The two men behind him, there is an old acquaintance or Chen north, four families are one of the dragon, leaves home heir, Yetian Ling!

Another man about fifty years old, brow and Yetian Ling has seven similar, but the whole human gas field, more than Yetian Ling heavy calm.

In fact, this guy Chen also met the North.

On the financial channels and networks, it has long been seen more than once.

This person is rich in the Chinese absolute sense, the contemporary master of the house leaves home, Yetian Ling's father, Ye Jianming!

Lord leaves home to visit the dealer!

Chen heart the first time North wary.

His hatred of the enemy dead two poly one, this is not a good sign!

"Ah? Jianming, how do you come?" Witch a squinting, some asked, puzzled.

After all, the relationship between leaf and Bank of not so good, to the witch and Ye Jianming level, can not meet the basic is not met, Ye Jianming personally came mostly a major event!

"Meet Laotai Jun!"

Ye Jianming and Yetian Ling hand bend at the same time, the bow toward the witch.

Even two relations are not so good, some of the etiquette is not small.

After all, this is a witch Rendezvous four families in the highest seniority, of course, is not to be trifled most people!

Ye Jianming did not answer.

Zhuang Hao then conspire witch ear, whispered a few words.

Witch's face immediately changed.

"Stop! You can not go in!"

At that, the door suddenly heard a commotion, a dozen bodyguards would not achieve even the slightest effect, two shadows are directly rushed!

These two goods, Chen also recognized the North.

The young, it is known as the first Chinese Jianmen less mysterious genius of the master, Yoo Soon-Yi.

His hand still holding the sword that the false ryongyon, be replaced Chen's north, evidently no sword near future, do not know their own hands the sword was replaced by fakes.

And that old, natural Needless to say, it is mysterious Jianmen Lord, God of War list first Chinese people, Liu Xi Yuan!

This old guy's head and hands are still bandaged, apparently the last to be used Tomahawk missile bombing of North Chen has not hurt good clean.

"I withdrew all! Your blind dog eyes! Even the old sovereign Liu did not know, purely seeking death!"

Zhuang Hao thundered loudly, almost gave those bodyguards scare urine.

Bodyguards all retire.

Chen north and my heart more uneasy.

If the dealer and leaves home together, just a coincidence, then, coupled with a willow family, but also said that a coincidence?

This three families normally have little common ground, if they have any common language, perhaps only three words - Chen North!

"Liu old sovereign but also for that person come?" Witch Yoo Soon-Yi glanced at the paper bag in his hand, directly guessed they had come.

"! Yes" Liu Xi Yuan heavy nodded and said: "! No small matter, the old lady thought, must be examined thoroughly."

Ye Jianming immediately nodded in agreement.

"Good! Now that everyone's the same purpose, then please follow me into the hall to discuss!" Witch waved his hand, he said.

"Ahem!"Chen north dry cough twice, intends to highlight their own sense of place.

Rendezvous four families, three gathered!

Moreover, three are his nemesis, Chen north course, want to go with them, listen to what medicine sleeve in the end they sell?

But witch obviously did not mean, Chen Sheng said: "!! Hao village you doing with my grandfather to go treasure-house, where the dispensary is complete."

Dry Grandpa?

His remark came a few new people are forced to look ignorant.

Zhuang Hao silly Leng Leng did not react when his more than a grandfather?

Ye Jianming Hao and Chuang are peers, but also equal grandchildren Chen north, directly Yetian Ling became great-grandchildren.

Even a full head of white Liu Xi Yuan, Chen has become the North nephew.

"Oh, it is that so."

Witch explains: "Today, the old witch who do recognize the completion of the dry weight of grandchildren, so, starting today, the old witch is my stepbrother, Zhuang Hao dry grandfather the same time, but also our dealer, dedicated geniuses!! "

When it comes to worship geniuses words, witch deliberately raised her voice, his face is showing a deep sense of pride of color.

"Yes! Yes! I too grandfather medicine speaks, after what you want, you can come to him!" Bi village where his head to the side like a small point, like Jizhuo Mi, also sounded proud.

Worship geniuses? Medicine speaks?

Wen Yan, Liu Xi Yuan Ye Jianming faces are exposed and shocked look.

Ye Jianming Chen looked north lot, carefully asked:! "I heard some time ago, the hidden world of ancient Qingcheng faction dedicated geniuses in the making is a mysterious medicine expert after blasting Is this is ...... "

"Yes! You're an expert exactly what I Yoshie!" Witch proud gradually become proud.

"Oh! Doctor face to face! Excuse me!"

Ye Jianming immediately hand over, Chen salute to the north, turned around, once said: "!!? TIANLING according to seniority you should call the doctor soon too old grandfather also froze the doing."


Yetian Ling no fool, of course, know their father wanted to curry favor with the North Chen, Chen immediately piled smiles red bow North, said: "! TIANLING to grandfather greeting"

Aside, Liu Xi Yuan seeing this, quickly make a few glances.

Yoo Soon-Yi to take the hint, hurried panic rushed north Chen bowed and said: "Chun Yi asked the grandfather gave too!"


Chen north look surprised a moment, almost laugh spray.

These are a few mean? When everyone is rushing to Xiaoye heavy grandchildren?

"Good friends, good friends!"

Chen North cheerfully said: "Naturally, like most of you know this young man of etiquette, Ha ha ha ......"

Looking at the scene, Huang Fu-ming wood heart is called a sour ah, how he has no this treatment?

"Grandpa! Without further ado, I go with you to this treasure house, right?"

Zhuang Hao throated bend, gentle tone, Barbara like a worthy progeny!

"Well, let's go!"

North Chen nodded.

Although he wanted to go to witch procedure, but there is no good reason, but likely to be forced to go with suspicion, or talk to Hao village treasury to say!

Subsequently, all lanes.

Chen Hao village along the North first enter a secret door, like a movie, like a secret door hidden behind a bookshelf.Moreover, after the secret door, there is a large section of the maze-like underground passage.

More importantly, there are a lot of precision in the underground passage of organs, forced entry into outsiders, will immediately touch the alarm, and even touched the deadly poison arrows!

There is no doubt, in order to guard the treasure house of the banker is really pains.

Of course, the more so, as evidenced by the more abundant resources treasure trove!


Turn on the key lock, Zhuang Hao his hands, pushed open the door that heavy alloy!

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